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It was a nasty stormy night outside, Robin was getting ready to go down to the parking garage to go home, he just needed to get some papers filed away that she had been checking over. She slowly turned and glanced out one of the windows of the office,

~Guess I'll be riding in the storm on the way home, a little rain doesn't hurt anyone. I'm just so tired of working here, there is nothing interesting that happens around here, same old thing, hunts, day in and day out.~ Robin sighed as she thought. Robin was too busy with her thoughts that she didn't see her dark ominous partner hovering in front of her desk staring a hole through her with those dark, cold, emotionless eyes.

"Robin," Amon voiced deeply, he noticed she wasn't asleep, she just looked as if she wasn't getting enough sleep, or maybe something was wrong with her. He reached out to shake her shoulder, she flinched,

"I'm fine Amon, I'll just stay here and keep Michael company, I wouldn't want to burden you with taking me home," Robin frowning as she glanced into his emotionless dark blue, almost grey eyes, he saw that she was tired of the hunting life, she was exhausted, it had seemed the light had gone from her eyes, like she was hardening right in front of his eyes, she was becoming like him. Robin had tore her eye contact from him before she would have been able to tell that his eyes contained some kind of softness to them.

"Robin, I need to speak with you," Amon explained lowly, trying to come off concerned but trying not to give too much away, Robin nodded, she followed him to the meeting room. Amon slammed her into the wall, Michael looked up, he told himself he shouldn't get involved so he just sat there listening to his music and trying to find information.

~Good thing the others aren't here, they would have gotten involved, but this is between him and Robin, after all, if they are having problems, only they can sort them out.~ Michael thought to himself. Robin didn't make a sound, the only way Amon knew that he had hurt her at all was when she closed her eyes, slowly she opened them back up,

"Stop it Robin," Amon growled,

"Amon, I am not doing anything, I was just minding my own business," Robin's voice coming off softly, not rising from her usual tone.

"I have seen that look before, that look that you have in your eyes right now, I wont let you turn cold," Amon growled,

"Amon, I don't know…ugh," Robin being interrupted again, he slammed her against the wall once more,

"Don't act like you don't know, I have seen it in Karasuma's eyes, I have seen it in Kate's, that's why she lost control of her powers," Amon speaking without any form of emotion in his voice.

"I am just tired Amon, I'm tired of it, and the only way out is to quit and let them hunt me, as a witch," Robin's voice cracking, she hunched over and leaned her forehead into Amon's shoulder. Amon closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as his jaw tightened and flinched, he wasn't comfortable at all letting her lean against his person, he grabbed her by her biceps, though they felt more like twigs, he jerked her away.

"Robin, you have determination, you are a good hunter, you're my partner, and I'll be damned if I let your spirit die like so many that have come before you, I know you have been a hunter since you were very young, you have the strength to fight it," Amon's voice getting harsh.

"Why are you hurting me like this?" Robin confused,

"It's the only way to make you listen, you are stubborn, look, you have brought this team…I don't know, but you have put smiles on their faces, and I'd like to think that you have brought Michael a bit of comfort, with the late night donuts and coffee, Robin you are the heart of this team, I am ordering you to not lose that heart, don't lose that determination," Amon seethed. Amon slowly let her go, he started to walk away,

"Amon," Robin called out in a feathery whisper, he stopped in his tracks, and turned around,

"What you said about humans being weak today, why do you hunt witches to protect them, why do you risk your life for them?" Robin glancing at his eyes, he sighed, he looked to be in thought,

"Maybe its because you haven't fully accepted who you are yet, maybe you…" Robin being interrupted.

"It's a question I do not know myself, come on," Amon leading her out,

"I'm just going to stay here for the night," Robin wanting to be left alone,

"You have to eat something, come on," Amon demanded, she followed him silently. He winded up going to Harry's, Robin sat a seat away from Amon at the bar,

"You wont bother me if you sit next to me, I wont hurt you," Amon voiced deeply and coolly,

"I trust you, you just make me seem like a burden," Robin whispered, he was taken back by her answer.

~She is a very naïve child, putting her trust in me.~ Amon thought to himself,

"Ah, Ms. Robin, Mr. Amon, would you like your usual?" Harry asked in his sweet kind of womanly voice,

"Yes, please," Robin and Amon both voiced at the same time, Amon never knew he was so in sync with his partner, it made him look back on his previous hunts with her, she had tried her best to help out but her aim was off, and then this hunt. It really hadn't been a hunt, he thought she was just being a child and curiosity had gotten the better of her, and Karasuma had thought that she had just wanted to find another witch so she could test out her powers since he had finally given her some glasses and her aim was a lot better controlled. Robin had a big heart for the female human that had given her a ride home, she cared a lot about innocent people, but he was always shown that emotions could get him killed, and he found out the hard way in the past, all he concentrated on anymore was work.

"Robin," Amon snapping out of his thoughts,

"Hmm," Robin sipping her espresso and stirring her soup Harry had given her,

"Good instincts on the hunt today," Amon giving her a one time compliment.

"Yeah, I guess so, she was a nice lady, if it had not been for her, I would have been stuck in that big rain storm," Robin's voice a bit choppy, Amon didn't understand why she could be deeply effected by some human she didn't even know, maybe that was her way of bringing the light into the office, to bring happiness to her team members and slowly bringing it to him. Finally they left,

"Amon," Robin lightly touching his arm,

"Yes," Amon spoke coolly,

"Can we go to the store? I want to get Michael some donuts," Robin having two cups of coffee in a tray holder from Harry's, he nodded. When they made it back to Raven Flats, Amon parked in his usual parking spot,

"Thank you Amon," Robin about to get out,

"Robin," Amon stated coolly, he didn't understand why he was caring all of a sudden but he seemed to be ever since he had given her glasses to use.

"Yes Amon?" Robin confused that he was expanding his social skills with her,

"Why did you become a hunter?" Amon glancing at her, she shrugged,

"I have lived in Italy in the monastery with Father Juliano ever since I can remember, I was trained to hunt, all I know is the monastery and him, I don't have any real family," Robin softly voiced.

"So with your daily prayers, its just out of habit?" Amon finding himself curious,

"Yeah, its something I was used to in the monastery, along with my chores," Robin's voice almost like a song to his ears.

"Robin, I don't want another partner… I refuse to have you lay down on me yet," Amon growled out, Robin looked at him strangely, he now had his attention toward the windshield.

"I'm not going anywhere Amon," Robin placing her hand on his arm and squeezing it to let him know that she always had his back.