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Chapter Three

A Day in the Life of a Mobster

EDWARD CULLEN STRODE rapidly back and forth across the plush carpet of his private office in the E&C. Corp building, and stopped his pacing a moment to gaze out of the tall windows, providing a view of the city below.

Three fucking days! It had been three days of complete and total madness in his life since Bella walked out of his Penthouse and away from him. He thought, and then impatiently resumed walking. He knew he was climbing the walls and that his temper was out of control, which had all his goons treading lightly around him. Damn it! Why did she have to just leave him like that? Didn't she understand that she was his? He needed her and that knowledge was about to drive him insane. He thought angrily as he ran his hands agitatedly through his hair.

"Where the fuck is McCarty?" he roared, taking his anger out on Jasper who was lounging in one of the many chairs in his office.

"Not sure…boss," Jasper answered.

"Not…sure, you're not sure?" Edward sputtered in annoyance, his voice going deathly quiet as his eyes narrowed threateningly on Jasper. "Don't you think you ought to find out then?"

Jasper was about to retort when Edward's office door flung open and in walked Emmett (The Bear) McCarty oblivious to Edward's dark mood. "Yo, boss!" Emmett boomed.

Edward stopped in his pacing and turned his steely gaze on Emmett, "Where the fuck have you been?" he snarled.

"Gees...if I'd a known I'd get this kind a welcome sooner-"

"Shut the hell up and tell me what you found out?" Edward barked in a commanding tone.

"Gees boss…who pissed in your-"

"Emmett," came Edward's warning, as he cut him off in mid sentence.

"Sorry…boss, "Emmett said, "I did some digging around as you requested me to, and found out this chick is a class A act," Emmett said as he paused and gave Jasper a bemused smile wiggling his eyebrows, "If you know what I mean?"

"*Madre di Dio!" Edward roared, "*Basta! Non voglio di ascoltare qualunque più!" He hissed in perfect Italian.

Emmett raised his hands up palms pointed toward him to indicate that he didn't want any trouble, "Okay…okay. I was just trying to have some fun boss." He finally realized that Edward was in a foul mood, and didn't want to anger him any more than he already was.

"Cut the crap and spill."

"Alright, she lives in Forks Washington, with her mother and father. Whom we both know to be the chief of police." Emmett answered. Then walked fully into the room to hand him a folder containing the information he'd been asked to collect on Isabella Swan.

Edward quickly took the folder from him and opened it flipping through the information inside, "I already know all of this, what else do you have?" Edward asked impatiently, as he shut the folder and slapped it down onto his desk.

"Well, if you would have paid attention to the last page, you'd have noticed that her address was listed. You'd also see that she does indeed work at your Uncle Aro's restaurant Monday through Friday and on Sunday she works for Newton's hardware store in Forks. Found out that she's been hanging with the son…a Michael Newton."

"What?" Edward gasped as his body stiffened with jealous rage. She's seeing someone else? That can't be…she said she was single. He thought. He picked up the folder again and thumbed through it until he got to the last page, to see that the information was accurate. Then he stilled as a name on the paper stood out to him.

"Rosalie Hale?" he read.

"Yeah, that's the funny part…boss. Seems she's best friends with my girl Rosie," Emmett said, not picking up on Edward's sudden mood. "Though this is the first time I have ever heard about this…because Rosie never mentioned her before."

Jasper that up until then had been sitting quietly in one of the chairs leaned forward, "Wait you guys aren't talking about Bella, Bella Swan?"

Edward and Emmett both turned their heads to stare at Jasper, "Yeah what is it to you?" Edward asked stiffly. He was still having trouble coming to terms that Bella might have a boyfriend. Though she was a virgin when they'd made love three days ago, surely if that were true she would have…?

"Bella Swan and my sister Rosalie have been the best of friends since they were kids, though they haven't seen each other in a few years ever since Bella left home to attend college in Phoenix," Jasper said pulling Edward from his thoughts, as he looked from one to the other, and then back to Edward before dawning crossed his face. "Edward man tell me that you don't have a thing for Bella Swan?"

The sudden tightening of Edward's jaw and the hand he distractedly ran through his disheveled hair was a dead give away, "Damn it! Edward…she's the fucking police chief's daughter," he said heatedly.

"Don't you think I know that?" Edward thundered, turning away from them to look back out of the office windows.

