Comfort Chapter 3

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Bella's Pov

I sat in the coffee shop, almost blown away. Booth liked me. He invited me to dinner. I'm going on a date! I was letting myself love again for the first time in years. It had been so long…..

I remember when Jacob had insisted that I give him a chance, but I couldn't. I couldn't let myself experience that pain again. That agonizing, heart wrenching pain. Who would want that? The pain of rejection, of having your heart torn apart, and torn to pieces. Jacob and I were friends, and even though I had imagined us together, I knew that it wouldn't have worked out. His heart was broken.

In the end, he imprinted on Angela, one of my closest friends in Forks. Without her and Jacob, I wouldn't have survived back then. I am so happy that they found each other. I had thought that I was done with love. Then Booth came. I have another chance, I argued with myself. I'm feeling emotions that I haven't felt for years.

But I could get my heart broken. Was I willing to take that risk? Go through that pain again? My gut said that I should take the chance.

My cell phone took me out of my thoughts, and I looked at the glowing screen. Who would call me now? 'Dr. Brennan', it said. "Hello.", I answered.

"Dr. Swan, we have a case. I need you to come over to 21 Kohler Street on Adams Avenue. There's a partially-decomposed body that we need to examine." Dr. Brennan said in her regular monotone.

"Of Course, Dr. Brennan, I'll get there as soon as I can." I replied. Suddenly, I felt strange. Someone had just died. I know I had worked on bodies before, as a part of my doctoral studies, but it hit me more knowing that this was someone who just died. Most of the bodies I'd worked with in the past were from all different times, so it hit me hard.

I got to the scene and found Booth talking to a metro police officer. I waved at him. "Hey." I said quietly. He smiled, and my heart melted. He is so attractive. "Hi, Bella. Looks like we'll be spending a lot of time together since you're a squint and all." He laughed nervously. My eyes met his and I instantly felt warm inside. I felt like a teenager again.

The body was found in a dumpster. There was a putrid stench that oozed from the dumpster. I felt bad for the victim who had to die surrounded by filth.

Dr. Brennan interrupted our stare-off with a cough. "The body is over here." She said with a curious look on her face. I knelt down at the body and looked at the spine. It seemed like the person had broken their spine. "The spine looks like it was broken, but I think that the victim was disabled. The spine looks like it was healed, but the person wouldn't have been able to walk." Dr. Brennan walked over to me, and inspected the bones.

"I think you are right, Dr. Swan. The victim must have been disabled, and the body seems like it was thrown and fell in the dumpster. The victim probably wasn't able to get out, and died from suffocation from the garbage. The garbage bags were placed over the body throughout the span of a couple days, most likely." Dr. Brennan explained.

"The garbage workers were freaked out when they opened the dumpster and found the body in there." Booth said.

"The body looks like a male. Early 30s. It looks like his arms were under a lot of strain. For a disabled person, the victim must have done a lot of exercise. I think that the murderer threw him in there, suffocated him, and walked away." I stated.

Soon enough, inspecting the body was over and FBI brought the body over to the Jeffersonian. I drove home, filed with anticipation for my date with Seeley. My stomach was filled with butterflies. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I saw Seeley at his car, fidgeting. Thank god, he's just as nervous as I am.

He turned to me and smiled. "Seeley, what are you doing?" I asked curiously. I stared at his clothes. Booth dressed very well. A dress shirt and jeans. I like it. I liked him.

"I thought I'd surprise you and show up early with flowers and chocolate. I hope you like it." He smiled sheepishly, and I chuckled. He was so damn adorable. I couldn't help but think that Seeley was a very romantic man. It made him even more appealing.

"Thank you. Come inside while I put these in some water." I smiled and opened the door. Booth followed silently. "The place is a bit of a mess, but it's decent." My apartment was small, but it was my home. I was very messy and all of my things were scattered around. My bed was never made, the dishes were still unwashed and the laundry wasn't folded. My family pictures from Forks and Arizona are on the shelf; Booth was staring at them curiously with a strange glint in his eye.

"This your family?" He asked while looking at a picture of the pack and me when we were on the reservation. It was Sam and Emily's wedding. I was the maid of honor and Leah was a bridesmaid. We had become good friends, and we still talk. Leah and I had some similarities. I loved that day. She's married to Embry now. Nobody would have expected that to happen ten years ago.

"Yeah, sort of. They're really close friends of mine. I love them a lot. They are like a surrogate family to me." The pictures suddenly made me homesick. It had been so long since I had gone home. So long…it had been years. Eight long years. I looked at the picture intently, looking at how Jacob's arms were around my waist protectively. Seeley noticed it as well.

"Who's that? He seems so protective of you. Did you date him?" Booth asked bluntly. I laughed. "No. It wouldn't have worked out anyway. He has a girlfriend now, who he's deeply in love with. His name's Jacob. "Then Seeley's face changed into an indecipherable expression. I could have sworn I saw…

Booth looked at the rest of my pictures, while I put the gifts on the kitchen table. "Ready to go?" He asked. I nodded, and I locked the door. He walked me to his car, and opened the door. "How gentlemanly, Seeley." I remarked. He winked at me.

While he was driving, I noticed some things about Booth. He drove fast, his eyes were always focused, and he loved rock music. He really loved rock music.

We got to his apartment, and I was surprised at how clean it looked. Usually a bachelor would have a messy room, but it was spic and span. "I like that your house is clean. But it makes me feel dirty." We both laughed. He escorted me to the table, and he held my hand. I instantly felt an amazing spark. It was then that I knew that Booth was it. The it that I had been waiting for. Holding hands can seem so simple; but it truth it can be more intimate than a kiss.

I sat at the table, and my mouth watered at the smell of food. "I didn't know you could cook, Booth. That's awesome." He blushed a bit. Thank god I found someone who actually blushes. "Actually, I just bought some Chinese food from the restaurant on 13th. I threw out the takeout boxes. I hope you're not disappointed. I can't cook for shit." I burst out in laughter.

"Booth you're awesome." I said happily. He grinned. "You would leave if I cooked, I'm sure of it." After that, we ate in peace. At the end of dinner, he showed me his music collection. After that, we sat on the couch and stared at each other, hands clasped tightly. Then Seeley put his hand on my cheek, and leaned in.

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