Chapter One- Truth,Test, and Mission of Revenge

Naruto was use to it all now, but it now made sense. He had the nine-tailed fox sealed in him. Well that's what people thought, in truth he was a She. The Hokage told him they would have done worse things to her if she didn't wear the henge he put on her.

She had been told that ever since she could remember. But the Hokage was the only one, so the burden of 'that time of the month' hindered her studies.

Now she was in Iruka's hospital room, replaying the battle with mizuki or what she heard. She had been blind since she was four. But every once in awhile see would see what she described as a black sheet of paper with glow in the dark paint sketching out what things looked like.

But this could be seen only every so often and see couldn't see often anyway and chose to rely on other senses.

"Naru, you should go get ready for school." The third said as he entered the room.

"Hai, Old man." Naru shuffled out of her chair and put her hand on wall and walked into the hall.

A nurse shot her a sympathy glance. Every doctor at the hospital knew she was just the jailer of the demon, and how she was blind, but not that she wasn't a boy.

She hated the pathetic looks, she couldn't see them but knew they were there.

Naru walked slowly to school her new Hi-ate on her forehead. Today was going to be a head-ache. Just like every day it was a head -ache.

The whole becoming blind thing was their plan, they thought 'you can harm, what you can't see' would bring back the 'little boy' the 'demon' took over. Then they started throwing her sad looks because she was blind.

It was pathetic.

They did it, and so she decide to become Hokage, and show them she's not weak, and show them what they did.

But some people didn't stop the beatings. They were just less frequent or it would be done in smaller groups or didn't last long enough to knock her out.

Naru finally reached the school, and meet an empty class room, of course. School wouldn't start for another hour.

"I wish I didn't have to look so stupid." Naru mumbled to herself. She stopped hearing some stirring. "Good morning Shikamaru, did I wake you up?"

"Yeah, your early. So you did graduate, I thought you failed?" Shikamaru asked.

"I did, but I got caught I in the middle of something that got me to graduate." Naru rubbed the back of her head.

"A lot of strange things happen, though, like the fan girls stop being fan girls one day." Shikamaru yawned.

"That was strange." Naru said thinking about it.

Flash Back

All the girls had been chatting and sasuke came in the class room. But instead of hearing the fan girls screech they kept talking.

"That's strange?" Kiba said.

"Yeah what's wrong with you guys?" Naru asked.

"We decided to stop being fan girls." Sakura announced.

"What made you guys do that?" Choji said as Shikamaru yawned.

"It's a secret." Ino said and the girls shook their heads in agreement.

"Whatever, they've decided to stop bugging me. Let's keep it that way." Sasuke said.

Flash Back End

"Yeah and we thought sasuke would become a dark hearted avenger." Naru said.

"And yet he's kind wonder what happened?" Shikamaru asked. "Well I'll go back to sleeping."

"Mind if I sleep too, from what happened last night I didn't sleep." Naru asked.

"Knock your self out, just no pranks." Shikamaru said.

"Sure thing." Naruto took off his jacket and used it as a pillow.

With Ino and Sakura-

"Hey Ino, sakura came over for breakfast!" Ino's mother called.

"I'm coming!" Ino yelled.

"You to seem excited, what did you say make you become a serious kunoichi?" Inoichi asked.

"Dad we told you, we saw that girl training and she was so good and then we saw the Hokage watching her and he said she was blind and she was our age." Ino whined.

"If we have no problem with us and we can't do anything a ninja should be able to, while she's blind and can do better, we shouldn't be ninja." Sakura added.

"So this plan to meet her, how are you going to do it." Ino's mom asked.

"We haven't thought it through." They frowned.

With sasuke-

"How the heck am I going to find the Yondaime's kid, Itachi trusted me to protect him. If I can't do that I won't be able to redeem my clan's pride." Sasuke frowned.

"He could have at least given me a clue." Sasuke pouted.

(Sasuke doesn't know who the Yondaime's kid is because he doesn't know who the mother is because he knows that the child could look like the mother, result: problem)

Back to Naruto-

Kids piled in trying to be quite because in the middle of the room people were sleeping, had it only been Shikamaru they would be as loud as they want, but people weren't ready from a headache from naruto.