"Then there's something else you should know," Jasper spoke up. "Charlie Swan…her father is very protective of Bella. Ever since Rosie and she were attacked by Rosie's ex- fiancé two years ago. Bella made it out with minor bumps and bruises, but Rosie was raped and left for dead. Ever since then he's been protective of them both."

"Who was this ex-fiancé'?" Edward asked with malice, anger wracked his body, as images of Bella and Rosalie lying somewhere broken and left for dead danced in his head.

"Royce King," Emmett and Jasper both spat in disgust.

"Royce King…the leader of the King crime family?" Edward scuffed.

"Yeah…boss and you know how he ended up. I hear it was Bella's father that did that to him, "Jasper said disgust in his voice.

"Yeah, lucky for him the police chief got to him first, no telling what I might have done if Rosie would have been my girl at the time." Emmett said with such venom in his voice that you could almost fill sorry for Royce if he'd been alive.

"Does he know that Rosalie is dating Emmett and that you're her brother Jasper?" Edward asked.

"He knows I'm Rosalie's brother, but has no clue as to the kind of work we do," Jasper answered. "So far you've been good at keeping our pictures out of the news and tabloids. Other than word of mouth no one knows who we are."

Edward stood staring down at the folder in his hands and contemplated the information he was just given. "That's something I needed to know," he said as he continued to stare at the information in front of him. "So Miss Swan is living in Forks with her parents?" he asked under his breath, wondering why he didn't see that clearly when she'd told him those three nights ago.

"Yeah…boss, with her mother and father, and everyone knows where that is. But…she isn't there," Emmett said hesitation in his voice.

Edward stiffened and turned to glare at him, "What do you mean …she isn't there?" he said in a deadly voice.

"She hasn't been back to her home since the night after you saw her in Aro's restaurant. I even asked Aro if she'd been in for one of her shifts, and he said that she needed a little time off. She never said where she was going."

Edward turned away from them again with an expletive, "Shit, damn, hell."

Where the hell was she then? Apparently he had not been the only one not to see or hear from Bella in the last couple of days. It was as if she'd disappeared, gone into hiding, afraid of seeing him again. If he'd only used his brain five nights ago and made her give in to letting him drive her home, he would have been able to pursue her the morning after they'd made love. It was becoming increasingly harder to just stand around and take each day as it came knowing he could have been with Bella.

He was brought out of his thoughts again by the piercing ring of his cell phone. Reaching into his trouser pocket he pulled in out and flipped it open to answer it, "Cullen," he barked into the phone, and stiffened when he heard the voice on the other side. Not liking what he was being told he quickly barked, "Then get on it!" He stopped to listen again, "I don't give a damn…I told you to take care of it…If I have to come out there heads will roll, and people will die." he yelled in a commanding voice before hanging up the phone. He tried to take a deep breath as he squeezed the bridge of his nose between his fingers, and tried to calm down.

"Everything okay…boss?" Emmett asked.

Edward laughed bitterly, "No it's not okay. I have a girl I want suddenly missing, and now on top of that we have problems with another possible threat for a gang war, only this time it's James Lucas."

"Lucas! What could he possibly want to start a war for?" Jasper asked aghast.

"Apparently he wants my territory. Just like Black, this is not what I need to deal with right now," Edward answered disgusted with this new turn of events. "If the two of them swallow there differences and take sides with each other we just may be screwed."

"What are you going to do…boss?" Emmett asked.

Edward moved to his desk and barked into the intercom. "Jessica, I need you to call all the leaders under the Cullen family and have them meet me here at my office in two hours."

"What do I tell them the meeting is about, Eddie?" Jessica Stanley purred into the intercom.

"Jessica, just do it. Tell them if they do not show up they'll have me to contend with, and there will be consequences for there disobedience," Edward snarled. Not liking Jessica's attitude around him lately, she had been trying to seduce him more than usual, ever since he'd brushed her off at the restaurant, and would not take no for an answer. There was no other woman for him now, only Bella would suffice, and he needed to make her understand that.

"Sure Eddie," She said seductively, "Anything else I can help you with?"

"Don't start with me…Jessica," He snarled.

"But I'm not doing anything…darling," she purred.

