Percy Jackson and the Depths of Tartarus

Chapter Ten: Crazy Driving and the Nemean Lion


I knew that was what was running – pumping – through my veins. It was intoxicating.

I looked at the ruins of New York, and saw a huge army of monsters just waiting for my command.

I smirked. I knew that with just a single gesture, I could kill them all. Just a single gesture…

The monsters bowed, "Lord Kronos."

And I jerked awake.]

I awoke suddenly, horror racing through my system, but I had no idea where it came from. I thought it was probably from my dream. But when I tried to remember, I couldn't pick up anything. Strange, really. I always remembered my dreams.

I shrugged it off as soon as I thought of something. Wasn't I supposed to be somewhere…? I jumped up instantly, and began packing. I made a lot of noise, but, luckily, my fellow cabin mates didn't wake up.

I am so late! I yelled in my head, and bolted out of the door, lugging my duffel bag along.

I sprinted up to Half-Blood Hill, where four other figures were waiting. Two of them had a quiver of arrows strapped to their backs.

I stopped behind them, breathing hard. Damn stamina. I scowled inwardly.

"We going now?" I asked, and promptly got sucker-punched by Thalia.

"Where the hell were you?" She yelled.

Behind her, Cassandra and Silenus winced in sympathy while Annabeth cracked up laughing.

I gave Thalia a dirty look, "What the hell?"

She glared daggers back, "Do you know how late you are?"

My nose twitched as my face gave another painful throb. "You didn't have to punch me!"

Thalia huffed, spun around, and stalked off to a parked land rover down by the road. I made a face at her retreating back.

Annabeth laughed, "Don't worry about your face, Pretty Boy, it looks fine."

I ignored her, and we, including Silenus and Cassandra, went down to the car. I thought that Argus was going to drive, but, apparently, that wasn't the case.

"He's on a mission for Lady Hera." Silenus contributed. I looked at him, wondering what the hell he was talking about. Then I got it, "Argus, you mean?"

He nodded, "Yeah."

As I came up to the grey land rover, Thalia appeared from behind it, and chucked something at me. It flashed, catching the morning sun, as I snatched it from the air.

I looked down at the key, then at her, baffled, "You want me to drive?"

She smirked, "I want to see how good you are."

As soon as we got settled into the car, with me and Silenus at the front, and the girls in the back, Annabeth shrieked at Thalia, "Have you lost it? He could drive us into a ditch!"

Thalia rolled her eyes, "Don't worry, he won't. He'd better not, or I'll…" She cracked her knuckles, raising an eyebrow at me threateningly through the rearview mirror.

I quickly averted my eyes, freaked out. I warned, "You know, I haven't exactly driven in three hundred years…"

Annabeth was silent, and I looked and saw Silenus and Cassandra gaping at me.

I gulped, "Ah, did I say three hundred?" I chuckled weakly, "I meant three weeks…"

They didn't buy it. Cassandra leaned forward, "How old are you exactly?"

I looked miffed, and started to say something, but she quickly amended, "I mean, are you… are you a reincarnated soul? That somehow got its memories back?"

I blinked. She figured it out pretty fast, I thought. Then sniffed in slight disdain at what she had said. "It?" I said, "I'm an 'it' now?"

Annabeth laughed, which made me grin inwardly, "Apparently so, Pretty Boy."

Silenus looked awed. "M-Miss Chase? Weren't you in the battle for Olympus around four hundred years ago?" I wondered what brought that topic on.

Thalia smirked, "Yup. She and I were."

I shot her a look, "So was I."

She shrugged, "You got killed by a pig." Unfortunately, I couldn't say anything back to contradict that statement, seeing as how I didn't want Cassandra or Silenus to find out about me.

However, I managed to shut her up by saying, "Says the girl who got beaten by a statue of Hera."

After that, the air got filled with static.

Luckily, no fight ensued. Annabeth rolled her eyes, "Can we go now?"

My driving skills were pretty nice.

Yeah, pretty nice and crazy.

On the way, I think Annabeth, Cassandra, or maybe even Silenus screamed when I almost crashed into a car – multiple times. Several misses after that I ran a lot of red lights.

After half an hour of driving, and Annabeth, Cassandra, or Silenus had screamed themselves hoarse, Thalia finally told me, "Stop right there, Johnson!" The others looked grateful to Thalia, but that expression got wiped off when she continued, "I'm hungry."

