Be nice this is my first fanfiction, and this is pretty much how'd it be if it were me and my friend were in Princess Debut.


"Wake up you two!" Catherine yelled.

"Huh...?" Chari groaned.

"Wha?" Rei mumbled rubbing her eyes.

"The final bell rang!" Catherin said puffing up her cheeks like a child.

"We fell asleep in class again, huh?" Chari and Rei said at the same time.

"You twins do the same things at the same time, don't you?" She said brushing blue hair out of her eyes.

"Not all of the time." Chari stated dully.

"Just most of the time." Rei finished yawning.

"It's still surprising to me you two are actually twins. You look nothing alike." She said forcing them out of the chairs.

She was right. Rei had big blue eyes and honey blond hair; meanwhile Chari had Hazelnut brown hair and rich chocolate brown eyes. Chari and Rei shared their independant nature and had almost the exact same personality. Complete opposites, perfect clones.

"Well we are." Chari muttered as they walked down the hall. They headed out the door and into the busy streets of Tokyo. It wasn't until they were half way down the streets Catherine broke the silence by saying:

"Why do you two fall asleep in class alot?" her carmel eyes looking straight into both of theirs. A talent she picked up in the 7th grade.

"We're at the top of the class," Rei started.

"And it's reaaaally boring because we already know the work," Chari continued.

"So we have no reason TO stay awake." they finished together. A devilish smile crept up onto Catherine's face and she snickered.

"I know just what you need." She snickered like a kitty that caught it's prey.

"And that would be...." Rei asked, feeling like she was going to regret it.

"You two need boyfriends." Catherine stated like it was as plain as day.

"Who would want us" Chari asked. They weren't exactly the prettiest or most popular girls out there.

"Well there's Victor." She said cheerily

"The kid who plays pranks all the time? And isn't he a year younger than us?" Rei asked sneering. The two of them had that nasty habit.

"Well yea him... Then how about Lucas? You guys have been childhood friends!" Catherine persisted.

"He has such a terrible sense of direction he got lost looking for the bathroom. Which was right across the hall!" Chari said irritably

"Carlos?" She said getting weaker.

"Womanizer." Rei said rolling her eyes. They answered back and forth for each guy.


"Book. Worm"


"What plant boy? He's cute, but waaaaaaaay too brotherly."

"Well I give up on you two." Catherine huffed

"Good, cuz this is our house." They said walking into their yard. Rei swung the door open and Chari followed after her. They kicked off their shoes and set down their school bags.

"Mom we're home!" Chari called.

"We'll be in our room!" Rei yelled as they ran up the stairs.

Rei jumped onto her bed and bounced for a minute and smiled.

"We oughta change out of our school uniforms huh?" she said smiling.

"Yea we probably should." Chari said in a sing-song voice. She went to the wardrobe and opened the door. As soon as the doors opened, two girls fell out and landed right on Chari. A flying mouse squirrel thing followed after. It had pink glasses and was carrying a wand that looked plastic.

"Princesses are you ok?" The thing squeaked.

"Yea I'm fine." The first one, who was bruenette, said rubbing her back.

"Nothing's hurt." The other girl, who was blonde, reported.

"Well I'M hurt!" Chari yelled from under their ruffly dresses. Rei couldn't say anything, she was in shock from what just happened.

"Huh?" The two said looking at her.

"OH MY GOSH I'M SO SORRY!" the blond apologized getting up and helping the bruenette up. When Rei and Chari got a good look at them they gawked.

"Yo-you look exactly like us!" Rei finally spat out. Breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"We sure do look like you two, huh sis?" The bruenette said to the blond. The blond nodded smiling happily.

"This might work!" Blondie chirped.

"Who are you?" Chari asked bluntly.

"This is princess Chari and this is princess Rei. And I'm Kip!" The mouse named Kip squeaked. Chari and Rei blinked and said, "We have the same names..."

"Guess we do!" Princess Rei said happily.

"Well what do you want?" Chari asked sharply.

"Hmmm? Oh, you see," Princess Rei started

"Our dad is making us learn how to dance." Princess Chari continued.

"And to be frank, we stink."

"So we were hoping you two would take our place!"

"Besides you seem like you'd do much better than us."

"So whaddya say?" The two of them concluded together. They alternated while speaking.

"No." Chari stated plainly.

"But-" Princess Chari tried.

"NO." Rei said firmly.

"Hot princes." Princess Rei said filing her nails with a nail filer found out of no where.

"You have our attention." Rei and Chari said with interest.

"We come from a royal land so: Hot princes, good food, and free stuff." Princess Rei said like it was obvious.

"You had me at princes." Chari said hopping into the fluxating portal.

"Count me in." Rei said hopping in after her.

"WAIT FOR ME!" Kip squealed.

The three tumbled out of the portal and landed face down on plush carpeting. When the twins looked up they screeched in horror.

"WHAT WHAT?!" Kip yelled over them.

"THE ROOM!" Rei shrieked.