"I don't have time for this!" Edward snapped. "Just do what the fuck I tell you!" he yelled into the intercom before flicking the switch to off. He sat back in his desk chair and raised his hands to run them agitatedly through his disheveled hair. Glaring at Jasper and Emmett who were looking anywhere but at him. "Damn bitch, I should have gotten rid of her a long time ago," he muttered. Trying to remember why he even kept her around at all. Oh that's right she'd been a good lay, well was a good lay, though he wouldn't need her anytime soon.

"So boss, have you decided what you need done?" Jasper asked, snapping him out of his mean thoughts.

Edward was still leaning back against is chair glaring at them and contemplating on what his next move was going to be. It was times like this that he wished his grandfather or father were still the ones in command of the family. But he knew that when he took on the responsibilities all those years ago that he'd known what he was getting himself into. So now he had a situation, in one corner was Jacob Black breathing down his neck and in the other…James Lucas, an arch enemy he'd had ever since he was a young boy of fourteen, when he'd had to attend school with the bastard. James had tried to make his life hell, because he'd been jealous of him, but found out fast that the future heir to the Cullen crime family was not one to pick on. Though James had tried anyway, he always would go after his girlfriends, or try to hurt his friends, even one time trying to kidnap his sister Alice. But that plan backfired in his face along with most others. For he had been Edward Cullen, a young man who could get anything or anyone he wanted.

So it didn't bother him when James moved in on his girl of the moment because he'd have dumped her anyway after getting what he wanted from her. Not to mention he'd just turn around and find himself the next available piece of ass, they were plenty to come by. Being Edward Cullen rich son to billionaire Carlisle and grandson to Alistair Cullen had its perks after all. He'd learned at an early age not to get close to anyone other than family, and that's something he tried to do; that was until Bella Swan came along.

Edward snapped out of his thoughts at that last one and motioned for Emmett to close his office door. Once Emmett was seated he gave Jasper and he a calculating stare, as an idea suddenly popped into his head. "Do you remember who James Lucas's last girlfriend was?" he asked them in a low thoughtful tone.

Jasper nodded, "Victoria Maxwell."

"That's right," Edward, said a slow devilish smirk formed on his lips. "I need you Jasper…and you Emmett to go and round up a few other men and bring Victoria Maxwell in."

Emmett whistled, "Victoria Maxwell? You sure are not wasting any time, boss."

Edward slammed his palm down on top of his desk making Jasper and Emmett jump at his sudden violet reaction, "I don't have anymore time to play these fucking games. Victoria Maxwell is James ex-girlfriend, if anyone would be willing to give me some dirt on that bastard it would be her," Edward snarled, as he stood behind his desk glaring at the two of them. "I need her here for the meeting, the rest of the men need to hear what I'm sure she'd dish out," he said pausing before shouting, "Well, what are the two of you still doing here? Get a move on it and don't come back with out her," Edward roared, as they scrambled to do his bidding.

Once again he sighed; it was just his damn luck. If it didn't rain it poured, and at this point there didn't seem to be any let up. All he wanted was Bella…ah, yes, sweet, innocent, pure, Bella in his life. It could never happen, but he knew that there was going to be no way that he could let her slip through his fingers, not after what they shared three nights ago. And as soon as he got this goddamn mess sorted out with Jacob Black and now James Lucas, he'd be paying Miss Swan an unexpected visit. He thought to himself.

It was two hours later and Edward, Jasper, Emmett, along with the rest of the Cullen crime family, were now sitting in his conference room with Victoria Maxwell, in all her splendid beauty near the head of the long table.

"You better hope your not leaving out anything relevant, Victoria," Edward said leveling his gaze on her.

Victoria Maxwell's smile widened at the implication. "Why don't you trust me?" She tilted her head to emphasize her question. A hint of amusement flickered in her blue eyes.

In obvious doubt, Edward arched one eyebrow a fraction higher than the other. "I don't trust anyone now a days, whether they work for me or not." Edward said leveling his death glare at every one of his men surrounding his table.

"Well I guess I can't blame you there, but you know that what I told you to be true, about James."

Edward sighed; yes he knew that Victoria was telling him the truth. She would not be stupid enough to do anything to deceive him. Because she knew that he wouldn't blink an eye to have her killed.

"Really, Edward…this is my opportunity to get back at the bastard for what he did to me," Victoria spat.

"So then it's true we have a rat amongst us?" Edward asked.