A few minutes later sasuke walked in and stopped to look at the blond. 'that kid is going to get himself killed you can tell he's blind'

A few minutes after that Sakura and ino came in and noticed naruto in the classroom.

"Sasuke what's he doing here?" Ino asked.

"Don't know, but stranger things have happened." Sasuke shrugged.

"I'll wake him up, if he graduated he should at least try not to get yelled at." Sakura said.

"No!" All the class said making x signs.

"Huh?" Sakura said.

"It's quiet we want it to stay that way." A girl said.

"Hey Guys!" Kiba shouted walking in causing Naru to stir.

"You idiot!" The girls yelled. "Your getting beat up later for the headache about to happen."

"I woke him up didn't I?" Kiba asked. The guys shook their heads. "Come on maybe he'll be peaceful."

"Yeah and then he'll be smart, like that's going to happen." Ino said.

"Stranger things have happened." Kiba said.

"Don't jinx it!" Ino said. Naru finally lifted her head and looked around, Shikamaru doing the same.

"Naruto, you really shouldn't sleep in class what'll happen if Iruka-sensei catches you?" Sakura said.

"Gomen, I didn't get any sleep last night." Naruto yawned.

"Well pay attention now Iruka-sensei is coming." Sakura went and took a seat in the front.

"You didn't have to wake me up." Shikamaru yawned.

"That was Kiba's fault." Sakura said.

"Morning Class." Iruka opened the door.

"Morning Iruka-sensei." The kids grumbled.

*Insert boring speech here*

"Now for you team placements team one *insert team 1-6 placement* … Team seven naruto Uzumaki , Sakura Haruno, and sasuke Uchiha." Iruka said.

"Your sensei is Kakashi hatake." Iruka read.

"Finally." Naruto mumbled and fell asleep.

"Should we wake him up?" A boy asked.

"Let him sleep that way he won't pull any pranks, better we keep it that way." Iruka chuckled.

"Team eight Shino aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, and Hinata Hyuga, your sensei is Kurenai Yuuhi." Iruka read.

"Team nine is still active from last year, Team ten is Ino Yakama, Shikamaru nara, and choji Akimichi." Iruka read. "Your sensei is Sarutobi Asuma. Please wait for your sensei."

*Three hours later*

"HE'S LATE!" Sakura yelled. Naruto lifted his head from his nap.

"Huh? Where'd everyone go?" Naruto asked.

"Our sensei is three hours late for picking us up, we were suppose to meet him." Sasuke explained.

"Then shall we play a prank?" Naruto asked.

"What do you have in mind?" Sakura stopped her pacing.

*A few minutes later*

Kakashi opened the door to see a paper plane with colorful language written on it get about a foot away from him, before transforming into a shadow clone and kick him square in the chest.

"Now, what was that for?" Kakashi asked.

"Being late." The clone said and disappeared.

"Naruto you can wake up now." Sasuke nudged the sleeping blond.

"I just had the weirdest dream." Naruto yawned.

"Meet me on the roof top." Kakashi said.

"Remind me not to tick him off." sakura said as she walked past sasuke.

Roof top-

"Why don't you introduce yourself." Kakashi said.

"You first, so we know what to do." Sakura suggested.

"Okay." Kakashi said. " My name is Kakashi Hatake, My likes and dislikes… My hobbies… my dream."

'What the heck was that!' All three genin thought.

"Pinky your up." Kakashi said.

"I'm not pinky!" Sakura scowled. "My Name is Sakura Haruno, My likes are strong kunoichi and Dango (Just for the heck of it), My dislikes are people who make fun of my forehead. My hobbies include spending time with ino and shopping, my dream is to be a great kunoichi." Sakura said.

"Mr. Brood a lot." Kakashi said.

"I don't brood!" Sasuke's eyebrow twitched. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha, My likes are *Mumbles*" Sasuke said.

"I think he said tomatoes." Naru said.

