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Story Outline:

From the moment that Bella and Edward met it was love at first sight. Bella never imagined she could act so wanton or that a complete stranger could drive her wild upon there first meeting, shocked by her actions, she had run from the restaurant in port Angels to her small town of Forks Washington, never imagining that Edward would pursue her…or that he'd vowed to never let her go. He'd known only darkness for so long, in his secret world of being the head of the Cullen Crime family. He needed the light of her love to fight his ghosts and dark nature, and would do anything to keep Bella in his life. When a freak accident occurs causing Bella to lose her memory, he takes full advantage of this using it as an excuse to keep from losing her even if it meant continuing to lie to her-but could she risk giving her heart to a man who courted danger?

Chapter One

First Sight

BELLA SWAN NEVER thought that tonight of all nights working in the small Italian restaurant waiting tables, could literally change her whole life. It was the first time that she laid eyes on what had to be the most beautiful man Bella had ever seen. It all started when she'd agreed to work a double shift to help her boss Aro.

The La Bella Italia was a small quaint Italian restaurant in which she worked, and it was unusual for it to be as busy as it was that Thursday night.

Bella found herself being talked into working a double shift, and before she knew it hours had gone by since she'd had a chance to take another break. She was completely worn out and it seemed that there would be no let up as customer after customer continued to walk through the door, as the night wore on.

She was hurriedly clearing off one of the many tables scattered through out the restaurant, when she heard Aro's deep Italian accent coming from behind her.

"Bella!" her boss Aro called to her as he made his way to her side.

"Yes, Aro?" Bella asked as she continued to clear the table in front of her.

"Bella, I need you to clear off one of round tables, we have a big group we need a space. I know you busy…but this can not a wait," Aro said in his clipped English.

She stopped what she was doing, and with a sigh looked up at her boss. She thought about just throwing her hands up and saying to heck with it, punch out and leave, but she knew she needed the money. "Okay, Aro, though why can't you ask Angela or Ben to do it?" she asked with agitation.

Aro chuckled, "Because *mia cara, they keeping you from having to take orders, and you are helping them by clearing tables and setting them for our next guests."

"Well I think I need a raise. And just so you know, I have been waiting tables just as much as they have, the only difference is I've been here since six O' clock this morning," Bella grumbled.

Aro patted her shoulders with his beefy hands, "And I love you to, * cara," he said. Seeing her weakening. He knew that she could never refuse her favorite boss anything. "I greatly appreciate, if you do this one little thing for me, *per favore."

Bella snorted, little thing indeed, she thought. Then felt the beginnings of a smile form on her lips after he used the endearment of dear on her. Bella shook her head wondering how Aro was able to talk her into doing things, "Fine, how many do I need to set up for?" she asked.

"All ten chairs will be filled."

She turned back to the table she had started to clear when she heard Aro clear his throat beside her. With another exasperated sigh she threw down her cleaning cloth and turned her head to look at him, one eyebrow raised.

"I need that right now," Aro said with laughter shining in his eyes.

"This very second?" she asked annoyed.

"Si," came his chuckled reply.

Bella took a deep breath, and waved one of her fingers back and forth in front of him, "Aro, if I didn't like you…" she threatened, but couldn't help the small laugh that escaped her when he placed his hand over his heart.

"A Bella, you make me so *felice." he said with a huge grin, then clapped his hands together, "Now hop to it."

Bella stood there with a smile on her face hands planted on her hips and watched him walk away from her, then with another sigh she distractedly ran a hand through her hair before walking toward the only empty table in the restaurant and set to the task of clearing it.

It was nearing eight in the evening when the bell sounded over the door, for the thousandth time that day. Bella was taking the order of a couple that was a few tables away, when she heard the big booming voice of her boss Aro.

"Ah, welcome!" her boss called out in delighted surprise.

Bella had glanced up from what she had been doing, and smiled at the sight of her boss being engulfed in a big embrace by a man much taller than he. Over the top of Aro's balding head the man had caught her smile and had returned it as if he knew what she found so amusing. This caused her to flick her chocolate brown eyes upwards to clash with the liquid emerald green of his.

Oh, my God! She thought, there in that moment, when their eyes had locked something unmistakable sparked in the air between them. His beautiful eyes had darkened, his smile had fallen from his handsome face, his strong muscular, lean body had tensed up and his expression changed to one of complete surprise, as if he'd been hit over the head with a sledgehammer. She was pretty sure she mimicked him in her actions as she stood there, caught, by the same hypnotic sensations, and felt the beginnings of a hot flush fill her checks from her body's sudden awareness of him.


AS EDWARD CULLEN walked into his uncle's La Bella Italia restaurant, followed closely behind by his party. He was a man that made an immediate impact before he even opened his mouth. He knew he screamed power, and danger. That every inch of him hinted that he exerted authority from the arrogant way he carried himself to the very dark pin-striped three piece suit that shrieked money, down to his black leather shoes. He was aware of the sharp in drawn breaths of appreciation he received from a lot of the females inside the restaurant. But as usual he didn't give them a second look, as he made his way into the restaurant.

They were all there for one thing and one thing only, a meeting to discuss some problems that had been occurring lately with other crime families in the area. He had started immediately looking around the restaurant for his uncle, when his booming voice called out to him.

"Ah, welcome!" Aro called in happy delight.

Moving forward to greet him and the rest of the men Edward found himself in a tight embrace. "Aro," he said, in greeting, as he hugged his uncle back.

"It's so a good to see you," Aro said in his clipped English, still not releasing him.

Edward laughed and that's when he saw her over the top of his uncle's head. At first glance, Edward thought she looked like a party girl, standing three tables away from where they where. She had a beautiful smile plastered on her lips, staring towards him and his uncle. That smile he found to be infectious and he couldn't help the sudden overwhelming feeling to smile back. Then she raised her eyes to clash with his, and he had to suck in his breath, eyes widening at the sudden spark of awareness that zinged in the air between them.

He could feel his body tense, as he continued to stare at her, an alarm sounded in the back of his mind. It was the kind of a sixth sense, finely tuned from years spent living on the extreme edge. It usually warned him when something was about to go wrong. The sight of a desirable woman had never triggered it before, and he felt a surge of adrenaline kick in. He suddenly had an overpowering need to get a closer look at her, to be near her. Though as he stared at her he realized that thinking she was desirable was an understatement. She was not the voluptuous type, yet there was a subtle invitation in the small curves of her high breasts, he could see outlined beneath the small white cotton blouse, and the flaring of her hips in the black knee length skirt she wore.