At Victoria's nod, "You need to tell me who is working for James, Victoria?" he demanded in a chilling voice.

"I-I only know him as Laurent."

"Laurent!" Emmett bellowed, "Why that no good, low down son-of-"

"Emmett," Edward barked cutting him off in mid-sentence, "That is enough."

"What are you going to do…boss?" Jasper asked.

"Well, I believe we need to end this now." Edward said. "Where is Laurent right now?"

"He's on guard duty in the lounge," Jasper answered him.

Edward pressed the intercom button on the phone that sat on the table in front of him. "Jessica, send in Laurent Karr to join us in this meeting."

"Laurent?" Marcus frowned. "I don't think I know him."

Edward glared at Marcus, "That's because he's fairly new. I hired him, "he paused giving a silent chuckle and quick shake of his head, "Because I thought he was…the right man for the job," he said all signs of amusement had vanished from his expression.

"So what do you suggest we do…Edward?" his grandfather Alistair spoke up. After all these years the old man was still testing him.

"Why to perform a little test of my own, to get this traitor to talk," Edward answered him in a steely voice, if there was one thing that he could do and do well it was being able to get people to talk especially his enemies.

"After all this is, someone I had put my faith into…only to find out he's a fucking mole, fishing for information to bring down this family."

"Well be our guest," His grandfather said. Without looking at Edward's father, he called out. "Carlisle you in agreement with me son?"

Carlisle sighed, "Yes if that is what is needed to get our point across to Lucas…then I'm in agreement with it."

Edward shrugged lightly, as if what was about to happen had no if any effect on him, "Good then we are all in agreement."

The door opened and Laurent Karr stepped into the room. Tall, dark and handsome the man's good looks, was something that was not going to be able to help him charm or con himself out of the predicament he would now find himself in. He stood there his gaze darting from Edward to Carlisle to Alistair, and then back to Edward.

"You-you wanted to see me…boss?" he asked as he closed the door behind him.

"Yes, have a seat," Edward gestured to the vacant chair in front of him. Before Laurent could sit, Edward made his move.

"Don't move…Laurent," Edward said as he now stood next to Laurent, the barrel of his weapon pressed to the younger man's temple.

"What's-what's going on," Laurent asked as his gaze widened on Edward with suspicion.

"I said don't move, you bastard," Edward snapped.

Laurent decided to comply, "Okay, boss," he said stiffly. "Just stay cool."

"Oh, I'm cool, Karr." The tip of the weapon bored a little deeper into Laurent's temple. "The question is, are you?"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about"

"Oh, I think that you do, Laurent. Why do you think you were asked to come into this room?"

"I said I don't know," Laurent said bravely. Poor fucker hadn't guessed yet, Edward thought, thinking this could be quite interesting to see how this turned out.

"How long have you been secretly working for James Lucas?" he asked.


He pressed the barrel of the gun even harder into his skull, "You heard me you mother fucking traitor, HOW LONG?" he shouted the last words into Laurent's ear.

"I-I swear…boss I'm no traitor," Laurent cried, as sweat started to form on his brow.

"Now, now Laurent, that's not true and you know it," Edward hissed menacingly at him, "Tell me…Laurent, how long have you been working for me?"

"Two months."

"And in those two months what have you learned about me?"

"A-a lot."

"That's right enough to know, that I don't take kindly to rats, and what I do to those who betray me," Edward continued. He smiled a sadistic smile when he finally saw the dawning flash in Laurent's eyes.

Laurent placed his hands on top of the table and tried to push himself back up in a fit a panic. "No I don't think so Laurent." Edward snarled as he forcefully pushed him back into his chair, "I said don't move…damn it!" disgusted by the cowardly way Laurent was acting, and knew then that Victoria had told him the truth about Laurent.

"Boss…I didn't do any-"

"STOP LYING TO ME!" Edward roared, and slammed the but of the gun against Laurent's jaw causing his head to turn from the force of the blow.

Laurent turned his head back to glare across the table at Victoria, blood now seeping from the gash in his lip; a small cackle escaped through his busted lips, "Bitch!"

"Don't give me that Laurent, I guess the rats been ratted out," Victoria sneered.

"He'll kill you for this you fucking bitch!" Laurent roared, not taking Edward's warning and tried to lunge at her across the table. To only be quickly restrained by Emmett and Marcus pushing him none to gently back into his chair.

