A/N: Haha, more SyaoYuui for you. I really have too many ideas for this pair. This is going to be another series of oneshots, all of them angst of some sort mixed (obviously) with some romance. Most of them will be AUs too but a few might be HG-verse ones. Who knows, I might even throw in the regular TRC one somehow XD But yeah, none will differ from being angsty and about them. Other characters might be thrown in but they are the central focus. Also, I won't be posting the next chapter until the one after it is completed. I don't really know why I'm doing it this way, just some reassurance, I suppose. Anyway, I hope you enjoy ^_^

Story One

Syaoron stared sightlessly out at the crashing waves, feeling the sea breeze whip at his face and smelling the salty air. Not that any of them were there. They were far away, in a distant time, in a distant place. He'd never go there, never see it. But he could experience everything else almost like he was right there, on that cliff overlooking an ocean that no longer existed. In fact, nothing truly beautiful existed anymore.

The soft click of a door opening and closing brought him back to the world around him. The real world. The horrible world. He hated it, being trapped here, unable to go anyway, unable to do anything. Kept in this small little house and who knows when. Probably until either the world ended or he did. He wondered which would take longer.

He wondered which of the scattered humans on the planet was visiting him today. There weren't many that did, only a handful out of what reminded here. People that couldn't leave, people with nothing to do but wait for death. He didn't care for these people, too empty, too hopeless. They were dying off and didn't care. They longed for it, sometimes even speeding up their own demise. There wasn't much in the way killing devices but these people were able to figure something out. He hated when they came to visit him, they always wanted something that he couldn't give. All he really wanted was to escape from this place, to get as far away from it as possible. This dead world and these dead people.

"Syaoron, I brought you some food," the angelic voice called to him. He blinked, shifting slightly to gaze behind him. Not that his eyes worked enough to see. His beautiful amber eyes were as dead the barren wastes, serving no other function then to fill the two holes in his face. But he recognized this voice. The voice of the only person he couldn't do without.

"Yuui," he breathed, a smile crossing his lips. He turned around on his place on the floor in the general direction of the older man. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," came the response. The man sat down beside him on the floor, laying down a tray laden with food. "I think it's a bit amazing that the amount of food that can still grow down here."

"They do send things that make it easier." They were always sticking their noses in other people's business, always sniffing in places they weren't supposed to go. Syaoron hated them for that.

Yuui chuckled a little. "I suppose that's true, but it's still a bit amazing." He sighed almost mournfully before grabbing the boy's chin and slipping a spoonful full of a mystery substance into his mouth.

Syaoron scrawled. "I can feed myself, you know."

He felt the blond flinch. "Yes, I know. It's just…" The man sighed again, dropping his hand and turning away. "This is the only thing I can do for you." After that. He didn't say the words for it, he didn't have to. Syaoron didn't blame him for what happened though, it wasn't really his fault. But still, that didn't change anything that had occurred from that moment onwards.

"You do more than enough," he replied softly, reaching out a hand to find him. Yuui took the searching hand and raised it to his cheek. Despite the harsh conditions they lived in, his skin was soft and smooth though his hands were rough and callused. Syaoron loved the feel of it. "You are the only company I enjoy."

He felt gentle lips on his forehead. "Still, if it hadn't been for me, we wouldn't be stuck here. If I hadn't caused your blindness-" He swallowed the rest of his words. Then maybe you wouldn't have gotten the Sight. The Sight, the ability to see the world as it used to be. People valued that, longed for that, wanted it so badly they would even kill for it. But what people didn't know was that it meant being trapped on this horrible world with nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to talk to. But Syaoron had Yuui. The tall man had offered, begged even, to stay by his side. He had accepted. He couldn't have kept his head if he hadn't been for Yuui.

Syaoron reached up and wrapped his arms around him. "As long as you are here, that's enough for me." He didn't know how long they would be there, living much longer than they should have. Technology kept slowed their years down to a crawl. One day they would pass on but that was a long, long way off.

"I'll make sure never to go far away then," Yuui pulled him into a tight embrace. "I'll always be here. I'll make it up to you. I promise." Syaoron sighed into him before pulling away to finish the meager meal. Then, with Yuui holding onto him, he continued his observations of the world that had been, hating the world it had become. He longed to leave it but at least he had Yuui to make it just a tiny bit better, despite the fact that he could no longer see him.