As soon as I parked Silenus and Annabeth lurched out, faces green. Maybe Cassandra didn't scream at all, I mused, as I watched her flounce out of the car, with raised eyebrows. I followed suit slowly, and watched as Thalia got out with a smirk, "I'll drive next." She said, and I chucked her the keys, right after I locked the car.

Before she could catch them, however, Annabeth snatched it from the air. "Absolutely not!" She growled, "Her driving is worse! I will drive next time!"

I gestured to Thalia, "Lead the way." She took us to a nearby restaurant.

Now, if you're a normal mortal, then, on an outing, you'd probably go to a movie, have something to eat, and go home.

In Demigod language?

Well, let's use my group for an example. We went into the restaurant, ordered food, ate a little, and the Nemean Lion came crashing in. Of course, we then fought for our lives.

Annabeth and Thalia got bows out of Hades knows where, Cassandra looked scared, but defiant, as she got out a celestial bronze dagger, and Silenus… well, he had gone to the bathroom, way before. I quickly got out Riptide and uncapped it.

The battle was a little weird, in my opinion. It started off with the two Hunters firing arrows rapidly at the Lion. I don't know what the mortals saw, but they were luckily staying out of the way and… applauding?

The arrows hardly pierced the Lion's hide. All they did was get the monster really angry. It roared, and charged its nearest victim – me.

I yelped, and ran around the restaurant to get away from it. I provided a pretty decent distraction, but I was tiring quickly.

"The mouth!" I yelled, my foot almost catching on a tipped over chair as I jumped over it. "Aim for the mouth!"

Thalia shouted back at me, aggravation almost making one of her arrows hit me instead, "We're trying!"

"Try harder!" I howled.

I didn't know what Cassandra was doing, but I now did, seeing as she suddenly jumped onto the Lion's back. Annabeth's eyes widened comically, and she stopped attacking, just in case she hit her. "What the Hades are you doing?" She shrieked. Thalia stopped as well, and got out a knife.

Cassandra hung on, eyes wild as she tried to stab it with her dagger. I ran past a door, puffing, and glanced behind me, to see the Lion finally, but slowly gaining up on me.

The Nemean Lion snarled, turned its head, and tried to bite Cassandra, not noticing a door opening in front of it.

Silenus came out, and looked around, sensing the apprehensive atmosphere. His eyes widened, and he gave a yelp and ducked. I skidded to a stop, and turned, Riptide held out haphazardly in front of me.

The Lion suddenly tripped over the shaking form of Silenus, roaring-

Cassandra leapt off-

And the Lion ran me over, but also somehow impaling itself in the mouth by my sword. Pain suddenly exploded on my shoulder, and I fell to the ground, feeling the Lion melting slowly. A lion fur lay on my chest. As I watched blearily, it shimmered, and turned into a full-length, golden brown coat.

I felt light-headed, and the pain in my right shoulder started to escalate. I cried out in pain, gasping. There was roaring in my ears, but I could hear faint, incoherent shouts in the background.

I glanced at my shoulder, and winced. Four, deep scratches were there, bleeding. I instantly felt nauseous and looked away, opting to close my eyes.

I dimly heard footsteps, and something being pushed into my mouth. Ambrosia. I concentrated on separating myself from the pain, and taking it 'like a man', but, unfortunately, it didn't work.

Two pairs of hands slid under my back, and lifted me. I drifted in and out of consciousness, and the next time I woke up after an instant blackout, I was lying down on something comfy, surrounded by blankets. My head was on someone's lap, and that someone was stroking my hair softly. I hoped it was Annabeth (I shuddered to think it was a guy). I kept my eyes closed, and just enjoyed the sensation. The pain had already gone numb, but it occasionally throbbed.

Suddenly, a rush of warmth filled me. It was exhilarating, and it sped through my being, but focused mainly on my shoulder. I didn't know what it was, and by a surprised gasp, I figured it was something pretty awesome. The pain was completely gone by now, and I somehow knew that the wound on my shoulder was no more.

I couldn't check, because the high went to my head, and I instantly fell into a nice, lulling, dreamless sleep.

Chapter Eleven: Love Magic and Training

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