"I'd like to see him try," Victoria spat right back with an evil laugh.

"That's enough!" Edward roared then grabbed Laurent by the lapels of his suit jacket pulling him closer to him as he snarled, "Give me a reason why I ought to not blow your brains out in the next thirty seconds?"

"All right, just-just don't kill me," Laurent pleaded.

Edward pushed him away from him with an evil laugh, "Start talking."

"I-I was approached by…Lucas about three months ago-"

"What was it he wanted from you?"

"Nothing, I swear…"

Edward growled angrily bringing the but of his gun against the other side of Laurent's jaw, causing blood to spray out of his mouth and land on the table in front of them. "Wrong answer," he hissed, cocking his gun and getting ready to pull the trigger.

"I'll talk, I'll talk!" Laurent cried out frantically. "Just don't shoot." He took deep breaths as he tried to control the panic slowly taking over his body.

"You better make this worth your while." Edward said taking his finger away from the trigger, but then nodded to Emmett who forced Laurent's head down until it lay on top of the table where he started to apply pressure on his neck that pressed into the edge of the table, slowly cutting off his air supply.

"Lucas wanted to get information," He gasped out, and then stopped when Emmett pressed harder into him, "About you…he said he… wanted to bring… you down."

"Anything else?" Edward asked pressing the gun barrel back onto his temple. It was taking everything that he had not to just end this fucker's life.

"Please…yes, he -he said that he'd… pay me well to get him… information so he could… use it against you," Laurent squeaked out quickly.

"What kind of information?"

"Everything about you, as well as your family members. Who they were, what they looked like…to see if any of you had a weakness, something he could use as power over you, or against you. He wants your turf and everything that's goes with it…including the women and children."

There was the sound of collective angry murmurs around the room at that last piece of information, as the men became incensed at the threat to there families.

Edward stood there as livid rage filled his body. That fucking bastard! He seethed. So he thinks he can come after my family and me does he? Thinks he can try to use one of them to get to me, does he? Well how unfortunate for him that I don't have any weaknesses. He thought.

"And you were all to willing to help him obtain that information …weren't you, Laurent?" He said darkly. No one and he meant no one threatened to harm anyone in his family, and to find out that Laurent was helping feed Lucas information had him trembling in such a deep rage that all he could see was a red haze in front of his eyes.

Laurent gave another sinister chuckle, "You were asking for this Cullen…you and your family. You think your shit don't stink, that you are the fucking royalty… well guess you aren't no more."

Emmett raised Laurent up and punched him causing him to stop chuckling and gurgle as blood poured out of his nose from the force of his blow, "SHUT UP!" Emmett bellowed, as he slammed him back down onto the tabletop.

Good now he had Emmett just as angry, Edward thought as looked around the room. He could tell that the others were not too happy with this new acquired information about their enemy.

"Fuck…You!" Laurent spat out between gasps.

"When does Lucas plan to try something?" Edward asked.

Laurent had the audacity to laugh at him, "Wouldn't you like to know …Cullen."

"TELL ME!" Edward yelled.

"I don't have that information."

"Bastard, this is the last time I'm going to ask. When is he going to do something?"

"Go to hell…Cullen!" Laurent spat.

"I've already been there," Edward snarled as he leaned down to get into Laurent's face, "And you know what…Laurent? I think its time for you to join me…" with out another word Edward's finger pulled the trigger and the sound of the blast from the gun echoed off the walls in the room as Laurent's brain matter was spattered onto Emmett, Edward and the table in front of them.

For a moment there was complete silence in the room; they all were in shock that Edward just up and killed him like that, usually he'd command one of the others to take them out back and dispose of them.

Edward turned and gave everyone in that room a deadly, predatory, lethal glare. "Listen well; if there is anyone else in this room that is going behind my back and giving out information to the enemy, and I catch you…your fate will be worse than death. There is one thing that I don't abide, and that is a traitor in our midst, especially one willing to help threaten our families," he became silent as he angrily stared down everyone, commanding there attention, letting them know who was in charge, "Do I make myself clear?" he snapped viciously.

There were nods, and a few answered, "Yes boss," coming from the men assembled around the table. Victoria just sat there, with a sick incredulous look upon her face, as she looked at what was once Laurent's face, for where the bullet had exited a big gapping hole was in its place.