"My dislikes are almost everything, I don't think I have hobbies and My dream is more of a promise." Sasuke said.

"Strange, Okay Blondie is next." Kakashi said.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I like ramen 'and pocky' I dislike the thirty seconds it takes to make ramen 'being blind, having to wear a henge, pocky stealers and people who hate me' My hobbies are pranking 'gardening, and drawing' And my dream is to be Hokage 'and burn the orange suit'" Naru said with in-between thoughts.

"Okay, tomorrow meet at training ground 14, be there at seven and don't eat breakfast or you'll puke." Kakashi then shunshined away.

"Yeah first impressions last, by the time he gets there are food will have digested and if we don't eat we'll pass out." Naru said.

"So what do we do?" Sakura asked.

"I say we eat, fool around for awhile and show up two and a half hours after seven and wait for half an hour till he shows up." Sasuke declared.

"Agreed, now I have to go I'm late for something." Naruto waved.

"Hey sakura." Sasuke said.

"Yeah?" Sakura turned her head.

"Do you think naruto is blind?" Sasuke asked.

"He's what?" Sakura asked.

"His eyes just have that look." Sasuke said.

"What look?" Sakura was confused.

" The look, thing with the missing pupil. " Sasuke said.

They both sat there thinking of what to do, to get naruto to tell them.

"I got it, I know a person that can help us!" Sakura yelled. "I'll bring them to training tomorrow bye!"

With naruto-

Naru walked in the hospital and up to the desk. The nurse stationed there took notice of 'Him'.

"Naruto, your doctors are busy at the moment, but you can wait in the waiting area." the nurse then got out of her chair took her hand and sat her on a chair.

'I Hate this.' Naru thought as she sat there before noticing another nurse came up to her.

"Ah, Naruto I heard you got your headband. Who's your teammates?" The nurse asked as she sat down next to her.

"Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha. Our sensei is Kakashi Hatake." Naru waited.

"Have you decided to tell them yet?" The nurse asked.

"No." Naru said, she was asked this almost every day.

"You should tell them, what if something happens on a mission." The nurse said.

"Maybe." Naru said and she turned her head as she heard her doctors coming. "I have to go now."

Naru got up off her chair and walked toward the doctors, who took her hand again and lead her to the room.

"Naruto, we're going to be taking some tests and then the usual things." The male doctor said.

"Okay." Naru sat there.

"Now naruto tell me what do you hear?" The doctor said.

Naru focused and listened.

"Medical Machines, people training, crickets, those guards at the post complaining." Naru said before the doctor stopped her.

"What are they saying?" He asked.

" They're saying 'why do we get stuck with this job, we can't let our skills go to waste.' the other's saying 'what skills, we can't even get to joninin.' guard number one replies 'don't remind me.' then he groaned." Naruto said.

"Okay I'll test how well you can feel vibrations." The doctor said. He then proceeded to drop things till she couldn't sense it. (they lost her when they dropped a penny)

Things like this went on for awhile till the third came in and the doctor told him "His" condition

"Hokage-sama, it seems that in the long run, he may never see again." the doctor said.

"I see." The third said.

With Sakura-

"Where is she?" Sakura looked around before finding a note.

Hello Ex-Fan girls

I'm on a mission, don't know when I'll be back.

Blind redhead

"There goes the plan." Sakura sighed.

Back with Naruto-

Naruto jumped from roof top to roof top to the forest which held her small cabin that she lived in aside from her run down apartment.

She opened the gate and unlocked the door, before entering. She opened the window, and let in her Blue Bird. It handed her what she deemed another antidote half finished.

Opening the letter she traced the Braille on the letter, reading that it was needed with in the next half hour and the list of ingredients need for some person who was poisoned in battle.

"Honey, get me the cranberry, Echinacea, Fenugreek, sage, and Yarrow." Naru said as the bird headed into the backyard. Naruto released the henge, to show a redhead girl, a little bit taller than sakura, her hair stopped past her shoulder blades, and had a nice figure for her age.

Pulling her hair in a bun, and replacing her orange jacket with a white medical coat that stopped at her mid calf, the bird came back plants in beak.

