Cheering echoed throughout the hall as the men of the Tarak army witnessed the showcase of their new weapon the Tsukumo Version Van-type Fighter. As the curtains withdrew from the stage and a metal gate raising from behind them the rows of Vanguards were revealed their bodies and armor shined as the lights in the room illuminated them for the soldiers to see.

However the cheering stopped when a young third-class citizen was spotted hanging onto one of the machines. "Isn't that a third-class citizen" one of the soldiers called out as the young man hung from the Van-type's centerpiece. The Prime minister's voice echoed from the loud speakers as he ordered the soldiers to capture him. Evading a single guard then jumping onto the center statue of the stage the young raven-haired teen began kicking at the guards "Hey leave me alone. Get off of me".

Finally capturing the boy the guards took him to a storage room throwing him into a wall of boxes before activating a laser grid to keep him form escaping. "Bastards just don't dump me in a storage room. At least put me in a real prison" he yelled.

"This cell may be used for storage, but this is a real brig so simmer down your highness" The guard on the right said. Placing his fist onto his hip the guard on the left said "They've decided to give you a public execution. And it won't be too quick and painless". The right guard smiled as he called over a small white Navi-bot ordering it to watch over the new prisoner.

"Prime minister there's a small unknown energy signature detected on the outside of the ship" a bridge operator said. Before the prime minister could respond the ship shook violently as something impacted the outside. "I gave the order to stop the exhibition" he yelled getting to his feet. "This isn't part of the exhibition. It's the women they're mounting a surprise attack," the bridge operator yelled struggling to remain on his feet.

"Formation has been broken" "All ships guard the Ikazuchi" the prime minister yelled as the ship was being bombed. A new ship appeared form behind the ship its red armor shined in the light of exploding bombs. On the bridge of this ship of women smiled as they're surprise attack succeeded "Well captain it looks like we caught a big one" Opening her eyes the old captain grinned, "Hmm well today must be our lucky day".

Back on the Ikazuchi the crew was in panic at the sudden attack. Alarms around the ship blared as the crew began running to evacuate the ship. "Escort ship Mejeri been destroyed the Maburoshi is down too. The Ikazuchi's new sections have been breached". The prime minister growled "What deplorable tactics they're hiding in the background fire. Send the Vanguards out" he ordered. "But sir most of them are just trainees" a soldier argued. "If we don't use our newest weapon now we'll bring shame to our forefathers"

In the dinning hall an alarmed sounded as the prime minister ordered the cadets to launch in the vanguards. With the Vanguards launched several latched onto the red dread that was flying by "Hey what are these things they're getting in my way" the female pilot yelled. "Don't worry about the Vanguards concentrate on the enemy flagship" the lead pilot ordered in a calm serious voice. As the battle waged on several Vanguards were shot down as another ship flew through the battle "What was that" the pilot of the red dread yelled seeing a humanoid shaped ship with a desert camouflage paint scheme.

"Woo looks like I've found quite the party" a voice yelled through a static filled radio. Assisting the dreads against the Vanguards the new ship was declared an enemy as the prime minister ordered it destroyed along with the women. Inside the Ikazuchi several forms exited their ships their suits giving them the appearance of monsters.

"Cargo bay gravity restored prepare to engage the enemy" a soldier said as he readied his rifle glaring through a window as the women began boarding the ship. As a blue dread sped through the cargo bay the pilot yelled "Ahh I can't stop" In the engine room the young man now escaped form his cell ran over a walkway shouting "There's no way I'm gonna let myself die in a place like this". The corner of the ceiling above him glowed with heat as the blue ship crashed through knocking him over the railing as it was torn apart.

In the bridge the prime minister reached for a lever with the first mate looking on in shock "Prime minister". "We can't afford to let the entire ship be captured by our enemies. I must at least save the new section of the Ikazuchi, before everything falls into the hands of the females I'll separate the old form the new" he said as he threw the lever forward.

Explosions ran thought out the Ikazuchi as the ship began separating itself. In the engine room the young Tarak youth began coming to as he reached his hand out it met with something soft "Huh? What the heck is this?" he asked gripping it more. Looking up he stared into the mask of the pilot that was knocked from her ship shocked he pushed her off of him crawling away "Ahh it's a monster".

Holding her hand out the young pilot called to him "Hold on wait". As the Tarak youth turned his head the pilot removed her mask revealing herself to him. Her red hair flowing down past her shoulders, looking back at the boy she smiled "Wow it's a real alien".

Leaning forward she slowly waved her hand and watched as boy mimicked her. Smiling happily she clamped her hands next to her face "It worked I did it I made first contact". Smiling nervously the boy quickly turned around and began running "See ya". "Huh wait a second I want to take a picture" the girl called after him.

In the halls the desert colored ship crashed through the outer walls of the ship taking severe damage. "Well this isn't good" the pilot said as he jumped from the cockpit and began running. Approaching a door he heard a gun shot then a female voice "Don't move stay right were you are. We'll shoot if you try anything funny". Two pilots began removing their suits as the men were being herded down the hall "I know its just a disinfectant, but I don't think I'll ever get used to the smell" the blonde pilot said.