He turned back to glare at Laurent's dead body, and with out any emotion in his voice he said, "Emmett, get rid of the body…he's ruining the carpet." Before turning and walking back to his chair where he sat down and acted as if he'd not just blown a hole in Laurent's head.

"What do you want me to do with him Boss?" Emmett asked.

"What yah think?" Edward asked glaring at him, "Send him back to Lucas, with a message of what I think of his so called ways of trying to get to me. Maybe this will make him think twice before trying to do something like this again."

Edward caught his grandfather's eye across the table, and raised his eyebrow in defiance. Is that what you wanted old man? To see if your little Eddie had it in him to follow through in his threats when it came to the goings on of the family. Hope you're satisfied. He thought darkly, and watched the huge grin form on the old mans face as he gazed proudly at him. Edwards's eyes then landed on Victoria's pale face, and something about the sickly innocent look on her beautiful features, pulled at him. Drawing him out of the dark, sinister mood he had just been in. He sat there with blood and brain matter drying on his once expensive Armani suit as thoughts of Bella suddenly filled his head and he imagined her witnessing what he'd just done, and a pain knifed through his heart. God Bella, his sweet innocent Bella would have gone screaming out of the room, and would have needed to be sedated, after seeing him act out like that. Just the thought of her possibly being scared of him and his family made his heart break into a tiny million pieces, for he would not be able to stand it if she were to ever be afraid of him to hate him. It was at that precise moment, because of the look on Victoria's face; that he vowed he would never give her a chance to see him as the monster that he knew he was. That he would double his efforts to keep his damned, dark life hidden from her…his sweet, innocent, Bella.

"This issue that has now been taken care of was the main reason that I called everyone here today," Edward said as he slowly tried to regain control of his temper, "Victoria, you are dismissed…but if I get any word back that you have let it be known what has gone down here today," he paused for added effect, "Then you'll suffer the same fate as Laurent. I also said I would offer you my protection from James, and I'll hold my end of that bargain. Do you understand?"

VICTORIA COULD ONLY nod her head in answer, for even though she dated a gangster in the past she had never been subjected to the happenings that went along with that kind of lifestyle. Now sitting there gazing at Edward, she realized that all the rumors were true, that he was a ruthless, sadistic, powerful, non-emotional crime lord that should indeed be feared. For pete's sake he just killed a man in cold blood right in front of everyone and didn't even bat an eye, she thought to herself. And now he's just sitting there covered in blood as if nothing happened. Well she wasn't going to complain, or cry about what just happened. Laurent had it coming…and if this was the way to get back at James, then so be it. She continued to stare at Edward, and felt a slow heat burn in her stomach, as she looked on him in a new light. He might be deadly but then when was she not ever attracted to the bad boy type. For the first time she felt her self become attracted to this twisted and dangerous man and decided that she would like to have him in her bed, sooner than later, she thought as she stood with out another word and left the room. She just hoped that James never found out that she was the one that ratted him out…because Laurent was right he'd kill her.


FOG SLITHERED ALONG the south side of the La Push beach, helping to obscure the boat that was illegally docked outside of an abandoned warehouse. All was quiet, for it was barely nine P.M. By midnight, the place would be swarming with life.

That was no good for nothing low life's, James Lucas thought, chuckling darkly to himself as he watched his men, and some of Black's men getting ready to set up. After all it was the scumbags of humanity that he earned his profitable living. The drug dealers, the pimps, crooks…all of them came to him on this side of Washington. That was the ones that were to afraid to do business with the Cullen's who were the bane of his life, and apparently Black's as well.

No one would believe that he James Lucas was the bastard son of his archenemy's father Carlisle Cullen? That he'd strayed from his wife when she was pregnant with his scum of a son Edward Cullen. It was ironic that they were only a year apart, that shortly after Esme Cullen had given birth to Edward the new heir to the Cullen crime family did his father's mistress get pregnant as well. When his mother had told Carlisle that she was expecting he told her it wasn't his and threw her out of his penthouse, threatening her that if his wife ever found out about this that he'd kill her and her unborn child.

As James grew older his mother had told him about her past and who his father was. He was fourteen when his mother passed away from an illness, that if they'd had the proper care and money she'd of got better from, angry that he'd lost his mother at an young age he became embittered, filled with a hatred toward the father who didn't want him or his mother, angered that they'd been forced to live like beggars while the true Cullen heir lived the good life. As he continued to grow he found that he had to attend school with his half bother and sister, and swore on his mother's grave that he would get revenge for his mother and eventually take his rightful place on the Cullen throne.