She mixed the plants as put in the directions, into her Mortar and Pistil till she mixed them well enough. Then taking out a glass beaker and put the antidote in it before setting it on a burner waiting for it to turn from blue to a dark purple.

With Sakura-

"Great, I'm lost." Sakura complained as she walked through the forest.

"I just had to open my mouth." Sakura grumbled. "I think I sense someone over there, maybe they can help me."

Sakura walked up to a log cabin that had a garden that would make ino jealous.

"I wonder who lives here?" Sakura walked to the door.

Inside with Naruto-

'someone's outside, someone I know, I can't tell who.' Naru grabbed a kunai from the table and walked up to the door.

She was even more surprised when the person knocked. Getting into defensive stance she took the top chain and locked it and then unlocked the door handle letting the door open up a few inches.

"Who's there?" Naru said.

"Um, I kind of got lost and don't know how to get back to town, can you please help me?" Sakura asked. 'sakura?'

"I Have a request from the Hokage I have to finish, you can wait till I'm done and I'll help you out." Naru said hiding her surprise.

"Thank you I'm sorry for the disturbing you." Sakura said.

"Hold on." Naru closed the door and unlocked the top before reopening the door.

Sakura stepped in and took a good look at the girl. "Your t-the girl f-from the f-forest." Sakura stuttered out.

"And Your Sakura Haruno top kunoichi of the year." Naru smiled.

"Yes, did the Hokage tell you about me?" Sakura came out of shock.

"I like to keep an eye out on my followers." Naru said as she looked at the simmering now green antidote.

"If I may ask, who are you, and what are you doing?" Sakura asked.

"You already know who I am, but I can't tell you because it's for my protection. Or that's at least what the Hokage said." Naru said, sakura nodded. "I you must call me something, then call me Nori."

"Why Nori?" Sakura asked.

"One of the means to the named is code, that's why I chose Nori." Nori (A/N: Naruto will now be called Nori, in girl form, [She, her] and Naruto when in boy form [he, his, him] Okay!)

"As for your second question, I'm making an antidote, needed at the hospital. The person who lived here use to be an old fashion medicalist, I met her when I was younger and helped her in her old age and in return she taught me medical knowledge." Nori said. "She showed me how to makes everything from medicine to the medical tools I use."

"When did she pass away?" Sakura asked quietly.

"Last year." Nori said before she removed the beaker and poured it into a glass bottle and put a cork on the medium sized bottle.

"I'm sorry." Sakura watched as she beckoned Honey (Blue bird) to her side.

"It's okay, she was old and no one can live forever. She needed a student she could pass knowledge on to. I was just right for the job, because of my green thumb." Nori strapped on a brown leather, scroll holder, to the bird sliding in the vile and let the bird go.

"So why were you here in the first place?" Nori turned to her.

"Oh, it doesn't matter now." Sakura said. Nori gave her a questioning look before removing her medical coat and placing her long dark brown coat on and grabbing a shopping bag.

"Let's head out, I need some supplies and you need to get back home." Nori said.

"Okay." Sakura shook her head. Nori had finished letting down her hair.

Time skip Sakura's house-

"Here we are." Sakura said.

"Goodbye Haruno-san, drop by again sometime." Nori said.

"Goodbye Nori, and call me sakura." Sakura waved.

"Okay, Sakura." Nori slipped on black shades and waved as she walked away.

Inside sakura's room-

"So naruto's a girl." Sakura said. "Maybe I should pay her a visit, tomorrow."

Next Day-

"Sakura, where's the person you were going to bring?" Sasuke asked.

"Out of town." Sakura lied.

"Forget it then." Sasuke said promptly deciding naruto could do what he wanted.

"Good Morning!" Naruto yelled.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted.

"Hey, who are they over there." Naruto point in the direction where he sensed four others.

"Oh, Kakashi-sensei told me yesterday that a team that graduated is having their training grounds repaired and is letting them train here." Sakura said.

"Oh. So this means he's going to be late again." Naruto said, the two nodded.