He could also detect the hint of a reddish tint in her long brown hair illuminated by the overhanging lights. The rich mass curved on each side of her heart-shaped face, the ends caressing her shoulders. For an endless moment Edward absorbed the full force of her chocolate brown eyes. He felt like he was being pulled and held captive by her gaze, and for the life of him he couldn't look away from her in that moment. Sexual energy burned the distance between them. It followed by a flash of primitive recognition that almost rocked him off his feet and overrode the alarm still ringing in his head. He tightened his grip around his uncle as shock waves traveled up his spine and exploded in his head, and slowly he moved his gaze to look away from her.

"*Quale è sbagliato?" his uncle Aro asked under his breath, when he noticed the tension that filled his nephews body.

Edward quickly pulled out of his embrace, "What is wrong?" his uncle had asked him, but he wasn't sure what had just happened and shook his head indicating that nothing was wrong. When he glanced back over his uncle's shoulder it was to see the beautiful woman walking quickly away toward the back of the restaurant.

"Aro, who is that doll?" Edward demanded of his uncle not being able to stand the curiosity eating away at him any longer. Though why he even cared was a mystery to him.

Aro turned his head to look in the direction Edward was staring and when he noticed Bella he grinned, instantly aware what was captivating his nephew. "Ah, I see you have already spotted someone that interests you. That is Isabella, one of my waitresses," he said.

"Isabella?" Edward whispered. Her name suited her, such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl, he thought as he kept his gaze on her retreating back.

"Si, would you like to meet her? I could have her wait your table no?" Aro asked him, a huge smile on his face. Only to be interrupted by Jessica Stanley who had suddenly decided to make her presence known by latching onto Edward's arm.

"Eddie! They're ready to start the meeting, are you coming?" she asked.

Edward pried his gaze from the door in which Isabella disappeared behind, and turned his cold gaze on her, before removing her hand from his arm. "Sure doll, whatever you say," then he glanced back to his uncle, "Get her then," he commanded Aro in a low voice before turning toward there table with Jessica in tow.

BELLA FELT AS if she'd been shaken to the depths of her soul from her body's reaction to the man standing in front of her. As soon as their eyes were no longer locked together she had quickly fled to the back of the restaurant, forgetting in her hast about the couple she'd been helping.

She knew from the moment she met his emerald green gaze, something strange had happened to her, something so compelling and blatantly sensual, it made her head spin and heart flutter furiously in her chest. She had never in her twenty-six years felt so exhilarated and frightened at the same time. And she could have sworn that he had experienced the same staggering sensations.

But as soon as she thought that she knew it to be ridiculous, she told herself. Men like that simply didn't react that way to a plain Jane girl such as she, Bella Swan, and yet…she had to smile. Remembering the way the man had looked at her, she felt her smile widen into a full-blown grin that lit up her face. If she didn't watch his sudden attention was going to give her feminine ego a boost. She thought as she quickly pushed the door leading to the kitchen open and disappeared inside. All the while unaware that a pair of emerald green eyes followed her.


BY THE TIME Edward had sat down at their table and claimed his drink, his inner warning system was silent. With a single glance around the room he realized that the woman named Isabella had not returned back to the floor. He fought the temptation to get up and go in search of her, but at the same time knew that he could not. After all he was here to discuss business and he didn't need a distraction of a chocolate brown-eyed girl just then. It would be best to forget her. So why did he tell his uncle to go and get her then? What had gotten into him, no chick ever stirred his interest like this doll did.

He raised his drink to his lips. The smooth whisky coursed down his throat. Lowering his glass back down to the table he stared broodingly down into its contents, and unbidden a picture of the woman formed in his mind, she didn't look like she'd fit into his kind of lifestyle anyway. She didn't fit the image of a good-time girl at all, nothing like Jessica whom he'd been sleeping with off and on for the past year, when the itch got to strong and he needed to squelch it. Then again maybe she was, no one knew better than he did that things and people weren't always what they seemed.

Gees! What was wrong with him? Just forget about it. He told himself trying to shake the image of Isabella from his head. He had bigger and better things to concentrate on right now, such as getting ready to get down to business. But as soon as he thought that he sensed a presence behind him, and immediately felt that charged current in the air once again, even before she spoke he knew it was she.

"Hello, I'm Bella and I will be your waitress for tonight," The woman, Bella said from behind with what had to be the most beautiful bell like voice he'd ever heard. Immediately his head snapped in her direction so he could better gaze upon her, and was blown away by the beauty standing before him.

FROM THE SHORT distance that had separated them earlier Bella thought him attractive, but seeing him up close, she realized her first assessment of him was completely off the mark. For this man was beyond handsome, a chiseled, aggressive face with strong features and a brooding sensuality, the prominent cheekbones, long broad nose, and pale skin, that screamed more along the lines of a Greek god than just plain handsome. She took note that he didn't look older than mid to late twenties, but then again she wasn't sure.

His hair caught her attention next, and added to his aura of sensuality. It was the strangest color of red bronze that she'd ever seen, and in the lighting from the restaurant took on a life of its own, as if begging her to reach out and run her fingers through it. With a small gasp her eyes widened as she realized that this man was the kind her father and mother warned her away from. The kind of man that exerted power and authority from his expensive, expertly tailored suit to the polished sheen of his shoes. Yes this was defiantly the kind of man that she had tried to avoid, she thought to herself.

"Doll, you all right?"

Bella blinked as her eyes focused back on the man in front of her, she'd not realized that he'd been speaking, and could feel her face fill with hot color, "What-what did you say?" she asked, hoping he didn't notice the trembling of her body or the way she had to take a deep breath. Oh for pete's sake! She couldn't even hold the pad steady from the shaking of her fingers.

"Did you get all of that?" he repeated quietly. His deep, velvety voice, sent chills down her spine, and his eyes, Oh god those gleaming emerald green eyes, that were watchful, calculating, seeming to absorb and analyze her without so much as showing, or giving away any emotion as to what he was thinking or feeling.

"I…err-" she said dumbly as she continued to stare into his mesmerizing eyes. God, why me? Why now do I have to act like an idiot? She thought.

"Well, boys looks like we got us a bright one," A man sitting to the left of the Greek god spoke up, "Just our luck."

"Emmett," The Greek god said in a warning tone, as he turned his head to glare at the man beside him. Then he turned back to look upon Bella once again, a wolfish smile stole across his face, "Did you get the order?" he asked.

Bella felt her heart kick into over drive as he sat there smiling at her. Damn it! What was wrong with her? Why did this man have this affect on her? She thought clearing her throat as she tried to snap herself out of the fog her brain seemed to be in.

"Oh…the order? I'm sorry, what did you want again?" she asked and could feel the embarrassment of another deep blush fill her cheeks. They probably think I'm such an idiot!

