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As you all know this will be a Monochrome Factor fanfic, but what you might be wondering is: A new story so soon!?!

Well I'm in the middle of other stories at the moment and I've been planning on posting this fanfic for a longgg time. So since I finished Match Made by Destiny I said: What the heck let's post this up. So I hope you all enjoy chapter 1 of Lyrica. Read and review guys :]

Chapter summary: Welcome to the Island of Lyrica we're teens and adults are accepted to the prestigious Aeode school of Music. To the students music is their way of life, and only the most talented are able to grace their walls. However their is a secret to this school, and to this island. The music learned here are spells, ancient spells used to fight the evil forces that lurk on the island. At first Akira is skeptical about the magic the music possesses, but soon after meeting the rare good people that attend this school, his attitude changes as well as his will to fight for their school and to save the island.

The Spell Of Lyrica

The young teen stared lazily out the window. His green eyes dulled with boredom. He resisted the urge to take out his violin and start playing right there and then, but he knew the flight attendants would get angry and confiscate his instrument. So he just chose to place his earbuds in and listen to his iPod, even though nothing was playing at the moment. It was ironic though for the plane he was on was taking him to a music school, but not just any music school.

The Aeode School of Music is the most renowned school in the country. Anyone with musical gifts are accepted there to hone on their craft. Akira Nikaido is one of the gifted few that are excepted to this school. All around the world students ranging from childhood to adulthood come to the island of Lyrica, located off the coast of Japan, where the school is built.

Akira sighed, he had nothing to entertain himself. Sure there were other kids on the plane but known of them were talking to him. 'God this is so boring.' Akira thought to himself solemnly.

"Hey there you look bored." a voice said. At first he didn't reply and pretended as if the music he was listening to was too loud. However the blonde started to poke him in the shoulder repeatedly in order to get his attention. Akira, being the easily tempered person he was, took out an earbud and scowled at the teen.

"What do you want?" he asked irritably. The blonde haired teen just smiled idiotically.

"The name's Kengo Asamura and I play the trumpet!" he held up his trumpet case up for emphasis. Akira just kept staring at the blonde. Not really showing any interest in the matter.

"That's great, but I didn't ask for what instrument you played, or what your name was." he stated.

Kengo cocked his head, "Well I thought you'd like to know. Hey what instrument do you play?" he asked craning his neck to get a better look. Akira moved the instrument case away from the blonde's view.

"None of your business." he glared at the blonde, but the teen was oblivious and instead sat down next to the brunette. Akira sighed loudly, hoping that the blonde would catch his drift and leave him alone. Sadly he did not.

"Oh come on umm… what's your name again?" he asked curiously raising an eyebrow.

"I don't remember telling you my name." Akira replied coldly.

"Oh come on just tell me pleaseeeee!" Kengo whined.

Akira sighed once again, "If you really want to know my name's Akira."

"…Last name?"

"That's all you're getting out of me." he said before turning his gaze back to the window.

"Akiraaaa-channn don't be such a meanieee!" the blonde whined once again.

'I'm really going to murder this boy. But how? Oh I have an idea. I'll throw him off the plane. Say it was a freak accident.' Akira thought with an evil smirk on his face.

"I'm only being mean because you're being annoying."

Kengo pouted, "You really don't know how to say anything nice do you?"

"Not really," Akira shrugged, "never found it worthwhile to learn."

Kengo stared at his trumpet case, "I guess… but what to expect… I'm used to the downgrading already." he said softly.

Akira stared at the teen for awhile, eyes widened slightly before returning normal. Patting the guy's back he said, "Don't get so emo, doesn't suit you at all. You're better with a smile."

Kengo perked up and to Akira it looked like he just grew dog ears and a tail, "You mean it? Really Akira-chan!" The tail Akira pictured on the blonde was wagging out of control now. Akira mentally slapped himself for getting the blonde so riled up.

"Yeah… sure… whatever." he replied blandly.

Kengo smiled, "You know I think this is going to be a start of a beautiful friendship! Twizzler?" he asked holding out a pack of red Twizzlers. Akira just stared at them, then the boy, then back to the twizzlers. Slowly he reached out and plucked a cherry red Twizzler and put the tip of it in his mouth, biting down softly.

"You know you could say thank you."

"Yeah I could have but I didn't." Akira countered. Then turned his gaze back to the window.

Kengo pouted, "You know I've only met you for like two minutes and I can already tell you're as social as a brick wall."

Akira gave a mock pout back, "Glad to know I can be compared to a wall, really makes my day."

Kengo adjusted his black hand gloves before replying, "Well, I don't see a reason for you to be so moody. I mean yeah we just met but still you could be a little nicer."

