Hello all my readers! I'm so sorry for the long hiatus, but I have some good news and bad news to announce. The bad news, and I know you all won't be too happy with this, is that I am leaving . I'll leave my stories up still for you all to read, but I'm sorry this is a rather sudden notice since I've been gone so long. But I digress, I'm leaving because I have been working on my writing skills and I can't exactly post the original works I've been doing on this website. So, again, I'm sorry.

But the good news, I am making a blog for my stories ^^

I will re-post the fanfictions there and I'm also going to post my original stories which I hope you would enjoy too since I've been working very hard on them.

My blog isn't up and running just yet, but whenever it is I'll post a link on my profile. If you have anything to say about this, leave a comment. Or if you want to ask me something, email me at my new email. It's odd . little . duckie (no spaces) at gmail

I hope you've enjoyed my work thus far ^^

Sayonara bye bye