Suddenly a green blur came up behind Naruto and shouted.

"HELLO NEW COMRADES I HOPE WE CAN BE COME GOOD FRIENDS!" A green clad boy shouted. The next thing he knew he had been punched ten feet away.

"God! You hurt my ears! Didn't someone teach you not to yell in people's ears!" Naruto yelled, covering his ears.

"I'm sorry he can be stupid sometimes." A girl in a Chinese outfit and her hair in twin buns said.

"Huh, I can't hear you?" Naruto said.

"Lee, see what you've done." A white eyed boy said.

"YOU YOUTHS MUST BE KAKASHI'S TEAM." a large clone of the boy came over.

"You too! I can't hear now!" Naruto had now punched him next to the first one.

"Naruto! Stop it, I think they've learned your lesson." Sakura half yelled at him.

"HUH!" Naruto put his hand to his ear.

Sakura proceeded to force chakra into his ear till he could hear.

"Jezz, you didn't have to punch them" Sasuke sighed.

"It was natural reaction." Naruto said.

"Sorry about that, um?" Sakura said.

"I'm Tenten, the people he punched were Lee, and Gai-sensei, and that's Neji" Tenten said.

"THAT WAS A GOOD PUNCH!" Lee said getting back up. "RIGHT GAI-SENSEI."

"YES LEE IT WAS!" Gai said.

Three hours later-

"Yo!" Kakashi said.

"YOUR LATE!" Naruto and Sakura yelled.

"Let's just start the test." Sasuke said.

"Okay, Gai you guys can watch, it shouldn't take to long." Kakashi said. Pulling out to bells tell them the rules. "You must get these bells, by noon or you can't have lunch and will be tied to that post."

Three stomach grumbled. (So much for their plan)

"I see you took my advice on not eating." Kakashi eye smiled.

"Wait a minute there's only two bells!" Sakura yelled.

"Yes, and one person will fail and be sent back to the academy." Kakashi said. "You have till 12'o clock, on the count of start."

"Ready, set, Start!" With that all three disappeared.

'It seems that they can hide their presence well.' Kakashi thought.

"When will this be over?" Neji complained.

"Come, at least watch, Neji." Tenten asked.

"Fine, I have nothing to do until they're done." Neji said.

To Naruto's and Sasuke's Hiding spot (Best Friends By the way)

"This seems, strange." Sasuke said.

"All he did was pull out a book, he's underestimating us." Naruto growled.

"Not that, the test." Sasuke snapped.

"So?" Naruto looked at him. "What could he be doing?"

"We need to find sakura, she can probably figure it out." Sasuke said.

"She's in the bushes below." Naruto confirmed.

Jumping down the three met to discuss.

"You're right it is fishy." Sakura said, thinking a bit they figured it out.

"Teamwork." They said.

"Now for a plan." Sasuke said.

With Kakashi-

'That's strange where are they?" Kakashi wondered. Just then smoke bombs went off and he got in fighting stance.

The smoke cleared and there was nothing. 'what's going on?' where everyone's thoughts.

Suddenly there was three poofs and something clung on to kakashi.

"Hello Kakashi-sensei, happy to see me?" Naruto's clones said.

'Shadow clone?" Him, gai and Neji thought.

"Yeah Kakashi, aren't you happy to see us?" Sasuke said as he ran out from nowhere and lunched out kunai.

They hit him and he poofed into wood. "Subtitution?" Naruto said.

"He's heading toward sakura, we've got him right where we want him.

With sakura-

Sakura was walking around waiting for kakashi to arrive.

"S-sakura, H-help M-me." Genjutus sasuke said.

"Kakashi-sensei you should know, I'm no longer a fan girl, I won't fall for this." Sakura released the jutsu.

"So you aren't." Kakashi said.

"Nope." Sakura threw an kunai with a flash tag wrapped around the handle.

"Flash tag." Kakashi noticed last second.

"Bingo." It activated and sakura was gone.

'The bells are still here.' Kakashi checked.

"Better go back to the other two." To kakashi surprise sakura was there with them.

