Noogies Aren't Fun

AN; Yeaahh, so here's another ILH fanfiction for you. Mr. Kitty/Pig Pig again, because that's the best. 3 S'kinda short, but I love it.

You know how people like to do those friendly noogies, were they put you in a head lock and rub their knuckles into your skull? Well, if Pig Pig had a choice, he'd place that sensation as one of the most painful he'd ever felt. He flailed, pushing against his assailant's arm as he tried to wiggle his way out of the tight grip. The hold loosened ever so slightly, and Pig Pig was lucky enough to have been pushing backward. Then again, maybe he wasn't so lucky. He stumbled backward, falling flat on his butt on the cold pavement of the sidewalk.

It was late, almost dawn, and they were heading home from Trick R' Treating with Finch. Devil Lad would be gone soon, and Finch had told them to go on ahead. They figured it had something to do with finding out where he went every year, but who knew with them.

Mr. Kitty laughed, childishly pointing at the fallen boy's hair. It was frazzled and messed in all directions and when Pig Pig tried to flatten it, it only stood up more. "You!" he shouted indignantly, giving up on trying to get his hair to fall back into place.

"Aw, come on," he grinned, stepping forward. "This is a good look for you." Pig Pig flinched as a hand was placed on his head, expecting more pain. Mr. Kitty wasn't gentle, he never was with Pig Pig. So it wasn't as if his nervousness was without cause. However, when he looked up, Mr. Kitty looked thoughtful, which was out of character for him. Well, Pig Pig wasn't very thoughtful himself. This was probably why he wasn't aware of the soft motion in his hair until just now.

Mr. Kitty was stroking his hair, toying with the strands between his fingers. The thoughtful look on his face was still present. Pig Pig flushed, looking up at him questioningly. "W-what are you...?" He stuttered, and was shushed quickly by the older boy. Mr. Kitty dropped to his level, crouching in front of him.

"Just be quiet, for one second," Mr. Kitty spoke, so very close to Pig Pig now. Pig Pig's breath hitched in his throat, anticipation heavy within him. "Do you even know how important you are to me?"

Then lips pressed to his, and all the nervousness and anticipation dissolved, leaving just the feeling of Mr. Kitty's lips. The feeling of a tongue darting out and licking his bottom lip. He opened his mouth in response, and the tongue slid in and intertwined itself with his own tongue. Pig Pig's arms wrapped around Mr. Kitty's neck instinctively, and the kiss turned passionate.

They parted, panting and starved for air. Their eyes met for a moment, and Mr. Kitty added another peck to seal the deal. "Why now?" Pig Pig couldn't help but ask.

The answer was a shrug and a hand extended to help him up once Mr. Kitty had righted himself. Pig Pig didn't ask about it again that night, but when they were standing on his front porch, a hand pulled him back from his door and another kiss was pressed to his lips. Pig Pig had the feeling that he'd find out later anyways.