Congratulations to Lily, who has won the challenge.


I watched as Miri and Britta ran up to me. I've always loved Miri, and although it took some time to get into, I love Britta as well. They were two of my best friends, and I am kind of protective over them.

"Hey girlies." I greeted.

"Lils, we need your help."


"I need you to punch me in the face." Britta said. I can't say this did not hold some kind of temptation.

"I am not going to hit you. Why don't you get Miri to do it?"

"Because she needs me to punch her." I laughed and held up my hands in a surrender signal.

"What is this all about?"

"This old hag put a hex on us. Thanks to Britta." Miri scowled.

"This is not my fault." Britta rolled her eyes.

"I told you I did not want to stay in the castle."

"And I warned you I would do everything in my power to make you stay."

"I'm still here guys." I announced. They looked at me.

"Please, we think if we sleep it off for a while." Miri explained. I shrugged; I am never one to deny a request of my best friend. Plus I kind of want to get Britta back at "accidently" tossing goat dung in my face.

"I just have to say, that this is going to hurt me, more than this hurts you."

"Whateve-"Miri couldn't finish it, because I had hit her in the face. I felt like crying. Why had I hit her first?

"Wai-"Britta said, but again I interrupted her. I dragged them to the chamber beds and laid them down, putting ice packs on their heads. Peder rushed in.

"What happened?" he asked, catching sight of the two beauties.

"Oh, they just fell."

"At once?"

"Kind of." I said. I looked around. "Where's Steffan?"

"He's looking for that witch." He said like he didn't really care. I presume he didn't. He was gazing at Miri too hard to care about anything.

"Well, just call me when they wake up." I said. My goal was to find Steffan. I need to talk to him for a while.

This is something I have never admitted to anyone. Not even myself. I am jealous of Miri and Britta. And only because they've found happiness in these great guys. Ever since Britta left, and Miri and Peder started getting serious, I've been the fifth wheel. They can't go anywhere without kissing. I had a brief crush on Peder, but I learned to get over it. Steffan was another subject. I liked him and hated him at the same time. He was the reason I had to leave my family. He was the reason I had to study so hard. He was the reason Miri got teased. He was the reason I had punched Bena in the stomach for saying Miri was a know it all bitch. He was the reason for it all, but yet, I can't help but marvel at how handsome and nice and put together he is.

He was in the library when I found him, bent over a book. I stood and watched him for a while, strictly for observation purposes. His golden hair gleaming in the faint light. His muscular arms, you could tell he was deeply concentrated on what he was reading. But after a while, all I felt was a deep longing. And not for him or Peder. I knocked.

"Yes?" he asked without looking up.

"I was hoping you could explain what's happening here." I said walking over and sitting in the chair in front of his desk.

"Well, Britta wanted Miri to stay. Really bad. And, you know how stubborn Miri is. So, she thought the only way was to put a spell on her. But, when she did, something went wrong, and well-now Miri thinks she's in love with, and Britta in love with Peder." He sounded so heartbroken. We weren't close, but he was my friend, and I tend to get protective over my friends.

"Is there anything that you want me to do?"

"Help. I need help finding the witch without leaving the castle."

"Oh, that's it? I go."

"Great, but, sometimes, and I'm ashamed to say this, but my kingdom can get….dangerous. You, my friend will have to take a companion."

"Oh." I said, surprised.

"You will take Omar." He said, gathering books.


"Yes. He's pretty strong. You will need these books to help you locate the wretch. She will try to hex you, but I think with Omar there, you'll be protected."

"Omar?" I was still caught up on the fact that Omar, the super sexy, unbelievably brave guy, is my guard. (an: Omar was in Princess Academy, but he didn't really say anything.)

"Yes, and Lily, be careful." And with that, he shoved the books in my hand, and pushed me out the door.