Percy Jackson and the Depths of Tartarus

Prologue: He's back!

Percy's POV

I looked idly up at the cavern ceiling, pacing back and forth, annoyed once again. Was it so hard for that damned god to install some entertainment for a captor? You'd think being immortal would be fun. Don't get me wrong, it is – every century or so.

Of course, twenty years ago, I had thrown a French fry – a decayed one, mind you - into the prison. The prisoner responded by trying to kill me.

But, hey! I was beyond death. Not really, but close enough.

"Anything new, boy?" A hissing voice, well, hissed beside me. I glanced over briefly, before continuing to pace around. It was Mrs Dodds – my old Maths teacher when I was alive. That wasn't her real name, though. It wouldn't suit her, since she was in Fury form.

I nodded to her, "Alecto." I said, then stopped my pacing, and got out a hamburger.

She looked at my choice of food, disgusted. "Out of all the edible things in the universe you could summon, you pick that?"

I glanced at her again as I took a bite out of it. I chewed thoughtfully, "Hmm, tasty. Huh, I should have gotten a blue one, though…"

She rolled her eyes, and I raised an eyebrow at her. "What?"

She proceeded to give me a dirty look. I asked, taking the bait, "Well, what would you have gotten?

"A nice, seasoned and barbequed demigod carcass. Just fresh." She smirked at my brief disturbed expression.

I rolled my eyes. "And you say I'm mad."

Alecto tried to look innocent. Keyword: tried. "Huh? For what?" The pointy, sharp teeth didn't help with the 'not guilty!' look. Heck, her appearance practically screamed, 'I eat every edible thing within a twenty mile radius!'

I stared at her, "Is it me, or are you getting a bit too ancient? I swear, just yesterday, you said I was crazy for choosing to be a guard for Tartarus."

She sneered at me, "You idiot. That was last year. You're the one getting too old."

I blinked, "Seriously? Hm… I really must be getting too old. I won't be catching up to you anytime soon, though."

Alecto growled at me. I just grinned at her, absentmindedly chucking my burger wrapping down into Tartarus.

I started pacing again. "So, anything new up yonder?"

She shrugged, "Not really. That chick you asked me-"

"Annabeth." I said automatically. I frowned, and mentally berated myself, I don't love her anymore! Get over her, Perce!

She glared, "Right, her. Anyways, Annabeth is still with the Hunters. Last I saw, she got back from hunting down the Minotaur."

I blinked, "Okay. Grover, then?

"Immortal as always. Don't think he's gotten any smarter, though."


"Couldn't spy on him."


"Forges. All good."


"Still teaching, of course."

"Hm… okay then." I mused, stopping, and looking at Tartarus. "Anything major?"

"Not really." She paused, and cocked her head, as if remembering something. "Oh, yeah. Huh, I forgot to tell you, you know that Prophecy? That Great Prophecy after your own?"

I nodded, "Yeah, is it in action?" Took long enough.

She rolled her eyes, "It had been fulfilled 52 years ago."

I stared at her. "And you tell me this now?"

She shrugged.

I put on a thoughtful expression, "So that's why there were so many people coming down, and all those earthquakes and bangs... And the fact that everything went dark for a whole year."

Alecto gave me a look, and settled her expression, once again, into a sneer, "Another Prophecy came up."

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow.

Alecto nodded, "Goes something like this:

"From the depths of Tartarus, the Crooked One shall rise;

Demigods shall twice perish or defy his lies;

Third time unlucky, reborn one's body claimed;

The Twelve Enthroned, cast down by Olympus' ultimate bane;

And Half-bloods will see endless tomorrows, until his cursed day comes with sorrow."

I had one comment, "Ouch." Then my eyebrows furrowed, "That's the next Great Prophecy?" I thought it sounded pretty depressing. As she nodded, I turned back to the entrance of Tartarus.

"Who were listening?" I asked.

Alecto answered, "Chiron, Lord Apollo, Lord Dionysus, and the Lord Satyr." Well, Apollo should have warned the other gods by now. So where were they?

She continued, "And Grover told those other two Huntresses." Thalia and Annabeth maybe?

There was pause between us. I thought hard, trying to decipher the prophecy. So, the 'Crooked One' is obviously Kronos. Demigods shall twice defy his lies... or perish? So, technically, make the right desicions. Third time unlucky, someone's body will be claimed? By who? Kronos, of course. Whose body? I couldn't help a resigned shudder. Twelve Enthroned means the Olympians, obviously. The ulitmate bane? Can't be Typhon, definitely Kronos. Endless tomorrows... could mean immortal. By why would they be immortal? 'His cursed day'...?

Something suddenly struck me. Not literally, of course.

"Strange." I murmured, peering into Tartarus. The bottomless nothingness made me a little dizzy, so I leaned back. Somewhere behind me, Alecto shifted nervously.

I said to her, "Alecto, do you remember how I always chucked bits of random food down there, and Kronos always responds by trying to suck me in?" I paused, half my mind processing the fact that Kronos hadn't tried to kill me yet again by even mentioning his name. There was definitely something wrong.

Alecto nodded, "What about it?"

I sighed, "I threw that hamburger wrapper in there around –" I glanced up at the cavern ceiling briefly, "- Oh, half an hour ago. Kronos usually responds in twenty."

The Fury peered over the edge, and hurriedly backed up a step or two nervously.

"Alecto." I said grimly.

She straightened, knowing I was serious, "Yes, Lord Perseus?"

"Inform our Lord Hades…" I stared back down into Tartarus. There was now no faint, golden glow that signified Kronos' scattered essence. I wondered briefly how he had gotten away without my knowledge. Well, damn. I thought, and noted, in the back of my head, never again to get a security guard job ever.

"Inform him that Kronos has escaped again."

Chapter One: Bianca di Angelo and Zoe Nightshade

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