Bones/Twilight Crossover Bella/Booth

4 years. 4 years since my whole life ended. I had gotten a job, moved away, and went to a prestigious university and seemingly went on with my life. But the hole was still there.

I was thinking this when I suddenly bumped into a guy and threw all my things down. The guy was as close to beautiful as you could get without being a vampire. He had dark black hair, deep grey eyes that you could swim in, a cute nose, a chiseled jaw, and a strikingly hot smile. The guy was wearing a black tie, white shirt, and a black suit. "Are you alright?" He asked. The guy's voice was gruff, yet strangely calm. That was when I decided to talk and close my mind. "I'm alright. Sorry for my clumsiness. I assure you I'mvery light on my feet. I'm a bit lost. Could you help me?" He took a double-take for a second, then smiled. "Sure. Where are you headed?" "The Forensic Lab." His face turned serious. "What are you doing there?" I decided not to tell him about my job. He'd probably be disgusted by it. "A little of this, a little of that. Nothing fun." He laughed. "What's fun about forensics?" I chuckled.

We walked and he was actually a good guy. I really thought he was very interesting. We ended up at the lab and I was shocked at the enormity of the Jeffersonian Institute. A tall woman with black hair and dark black eyes came up to me. "Hello, you must be Miss Swan. Nice to meet you, I'm Dr. Saroyan."She smiled politely at me. Dr. Saroyan looked extemely proffesional, and I liked her instantly. She stole a glance at my new friend. He caught it. "Cam, don't start. " She had an innocent look on her face. "I didn't say anything, Seeley." Seeley? So that was his name? "Well, if we're on first name terms, you can call me Bella." Seeley grinned. "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. It suits you." I blushed. Who knew I still carrried that trait. I saw another woman with brunette hair, like me, and bright blue eyes.. She looked pretty, and was drawing something, a face, I think it was. She came up to me. "Hey, I'm Angela. You're new here, and I just wanted to make sure that you have someone to talk to here. Cam can be a bit...rigid." I laughed. "It's Dr. Saroyan, Mrs. Montengro. I am still your boss, and can dock your pay!" Dr. Saroyan yelled. Angela blanched. I kept walking, and saw the person I was looking for. Dr. Temperance Brennan. Shw was incredibly beautiful, more so than anyone else here. She was wearing glasses and was inspecting a skeleton.

"Hello, Dr. Brennan? " I asked timidly. She looked up at me with a gracious smile. "Nice to meet you, Dr. Isabella Swan." Seeley looked shocked. "Doctor? " "Yes, Booth. She's my new permanent assistant." To say Seeley was shocked was a big understatement. "Bella's a squint!?" He yelled. "Bella? " They said laced with innuendo. All of them looked at me with curious looks on their faces. "It's what I'm preffered to be called by." They nodded their heads. I laughed. "Well, I don't need your services today, so you can take a break until tommorrow."Dr. Brennan said. "Thank you, Dr. Brennan." She looked up at me and said, "Call me Brennan or Bones. But Booth calls me that." She smiled softly, then returned to inspecting the bones. I gathered my bag and left the lab. Then I was stopped by Seeley. "Do you want to get some coffee?"He asked eagerly. I nodded eagerly. "Oh, and you can call me Booth. We'll have fun. I know this really great place." He smiled. I nodded. My life has just changed. I knew it.