The blue-haired pilot looked around "Where'd Dita go". Before she could get a response the door opened revealing the pilot of the Desert colored ship. Turning to face him the blonde and blue-haired pilot held their fists out their rings glowing slightly. The pilot gently grabbed the brim of his brown cowboy hat and smiled while his dark-green sunglasses reflected the ceiling lights above them "Well I think I may have been safer outside" he said holding his other hand up. "Get in line with the others" the blue haired pilot ordered. "Sorry, but I have a job to complete" he said before quickly running off.

Back on the new section of the Ikazuchi the Prime minister gave an order to destroy the old section "Prepare to fire a torpedo the Muramasa". "Prime minister are you actually going to destroy the old section," the first mate argued. The prime minister growled fiercely as he lowered his head "I'd rather destroy it with my own hand than let it fall into the hands of women"

Back in the halls one of the men had opened a locker retrieving a uniform. "Hey get back in line" one of the women said holding her gun up. "There's time for that later" the man replied sliding the jacket on. "You'd better start cooperating with us now get into the capsule or I'll shoot" she demanded. "I'm no threat to you" Turning his head the man smiled evilly "I happen to be a doctor".

"The only reason I came along is because I heard they'd be big, but it's all junk" the blonde pilot complained leaning against a Vanguard. "Jura I'm going to go look for Dita let's go together" the blue-haired pilot said looking down a hole in the wall. "I told you didn't want to bring along a trainee" Jura replied sighing. Turning to face her the commanding pilot said "Listen Jura we're short-handed as it is if you didn't want to be here you should have spoken up earlier". "Ok you don't have to yell, you want me to go right"

"Captain what'd we do" a platinum haired women said as they noticed a torpedo locked onto the ship. "I see it, it would be a shame to lose the ship, but Lets get out of here" the old pirate yelled. "Did you copy that Meia" Buzam asked holding the radio to her ear. "I've lost Dita I'll rendezvous with you when I find her go on ahead" As Meia finished speaking a yell was heard below them. Looking down they saw Dita chasing after the young man she encountered earlier.

"Stop following me" he yelled. "Mr. Alien wait" Dita called. "Dita" Meia gasped seeing her comrade chasing him. "Did you see that Meia she's chasing a man" Jura said. Looking over the railing the two women heard someone yell in pain turning around they saw the same man from before holding his left ankle. "Argh Dammit not the best time to get injured," he grunted attempting to force himself to his feet. "Don't move" Meia ordered aiming her laser ring at him.

Looking up the pilot smiled painfully "Well we meet again. This must be fate or something". Grabbing the railing the pilot forced himself to his feet then leaning on it for support and straightening his sunglasses "You wouldn't shoot an unarmed opponent would you?"

Back in the women's ship the bridge bunnies were monitoring the crew status. "Crew extraction commencing" one said. "Three hundred seconds until missile impact" the other said. Looking up the captain said "BC". "I'm the only one left from my team. Three members under Meia have not returned"

"We'll let them return on their dreads get back to the ship now" the captain ordered. "Roger" BC replied. Back in the engine room Hibiki began climbing a wall of debris with Dita chasing after him. "Dita" Meia yelled as she tackled her subordinate. Looking behind her Dita gasped at the sight of her commander "Meia". "What are you doing? You know better than to separate from the rest of the team" Meia barked.

"I'm sorry Meia" Dita responded lowering her head. "This is Meia all three accounted for we're leaving on the dreads" As the pilots scrambled to their respective ships Hibiki looked around "Where's that Vanguard" upon seeing it he exclaimed "We did it partner" as he jumped down and entered the mecha. Across the room the pilot of the desert colored ship finished taping small plates of steel around his ankle to keep it straight. "Time to leave" he said to himself holding his wrist to his face "Autopilot engage, code 00F-16".

A robotic female voice replied from the watch as the pilot got to his feet "Homing signal activated moving for extraction" Watching as the three dreads began powering up the pilot gripped the rim of his hat again and smiled slightly tilting his head forward. "O.Z. reached prepare for extraction," his watch said as he dropped to the floor covering his head. His ship crashed through the wall with is cockpit door open waiting for its pilot to enter.

"Go time" he said limping quickly towards his ship. After entering the ship and powering it up the pilot looked over at the damaged Vanguard as it laid there. 'Come on kid power up' he thought to himself. As two of the dreads lifted above the ground and turned to leave Meia looked behind her to see that Dita's ship was stuck. "My dread is stuck and I can't get it out" she yelled wildly turning her controls.

The Desert ship's engine cut on just as the pilot closed his eyes. "Dita" Meia said watching the blue dread struggling to get free. "There's no time we have to leave" Jura said. "15 seconds until impact" a bridge bunny said as the missile drew closer and closer to the ship. Dita, Hibiki and the pilot of the desert ship all yelled in unison "Move it".

Just as the missile hit the engine glowed with a bright light that consumed everything around it. Opening his eyes to find himself along with the other four pilots falling into an abyss of blue light 'Dammit is it really our time already?'

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