Akira took a small bite of his Twizzler, "I could…" was all he said.

Kengo fiddled with his thumbs before trying once again to strike up conversation, "Oi, what are you listening to anyways?"

"Nothing really, just like the feeling of the earbuds in my ears as all."

"That's just plain weird." Kengo grabbed the iPod before Akira could do anything about it and started looking through his songs.

"Oi, don't touch that! Put it down!" he yelled. A flight attendant came by and shushed him. Kengo snickered.

"No yelling on the plane Akira-channn." he stretched out the suffix causing Akira to growl, "Now then let's see what songs are on this iPod of yours."

"You're annoying you know that?"

"Yeah I know but you'll find out that's one of my best qualities." Kengo replied with a cheeky smile.

Akira sighed, "Whatever do what you want…"

Kengo shuffled through Akira's songs before finding a band he recognized.

"You like Framing Hanley?" he asked. His eyes widening with curiosity.

Akira took a bigger bite out of his already half-eaten Twizzler. "Yeah I do. So what of it?"

"Nothing! Nothing at all! I love them too!" he rummaged through his book bag before pulling out a t-shirt that plainly stated in big bold white letters: Framing Hanley.

Akira blinked, "Didn't have to take out the t-shirt you know." he stated.

Kengo pouted, "Yeah actually I did. But that's not all I have." Akira chose this as the time to block the blonde out as he kept going on and on about the many concerts he's attended to.

"And then this guy actually jumped on stage to… Oi!" Kengo shook Akira causing the brunette to punch him square in the face, "What the hell was that for Akira-chan!" he yelped, rubbing his abused cheek.

"First of all don't touch me. Second of all drop the suffix it's annoying as crap."

Kengo smirked evilly, "Nahhh, I don't think I will A-ki-ra-channn. Akira-channn, Akira-channn. .La. Akira-channn." he began to sing. Akira punched him in the same spot again.

"Keep singing and you'll find it very hard to play that trumpet of yours."

Kengo gulped, "Fine… be that way."

"It would be my pleasure."

The pilot's voice came over the intercom, Hello passengers, I hope you enjoyed you're flight. We will be landing immediately. Please buckle up and prepare for departure.

Akira began to buckle his seat belt, however Kengo remained still.

"You idiot what's wrong?" Kengo remained silent. "Hey, Kengo what's wrong." he asked a little more louder this time.

Kengo blinked several times before rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt. The blonde gave him a weary smile, "Sorry must have spaced out."

"Must have."

"Oi… did you… hear something?" Kengo asked wearily.

Akira looked at him as if he's gone crazy, "Nope nothing at all."

"Oh." was all he said.

Another flight attendant walked by telling Kengo to put on his seatbelt or else he would lunge forward and hit the seat in front of him. Kengo started to freak out and looked frantically for the seatbelt which was only a couple inches away from him. The flight attendant laughed while Akira scoffed at the behavior.

"Friend of yours?" the attendant asked politely.

"Hardly." he rolled his eyes. Kengo pouted before crossing his arms and sinking into the seat.

"Meanie…" he said softly. Akira caught this and gave him a toothy smile.

The pilot's voice came back on the intercom again, Thank you for flying with us today. We have now landed on Lyrica Island. All students please board off the plane in a calm manner. The bus will be at the gate to pick you up.

'About time we landed.' Akira thought. Picking up his belongings, which was only a book bag and the violin case. He stuffed one of his hands in his pocket and walked off the plane. Kengo was right behind him.

"Hey! Let's sit on the bus together!" he said. Smiling brightly.

Akira sighed. 'This guy is such a pain in the ass… but at least him sitting with me made the rest of the plane ride bearable.'

The brunette shrugged, "Sure I don't really care." he said nonchalantly.

Kengo pumped a glove covered fist into the air, "Yes!" he yelled proudly.

Akira sighed once more, 'This is going to be one long bus ride.' he thought before trudging his way towards the black bus.

+Lyrica: Music connects the most strangest of people.+

A man with long white haired that went down past his waist turned around to face the window overlooking the vast greenery of the island.

"He's stepped foot on the island." he said quietly.

A man with short black hair and rectangular framed glasses gave a small smile, "Ahh… and so has the other boy."

A woman with pink haired merely smirked, "You guys are so serious it kills. Lulu thinks you guys should stop being so sullen and get to it! He won't be too happy if we don't get a move on. Lulu doesn't want to get in trouble for you're guy's laziness." She crossed her arms over her big chest, puffing her bottom lip so that air would blow up and move her pink bangs from her face.

The white haired man glared towards Lulu, who returned the glare with a smile.

