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Chapter 11: Thoughts

Kali woke up at, well she didn't really know what time it was. She would have to ask her mum how they kept track of time in this place.

She sat up and rubbed her eyes with the heel of her hand. As she brought her hands to her sides she took a look around her room, since she didn't really take the time to last night. Her walls were brown with splashes of different colors. On the wall opposite her and to the right has a dresser with six drawers and to the left was a door which led to the corridor and had a mirror beside it. On the wall to her left was bare except for a few empty shelves and she decided that she needed to fill it up with some posters and such. The wall to her right and an empty book case which would be filled soon since she loved to read, and another door.

She stretched a final time before climbing out of bed and to the door. As she was about ready to open it she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, she really looked like a mess. She would have to find some clothes and a bathroom to take a shower. So doing the best she could by combing her fingers through her hair, she made her exit and closed the door behind her.

Looking down the corridor Kali couldn't see much, a few doors,but from what the Doctor had said about what could be behind certain doors she decided against opening them. Instead she opted to ask the TARDIS in her head to please move some things around to guide her to where her mum was. Instantly she could hear some talking floating down the hallway and followed it once she recognized her mum's voice.

As she approached she could see that the door was open and went in to find her mum, dad, and Jack in the kitchen all sitting at the table drinking, what she assumed was coffee. None of them had noticed her yet as they all seemed engaged in their conversation. She moved over silently to stand behind her mum, effectively making her jump.

"Sorry." She apologized while the Doctor and Jack just laughed.

"S'alright, just didn't expect you to be up this early." Rose replied without turning around, glaring at the two laughing men until they stopped. Kali nodded.

"Good morning." Jack and the Doctor said together, causing Kali to giggle.


"Did you sleep good?" Rose asked her.

"Yeah. Although I could use a shower and a change of clothes."

"Come on you can use my bathroom and the TARDIS has plenty of clothes you can borrow until we can get you some of your own." Rose said to her while setting her mug down and grabbing Kali's hand before effectively dragging her out of the kitchen, leaving the ex-Time Agent and Time Lord behind.

They sat in silence for a while, just sipping on their coffee. The Doctor was thinking about how good things have gotten for him. All the time he thought that he was going to be alone, because that's what always happens. But now, with Rose back and with their daughter, he's been rethinking it.

Rose. Something had happened to her and it's looking like she's going to have a significantly longer life span than normal humans. He's going to have to get her to let the TARDIS take a few tests, but he is almost positive that it has something to do with Bad Wolf, when she absorbed the time vortex. It must have altered some aspect of her biology, making it take longer for her cells to deteriorate. If they're deteriorating at all.

Jack, on the other hand, was thinking about what was going to happen to him. The Doctor has left him behind before and he's sure that he would do it again. Plus he's got his team to think about. No doubt they're going to be furious for him leaving like he did, but maybe they'll understand once he explains that he found his Doctor.

He was happy though, just for everything that's happened for the Doctor. When he saw Rose's name on the list of dead from the battle of Canary Wharf he wasn't sure what kind of shape the Doctor would be in when he found him, but to his surprise Rose was here, alive and he was very glad for that.

Just then Martha walked into the kitchen, bringing both men out of their reverie. She didn't notice though as she looked purposefully in front of her, straight to the coffee pot. She got a mug out and poured some coffee, adding two sugars and four creams before walking briskly out of her room.

"What's up with her?" Jack asked, looking in the direction Martha walked off to.

"I'm not exactly sure, she's not usually like this." He shrugged.

"You wanna know what I think? I think she's jealous."

"Are you sure? I knew she fancied me but..." Every time he had mentioned anything to do with Rose a strange look would overcome Martha, but could she really be that jealous? To be ignoring everyone? He would think that she would be happy for him, finally being reunited with the one he lost. "I guess that would make sense. I did make it clear though, that I would not be having any romantic relationships with her. I just couldn't, everything was still too painful. It hadn't been that long since I had lost Rose and I didn't want to go through that again." He finished.

"You really love her." It was a statement, not a question.

At that moment Rose walked in, unknowing to the men that she was thinking the same thing—about Martha that is—and voiced this.

"I think me bein' here has had an effect on Martha." She bit her lip as she sat down, glancing between the Doctor and Jack. They both remained silent Jack because it really wasn't his place to say anything, and the Doctor because he knew how Rose would feel if he told her the truth. Instead they both pretended to be very interested in their coffee.

