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Full Summary: Quil, Jake, Embry and Sophie have been best friends for...ever. They're inseparable, especially Sophie and Embry. But when Embry starts to hang out with the "hall monitors" after a week of absence, Sophie feels hurt and rejected. And when Jake leaves too, she'd not sure if she'll be able to handle it. Until a certain imprint occurs that is, but still, things remain complicated.

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Chapter 1

I laid sprawled out across First Beach's sandy beach, soaking up the sun. It was actually sunny! Something we all took gratefully in when it occurs in La Push. And I could really use a tan. I was only half-Quileute so my skin was averagely tan. Sadly, compared to my best friends Quil, Jake and Embry, I looked extremely pale.

"Look at them, they think they're so cool," Jake scoffed, glancing over at the "hall monitors on steroids". Namely Jared, Paul and Sam. Sure Jake was right they did think highly of themselves but, hello! They were buff. And I mean huge; plus, they were freaking hot.

"Stupid hall monitors on steroids," Embry mumbled, kicking the sand. See? I told you.

"C'mon guys. I think they're hot."

They rolled their eyes. An action I was used to, being the only girl in our group.

"I'm serious. I know I'd lay any of them if they gave me the chance. Well, actually," I had to rethink that. "Just Paul."

"Why Paul?" Embry wrinkled his nose, Paul was his least favourite. "He's such a jerk and a man-whore"

"Man-whore Exactly. I'd have a chance." They all, again, rolled their eyes. They always did that when I dissed my looks, because we all knew I was hot. I had light brown hair – something rare in La Push – and sparkling, violet eyes. Okay, legally they were considered blue but in the most lights they were purple. My figure was average height but for my size, I had long legs. I was slender but curvy. Also, the bikini top and short jean shorts I was wearing really showed it off.

The only one of the guys that would actually tell me I was pretty – instead of just saying, "stop complaining you know you're hot, get over it" – is Embry. Then again, he is the only one I can have a serious conversation with.

"Plus," I continued, "Paul's the only one I could without feeling guilty."

"Why's that?"

"Uh, because my cousin is engaged to Sam." My cousin Emily was engaged to him, which I thought was weird considering Sam had been in love with my other cousin Leah and then he just left her. One reason why I hated Sam. Leah had been so nice until the incident, now she's a bitch. At first I was mad at Em, too, but she's so nice it's hard to stay mad at her.

Jake nodded. "Well what about Jared? He's single."

"Yeah." I shrugged. "But Kim likes him, so, she'd be so upset." I glanced over at them, they were laughing at... Jared? Had they heard that. No, it was impossible, they were half way across the beach.

"Since when do you care about other people's feeling when there's a guy involved?" Jake asked.

I gaped. Sometimes Jake was such an asswhole. "Whatever Jake, I can be nice! Ask Embry. Right, Emmy?" I fluttered my eyelashes.

"Sorry, Soph, that doesn't work on me. But, yeah, Jake, she is nice... occasionally" Embry laughed and jokingly put his arm around me.

I playfully pushed him off. "Get off of me!" I hissed in mock terror. "Paul might look over! You'll ruin my chances."

They rolled their eyes – yup again. "C'mon Sophie. You're still a virgin, so way you'd lay Paul. You'd be scared," Jake tormented.

"I may be a virgin," I told him, smiling evilly, "but atleast I've made out with people before. Scratch that, atleast I've kissed someone before." I teased. It was common knowledge by now that Jake was the only one of us who hadn't kissed someone before. At sixteen, I thought it was pathetic. Now we knew he wanted this Bella chick and she was all depressed so the chances of her kissing him was zero to none.

Jake glared at me. "Whatever." He glanced out at the ocean, I knew he was embarrassed. Guilt was itching to overtake me, but of course it didn't. Jake would say something sooner or later that would make us even. "Can you please stop gawking at the hall monitors over there?"

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"You're so gay." He and Embry laughed.

I pretended to be horrified. "Guys!" I scolded. I walked over to Quil, placed my hands over his ears, and whispered, "Be sensitive to Quil's condition." Okay, so being gay wasn't a condition, and really I had nothing wrong with it. I'm just bad with words.

They both burst out laughing – except Quil who looked angry. "Okay, Quilly. Calm down. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, I'm actually glad. Finally I'll have someone to gawk at the hall monitors with. Admit it, those glares were just a cover up, and it wasn't his face you were glaring at, it was below the belt." I giggled, smiling innocently at him.

"I'm not gay!" he cried out impatiently.

That got some stares. I sighed. "I know, Quilly." Of course he wasn't gay, him and Embry were flirting machines! But Quil was definitely the sweetheart of the group, he was really nice. Jake was too much a jerk at certain times to consider him gay and Embry, well, let's just say, I didn't want him to be gay.... Which left Quil. Nobody knew that was my solution though.

We sat there joking around and goofing off. I threw sand at Jake and he threw it back; which turned into a huge sand fight between the four of us. Then it moved into the water and was a gigantic water fight since some hot guys from Forks joined in.

Eventually, Jake glanced at his phone. "I gotta go guys."

I coughed.

"And Sophie."

"Thank you."

"See ya."

"Wait!" Quil perked up. "Where ya going?" We all knew, we just wanted to see Jake blush.

"Bella and I are working on the bikes."

Embry whistled. "Hot date?" He raised his eyebrows.

