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Rose sat at the kitchen table, her hands clutching a cup of tea like it was her life line. She was looking out the window at all the trees and flowers, thinking about that fateful that had occurred only seven months ago, but of course to Rose it felt like several lifetimes.

She sighed and brought the cup to her mouth taking a long sip from it. It was times like this, when everything was peaceful and quiet, that Rose normally breaks down, crying for the loss of her Doctor. In fact she would've if not at that moment she hadn't heard the sound of a little baby crying upstairs.

Setting the mug of tea down Rose got to her feet and ran as quickly as she could. She made it to the room and picked up the barely two week old baby from the crib. She rocked the baby back and forth while saying soothing words until the baby was calmed down enough and fell back asleep.

Rose looked down at the little baby girl in her arms and smiled, she was so tiny, born with a head full of hair, the same shade as her father's. She had also inherited his ears, nose and smile.

It was because of her that Rose is able to live life day after day, without her she probably wouldn't even get out of bed. Rose was lucky to have her.

As Rose looked down at the little girl she made a promise, a promise that one day, maybe not today or tomorrow or even some day soon, but one day Rose would find a way to get to the Doctor. And Kali, her daughter, would meet her father.

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