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Wow, I haven't uploaded anything in a while. Sorry 'bout that. My laptop has been...appropriated by my father while his is being repaired. :P Anyways, I was listening to my Queen Greatest Hits CD and realized how perfectly perfect the song Hammer to Fall is for Russia and America. Anyone who hasn't heard it should listen to it. It's just amazing. Look it up on YouTube. Or something.

Now, this isn't RusAme, but if you want to read it that way, be my guest. C:

hetalia belongs to hidekaz himuruya. the lyrics belong to queen~~~ OH. AND NOTE HOW THIS IS ONLY RATED K+. AND IT'S GOT RUSSIA IN IT. I THOUGHT IT COULD NEVER BE DONE.

Here we stand, or here we fall

History won't care at all

America looked grimly at his reflection in the mirror. He straightened his tie. "Well," he spoke aloud, "is today the day? Is he gonna drop the bomb? Or am I gonna have to have to spend another sleepless night tossing an' turning?"

America reached ut and gripped the doorknob. It was cold beneath his fingers. "Who knows," he muttered, opening the door, "who knows."

He strode out. He had a meeting to attend.

Make the bed, light the light

Lady Mercy won't be home tonight


You don't waste no time at all

Don't hear the bell but you answer the call

He drifted his fingers over the plastic covering. A shiver of anticipation ran down his spine. He could almost-

Russia flipped the cover off the red button.

The Red Button.

His long pale touch ghosted across it, balancing his index finger in it's centre.

Oh, god. He wanted so badly to-

But no, no, he had to wait.

It comes to you as to us all

We're just waiting for the hammer to fall.


Oh every night and every day

A little piece of you is falling away

The meeting was long and tedious. In could have been wrapped up in three short sentences; let's be cautious. We don't want to start anything. We must consider our options.

In America's eyes, all it meant was that they were waiting around to die.

Damned if he was going to let that Soviet bastard get ahead of him.

But lift your head the Western Way

Build your muscles as your body decays


Toe your line and play their game

Let the anaesthetic cover it all

Russia flipped the plastic cover back over the red button.

The Red Button.

He would play America's little waiting game for as long as he had to.

The tall man turned to his control desk and fiddled with the little dials by the transmitter until he found what he wanted. He crouched by the crackly speakers happily, listening to the tick tick tick that was his satellite.

His little satellite.

Russia patted the speaker. "Good job."

Oh yes, he was quite content. And one day…he'd getto push the button.

The Red Button.

Til one day they call your name

You know it's time for the hammer to fall.


Rich or poor or famous for your truth it's all the same

America stalked down the hall agitatedly. Dirty Commie Rat, he thought angrily.

Russia stared out the window of the control tower at the dark cold snow. Disgusting Capitalist Pig.

Lock your door the rain is pouring through your window pane…

On opposite sides of the globe, they shivered in unison. It was getting harder and harder to wait, to let the other make the first move in this deadly game…

Baby now your struggle's all in vain


America looked solemnly over at Russia. The tall man was standing there, expressionless.

Behind each of them, they knew, was the power and force that both of them coveted.

"Tonight…we stand at the top of the world." Russia said, softly. "We are alone, and any move now will send one of falling down to the bottom again."

For we who grew up tall and proud,

In the shadow of the mushroom cloud…

"We are alone."

In so many ways, they knew.

"Can you even hear me?" America asked, harshly.

"No," Russia replied, darkly, "my ears are too full of the hate we've been screaming for so long."

"I can't hear you either."

"So we're on equal terms here."


"But believe me…when I say that it won't be me who'll fall all that distance."

Convinced our voices can't be heard

We just wanna scream it louder and louder and louder


"I think I like the view from the top of the world…I won't be falling. Not now."

Russia smiled. "Well…don't leave your back open."

"And don't you relax too much."

They turned, and walked away from each other, away from it all.

On the top of the world, over all that lay beneath them, holding it's breath, waiting for the fateful meeting to come to an end.

What the hell we fighting for?

Just surrender and it won't hurt at all…

You just got time to say your prayers…

Locked in this struggle.

This cold, Cold War.

While you're waiting for the




Oh my god, I just loooove Cold War fics.~

BTW: First time I've used the 'suspense' genre here. I feel accomplished. C: