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~Madam Changez votre destin~

I move quickly through the shadows of the kingdom. Prince Steffan. Give me a break! A selfish, ignorant little boy with no clue how to run a kingdom. And his beautiful, bride to be. She likes to claim to know the struggle of the proles but knows no real clue on the struggle for she's been wealthy most of her life. And the other one, Miri. The gorgeous little mountain girl in way over her head, so young and naive to even truly know love. Much less love with the dull mountain boy.

These four, pathetic, ignorant children had the nerve to think that they were open and ready to my power. I quickly make my way to my small shack hidden just outside of kingdom limits. In it are my carvings, my potions lined messily everywhere around my house. My daughter, 17, tall, curvy, waist length black, wavy hair. Skin tanned brown from being outside. Beautiful ice blue eyes. She had her hair tied back with a bandanna, and her dress once so beautiful, now dusty and ragged on it's best days before she leaves to work in the garden. She walked over to me and kissed my cheek.

"Hello mother. How was your day?" She gently took my shawl and hung it up, handing me a cup. I took a gracious gulp of the chilled water and smiled.

"Oh my flower, what would I do without you?" She is who deserves to be in gorgeous gowns. She is who deserves to have a palace with servants. She smiled back at me, and I marveled at her dimples.

"Today went….fine. But this time mother must go."

"Go? Why?"

"Well…." My daughter knew nothing of my powers. She knows who to worship, she knows what I believe in, but what she does not know is that I actually practice it.

"I've been sent by the prince to gather materials to make the bridal gown." I lie. Her beautiful eyes widen with excitement and she jumps up.

"Oh mother what great news!" She hugs my neck and kisses my cheek. "I am so proud of

you! And I know father would be too!" I nod even though I knew even if I were telling the truth about the gown, her father still would not care. Because there is another reason why I hate the Steffan and his future bride so, a reason that runs deeper than being jealous of their livelihood for myself. I was once a handmaiden to the king himself. And he was sweet, and loving, and wonderful. Until I informed him of my pregnancy. I was then exiled to the farthest part of the kingdom, never allowed a job. His one act of kindness was we were to get the scraps that were thrown from his kingdom to eat and keep clean. It was those earliest days when I realized my full potential as a witch. When my daughter was sick, I mixed an elixir. When she couldn't sleep, I sung her a spell. And I had to do this all on my own!

He and his perfect son will soon learned what a scorned witch is. And I will laugh as they come to realize that the spell not only makes you love the opposite boy, but if not in two weeks time reversed, will take the lives of both ladies. I have searched in the hearts of Steffan and of the dull mountain boy, and while their love is true, there is arrogance, and insecurities. They will burn at my hands and I will laugh. If only for the name of Lyra.

"Mother? How long shall you be?" Lyra asked, her eyes inquisitive. "

"I shall take two weeks, and I'll be back my dear. I promise." I kissed her goodbye and warned her to not go into the kingdom. I needed no one making connections of her to that of the royal family. In fact, she has never met another person, for she is forbidden to leave the vicinity of our area. I hate to go, because I know that temptation is there, but it's too dangerous to stay. I just needed to be gone long enough for the pathetic wenches to die.


We were seated in a secluded area. Britta, Peder, Steffan, Lilly, Omar, and I. They were explaining what their outing had brought them. "This life for a life thing has me worried. Did she say anything of that to you girls?" Peder asked.

I glanced at Britta for confirmation before shaking my head. From what I can remember, she said nothing of death. "All she said was that we had sealed our fate." I clarified with Britta nodding in agreement.

"That's another thing, " Lily said looking anxious. "Omar and I talked to a few people in the kingdom. Those who have heard of her. They all said that when dealing with this witch, while she is effective, someone's life is always in danger. Someone always dies." There was a silence.

"We will not worry of this now. You said you found her, where is she?" Steffan asked, changing the subject.

"She is said to live just outside of kingdom limits."

"Then we must go there. Now." Steffan got up and ordered guards to prepare six horses. "And I need them now!" He barked.

I marveled at his valor, his command. He was perfect. I could almost visualize him as king now. Woah there, focus Miri. Now is not the time to get all google eyed. Britta caught me looking and pulled me aside just as everyone was gathering their items to leave.

"Miri, there is something that I didn't mention before."

"What Britta?"

"It's the death thing. Something I read but didn't really believe."

"Britta you're stalling again. Tell me." She took a deep breath and sighed.

"It has been said that all magic has a deadline. This is why it is forbidden to use."

"Deadline? What do you mean Britta?"

"What I mean is….if this is a curse, if we are cursed, we only have a set time before we-" She didn't need to finish.

"Do you feel cursed?" Britta grimaced.

"I do not know. But what I do know is every since earlier I've been feeling….not right. Kind of like I'm weakening."

"But...I haven't. I don't think I have…" I mused. I was just about to open my mouth to speak again when Peder interrupted us.

"We are ready."

Lily and Omar lead us, having gotten directions from the only person in the entire kingdom to see the witch twice. "Who was this woman who gave you directions?" Steffan asked as we all looked at a small, beaten down shack.

"A seamstress. Claims to have lost her husband to the witch. She tried to hypnotize him into giving her a baby. In the end, he gave her sister a baby, and the baby, and husband, and sister died. Said she searched for 12 years before finding this place and when she did, the witch blinded her and dropped her back in the city. Said she took pity on her." Lily informed. Steffan led the group to the door and knocked. No response.

"Hello?" Peder called, trying to gaze into a window.

"Peder get back! It could be dangerous!" I hissed. He glanced back at me for a second with an odd expression on his face before walking back over to the group. Steffan knocked again.

"I command in the name of my father, King Adam, as his son Prince Steffan to open this door immediately!"

Slowly the door creaked open and a breathtakingly beautiful girl came to the door, kneeling. Steffan stepped back, a little taken off guard. "Madam Changez votre destin?"

"No, I am Lyra. Are you looking for my mother?"

"Um….who is your mother?"

"Delia. She is but a dress maker."

"I know of no dress maker named Delia." Britta stepped forward. Lyra kneeled once more.

"I apologize your highness, but she is the one making your dress for your wedding. She informed me right before she left."

"Left?" Lily asked. "Why would she leave."

"She wished to gather materials for the dress." Lyra informed. Steffan stepped forward again.

"Mind if we come in and ask a few questions, Lyra?"