"We would all just like another round of drinks," the Greek god said to her, with a knowing smirk.

Ugh! He knew, he knew exactly what he was doing to her, she thought with a jolt of panic. "Um…yes, okay will that be all?" Bella asked trying with difficulty to get control of her raging emotions.

"That will be all…for now," his velvet voice purred.

Bella's heart stopped, and then just as quickly started back up again, she could have sworn there was an underlining meaning to what he'd just said.

She started backing away from the table slowly as she stuttered, "O-okay, I-I'll be back-back in a moment," before turning to flee to the safety of the bar.


AS THE HOURS ticked by Edward found that he played his part well, giving everyone of his men a rundown of the activities and problems accruing from rival gangs in the area. He mentally recorded everyone's reactions to all he had said and heard. Even if it were an hour from now or a year he'd be able to recall everything that was discussed tonight. The information as well as the role he played in front of his men seemed pointless to him at times, and had long lost its entertainment value, that part of his life was over, and he knew that he had to appear hard, ruthless and commanding to get the respect of his men. But that didn't help him with this restless, uneasy feeling. It had haunted him for a while now, and he wasn't sure why.

By ten in the evening the meeting had finally come to an end, and a lot of his men had already left. Leaving Emmett, Marcus, Jessica and he still seated at the table. He swallowed the rest of his whiskey, and wondered with a sigh why he felt so damn lost and alone? It wasn't as if he didn't have anyone around him, he was always surrounded by one person or another, and never was he in need of a woman, and those were plentiful to come by…

With another sigh he set his glass down on the now empty table and caught a glimpse of Bella from the corner of his eye. She was standing behind the bar across the room; scowling as he felt the beginnings of his body stir once again when he looked upon her.

What the hell was the matter with him? And why the hell was he not getting up and leaving his uncle's restaurant? He thought as he continued to stare at Bella. Though he knew that for some odd reason he couldn't explain he was compelled to stay.

"Eddie darling," Jessica whispered in what was supposed to be a sexy voice, "How about you and I get out a here, and go back to my place," she asked him. One of her fingers lightly caressed down the side of his cheek.

For the first time in his life he felt his skin crawl at Jessica's closeness and offering of her services for the evening. He felt his body stiffen, as this unfamiliar feeling of guilt made him pull away from her touch and remove her hand from his arm. Guilty? Why did he suddenly feel guilty for having Jessica near him? And why the hell was he throwing worried glances at Bella every time Jessica touched him? Things like that never bothered him before, so why now? He wasn't sure what was wrong with him, but knew he had to get a hold of himself, he was freaking Edward Cullen one of the most ruthless crime lords in Washington, he wasn't no pussy.

Abruptly and without warning Edward rose from his chair, "Not now Jessica," he said abruptly brushing her off as if she was yesterday's garbage. Without so much as a second glance at her he turned his back and walked toward the bar, leaving a stunned Jessica staring at his retreating back. He did not understand why he was suddenly feeling an overwhelming desire to speak to Bella, but he was.

It didn't take him long to walk the few short steps over to the bar, instead of trying to get her attention immediately, he positioned himself where he could observe her without being noticed, and watched her with renewed fascination as she worked at putting things away behind the bar.

BELLA PUT ANOTHER glass back into its proper place, and reached out for another one when she accidentally knocked one over, causing it to go crashing to the floor.

"Gosh darn it!" she cried as she jumped out of the way of the shattering glass. She sighed her luck with trying not to be clumsy wasn't any better than her luck with men, whom had a way of breaking her heart, or deserting her altogether. Bella thought angrily to herself. She leaned down and reluctantly started to clean up her mess. The night was finally winding down and it would only be another hour until she could go home.

"You might want to be careful, doll."

Bella whirled around to find the man from earlier standing at the bar behind her. "Thanks, I'll try to remember that," she said without humor. "I don't have much luck when it comes to my clumsiness."

"I have a feeling that your luck is about to change," he said, and once again Bella could feel herself falling under the spell of his hypnotic voice.

A small, awkward silence fell between them as they both stood there gazing at one another. "I didn't get a chance to introduce myself earlier…I'm Ed-Anthony Masen." He smiled. The hint of a dimple in his right cheek softened the hard contours of his face, and Bella could feel herself go weak in the knees.

"I'm, Bella…Bella Swan," She responded as her gaze traveled from his handsome face to where his strong hands rested on the bar in front of him. Then she watched as he raised one hand and extended it out in front of him.

Bella shrugged and reached for his hand, when her fingertips grazed his palm, he surprised her by quickly curving his fingers over hers. His hand was large and warm, even when he exerted no pressure she could still feel the strength of his long, tapered fingers. There was a spark of electricity that shocked them as there hands touched. For a split second she was stunned when she imagined what those hands would feel like sliding over her bare skin. What! Where did that just come from? She was not one to think naughty things such as that, she thought.

Quickly she withdrew her hand from his and shyly smoothed her hair back away from her face, suddenly feeling very self-conscious, and completely confused about the wanton thoughts she was having for this man. Turning back to the glasses she grabbed one and started vigorously drying it. While she continued in her task she'd keep sliding sideways glances at him, noticing that he'd not moved away from the bar, but instead stood there gazing at her, a slight smirk on his handsome face.

She exhaled on a sigh of relief when she finished drying and putting away the rest of the glasses without breaking another. That's all she needed to make herself look like an even bigger fool than she'd already had in front of him. She finally turned back around to face him fully, and smiled up at him.

"So do you really believe in luck?"

"Well, I believe luck comes in different ways, I also believe in listening to my instincts and, Bella, I think my first impression of you might have been wrong."

She stared blankly at him for a moment, her head bent slightly toward her shoulder, "And what impression would that be, Mr. …Masen?" she asked him.

He chuckled softly, "I thought you were a party girl, but I…can see that you're not like that. Though I hope I'm not to forward when I say you're very beautiful."

Did he just insult her then turn around and compliment her at the same time? And was it her imagination or did he just say she was beautiful? She thought, as her eyes widened in wonder; She… plain Bella Swan, beautiful? Then a pink flush spread over her checks, and she lowered her eyes to look down at the bar.

"Party girl, you say?" she asked deciding to go with the first thing he said to her, "Why would you think that I was a…" she couldn't finish the thought.

He just shrugged his shoulders, "What can I say my first impression of you wasn't the best," he said apologetically.

Bella stiffened, and in an act of defiance raised her head up to glare into his eyes, "Well I can assure you that I'm not."

His gaze slid from her long brown hair lying over her shoulders, to the ivory column of her throat, then to the intriguing swell of her breasts that were visible from the open v of her white cotton blouse.