He began to make his dear brother's life miserable, trying to steal his girlfriends from him, turning his friends against him, getting him in trouble during class periods, messing with his vehicles once they began to drive, anything that could cause him harm, hell he even devised a plan to have his half sister Alice Cullen kidnapped…but he found out quick that Edward might have looked the part of the nerd but he was far from it. The bastard had actually fought back, acted as if he didn't care that he did those things to him…hell even had a few of his father's thugs hunt him down and beat the shit out of him, after they got wind of the attempted kidnapping of his little sister. So he learned to do things discreetly behind his back and the ever-watching eyes of his grandfather and there father. Over the years they had grown into a deep hatred for each other…and sooner or later shit was going to hit the fan when he let it be known whom he really was.

So here he was sixteen years later a twenty-nine year old crime boss, from the young fourteen year old boy he'd been when he'd swore to get revenge for his dead mother, tangled up to his elbows with organized crime. Slowly he and Black were causing a wrath with the other gangs that ran the Washington's inner-city neighborhoods, and soon they would make their move to take over the Cullen crime family the biggest of them all.

By dawn he and Black would be a little richer, and he could be gone from this place, and get back to the thing he did best which was run and operate the biggest entertainment around. An illegal gambling operation, which was the reason they were here at this abandoned warehouse this evening. He was one who never held a game on constructive days, or in the same place twice in a row. His days of the week varied, as did his locations. That way he didn't have to worry about the pigs or the FBI getting a secure lead on him.

He had enough to worry about with Edward Cullen and the rest of the Cullen Crime family hot on him and Black's trail. He laughed a sinister laugh, and thought of the small pendant he had attached to a chain around his neck, he always wore it…the very thing that Carlisle Cullen had given his mother as a gift all those years ago, it was the one thing that could prove to them that he was indeed the bastard son of Carlisle Cullen when his day of reckoning came. As long as he remained alive Cullen would never be left in peace, and soon his two mole's would be helping him in his quest to bring Edward down…he just needed to find his weakness first. So that is why he now stood on the dock consumed with this overwhelming rage eating away inside of him, and not giving much thought about the activities that would soon be taking part.

"Mother fuckers!" He snarled under his breath, as his eyes stayed trained on the men loading illegal contraband onto the boat. He was not happy when two of his men had dragged the dead body of Laurent Karr into his building earlier this afternoon after he was found bleeding and dead on the ground in front of his gates, with a message from none other than his arch rival Edward fucking Cullen, and it had read.

The rat's been found and exterminated, and if you know what's good for you you'll stop now while you're still ahead. Now you know that I know, and I'll be keeping my eye on you Lucas…No one messes with me or my family…The next time there will be no warning, you'll be hunted down and disposed of, just like your dear buddy Laurent.

He'd got Cullen's message loud and clear but that wasn't going to stop him from moving ahead with his plans. He wondered how the hell they found out that Laurent was a mole he'd hired to get behind enemy lines and report back to him all information that pertained to the Cullen's. He needed something hard, concrete…something that could bring Edward Cullen to his knees and topple him from the Cullen thrown.

So far the man was like an empty shell, uncaring, unmovable, selfish, sadistic bastard…it seemed like nothing got to him…he literally had nothing in his life other than the family that he cared about…and from an early age he'd learned you couldn't get close to them. He laughed then, fucking Laurent deserved to get killed if he'd made it that easy for them to figure out he was a mole…though what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them; being that he had another man also behind the scenes…someone they would never guess was on the opposing side. Now all he had to do was sit and wait patiently for the information to get to him. A dark smile formed on his face, as he began to laugh out loud, damn James you are one smart, devious motherfucker, he thought.

He was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the sounds of footsteps behind him and he turned around sharply to see whom dared to approach him from behind. Idiots you'd think they'd learn not to do that by now, He thought darkly.

"Hey, boss, its just me," Volturi said, as he stood there with his hands up as he continued to approach him from the head of the dock.

"So, I see you returned…did you learn anything important?"

"Yeah, you get Cullen's message?" Volturi asked him.

