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Rita watched anxiously as the beautiful waterfall rushed by her home and beat the rocky river below. They should have been here by now, she thought, chewing her bottom lip and glancing at the falls again. She gulped down more of her quickly-cooling soup, following it with a bite of bread. Where were they?

Abandoning her lonely dinner, Rita stared out a window. The window, the window that caused every other window in the house to become moot. All of those other windows showed her garden, the fields, the barn, the woods. This window was different. To the left was a postcard-perfect veiw of the biggest waterfall around, cleaned up by her country's reforms. Sadly, Rita more often looked right, towards the endless barbed-wired, electrified fence, the long, low wasteland puncuated by dead-looking stretches of forest, and the watchtowers. That was where she was looking then, studying the landscape, searching.

She became so absorbed in her hunt, that the pounding knock on her door made her jump. Rita crept past her desolate, large dining table, through her immaculate, dusty parlor, and threw open the front door as adrelaline poured into her veins. "Look, for the love of all that is holy, leave--" she broke off when she saw a trio of scrawny children.

Rita rushed at them, engulfing them in hugs, saying, "Oh, thank God, I thought you'd been killed, little scamps!" Smiling now, she herded the children around to the back of her house, facing the fence and the towers. She looked directly at one of the watchtowers. "I have them now!" she screamed in triumph, "And you can't have them!"

The metallic voice replied, out of loudspeakers by the fence, as always, saying, "Give them to us to be disposed of. They are dangerous, and our legal propert--"

The voice cut off when he heard Rita's laugh echo down the falls, becoming one with the rushing water, as she said, "They aren't your legal anything! They don't even exist! You can't prove they even ever visited your cesspool, I mean country!"

As her voice boomed off of the cliffs cradling Niagra Falls, two very different people did very different things. Rita shepherded her three third children into her house, as the Head of the Population Police leaned back and considered what Rita just said.

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Also, one note on time period: Screw pretty much everything in the books. This is when Lee was still Luke, cowering in the attic, Jen was still happily alive and abusing her father's privelages (don't worry, I love them both), and when everyone, arguably, had enough to eat.

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