"As I said I only thought you were a party girl for just a second," he reassured her, smiling. "I knew after you came to our table to take our order that something about that first impression of you didn't ring true. Though I must admit that I found myself quite intrigued…that is after watching you for a while.

"Really and how did you come to that all mighty conclusion, being that you don't even know me, Mr. Masen?" She asked primly.

He leaned into the countertop, and hesitated a moment, studying her bemused expression. Why was he suddenly feeling so nervous in answering?

her? He Edward Cullen was never nervous, and why when he introduced himself did he have a sudden need for her not to know who he truly was? It was as if he didn't want this woman to see his dark side. "It's hard to explain, but you have a softness about you that most women who I've put into the category of a party girl, usually don't have."

She raised an eyebrow at him, "And exactly what do you mean by that?"

"You don't act like a woman on the hunt for a man that's rich and all you want is their money. Also you don't seem to be the flirty, party going type at all." Before Bella could comprehend what to make of that, he added. "If you're finished for the evening, would you like to go somewhere else with me?"

Bella's eyes widened as she stared at him, swallowing uneasily, she contemplated on how to answer him. On the one hand she very much wanted to say yes, but her deep-seated sense of caution asserted itself. Not allowing her to take him up on the offer, "I'm sorry, but I don't even know you."

He smiled causing her to catch her breath, as his face became even more devastatingly handsome. Then he leaned toward her and said in a persuading tone, "Come spend some time with me and get to know who I am."

"I-I," Bella stuttered.

His mouth quirked into a brief smile, "I can assure you I'm not some psycho, out to get you…Miss Swan."

"How-how do I know that? And besides you might have a girlfriend already," she said with a frown, wondering why that thought caused her to feel sad.

He laughed, "Ah, I see…well I don't have a girlfriend or a wife for that matter," he answered her. Inwardly he winched, thinking of Jessica and all the other women he'd bedded in the last month, but what she didn't know would not hurt her. He thought.

Bella blinked, "Oh?' was all she could say. An overwhelming relief filled her body at his words.

"So do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Do you have someone else in your life? Because if you were my girl, I wouldn't let you out of my sight." he said in a seductive, almost possessive tone, as his eyes caressed from her head and down her body.

Bella felt the beginnings of another blush fill her cheeks, as she shook her head, "No I-I don't have anyone," she squeaked out. She was not used to men, especially good-looking men complimenting her.

"Well that's good," he hesitated extending his hand out to her again, "So will you come with me?" he asked.

Bella still weary of him hesitated, not sure yet as to how to answer him. She should be trying to resist the lure of enchantment this man was casting over her, but her defenses were wavering. She wasn't sure if she could do it. To let her hair down a little and accept the invitation she saw gleaming in Anthony's dangerous eyes. Once again she got the sense that he wasn't whom he made himself out to be. What if he was really dangerous? What if he ended up being the really bad company her father and mother had tried to warn her not to get mixed up with? Could she do it? Could she take that chance? And what if she found out that he was a wonderful guy, and because of her insecurities she passed up the chance to get to know him? Hmmm…decisions, decisions….


EDWARD WATCHED THE multitude of emotions filter across her face, and in her expressive brown eyes, and didn't blame her for being cautious. It was so obvious that she was struggling with her desire to go with him, and he was afraid those inhibitions were winning. He wasn't sure what he was feeling right now for this woman standing before him but he knew in his gut that he would regret it deeply if he allowed Bella to walk away from him just then. For some reason that he couldn't explain he wanted a chance to get to know her. He actually wanted to find out why he felt so drawn to her, why he was compelled to lie to her and say his name was Anthony and not Edward. He thought to himself.

"Please, Bella, I promise you'll be safe with me," he almost begged, as he silently winced at that blatant bold-faced lie. He knew that it would almost be impossible for him to keep her safe with the kind of lifestyle he led.

"Safe? That's good to know," she murmured, still doubtful, still unsure about him.

Reading the doubt in her eyes he continued quickly, "What do you say…if I ask Aro if we can stay on here?" he asked her.

"But-but the restaurant is closing," Bella gasped out. "Besides how would you be able to talk him in doing so?"

Edward chuckled, "I know…but I think Aro would let us stay, don't you? I am known around town to have a certain pull."

"I-I don't know," Bella, said confused. Wondering just what he meant by that last statement.

"Then let me go and ask him, I'll be right back," Edward said before walking away from her, to go in search of his uncle Aro. He found him in his office counting down the drawers from the registers. He knocked on his office door to get his uncle's attention.

His uncle Aro looked up from the money he was counting and a surprised look stole across his features before he replaced it with a smile. "Edward! You a still here? I thought you left with everyone?" he asked him.

Edward came into the office and sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk, "No Uncle Aro not yet, I am in need of a favor."

Aro raised an eyebrow, giving him a quizzical look, "Oh. And what this favor be?" he asked.

"Bella Swan," Edward said her name softly as his heart started to pound loudly in his chest just from the mention of her name.

"Isabella? What interest do you have a her?"

Edward could feel himself blush, and was embarrassed that he was showing any kind of weakness in front of his uncle. Who was now staring at him with that knowing look in his eye as it dawned on him why he'd even asked about her?

"You like her, no?" he asked in his clipped English.

"Well I-I'm not sure, that's why I'd like to spend a few more hours with her to find out," Edward answered him.

"And this favor you ask a me?"

"To see if you'd let us stay here awhile longer, she doesn't trust me."

His uncle Aro laughed at that, and sat back in his desk chair and just stared at his nephew with a knowing grin on his face. "So she hard a get, that's my *cara. She's a good girl, no?'

Edward gritted his teeth, and then nodded, "Yes she is."

Aro clapped his hands excitedly, "So you want to know her? She not a like…what's the word? Tramps you a like."

"I think I'm beginning to see that Uncle Aro," Edward growled having enough of his teasing for one night. "So are you going to let us stay here for awhile or not?" he asked.

"Ah…for my favorite nephew and waitress…I will allow but just this one time," Aro said with a laugh. Knowing he was starting to get on Edwards last nerve.

"Thank you… Uncle," Edward said standing back up.

"Edward! Be nice to her *capisci?"

Edward laughed and gave his uncle a nod of his head; he knew then that his last assumption that Bella as a nice girl was correct if his uncle Aro seemed to be protective of her.

"Oh by the way Uncle, do not tell her that you and I are related or that my name is Edward Cullen," Edward said turning back to look at him last minute.

His uncle gave him a surprised look, "Then what am I to call you?"

"Anthony Masen," Edward answered.

"Is that what you want," Aro answered him looking a little puzzled. "Though I not a sure why?"