"I know what I'm doing. You know I like to wait things out before I attack on my prey. You know get close to them before I lunge." the white haired man said with a slight smirk.

"Don't we all Shirogane. I don't know about him though but I'll take care of that boy soon. I don't do things slowly you know that. I go right for my prey." the black haired man said adjusting his black framed glasses.

"Kou you are such a pervert." Shirogane said while shaking his head shamefully at the man. Kou just shrugged.

"Hello have you all forgotten about Lulu!" Lulu asked as she stomped her feet.

Shirogane flashed a smile, "Now how could we forget you? You're voice is so annoyingly high-pitched no one could forget it." his tone of voice had changed. This time more darker.

Lulu shivered, "Shiro-chan!! Don't do that! Lulu's scared!" she whined.

Kou just laughed, "Aw, poor Lulu. I'd love to see you whine like that in front of the master."

Lulu's pink eyes widened in fear as she shook her head hastily. Her pink ponytails moving as well, "No never! Lulu is not so crazy that she would risk her life doing that. Lulu shall pass!" she said before slinking into the darkness. Leaving the two men alone.

"Finally she left, was wondering what was taking her so long." Shirogane said letting out a sigh of relief.

Kou chuckled, "You must admit she is cute when she gets all riled up like that."

Shirogane just looked at the man, "Must I remind you I'm-" but he was cut off by Kou who was holding his hand up to Shirogane's pale face. His index finger covered with a metal that formed perfectly around it.

"Yes yes I know you don't have to waste your breath reminding me." Kou then turned towards the door frowning. "He's about to open the door. I'm out of here." he said before opening up the glass window and leaping out, landing perfectly on a branch.

Shirogane growled, 'Damn it, when I see him I'm going to wring his neck.' he thought darkly. The door opened slowly and in came a man with long red hair and dark brown eyes. A black diamond surrounded by four black dots were on his forehead. His lips were blood red.

The man pulled out two blank music sheets before smiling evilly, "Well Shirogane, let's start tonight's lesson." Then he pulled out a long conductors baton, expect that this was had a razor sharp point at the end.

Shirogane simply nodded and started to unbutton his long black trench coat. After that was off he then started to remove his long sleeved white dress shirt.

"Master I don't think-" Shirogane was cut off when he felt the cold sting of the blade touch his pale abdomen.

"I don't care about what you think, I care about what you can do. You're ability to produce the most powerful spells the land of Lyrica has ever known. Along with the most beautiful songs the world will ever get to hear." The man dragged the blade along the man's pale chest, he hissed as the air connected with the new wound. Blood trickled slowly from the small cut.

The man continued to make small cuts among his chest. Shirogane already grew a tolerance to the pain. Knowing the limits to how much he could take. Didn't matter though because in the end he would always pass out.

He hated his existence to the fullest because of the curse that was put upon him since birth. Oh how he hated his lineage. The red haired man smiled as he looked up Shirogane. The blood that was flowing down his chest really made the snow haired man look beautiful, but he wasn't down yet.

This time he dragged the blade on its side, the blood following the blade as if the blade itself was a paintbrush. Guiding the paint to where it should go. At first it was just swirls but those swirls began to take shape; the shape of music notes.

On his chest 24 measure bars along with the music notes to go along with it. The only thing was… the music composition was made from his blood. The notes, treble clefts, the measures, the repeat bars all blood red.

The man licked the blood from the blade slowly. Then licked his lips as if savoring the taste,

"Delicious…but what does it sound like? I must know before I even attempt to write them down." Then he smiled evilly before whispering one word: Des.

Pain rose up through Shirogane's body as he opened up his mouth to howl out in pain. However his screams were not of pain, his screams were music. Sweet, beautiful music. His voice matched the pitch and tone of the music notes that were placed upon his chest.

The red haired man closed his eyes and smiled in content. Allowing the music to envelop him in its warmth. 'Another successful attempt. This one is more beautiful than the last.' Quickly he grabbed a pencil and started to copy the music as it appeared on Shirogane's chest. When he was done he quickly jotted the letter H at the bottom to indicate this was an original piece. Of course that was a lie.

At the end of the final measure Shirogane's eyes closed as he fell into the darkness of sleep. This always happened when he met with this man. Shirogane fell to the floor in a slump, and the music composition on his chest faded into his body and the trickles of blood were replaced with tiny white scar lines. The man chuckled before leaning forward and kissing Shirogane softly on the forehead.

"Thank you for you're contribution." with another chuckle he walked out the door. Leaving the white haired man alone in the darkness.

+Lyrica: Music can be used for great good as well as sinister evil.+

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