"So sakura what was with the fireworks." Kakashi asked.

"Oh so you haven't noticed." Sakura said reveling an orange book.

"When did you?" Kakashi said.

"Flash Bomb, see I like to research about my new teammates, the old man was more than happy to give me your file." Naruto said.

"So I guess you want the bells in exchange?" Kakashi said.

"Why would we need them?" Sasuke showed two bells. "We already have them."

"And you have two clones." Sakura provided as they made to puffs of smoke.

"So who passes?" Kakashi said.

"All of us, this had nothing to do with the bells. You got a suggustion of what we were like. You underestimated us."

"I'm not a fan girl, I quit three years ago." Sakura said.

"I'm not that dumb, I just didn't have good teachers." Naruto added.

"And I'm not an Avenger, Itachi knew they were traitors." Sasuke finished.

"It had to do with teamwork am I wrong?" Sakura said.

"You pass." Kakashi smiled. " Be here tomorrow at seven."

"Kakashi time right, because if I'm not mistaken you show up three hours late." Naruto said.

"And my book?" He looked at them.

"Not real." The book poofed away.


"Your students."

Next Day-

(A/N: Skipped KIA stone thing, just lazy)

"Now Naru-Chan, how much do you want to tell them?" The third asked.

"None of it." Naruto said.

"Naru." The third gave a disappointing look.

"Just the blind part." Naruto tried but the glare didn't ease up. "And they girl part when I feel I trust them enough."

"You may meet your team now." Thehokage sighed.

"Thanks old Man." Naruto said leaving the office.

Training grounds-

"Hey guys I need-" He was abruptly cut off by sasuke.

"Naruto we need to ask you something." Sasuke stated.

"What?" He asked.

"Are you blind?" Though it seemed more like a statement.

"Awh,Teme how'd you guess what I was goning to tell you?" Naruto said.

They fall anime style.

"You were going to tell us?" Sakura said.

"Well I was going to tell you when Kakashi-senei came, but you ruined it." naruto said.

"You make it sound like it was a secret." Sasuke said.

"Oh it's not, you could have asked almost any adult, I've been blind since I was four,and it wasn't an accident." Naruto said.

"Huh?" The two were confused.

"I'll explain later." Naruto waved his hand.

Three hours later-

(Insert kakashi being late and explaintion)

Mission room-

"What kind of Missions are these!" The new genin shouted.

"They're starter missions, till you can handle bigger ones." Kakashi replied.

"Karma hates us." Naruto said.

"You guys are going to catch the fire dayimo's cat, Tora." Iruka said.

First D ranked Mission-

"Pink Flower, target's 20 feet from your left." Naruto said from his sitting spot next to kakashi.

"Raven, target's ten feet in front." Naruto called. "Target has stopped, put plan into action, now!

"This is Raven, Target acqurried , tieing it up worked." sasuke said.

"Heading, back now, whiskers." sakura said.

"Ahh! Naruto, cats heading toward you!" Sasuke yelled.

"What! No! Get AWAY!" Naruto screamed as it clawed his face. "Take This!"

"Naruto, what did you do?" Sakura asked.

"Pressure point." Cat hisses at him. "Kakashi, stop reading that perverted book!"

Five D-ranks later-

"Good job Today, I'll see you all tomorrow then." Kakashi smiled,

"I'm leaving before I lose my endless energy." Naruto said.

"See ya." The three went separate ways.

Naruto's cabin-

"I KNEW IT!" Sakura yelled as Naruto walked in.

"You went in other direction, how did you, and the door!" Naruto panicked.

"Finish your questions, Nori." Sakura with sarcasm.

"How did you get here first?" Nori asked.

"Found a short Cut." She supplied.

"How'd you get in I locked the door?" Nori asked.


"How'd you know?"

"Orange jacket on hook."

"Cra-" A knock on the window interrupted her.

"A message from the Hokage?" Nori looked at the seal on the scroll. Opening it she glanced at the contents.

"What's it say?" Sakura asked.

"Old Man wants me to take a shift at the hospital, a lot of Nurses called in sick." Nori hummed.