"Yes for the moment that's what I want," Edward answered before he turned and disappeared back into the hallway, not giving his uncle any other explanation.

Once he returned back to the dining room, he went in search of Emmett, Marcus and Jessica to let them know that he was going to be detained, and that they should leave.

"Emmett, Marcus!" he greeted them.

They looked up, "Hey boss, what's up?" Emmett said.

Edward stiffened and flung his glance toward Bella to see if she'd heard Emmett greet him as boss. He was relieved to see that she wasn't paying them any attention at the moment, and then he turned his gaze to look upon the three of them. "Listen up; I am going to be detained. Why don't the three of you take your leave for this evening," he said.

"Sure boss…is it anything that you might need back up with?" Emmett asked him.

Edward chuckled at the thought of needing assistance to handle Bella Swan, and immediately stopped when he saw the surprised expressions on their faces. For they were not used to seeing their boss Edward Cullen with a smile on his face, normally he was frowning. Though they had a right to look at him like that, being he wasn't in his right frame of mind at the moment.

"No this is something that I can handle," his gaze slid to Bella once again, "All by myself," he murmured. Then his glance slid back to the three of them. "Also I need you to refer to me as Anthony…in no way are you to call me boss or Edward until I give you the A okay to do so…do you all understand," he asked eyeing each one of them.

"Sure Boss-Anthony," Emmett started to say but quickly corrected himself.

"But-but Eddie, I thought you and I were going-" Jessica protested only to be cut off by Edward.

"What did I just tell you? And as I said before not tonight Jessica." Edward spat angrily at her.

"What exactly has taken your interest away from me tonight; you'd never pass me up any other time?" Jessica said just as agitated.

Edward could feel his temper flare, as he stood there glaring at Jessica. What for the life of him did he ever see in her? He thought to himself. "It's not anything to concern yourself with."

Jessica sat there glaring at him, then her eyes caught sight of Bella sitting over by the bar, and comprehension dawned on her, "It's that bitch isn't it?" she cried.

"As I said it's none of your concern, Emmett get her out a here before I am forced to do something," Edward warned trying to hold onto his temper.

"Bastard!" Jessica hissed at him as Emmett grabbed her upper arm and began to pull her up from the chair she was sitting on. "You'll be sorry about this," Jessica threatened.

Edward laughed without humor, "I've been called worse, doll get over it."

He called out to her retreating back. "And don't ever threaten me, or it just might be your last." Emmett turned and gave him a grin before they walked out of the restaurant leaving only Bella and him in the dining area.

Once again he made his way over to the bar area of the restaurant, and sauntered to her side, "So beautiful, have you changed your mind?" he asked.

Bella startled jumped and placed her hand over her heaving chest, as her head whipped around to stare at him, a look of fright in her eyes before she recognized who he was, "My goodness you scared me half to death!" she cried.

Edward let out a resounding good-humored laugh, "I talked to Aro, and he said it would be all right to stay a little while longer…that is if you want?"

OH, BELLA WANTED it to be true about what he said about her being safe with him, but wasn't a hundred percent certain. She wanted to be with him a little while longer to try and understand this invisible pull between them.

"Okay, I guess so," She said quickly before she could change her mind, and wondered what had gotten into her ever since he walked into this restaurant?

He answered her with a smile, then captured her hand and tucked it into the crook of his arm. "Well then my lady, let's find us a more comfortable place to sit and talk…shall we?" He asked.

As they walked toward a booth in a private corner of the restaurant, Bella was startled at how easily she'd let him talk her into staying longer, she wasn't sure what it was about this man that made her give into him so easily. Maybe it was just the way he moved, or the way he carried himself with confidence and sensuality that seemed to pour out of him, making her think of bad boys and kisses that lasted forever.

"Here we are," he said quietly into her ear, breaking the silence between them. "The booth should be more comfortable than that bar stool you were sitting on a few moments ago," he said as he swept his hand in a motion toward the booth to indicate for her to be seated.

Edward kept up a steady flow of conversation, and within the next half hour had gathered up some information about her. She lived in a small town in Forks Washington, but just recently moved back here from Phoenix Arizona after living with her grandmother to attend college.

"You don't want anything to drink do you…Bella?" he asked. "I'm sure that Aro won't mind if we helped ourselves."

Bella shook her head, "No-no I'm fine, Mr. Masen," she answered still feeling nervous around him.

Edward didn't respond to her, just leaned back to study Bella. Dark brown lashes that shined with intelligence and curiosity, peering at him from across the table, fringed her dark brown eyes. Eyes that he found himself falling deeper and deeper into each time he gazed into them. And he noticed that she had the softest lips, and most kissable looking mouth he'd ever seen.

"Please…Bella call me Anthony, Mr. Masen seems so formal don't you think?" he asked of her.

"Fine, on one condition," Bella answered him.

Edward raised an eyebrow, "Oh! And what condition would that be?"

Her hands twisted together on the tabletop, "May I ask you something private?"


"I mean I don't want to jump to any wrong conclusions about you, but I just…oh never mind…. Anthony," Bella said embarrassed.

He listened to her say the name he asked her to call him, but he'd given anything to hear her say his real name, her voice was so sweet and refreshing and it never sounded so good on any others lips. He sat forward, "I'm just as curious about you, so it would only be fair if I ask private questions about you as well?"

"I'm really not that interesting, I am not one to seek adventure and danger, and as a matter of fact I try to avoid it as much as possible, even though my family have accused me of being a danger magnet."

He gave her a hard stare, "A danger magnet? Somehow I find that hard to believe."

She laughed, and Edward liked the sound of it. He could easily get used to the soft beautiful glow it brought to her eyes.

"No I mean it, I'm not that special. As for being a danger magnet, I agree with them. I have been in and out of the hospital many times in my life for just that reason."

"Let me be the judge of that?" he said gently.

"Okay, so ask away," she said hesitantly.

"Do you have any family here, in Port Angeles?"

"No I don't."

"So then do they live in the same town as you do?"

"Yes-yes, just my father, mother and I live in Forks, as I told you my grandmother is still living in Phoenix."

"I see," Edward said.

Bella was staring down at her hands when she asked her next question, "Anthony, are you somewhat of a bad boy… party type?"

When she raised her head the look on her face was very serious, and at first he was startled, and wondered if she had heard part of his conversation with the fellows earlier. Then taking in her frown and knotted hands he couldn't resist teasing her, "Do I look like one?"

She shook her head, and then unclasped her hands, "You look like a man that answers questions with questions, like a modern day villain or something."