"IT'S PINK!" Chari screamed.

"WELL WHAT COLORS DO YOU WANT?!" Kip yelled loud enough so they could here him.

"Red..." Rei started

"And black would be nice." Chari completed. Kip waved the wand that looked face and the colors changed instantly.

"Much better." They sighed.

"Now put these on, we're late as is!" Kip yelled tossing them two tiaras. They put the tiaras on and they were put in lacy gothic lolita dresses. "NOW LET'S GO!" Kip yelled dragging them out of their room and to the castle.

"Isn't it strange that our room isn't part of the castle?" Chari asked as they were pulled.

"Yea really." Rei said confused.

They reached the ballroom and they instantly gasped. There was a large spread of foods and there were royal looking people all around. A tall rabbit man walked up to them and kissed their hands.

"Hello your highnesses. I'm Tony, your new instructor." He said with a smile.

"Something tells me he is actually human," Rei whispered to her twin. "I like 'im"

As Tony was walking, Rei caught up with him so she could hang around him. Chari sighed and looked to Kip.

"What do I do know?" She asked.

"Meet princes." he said sitting on her shoulder.

Soon a pink haired man walks up to her with a rose in hand. He bowed and took one of her hands saying, "Hello my beautiful flower, Chari. If you had only accepted my proposal of love you wouldn't need to look for a partner! But alas, I must go my sweet. Adieu!"

Chari tossed the flower and Kip said, "That was prince Ceaser."

"Player." Chari muttered. She looked to the corner and saw a sullen looking silver-haired boy reading. Kip whispered to Chari, "That's prince Keifer."

"Hey, can you speak or are you silent?" Chari asked as she walked up to him.

He snapped the book shut and looked right at her. "What do you want?" Keifer asked fairly arrogantly.

"I was looking for a partner, but you're a definate NO." She said angrily walking off.

"A-ah... W-wai-" He tried to apologize but Chari was out of ear shot before he could say anymore.

A hyper little blond boy ran up to her and before he could say one word she said, "No."

He looked down and walked away muttering something.

"That was prince Vince." Kip said smacking her upside the head.

"GAH!" she yelled as a raven haired man ran into her. They fell down and he was ontop of her, almost pinning her. His hands were on her forearms and he was balancing his knees on her thighs. He's kinda cute. Chari thought even though she was in a pretty ugly position.

"Get. Off. Me." She hissed moving her leg. Which didn't help the situation at all.

He slipped and was flat ontop of her. His lips rammed into hers, her breasts squished into his chest, and Chari felt something stab her leg which she hoped to god was a gun.

He got up blushing and muttered, "Sorry..." before pretty much running off. Leaving her laying on the floor.

Vince walked up and helped her to her feet. "You ok?" He asked with emerald green eyes staring into her eyes.

"Yea I'm ok. Who was that?" Chari asked feeling violated.

"That was Prince Luciano. He has awful direction." Vince answered. "C'mon I know how to get this off your mind! Let's go to the garden!"

Chari laughed and followed him to the garden.

"Liam! Liam! I found one of the princesses to this castle!" Vince called out.

"Hmm?" A green haired, green eyed guy said standing up from looking at a bush of lilies. "Hello, you must be Chari. As you probably found out I'm Liam."

"Hiya Liam." Chari chirped. She could tell these two were going to be good friends with her.

"I think the dinner is starting. We better go into the ball room." Liam said leading them.

Chari spotted her twin and sat instantly next to her.

"Why did you leave me?!" Chari hissed elbowing her sister.

"Oww, sorry I was talking with Tony!" Rei whispered back.

"If you hadn't noticed, bad things just happened to me! My first kiss was stolen." Chari whispered back angerily. They were keeping quiet so the King couldn't hear them.

"Ooooo i saw that." Rei said with a sympathetic smile. Chari calmed down slightly and jumped when the king bellowed:

"And for your entertainment tonight, Prince Klaus and his partner Cynthia shall dance for you!"

The room applauded and they watched a strawberry blond guy dance with a pretty short blond girl.

"He looks like Kyle." Chari whispered to Rei. They finished dancing and the room clapped again.

As soon as they could eat, Rei and Chari filled up their plates.

"Hey look, Luciano's looking at you." Rei said winking. Chari glanced in his direction. Rei was right.

"I hate him." Chari hissed.

"He apparently likes you." She snickered.

They finished their large dinner and the twins rested back in their chairs.

"Time for sleepy sleep." Rei sighed resting her chin on the table, closing her eyes.

"Come on we gotta go to our room." Chari said helping her up. They staggered over to their room that was seperate from the castle and rammed through the door. Chari pulled off their tiaras and they clambered into their beds.

"Today was a crazy day." Chari yawned. They were automatically in pajamas after taking the tiaras off.

"Yea... Goodnight. And tomorrow is our first dance lesson." Rei said stretching.

"Wait what?" Chari asked.

"GOODNIGHT!" Rei sang going to sleep.



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