"Yes, is that the something important?" James asked, as he reached into his pocket and took out the slip of paper the note was written on. He held it in front of him and stared at it angrily. "How the hell did he find out?"

Voltui stood on the dock in front of James Lucas, and gave him an evil smile, "Seems that your bitch of an ex-girlfriend ratted you out," he answered. "I haven't seen Edward…that furious in a long time, I think you might have pushed him to far this time."

"Victoria?" James snarled, as his hand fisted and crumbled the note in his hand, "That fucking whore!" he growled vehemently. Victoria had been his everything until he realized that she'd wanted him to change…to settle down and play the devoted good husband. Well he'd had news for her, he didn't play that…no one was that important to him not even her, so he'd cheated, hooked up with tons of women right in front of her. Victoria being Victoria called his hand and demanded that he give up all those other women or she'd leave him. James being James laughed in her face, which caused Victoria to lunge at him in rage…James defended himself by backhanding her across the face sending her reeling backwards and into a wall. In a fit of rage he wrapped his hands around her neck and told her he didn't want her…and that for her actions he ought to kill her, but the last second he'd felt pity on her and let her go. Though he'd took her by the arm and marched her to the front door of his place and shoved her out none to gently…telling her they were over and to get lost.

"Is there anything you'd like me to do, boss?" asked Volturi, snapping James out of his thoughts once again.

James stood there and contemplated what his next move was going to be, so Cullen wanted to play dirty did he? Wanted to use my girl against me? Well two can play that game…and by the time I'm done he'll wish he'd left well enough alone. "Yes I want you to find a phone and make a call for me."

"A phone what do you need that for?"

"I want you to call the authorities."

Volturi gave him an incredulous look, "You want me to call the cops?"

James gave another sinister chuckle, and knew that in wasn't something that you did, to just up and call the cops especially when he'd been trying to stay clear of them for years, but desperate times call for desperate measures. James ran his fingers through his thick blond hair, and became aware of the piece of paper he still held in his other hand.

"Yes I want you to make an anonymous tip about a vicious crime, and you will tell them that you think it was the Cullen gang that did it," He paused as he watched the comprehension cross Volturi's face, "Then I want you to make sure Laurent's body is placed somewhere close to the area you tipped them off to…if Cullen wants to play dirty, and use my own people against me then its time to have a little fun, don't you think?"

Circling his hand around the pendant, under his shirt, the reminder of who he was; James Lucas renewed his determination to do whatever was necessary to end Edward Cullen permanently.

"There is something else…" Volturi said.

"Really, and what could be more important than knowing my ex just fucking ratted on me?" James asked the anger shaking his body making his voice hard.

"Seems four nights ago…Cullen met someone."

James stiffened and he raised his eyes to glare into Volturi's, "What do you mean… met someone?"

"There was this chick…he took a real liking to, if you know what I mean?"

"Are you sure about this?" James asked as a sinister smile formed on his handsome face. Could it be? Could he have finally found something that could put a chink in Cullen's armor?

"Yeah, boss, he stayed, after we all left…with her, and I found out that he's had his men checking information out on her."


"I know Edward, and he don't just do that kind of stuff…seems to me that he might have a thing for her. McCarty told me that something happened between them that night and she took off. Said that Edward was furious, and has not been his self since."

"God, this just gets better and better, who is this bitch?"

"You'll never believe this, but she's the police chief's daughter."

"What-what?" James sputtered as his eyes widened with that news. Fuck! Leave it to Cullen to get the pigs on his side. He thought. Wait just a fucking minute, the police chief's daughter? Didn't Black say a few years ago he'd dated the chief's daughter? "What is the bitches name?"

"Isabella Swan,"

"You don't say? Well this is music to my ears," James said, as he flung his head back and started laughing in glee, "Listen up, Volturi…I need you to dig deeper, find out what this chick means to Cullen. If she is the means that I can use against him then I need to know. Do you understand?"

"Yeah boss."

"Good now get out of my sight and don't come back until you got more dirt on Cullen," James commanded. Volturi turned and started to walk away, "Oh, and keep your eyes open, I don't need them finding out that they have another traitor in there midst."

"Sure boss whatever you say."

Hmm, Bella Swan. He'd just have to see this for himself. Find a way to get a closer look at Cullen's supposedly new girl. He couldn't believe his luck. James thought to himself.


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* Meaning of Italian Words

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