"Villain, you say," he couldn't help but laugh at that, God this woman was so intriguing, he couldn't remember the last time he just laughed to laugh, though he'd give her credit for being close to guessing his true nature, and back ground. Which was one of the reasons that he'd not told her who he really was; he didn't want to scare her off…just yet. He thought.

"Please don't laugh, I'm trying to be serious," she scolded him. "My father all ways warned me about those types of people…especially men." Way to go Bella, just sound more pathetic than you already are, She thought.

His dimple made a brief appearance, "No, Bella, I don't make my living by being a villain," he said making quotation marks with his hands. "So your father he sounds like an interesting man, to worn his daughter of how dangerous men can be in this world."

"Yes… Char-dad is the chief of Police in Forks," Bella explained, as she turned three shades of red. Just great he's laughing at me, God I'm so embarrassed, She thought to herself.

"Really…?" Edward asked as his eyes narrowed. Just great that's all he needed was some pig getting in his way. He thought vehemently. "Your father is the chief of police for Forks…his name wouldn't happen to be Charlie Swan?" he asked hoping that he wasn't the Charlie Swan that has been trying to help bust members of his family and crime family for the past nine years.

"Why yes, he is," Bella said with a smile, happy to see that Anthony knew her father.

"Well…that's nice to know," he said with a hint of malice in his voice, as he regarded her across the table. He wasn't sure what he should do now that he knew who her father was. He'd been a thorn in Edward's side for nine long years, and now here he sat talking to none other than the police chief's daughter. That should been enough information to end this conversation, to get up and walk out of there and never look back. But for some reason he didn't want to get up and walk away from her, she intrigued him too much.

"So…Anthony, tell me what you do? Who you are?" Bella asked.

As he sat there he wanted to tell her the truth about him but knew that he couldn't. He'd have to settle with telling her half-truths, about his company and being a businessman who owned his company…naturally leaving out the part of being the crime lord to the Cullen crime family. He thought, and said instead, "I'm a business man."

"Oh really, and how do I know if you're telling the truth? For all I know you could be putting on an act."

Edward laughed again, "Well I'm not…for your information I am the owner and CEO of E & C Corporation…perhaps you've heard of it?" he mused.

Her eyes widened, "Maybe…I have," she said slowly.

Edward reached across the table for her hand. He encircled hers in his big hand, it seemed almost too small and fragile to him. "You know what I think? "He drawled softly, "I think you want to believe me, you're just afraid to."

Bella tried to appear casual, and relaxed even though her pulse raced from the thrill of his hand on hers, "What-what makes you think that?" she asked.

"Because your eyes give everything that you're thinking away. It your expressions on your face that make you hard to read," he said letting go of her hand and sat back once again. His eyes locked on hers.

"That's strange, because I've been told I'm an open book." She said softly, as she sat there trapped in his emerald green gaze, she experienced the same spine-tingling feeling she'd had the first time their eyes met. Only this time she wasn't as frightened by it. He said she could trust him and now sitting here with him, she knew that no matter whom Anthony Masen was he would never harm her, at least she hoped not.

Bella smiled a shy smile, "So are you trying to tempt me into liking you…Mr. Masen?" she teased.

A flash of laughter appeared in his eyes, lasting a second before it disappeared, back into his unreadable expression. "You could say that…Miss. Swan."

"What makes you think that I'm going to be tempted?" she said lowering her gaze.

"Oh I just have this feeling…" he teased, "Also I think if you were not tempted… you'd not be sitting here with me now."

She looked at him again, "Yeah…well that's funny, you see? Because I really do not do things like this…ever. My family and friends know me as the quiet, shy, plain Isabella Swan." A flush of embarrassment heated her cheeks.

"Then why did you take me up on my offer to get to know me better, if that is how you feel?" Edward asked with amusement.

"Because for once, I just wanted to be impulsive. I am so tired of being a goody two shoes all of the time…it can be quite boring," she paused and started playing with a lock of her hair, "Tell me, Anthony have you ever been impulsive before?"

Edward found himself nodding in agreement to her question and in understanding. For a moment she thought that they had formed a small bond, as if they were becoming kindred spirits. It was a strange feeling, but she felt like she'd known this man all her life and couldn't explain why she felt this way. "Maybe I'm just being ridiculous."

"No, I wouldn't say that," he said shaking his head.

"You wouldn't?" she asked taken aback.

"No…you're far from plain, as a matter of fact I think you're quite beautiful."

Bella blinked, stunned, "You don't have to say that, I know I'm not beautiful."

"Bella, I don't think you see yourself clearly at all. Believe me when I say you're beautiful. You certainly turned my head when I first saw you, and I haven't been able to take my eyes off you since, it's as if I was meant to walk into this restaurant tonight and find you," he said gruffly.

A small silence fell between them as they gazed into each other's eyes, and the quiet satisfaction in his voice made Bella feel very beautiful indeed, and Bella found herself nodding her head in agreement. "Yes it does seem that way doesn't it?" she asked him with a little weariness in her voice and shining in her eyes.


EDWARD REGRETTED THE weariness he read in her eyes almost immediately, because he now understood what that persistent inner alarm had been trying to tell him earlier in the evening when he'd first laid eyes on, Bella. The epiphany came, and he realized that he was completely, inconceivably, attracted to her, this shy woman who didn't see herself clearly as being beautiful. For a moment he contemplated how to go about winning her trust, for he wanted her trust more than anything, but knew with a deep dread that he couldn't be straight with her about his true profession or his true nature. He really didn't want to have to manipulate her to gain her trust and overcome her weariness in him, but he could not think of another way just then. So he'd have to stretch the truth just a little, and hope she didn't see it for the lies that they were.

"So you're rich then?"

He leaned forward once again and locked his gaze back on hers, "Does that bother you?" he said with a frown.

"No why should it, I'm not too easily impressed by what you have in your bank account…it's more the person you are and what you can offer me in the way of friendship or whatever… I can't be bought with money of any kind."

"Well that's good to know," he said flatly with a small frown on his brow. Thinking that is all his life consisted of, money, greed, power; they were complete opposites in every way.

"So tell me a little more about your job…I mean being a big CEO and all?" Bella asked him.

Edward sighed, not breaking their gaze, "I think that my job…defines pretty much who I am. Anthony Masen, ruthless businessman, wealthy, powerful. I've been in business for nine years ever since I turned twenty-one."

"Did you just get the position or did you have to attend college and work your way up to it?"

"Actually both, my grandfather handed the business over, but I did have to go to college to get a degree." Falsehood number four and more to come he thought as he gazed into her eyes, for he never had to go to college.

"So if you started working when you were twenty-one…then that makes you what, thirty now?"

