Percy Jackson and the Depths of Tartarus

Chapter Twenty: The End Really Is Just The Beginning

Annabeth's POV

I had no idea what to think after Grover, quivering a little in front of the whole Council and Chiron, told us 'The Plan'.

There was a bleak silence after Grover finished. I myself felt conflicted, my mind was in turbulence. To think Percy was thinking about all this and his plan… it was risky, but there was a good chance that Kronos wouldn't reform and wreak havoc on the world for good. It was a smart plan…

And I loved him even more for it… explicitly ignoring the fact that he had some help from Hades and Artemis.

Cassandra was crying silently, looking shell-shocked, as well as Celia.

"P-Percy Jackson?" Krystal stammered, "Wait, he was wandering around here before?"

Jeffery muttered, "A risky plan." He retreated into stony silence.

"So what should we do now?" Chiron prompted, looking grave,

I spoke up, glad that my voice was steady when I did, "We go with this plan, of course."

We attacked Olympus at dawn.

On the way there, there was only a scared silence. The red skies were one thing… but everything else…

"Where are they?" Daisy, a mortal who had only just joined the Hunters, asked shakily. "Where are all the people?"

I only drew her into a comforting hug wordlessly. True to her word, the city was eerily quiet, and void of mortals… nothing even moved: not birds, not trees caught in the wind… nothing.

And there were also no monsters in sight.

"Prepare for an ambush." I called out to the a hundred-or-so Campers behind me. They stood there nervously, but raised their various weapons nonetheless. Looming ahead of us was the Empire State Building.

I had a sudden, stupid visual of a group of Demigods waiting for the elevator to reach the 600th floor, listening to…

I shook my head in exasperation. "Percy's idiocy is rubbing off on me," I muttered to myself.

Thalia gave me a strange look.

We approached the doors warily, and I thought hard about why there were no monsters around. Surely Kronos would have posted guards to stop us?

I gave a sweeping glance behind us, trying to figure out what the Time Lord would've planned. Maybe…

I figured out just in time.

"Spread out!" I yelled, and the Demigods instantly did, looking around warily.

"Annabeth, what -?" Thalia started, but the monsters suddenly appeared.

Many of the half-bloods yelped, but they managed to dodge the first surprise blows.

"They planned to attack us when we were bunched up, limiting our fighting space," I muttered to her quickly, drawing out my dagger.

"Just go!" Jordan, who was finishing off a dracaena near them, yelled. "We'll take care of things here!"

"But -!" I started, but he cut me off.

"This was our plan, right?" He asked with a wink, and turned to engage another monster.

"Don't worry, Annabeth." A voice suddenly said beside me. I jumped, and whirled, dagger at the ready, but almost dropped it when I saw who it was.

"Nico?" I gasped in surprise.

He smiled, shrugging, "As I said, don't worry. I'll help." With that, a Stygian Iron sword appeared in his hand and he raised it. More than a hundred skeletons rose from cracks in the ground, of which some monsters actually fell into.

The half-bloods looked surprised, but Thalia yelled in reassurance, "Don't attack them! Just aim for the monsters!"

Grover suddenly appeared, his hair all over the place. He was breathing hard, and clutching his short sword.

"Nico!" He said in relief. "I'm glad you're here."

The son of Hades grinned wickedly, "I couldn't miss out on a fight." And he plunged into the chaos without hesitation.

Thalia looked impressed, "He doesn't even look winded from summoning those skeletons."

I shook my head, and pulled the other two along, "Come on, let's go. We have to get to Per… Kronos."

He was waiting for us in the Olympian Throne Room.

There were only a few… minor… difficulties that almost stopped us from coming, but we managed. One had Grover almost being fish-slapped to death, and another… I'll leave it at that.

And when we arrived, the mood dropped significantly.

The tension in the room was insurmountable. It coiled around my head and throat, and I could hardly breathe properly. I thought that Kronos was behind this, and was affirmed in my suspicions when he turned around to greet us with an amused smile on Peter Johnson's face.

"I'm so glad you could come here." He said, slightly sarcastic, "Well, at least your dear friend Perseus would have been."

Grover pointed out, "Annabeth is Percy's girlfriend. Gods, get it right." He taunted rather uncharacteristically.

I could feel a migraine coming on.

Thalia glanced at me for some reason, but then looked at Grover weirdly. However, she thankfully didn't say anything inappropriate to the tense situation at hand.

Kronos glared, "I will enjoy slaughtering all of the Satyrs… after I flay the flesh from your bones." He growled, raising his scythe.

