"Aelita, you're down to ten life points! Be careful! Odd, you're supposed to be protecting Aelita!" The voice came out of the sky, the ground, and pretty much everywhere. The ice was slippery, but the three beings fighting on it didn't seem to notice.
That might have had something to do with the constant laser fire heading their direction.
A boy with yellow hair and a purple diamond on the center of his cone-like hairdo stopped running along the wall long enough to pull himself onto a purple hoverboard waiting nearby and decorated like a cat to look up at the sky. "It's not like I'm not busy trying to get rid of these tarantulas, Jeremy. But on top of that, Yumi's already been devirtualized and XANA's being especially rutheless today. Not to mention we had to skip lunch! It was meatball day today!" He suddenly spun around, gripping one gloved arm with the other, curling his hand and digging the claws into his palm as an arrow shot out of his arm. "I'm doing my bes-" His speech was cut short as a laser blast hit him and knocked him off of his board, causing him to turn into a cubed-up frame of himself, then vanish completely.
"Odd!" The third fighter, standing nearby, bent his arms and ran to where the purple board still hovered. "Great. Jeremy! We're down to Aelita and I, and we both only have ten points left! XANA doesn't want us to get to that tower today." He flipped his biker vest to pull out his saber from his belt, twisting his head frantically. "Jeremy, we have a problem. We're kinda surrounded."
"I'm working on it, Ulrich, but you have to be patient. There's something hacking into the system, and it's not really leaving me any computer space. Look out!" The biker flipped his sword and stopped a laser blast from hitting the girl in pink, who was standing next to him. A second laser blast caught him in the back, leaving him to the same fate as the kid in purple. The girl spun around. "Jeremy!"
"I see it, Aelita! The schippezoa. I'm trying to pull you out, but you're not in a way tower, so it's more difficult!"
Suddenly, all the monsters and the squid-thing, which had been about to capture the pink girl, let out a terrified screech and ran away. The girl, as soon as she saw an open path, ran towards the large, red, tower-like structure nearby that had been protected by the monsters. She entered it, and a few seconds later that seemed like an eternity, her voice came from the screen in an abandoned factory somewhere in France. "Tower deactivated."
Ten minutes later, the girl, no longer wearing the same dress, climbed the ladder into the room where the rest of her friends waited. She strolled up and stood behind the chair where a blonde, nerdy kid in glasses and a plain blue shirt sat at a computer, typing away. "What's up, Jeremy?"
The kid, Jeremy, pushed up his glasses. "It's the strangest thing. There were two energy pulses, and then all the monsters just vanished. I can't even find them. And look at this..." He hit a few keys, and the screen flashed, showing a blurred image of the ice field where they had just been. There was something new to it: a large, vaguely human-shaped crater in the ground with nothing in it.
The kid who had been dressed like a cat, Odd, leaned in for a closer look. "Wow, it looks like William landed a little hard that time."
Jeremy shook his head. "This isn't William. In fact, the superscan isn't picking up anything. It's like something came in, then disappeared. Oh, well. I'll figure it out tomorrow. Or should I say, today?" He hit some keys, and a new program popped up with a countdown and some power meters. "Return to the past now." A white light came and bathed everything in the area, then the world, and then all the clocks in the world wound backwards, all the memories of people from the day erased themselves, and matter rearranged itself as if the day had never happened.