A/N: Oh man, I just managed to submit this by the skin of my teeth. It's up this month though! Be amazed! Anyway, this is another HG 'verse story. This time I decided to look at the aspect I sometimes decide doesn't matter. But well, I'm a shipper so~ Anyway, I figured this could be sad one and it all works out. I hope you all enjoy it~ :)

Chapter Twelve

It was raining. That was how this day started; with the clouds ramming together to blacken the sky and fat water droplets pouring onto the streets. The wind whirled through the sky, freezing the air and churning up the battered leaves. It was mucky, cold, muddy and harsh. There was nothing that could turn the tides of this miserable day.

Syaoron leaned on the windowsill of the empty classroom and stared out at the rain. It was oddly fascinating in its own way, capturing the boy's attention and drawing him into the steady rhythm of the storm. It calmed him somewhat even as it raged on outside.

The door to the classroom opened quietly and Yuui stepped into the room. His expression was soft and open but seemed to carry a sort of sadness with it. The world seemed to have rolled onto his shoulders to rest there for a while and he didn't have the strength to slide away. He strode up to his student's side and took to participating in the same activity.

"According to the weatherman," Syaoron spoke, breaking the companionable silence, "it's supposed to be like this for a few days."

Yuui showed no visible reaction but hummed and replied, "It will be good for the flowers."

The quiet surrounded them once more in the dim classroom. Only the pitter-patter of rain on the window pane provided sound, the steady beat a lullaby without sleep. It was comfortable to simply stay there in each other's presence and say nothing. They had no need for words.

"It's going to be a good year," Yuui commented absently. Syaoron hummed in agreement and the pair knew they were both content to say as little as was necessary.

"Yuuko-sensei is sure to think of interesting things to do while it rains." The brunet didn't look away from his hypnotizing view.

The teacher chuckled, happily thinking of just where those ideas might come from. "I wonder who will help create those interesting ideas." The boy's eyes glinted mischievously but he didn't reply.

Throughout their conversation they had unconsciously shifted closer so now their sides brushed against each other. If a shiver passed through them, neither one of them noticed. They liked this quietness enough to simply enjoy the short time they had alone to watch the grey rain as it fell. Some people might have wished for a brighter day than this to share a special moment with another but to them, it was perfect.

Finally, Syaoron broke away from the window and turned to face his teacher. His face was carefully casual but his eyes held hidden depths. Yuui kept his own locked on the world outside, not daring to see the types of things he knew were deep down inside the boy next to him.

"Yuui-sensei," he began almost hesitantly. It was unusual for the boy to be nervous about anything but on his one occasion he allowed the rare emotion to sink in. "I don't suppose-"

The teacher's sigh cut him off and he finally shifted enough to look his student in the eye. There was nothing but sadness and regret written in them. "Syaoron-kun, you know I can't." The lonely smile that appeared then broke Yuui's heart. He reached out in an attempt to offer some form of comfort. "Syaoron-kun-"

Syaoron raised a hand to stop him. "It's okay, sensei. I understand." He stepped away from him and moved back to stare out the window. "It's fine that you can't feel the same."

The sound of the storm drowned out the rest of the world. Everything seemed frozen, stuck in a time with nothing and no one else. The here and now consisted only of a student and his teacher. The weather reflected the emotions of the times, accented it but made it lighter. The burden was easier to bear if the sky agreed.

"Syaoron-kun," Yuui tried again. "I'm your teacher. And you are… It's not like I can't… I… It's just…" He had difficulty finding the words to complete a sentence. His thoughts were a jumble and what he wanted, what he needed and what he wasn't allowed to have. Most zeroed in on the same thing but he refused to acknowledge it, either out loud or to himself.

A tiny spark of hope flashed in Syaoron's eye and sunk its gnarled teeth into his soul. "So that's how it is…" he murmured. At last he looked up again and a soft determination solidified within him. "Then I'll just have to hurry and grow up."

Yuui swallowed a nervous laugh. "There's really no need to hurry…" he muttered, looking away.

There was a sparkle of something in the boy's stance and he said, "Of course there is. I want to see if I'll be taller than you."

The teacher sputtered and stared at him in shock. "You want to…" He shook his head and chuckled, patting Syaoron's head. "That's what you concern yourself with. Besides, you'll always be a short-stop."

"I'll show you," he promised, good-humour barely concealing the seriousness in his voice. "Just wait and see."

"Don't worry," Yuui replied. "I will."