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Collectable Chapter Nine


Peter didn't wait any longer. It was twelve on the nose when he gave the order to go in. Leading the way himself he is careful as they enter the house. The power is off and Jones makes his way to the circuit breaker to turn it back on.

The house floods with light and Peter takes a look around. The first thing he finds is Neal's broken glasses. He bends down to pick them up, pocketing them. For some reason he feels the need to have them.

Guns drawn they carefully make their way through the house taking one room at a time careful of the traps Neal had warned them of.

Neal is nowhere to be found, but they come across the dead bodies of the house owners, mangled and mutilated. It is all Peter can do not to be sick as the find first the wife in the bathtub and then the husband in the basement, both with removed and reattached body parts as if they were part of some grotesque science experiment.

"All clear." Jones calls as they finish scouting the house. There is no perp around, but no Neal either. Still the house is safe to search for evidence.

"There is no sign of Neal anywhere." Lauren says with a frown, "You don't think he ran do you?" She asks worried now. He didn't have the tracker on, in all the confusion of the night it would have been a perfect time for him to take off. Peter knows this as well as his agents, but he has to give Neal more credit than that.

"No, he wouldn't, he was in no shape to run and you saw those bodies. Whoever is responsible is pretty unhinged. Neal was facing that alone his mind was on survival not running." Peter was sure of it. He could feel it in his gut that Neal is in trouble.

They were interrupted by Jones, running in, "Peter you have to come see this, I found… well… someone, he's in bad shape but alive."

Peter follows Jones outside around the side of the house and over to the bushes. Peering in, he saw a man, mangled and bloody, hiding in the shrubbery.

He knelt down by him "I'm agent Peter Burke with the FBI. We are going to help you. Jones, call a bus." He said to his agent. "What's your name?"

"Arkin," He says than he blurts out "He's got him." looking wide eyed and terrified, "He's got him and he'll never escape."

"Who's got who?" Peter asks crouching down next to Arkin… That name… What are the odds? Peter feels ill, but he pushes it away to deal with the problem at hand. This man may know something and Peter needs to find out what that something may be.

"The Collector's got Blue Eyes." Arkin tells him.

"The Collector? Blue Eye? Blue Eyes... Neal!" Peter feels his stomach turn to ice. "Who is The Collector?"

"He, he collects people. Collects people to torture." Arkin whispers in terror. Evidence of that torture is all over Arkin's body. Half heeled knife wounds, burn marks and welts litter the exposed skin of his body not to mention what was under the tattered remnants of his cloths.

Peter hears the ambulance arrive and stands there frozen as the paramedics stabilize and carry off Arkin. He feels fear grip him as he has no idea where to start to look for his friend and he realizes, he has heard that name before.