And – I swear, he was purposely trying to get us killed – he retorted with a roll of his eyes, "You have to come and get me first, you retard."

Gold cracks began appearing throughout Kronos' form, and I realised straight away what Grover was trying to do. The Lord Satyr was baiting Kronos to break out of his mortal body.

Grover didn't want to drag this out: he just wanted to get it over with. I felt a wave of sympathy for him. I was glad he had been chosen to stab Per… Kronos, and not me. Well, maybe I was just a tiny bit annoyed that Percy didn't entrust that job to me – and I wasn't saying that I enjoyed stabbing my friends – but it would have been nice to know that he could trust me with the job. But Grover had been Percy's first friend, so I suppose I had no say in it.

But I was his girlfriend!

Wait… WHAT?

"Grover!" I suddenly snapped, and whirled on him. He jumped at my explosion.

"I-I'm not, you can't – I mean -!" I started to splutter, cheeks reddening in embarrassment.

"What?" He asked in confusion.

"Y-you said I was his girlfriend!" I blurted out, annoyed with myself for stuttering.

Thalia said dryly, "I was wondering when it would click."

Grover coughed awkwardly, "Well, I, err…"

Suddenly, there was a snort of laughter. We glanced at each other, wondering who made the sound, then, disbelieving, we turned to stare at… Kronos.

Or maybe… it wasn't Kronos? I looked closer, and saw that the eyes were not gold, but a piercing blue.

"Peter Johnson." I stated calmly. Thalia and Grover looked at me in confusion, most likely wondering why I had called Percy Peter.

But I saw in those eyes that it wasn't Percy – not by a long shot.

The teen before them – and he was the only real teen in the room, considering the other three's immortality – nodded, trying not to laugh again.

His expression went urgent immediately, "Look, I don't have much time," He started, already starting to sweat at the effort from holding Kronos back, "Percy is fighting him for now, and he told me to tell you to -!" Whatever he was about to say was interrupted by his sudden gasp. His eyes flickered gold, and I paused with uncertainty as the colours waged a long battle with each other. More than a few times, a sea green filtered through, and I held my breath.

Thalia, grasping the moment, waved Grover with her hands, "Go, go!" She said, "You might wanna stab him now!: She sounded a bit too eager, and I shot her a scathing look.

She noticed it, and shrugged, "You only get to stab Percy Jackson once before he tries retaliating."

I shook my head, exasperated, and I made the mistake of looking at Grover when he started pulling out Riptide and uncapping it.

That's the weapon that will kill him, I thought, strangely numb, that blade will take him away from me again.

Grover expression was sad but determined as he stalked towards his best friend, sword held high.

"No…" Kronos, momentarily grasping control of his body, began to raise his scythe, but a spasm hit him, jerking his arm and casting the weapon away.

"NO!" He yelled out again, and this time his voice was powerful, quadrupled. "I WILL NOT LOSE AGAIN!"

And Grover had one last piece of wisdom to give to the stressing Time Lord.

"You dumbass, this isn't meant to kill you."

And Grover stabbed him.

Grover stabbed him.

Grover. Stabbed. Him.

It took a few moments to completely process in my brain, and I gaped moronically at the scene. Soo did Thalia, and, personally, I think her expression was way more idiotic looking than mine.

There was a moment of pure silence as Kronos – his eyes completely gold – looked uncomprehendingly down at the blade stuck in his chest.

And another awkward moment passed.

"Well," Thalia said, sounding strangled, "That was rather anti-climatic."

"I have to seize the moment!" Suddenly, Nico appeared. He glanced rather sadly at the sword stuck in Kronos' chest before babbling, "You know, when a dramatic moment comes, and spontaneously absolutely nothing happens? Well, I'm thinking that if I keep on talking, something really dramatic will happen to make up for the lack of un-dramaticness. You know? If something like a HUGE explosion happens right in the middle of my sentence, and I -!"

The world exploded.

And, as it did, the murmuring, soft brush of a whisper flickered over my ears.

"I love you, Wise Girl…"

And I managed to think back before the golden light enveloped everything.

"I love you too, Seaweed Brain."

No-One's POV

"I'm not getting paid enough for this…" Grumbled a rather unenthusiastic Hades as he wandered around in the depths of Tartarus.

"How do you think I feel?" Mumbled a muffled voice, coming from the floating sea green orb in front of him.

Hades rolled his eyes, and waved his hand, making the orb disappear.

"Whatever, Jackson. Yada, yada, I entitle thee, Perseus Jackson, to be reborn… blah blah blah…"

He paused, and added quietly, "Good luck."



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