He winched, hoping that she didn't think him to old, he was also thankful to see that she seemed to be relieved that he supposedly wasn't a criminal. Little did she know how wrong she was, but he supposed that hanging out with bad company such as working alongside dope dealers, and petty hustlers. Not to mention all the penthouses he owned, nightclubs and one or two mansions. It was the way of his life and his families and it could carry over with him in his mannerisms, and give her reason to think badly of him in the first place.

"Yes, I am thirty. If you don't mind me asking…how old are you?"

Bella blushed, "I'm twenty-six," she answered, "So tell me why you think you're such a ruthless, wealthy, and powerful business man?" she asked him with curiosity in her voice, "Surely you can't be as bad as all that?"

"That's exactly who I am, Bella. I'm pretty much nothing without my job," he shrugged. "You could say my job is my life…and being so I have to work hard at being a figure of authority and power. Otherwise I'd not be taken seriously. It can be hard at times keeping all of my…employees in line, and all my businesses on track."

"So does that not leave you anytime for relationships?" she asked shyly. "Or are you one of those one night stand types?"

He sat back to observe the effect he was having on her, he was as close to the truth as he could get, without confessing that he was a crime lord who killed people for a living and committed unspeakable acts of wrong-doing. His heart began beating against his chest as though he'd just run a marathon. He was scared he'd chase her away, and that was something that he didn't want to happen.

"No," he answered simply, knowing that was lie number five.

Bella was surprised that she was remaining calm and steady beneath his piercing gaze. For some reason she suspected that he wanted her to make some kind of harsh assessment about how he conducted himself with his business life. But she could think of nothing harsh to say, "Well, that explains your persona when you walked into the restaurant this evening."

He smirked, "What do you mean by that?"

"I'm just saying you came in and acted like you owned the place, and your associates seemed to be at your beck and call all night…"

"Oh, does that bother you? To see the power and authority I have over people?"

"No it doesn't…it's just something I noticed about you is all." she said, and from the way he smiled at her, showing his dimple to advantage, she knew he didn't believe her, "Fine! I'll admit I was a bit intimidated," she said with a laugh, "Only because I have the impression that you're used to getting your way a lot, and analyzing everything that goes on around you. Also you have a very disconcerting way to guard your emotions from people."

"Really?" he asked with a bit of tension. He'd give her credit; she was very perceptive, and observant.


Edward decided that he wanted no needed to get closer to her and maneuvered himself along the seat of the booth until he was sitting right next to her. In doing so, his thigh brushed hers. Instead of the usual impersonal feelings that came with accidental body contact, he felt a hot shaft of desire go through him and pool into his groin. He sucked in his breath as the sensation rocked through him, and when he opened his eyes again it was to meet her startled gaze for what seemed like an eternity. The flow of electricity between them mesmerized him. For the life of him he couldn't remember when such close proximity to a woman ever affected him like this, and he didn't want what he was feeling to go away. Edward found that he was actually craving the feel of her skin, of wanting to be even closer to her. This was fucking crazy! He never felt like this before, never wanted to be this physically close to a woman before. What was the matter with him? Why was he acting like this? He thought to himself, as he fought the urge to move even closer toward her.

She was the first to look away, turning her head to look toward the front of the restaurant, and just like that the mood was broken. Whatever was happening between them, Edward didn't believe it was a simple case of physical attraction. No this feeling was to powerful, too overpowering, and just too damn mystifying.

He studied Bella's profile, liking the delicate curve of her jaw and the way her hair caressed the side of her face, as she unconsciously bushed it out of her way. A warm lethargy spread over him, even as excitement stirred deep within him. Yes, he thought. There was something different and special about Isabella Swan and he found himself wondering what it would be like having Bella in his bed. Her skin would be oh so soft and supple. Their bodies would fit together so perfectly. Her lips would be moist and delectable, as he thought this, his eyes had a mind of their own and they tracked down to ogle the slopes of her breasts hidden beneath her white blouse.

Wearily, Bella met his gaze, and knew he was watching her. For once, she realized that he wasn't bothering to hide what he was truly feeling from her. The way he was looking at her with those hot smoldering eyes of his literally stole her breath and produced a tightening sensation in the pit of her stomach. God! He looked at her as if he wanted to ravish her, to take her home and make her his. No man had ever looked at her that way before, and it caused her to be filled with this strange mixture of excitement and panic, running along her nerve endings, and making the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. And in that moment she was rendered speechless as her throat became dry, and couldn't think of a single comment, as she sat there lost in his eyes.

"Anthony…" she finally got out in a breathless voice not recognizing it as her own.

"Yes, Bella?" he whispered in a strained voice.

"Do you feel it too?"

"What do I feel?" he asked, still caught up in the moment.

Bella shook her head trying to clear it, "There you go again, trying to answer a question with a question. I wish you'd stop that."

"Sorry, *mia cara," Edward whispered. It occurred to him that being with; Bella gave him the same feelings that his job did. "I just am too excited being around you," He said. "I have to operate with all my senses on high alert."

"And is that a good thing or a bad thing?" she asked.

"That all depends on the occasion," he said as he thought grimly of how all the cold and ruthless scum bags he worked with could harden ones heart and deadened the spirit, making it easy to forget there was anything decent and good to believe in. That was until, Bella came into his life bringing the goodness that she carried with her and for once shining a bright light onto his dark soul. "Sometimes my job consumes everything," he said. "I find myself not being able to share my responsibilities, and can't get emotionally attached or involved. So I have learned to distance myself, and let it spill into other areas of my life."

"So you don't let yourself get involved emotionally with anyone?"

He shook his head, as bitterness ate at his gut, "No…I-I never do."

"That sounds like a very lonely existence, Anthony. No one should have to subject himself or herself to that way of life," she whispered.

"I agree…it can be lonely at times, but usually I'm too busy with the job to think much about it."

"I'm sorry," she said with sympathy. "It must be hard for you?"

Her insight startled him, "Yeah, it can be. But don't worry I'll get over it." He picked up her hand that was lying on the table and brought it to his lips, to place a light kiss on her knuckles. "I find myself really starting to like you, and for me that's saying a lot," He watched as her eyes lit up with pleasure, and was amazed at how good that made him feel.

He glanced down at his watch and realized that it was nearing midnight, and knew he didn't want the evening to end. It was his reluctance to say good night to her that strengthened with each passing second of time. He usually was in the habit of picking up strange women for one thing and one thing only to bring them back to his penthouse and have sex with them, after all he was a crime lord, powerful, rich and feared above all else. He didn't want or need a relationship; fuck them and leave them was his motto, but with Bella he wanted to break all his own rules. Because he simply did not want to let her go now that he'd found her. He moved away from her abruptly, with a long sigh.

Bella blinked a few times, "Anthony what's wrong?" she asked.