"It's not like that... yet," he added hopefully.

I rolled my eyes. "Let him be, boys. Let him ditch us for the bitch."

"Sophia Maria Wyatt!" Jake roared and for once, he was actually angry. "Don't call her that."

"Sorry." I laughed sarcastically. "It just rhymed, I don't even know her."

"But you don't like her," Quil stated once Jake was gone.



I shrugged. Honestly, I was scared for Jake. She was only hanging with him because her boyfriend left, and Jake was really falling for her. Obviously her boyfriend was going to come back, I just knew it. Where would that leave Jake? More depressed than Bella was.

"Jealous?" Embry teased me.

"Oh, yeah definitely," I said dryly. "Why would I be?"

"Because Jake was totally crushing on you until Bella came along."

"Exactly why I should love her but, I can't. Man, I know she's gonna totally screw him over." Jake wasn't really the friend that I wanted to like me like that.

"You're just pessimistic." Quil laughed.

"And damn proud of it!" I laughed. "Come on let's go."

"Where?" Embry groaned. I could see he didn't want to get up.

That just made me more chippy. "To make fun of Jake in front of Bella silly. You really didn't think I'd let him go that easily did you?"

They groaned as I dragged them up and off the beach.

At Jake's, we barged into the garage. Bella and Jake were sitting there laughing. I had to admit, she was pretty. A little pale, but pretty.

"Uh, hey guys?" Jake said, confused. His face clearly read, "Get the hell out!".

We smiled at him in unison. Thinking about it now, it must have looked creepy.

"Um, Bella. This is Embry, Quil and Sophie," he introduced us. "Guys, this is Bella."

"So, you're Bella!" Embry explained jubilantly "We've heard so much about you."

"Yeah!" Quil agreed. "So is he really your boyfriend?"

I could see Bella was shocked – and a bit confused. Jake on the other hand was pissed. "I said she's a friend."

"No, Jake, you said girlfriend."

I honestly felt bad for both of them,and Jake hadn't told us Bella was his girlfriend. Well, at first he tried to trick us into believing it but we knew him too well. I decided to save them. "Sorry, Bella," I apologized. "Please excuse my friends' behaviour. Quil's just mad that he can't have Jake to himself anymore." She tried to hide it but I know she was disgusted. Which added another check on the "don't like Bella" tally. Stupid homophobe.

"She's kidding." Quil glared at me.

I smirked at her and play-whispered, "He's still in the closet."

She nodded, laughing.

Jake was annoyed though. God, he's so uptight around her. "Didn't you guys have somewhere to go."

"Oh, yes," I said frankly. "We had to go, uh, guy watching. C'mon Quilly! And you can come too Emmy if you don't complain the whole time."

They rolled their eyes, but let me skip them out of the garage. We decided to go back to the beach. It was starting to cool down a bit so the water wasn't able to swim in. We sat in the sand. I drew hearts with a stick – they eventually turned into Quil and various boy names in them. I think he's going to kill me before the school year's over.

My phone vibrated. "Hello?"

"Hey, Sophie, it's me, Emily."

"Hey, Em. What's up?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to come over for a bit, I'm all alone." I saw Sam and his friends talking on the other side of the beach with serious expressions on their faces.

"Your fiancenot treating you well?"

She laughed. "He's... busy right now."

"Oh." Yeah more like hanging out with his fellow monitors. "Well, I'm with Emmy and Quil but as soon as I ditch them I'll be there."

"Well, they could come you know."

"Yeah. Sure, why not? Be there soon. Love you, Ems!" I flipped my cell closed and smiled at them. "Wanna go to the hall monitors house?"

They both gaped. "Are you kidding?"

I shook my head. "Emily wants me to go over. I told her you guys would come. Come on, you guys always thought she was pretty."

"Until she got scars on her,"Embry joked.

I swear to god I saw Sam glare at us.... Maybe I'm paranoid. Anyway, I slapped Embry with all my force.

He flinched. "I was kidding, Soph. Calm down! She is pretty. But she has nothing to do with why we won't go. I don't trust those freaks."

I rolled my eyes.

"Quil will you come?" I pouted, even though my pouts no longer affected them.

"Nope." He popped the 'p'; something he picked up from Jake. "I have to visit my grampa, it's Sunday."

I pretended to consider that. Quil always visited his grampy, Quil Sr. Or Old Quil, every Sunday. It was tradition. "You are excused."

I turned to Embry. "Emmy?"

"Don't do that, Soph. You know I don't want to go."

I sighed. "Please?"

"No," he said firmly.

I glared. "Fine. Then I'll see you in school."

"He laughed, the his face turned serious. "Soph?" I looked at him, he looked kind of worried.

"Yeah?" I said softly.

"As soon as they arrive, leave. Okay?"

"I can handle myself Emmy. You know I was just kidding about the Paul thing."

"That's not what I meant. Emily got hurt not too long after she started being with Sam. And I really don't trust them. Please, just leave. I don't wan t you getting hurt."

His words sent butterflies in my stomach but I didn't want to be obvious about how his words affected me. "I, Sophia Maria Wyatt, promise Embry Jordan Call, that I will leave when they come." I stuck out my small pinky and we pinky promised. I kissed him on the cheek. "Bye Emmy."

I fled towards Emily's. Ignoring all the guys checking me out as I did. I wanted to talk to Emily before they came. I always kept my promises – to Embry atleast.

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