A/N- random fluff that came to mind when I was reading fan fics, it's a oneshot, so don't expect more unless I get my act together, which probably won't happen anyhoo! Here ya go.

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Catching glimpses of hidden love can as easy as catching butterflies, and as hard as finding that elusive needle in that horrible haystack. The fact is you have to be looking for them, and ignoring them at the same time. Snatches of love are precious and not to be sought out and destroyed. They are only to be observed with a warm heart and an open mind.

Sometimes love can be seen is ways that is hard to imagine. Sometimes you can hardly tell the love is there at all, but its there alright. Not just in words of affection, or actions heated with passion. But it leaks through, small things that don't seem important in the general scheme of things may be one persons way of saying 'I love you'.

Take Raven and Beast Boy, they seem to live in different worlds. Indeed they come from vastly different places, but their love for each other can be seen in the every day actions that have become so normal they aren't noticed, but they're still there.

They're in the way that his eyes light up just a little bit more when she walks in the room. In the way she smiles ever so slightly at his stupid jokes, and will never admit it. The way he listens to her when it seams he's not, and the way she slows down when she passes his room at night.

Although they may not have even noticed, the love they share colors their lives. Some notice, others don't, and they continue on, letting snatches of love speak for themselves.