Unknown Motions

Chapter 1-

On the outskirts of a packed city near the shopping district......

"......Were moving?" I asked confused.

"Yes dear, were moving because my company doesn't have enough workers over at Primp Town." I sighed.

"So I'm going to have to leave all my friends here and go to Primp Town?" I asked sadly. My dad frowned.

"No.....here, I'll let you bring four of them." He smiled. I perked up, and though of whom I was going to bring.

The next day, at the roof of the school during lunch........

"......So will you guys come?" I asked my friends. Ringo and Skylar just stared at me.

"Well it really just depends on what my parents think." Maguro answered breaking the silence. Ringo, Skylar and Risukuma nodded. I sighed.

"Ok then. Just come over to my house if your parents approve of it." I replied, leaving for my next class, which was history, thinking that my favorite class might cheer me up. I did, but didn't do much.

That ended school and I was on my way home. The spring breeze ruffled through my long black hair as a walked to the end of the school's walk way. Usually I would get annoyed by it because my very uneven bangs would get in my eyes, but today was different.

I just let it get in my eyes, not caring if my sensitive eyes get infected by it, and kept walking. I really didn't want to leave the school I've been in for years, or the friends I've known since kindergarten either, but I kept walking, knowing that soon enough I'll reach that wonderful

Yellow-green bricked house that I always lived in, that I'll have to leave. Before I myself even knew it, I was in my room packing my clothing and other items inside a suitcase. When I was done, I sighed and went to bed.

----My Dream----

I woke in a bright, unfamiliar hallway in what I guessed was the 12th grade hallway to the auditorium.

'What am I doing here?' I wondered, and then I saw someone start to walk toward me. She introduced herself to be Sumi, and she asked me for my name.

".....Arihana Sumakiro. Um....can I ask you where I am?" I replied. She just smiled that grin of hers.

"You're in the main hallway of Primp Town Middle school. Would you like me to give you a tour of the school, Arihana?" Sumi asked. I stared at her.

"Um.....sure, oh and you could just call me Ari if you would like." I answered. She nodded.

She told me the school was immense so the tour would take a while, but I still agreed to take it considering I was bored and the fact it might come in handy one day. Sumi showed me the auditorium, the cafeteria, the main office, the library, and any other thing she thought I would like to know.

"Well that's the end of it! We walked the whole area and perimeter of the school!" Sumi smiled. That's when I noticed something odd. She smirked.

"You can wake up now."

----End of dream----

I popped out of bed. Wondering what had just happened.

This was going to be a long day.