"It's getting late," he muttered.

"Oh, "Bella said as she raised her wrist to look at her watch, her eyes widened when she noticed the time, "Oh! It's so late. I have to get home," She cried, trying to stand up. "Aro must have already left for the night."

"I'm sure that he has, here let me help you lock up?'

"We should just be able to leave through the front door, I'll have to set the alarm, and lock the door," Bella said digging around in her purse for her keys as well as the restaurant keys.

He waited patiently near the front entrance as she set the alarm, and headed for him. He opened the door and quickly shut it behind them. Bella moved forward and quickly locked both locks before placing the keys back into her purse. Without a word he captured her hand and headed not for her car but toward his.

"Anthony, what are you doing?'

He came to an abrupt stop when he felt her resistance. Stilling her question by touching her lips with his fingertips. "I don't want to say good night just yet. Please let me give you a ride home?"

She shook her head, "Anthony, I-I only agreed to talk to you tonight. I am more than capable of seeing myself home," Bella, said fighting the desire pulsing through her from the touch of his fingertips on her lips.

"Please, Bella just a little while longer?" His voice deepened to a husky, sexy drawl. Why was he begging? He never was one to beg, it usually was beneath him to do so, but he seemed not to care much right then.

"No, I-I-"

"I can see it in your eyes that you want to let me drive you home," he tried to persuade her. "Then we could sit awhile longer and talk."

"I don't think that would be such a good idea," she said as the desire grew and smoldered inside of her.

"I don't care."

Bella couldn't say anything she was spellbound by his intense gaze. She had the oddest feeling of being seduced by the rich intimacy of his voice and the ravishing awareness of his thumb stroking her sensitive lower lip. Alone standing in an empty parking lot in the dark, she never believed in mutual desire, and attraction until now. She was completely oblivious to anything other than wanting in that moment to be consumed by Anthony, and the spell like trance that weaved around her.

"Anthony, please…"

"Please what?" he murmured, as he raised one of her hands, his lips whispering over her skin.

Bella felt herself trembling as her eyes closed, of their own will when his other hand that had been touching her lips moved to caress her cheek. God! This was such wonderful torment. Her brain cried, as she concentrated on not melting in a puddle at his feet, and he knew exactly what he was doing to her.

"Please, don't," she squeaked out.

"To answer your question from earlier…yes I feel that there is some undeniable spark between us, and I'm interested to find out what it is." He murmured.

As her eyes fluttered open his heated gaze swam into her vision. She sighed and brushed his hand away from her face, and tried to take a step back from him, "Please stop trying to seduce me, Anthony Masen," she said trying to give him a stern look.

His hand holding hers prevented her from moving completely away from him, "Why not?" he asked a hint of a smile hovered on his lips.

"Because I'm not that kind of girl," she spat at him.

He stood there gazing deeply into her eyes, "I know that you're not, but I'm trying to show you what I'm thinking and feeling."


"You told me earlier that I hid my emotions, now I'm trying with difficulty mind you, to show you what I'm feeling," he said.

"No! Forget I even mentioned that," she laughed nervously and tried to pry her hand from his hold on it.

"I don't think that I can, Bella." His smile became more tempting.

"Well you need to try," she said helplessly, felling hopelessly caught up in the moment, and the desire shining in his hypnotic eyes.

"All I'm asking is that you let me spend a little more time with you, and if that means allowing me to drive you home, than that's what I'll do."

"I think you're implying you want more?" she asked.

"What if I said I want it all? That I want to spend my every wakening moment with you for all eternity."

Oh God! Anthony Masen, she thought, you are truly a dangerous, man for a good little plain girl such as myself, Bella thought. And for just once she wanted to take a chance, to be reckless, live a little, but knew she couldn't.

Edward watched as her lips curved into a smile, and could not help but be mesmerized by those luscious lips of hers, "Please say yes?" he urged. "As I said, I promise you'll be safe with me…that is as much as you want to be."

Bella took another step away from him, and sighed, "I'm sorry, Anthony. But I just can't let you do that…not tonight. Thank you for the nice conversation, but I really must go," Bella said turning to walk toward her car.

"Bella! Wait!" Anthony called out to her sounding desperate, following behind her. He couldn't believe it she was actually turning him down. Him… Edward Cullen. Not if he could help it she wouldn't be. He thought as he chased after her.

She unlocked her door and seated herself inside, but could not close the door for Anthony stood in the way. "Please, Anthony, I have to go."

"At least let me take you out, I would like to see you again?" he asked.

"I-don't know," she hesitated.

"Just one date, Bella, that's all I ask. If you don't like me by then…I'll never bother you again," he persuaded her. Knowing full well, now that he liked Bella he'd never settle for letting her go.

Bella left out a sigh and realized that he was not going to take no for an answer. She wasn't sure why, maybe it was due to the fact that she was very tired, or deep down she wanted to accept his invitation, but she found herself giving in. "Fine, one date…now if you'll be so kind as to move out of the way so I can close my door-"

Edward smiled at her, "So you'll go on a date with me then?" he asked cutting her off in mid-sentence.

"I already said I would," Bella said gritting her teeth, and trying not to get upset.

"When are you available?"

Bella sat there looking up at him and frowned; she didn't want to tell him but knew he wasn't going to let her go until she gave him an answer. "I have to work until four in the evening tomorrow. I guess if you're not too busy we could meet up then?"

"That's fine, I'll meet you here," Edward said then moved out of the way so she could finally shut her car door. She started her car up, and without another glance in his direction, threw her car into drive and slowly drove out of the parking lot.

Edward stood there a few moments watching her drive away from him, a huge smile on his handsome face. Though he was sad to let her go, he was also filled with a happiness that didn't come to him very often, and knew it was Bella who made him feel that way. There was just something about her, that affected him like no other woman ever had, and he couldn't wait to explore these new feelings.

A/N: Hello everybody! I just wanted to fill you all in on some things about this story, that is if you all haven't figured it out already. It is in third person or author's point of view; sorry I get them confused sometimes. Anyway I tried to separate the different characters views, but sometimes I have the thoughts filtering back and forth so fast, and only in small paragraphs that I didn't separate them with lines or stars or fancy decorative fonts, then other times I did. Sorry about that, but I think I made it easy to decipher who I was going back and forth with. Also I used some Italian words in this first chapter and provided a list below of what the words mean. If I have used the wrong use, or wording for my Italian please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks and please review!

* Meaning of Italian words used

mia cara = my dear

per favore = please

si = yes

felice = pleased

Quale è sbagliato? = what is wrong?

Capisci = you understand

Cara = dear

Mio caro = my darling

Piccolo = baby