"What about the explantion?" Sakura said.

"You've got all the pieces so put them together, mean while, I need to get ready for my shift, if you want you can come with me." Nori said.

She then disappeared upstairs, to quickly reapear in a black knee length skirt and a red blouse with black flats on.

"Hey when did you undo the henge?" Sakura asked.

"Somewhere in the conversation, Hand me that white nurse coat will you?" Nori propped her hair into a high ponytail, then sakura handed her the coat which fit nicely.

She took a large bag bag and shifted through it taking count of her supplies, before coming to what looked like a large jar of honey, empty, and went to the backyard followed by sakura.

"Hold this." Nori handed her the bag, then made a silent whistle in which bees came out of a hive in the tree and waited, tipping the hive over , that had netting, honey poured in the jar.

"Why do you need honey?" Sakura tipped her head.

"It's good for many things." Nori started. "One for their health, and two to get litte kids to take their medicene." Sakura laughed at that part.

"So have you figured it out?" Nori asked.

"Sort of, you said that hiding was for your protection, protection from what?" Sakura asked.

"The village, Iwa and political marriages." Nori said.

"Were your parents important people?" Sakura asked.

"I'm…not sure…but they must be if the old man has me learning that junk." Nori pointed to a pile of books all included the word politic in the title.

" I have to tel you to refer to me as nori and not naruto, got it. I don't need you getting killed because of an s-rank secert." Nori said as she locked her door.

"Got it oh and one more thing!" Sakura said. "Can you teach me about medical stuff?"

"Maybe." Nori smiled. "I'll tell you by the end of the shift."

"No fair."

"Life is never fair."

Time skip Hospital-

The two were walking around the hospital floor, going on the absent nurse's route. The nurse mostly dealt with elderly and kids.

"Nori-nee-san! You're working a shift today?" A little boy yelled as she entered the room.

"Hey! Get back into bed or you won't get your present." Nori scolded the young boy of seven, who ran back to the bed.

"So Wha'cha get me! I haven't seen you in forever." The young boy gleamed.

"Now,now I just saw you last week. And are you trying to ruin the surprise." The boy shook his head, before she pulled out a box with pretty paper and ribbions.

He ripped open the package to reveal a wooden chest, when pulled open showed ink power, an ink bottle, quil feather and a leather note book.

There was also a gold coin necklace on top of it,strung on a black cord.

"This is awesome now I can write to tou-san while he's on his trip!" The boy's eyes glowed."Congratulations, they told me your coming out of the hospital next week, and then you'll start the academy." Nori ruffled his hair.

"Hey who's the pinkhaired nee-san?" He asked.

"She's sakura,this year's top kunoichi." Nori said.

"Awesome, tell me what it's like to be in the academy." He pleaded.

"Well, I just graduated and it's a lot of hard work, you see and you can't get distracted-" Nori had left the two alone to go and continue the route.

Fifteen minutes later she came back, the two still chatting not noticing her disapperance or reappearce.

"Sakura, we need to keep going. We'll see you later." She waved to the boy as sakura followed her.

"So I've been wondering, how do you use honey to make little kids take medicene?" Sakura asked.

"I tell them I'm going to call the bears." Nori said. "Now to plan revenge!"

"Your not still going on about that?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, they earned it." Nori said.

"It was an accident." Sakura said.

"Sasuke was but kakashi no."

Flash Back No Jutsu-

"Kakashi-sensei let's spar while sakura and sasuke spar." Naruto suggested.

"Ok." Kakashi put his book away. "Begin."

Naruto ran at his sensei kunai in hand but before he could get over there, kakashi appeared behind him, hand in a horse sign (I think).

"Thousand years of death!" And shoved it you know where and added chakra making him go flying.

"OH MAN! He's going to kill kakashi!" Sasuke quicked grabbed naruto around the waist who tried to escape.

"Let me go! He needs to pay!" Suddenly a hand touched 'his' chest, with got sasuke a punch in the face.



Somewhere two ninjas sneezed and a chill ran through their spines.


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