Rose instantly knew that she was right. Becoming a mum had made her prone to all the little tricks, especially the avoiding ones since Kali did them all the time.

"I'm goin' to go talk to her." They kept their silence as Rose exited the door.

She made her way down the corridor until she reached Martha's purple door. Hesitantly she raised her hand and knocked. A muffled "Come in," sounded and Rose entered.

Martha's room is what Rose had expected it to be. The walls were a calming lilac color with light colored flowers decorating it, there was a cabinet placed against the wall across from her on the right and a desk on the left. Beside her to the left was, what she assumed to be, a door to her closet and on her right was a bed with a comforter and pillows a slightly darker color than the walls. Also a bedside table was next to the bed with a lamp and a book on it. Martha herself sat in the middle of her bed, a cup of coffee in her hands. He head was down but she raised it when she felt her bed dip as Rose sat down.

Looking at her Martha could see that she was pretty. But with the way the Doctor had always talked about her she had expected super model looks, but somehow she just seemed ordinary. When they—her, Kali and Jack—were talking earlier Kali had mentioned that he mum used to work in a shop, not there was anything wrong with that but Martha just assumed that Rose would've had some spectacular job like a scientist, but no that wasn't the case.

"Martha, I'm just goin' to cut to the chase. I know that me bein' here has caused some problems for you 'cause I have noticed how you've been actin' and I think it's safe to say that you like the Doctor..." She began but then trailed off, not really knowing where to go with this. She did have some idea of what she was going to say but now that she was saying it, it's like she forgot.

"I know what you mean. Really. And it's not fair to you. I didn't mean to like him, it just sorta happened." At this Rose laughed.

"I know that. It is hard not to." Martha joined in with laughing.

"Yeah, he's just so smart and charming and—" She cut herself off once she realized what she was saying. "Sorry."

"S'alright. I can't blame you for who you like, now can I? That wouldn't be very fair. I'll even admit that I have found other guys attractive—not as much as the Doctor of course." She thought back to a couple months after she and the Doctor said goodbye. Her mum had thought it a good idea to try and get her a girlfriend. It was a ridiculous idea and Rose had expressed this, but Jackie wouldn't hear it, only told her that she was having a baby and needed a man.

Being honest with herself she did go on some dates—she uses the term loosely just to humor her mum. None of them stuck of course . Most of them wanted to know more about her past than she was willing to give, especially when it came to the Doctor. The common questions they asked in some shape or form was; who was the father of her baby? Where was he? And, was he ever coming back?

Apparently none of them wanted to deal with the split-up parent deal. As it turned out they didn't have to because Rose would never do more than a dinner. Sure they would call her but she flat out refused them and after a while her mum gave up, much to Rose's relief. Although some of it might have had to do with her crazy mood swings as she got farther along with her pregnancy.

Rose was glad because no one could ever match up to the Doctor's standards. None of them were as clever as him and even if they were smart to human standards they were the stuck up kind. And then there were the other guys, who could be funny but they weren't all that smart. Her mother really wasn't good at picking dates for her.

"No offense," Martha began, startling Rose out of her reverie. "but I was kind of expecting you to be more, if you know what I'm saying. With the way the Doctor had talked about you I expected you to be like a really high-classed scientist with super model looks, or something along those lines." She voiced her thoughts from earlier and Rose looked surprised at this information.

"Nope I was just a regular shop girl from London, who just happened to stumble into the Doctor."

"Then what's so special about you?" Martha blurted out before she could stop herself and quickly covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh my god. I am so sorry, I didn't mean to say that. Honestly I swear I—She got cut off from Rose.

"It's fine Martha. And to answer your question, well I don;t really know myself. I still can't really say that he likes me the way I do him. That night, when Kali was conceived, was an accident. Don;t get me wrong, I would never take it back for the world, but the thing is, the Doctor doesn't even remember it." She explained with a far away look on her face.

"Well I would definitely say that he does. The way he talked about you and the way he acted, it's obvious." Even though Martha wished that it was her that caught the Doctor's attention doesn't mean that she doesn't want the Doctor happy, because she does. Even if that meant that she needs to help Rose get with him, then she will.

"Maybe," She whispered thinking about yesterday when they almost kissed, and then Jack had to ruin it, even if he didn't know it.

"Well you won't have to worry about me long because I don't think I can do this anymore." Really meaning that even though she wants the Doctor to be happy, she can't watch him be in love with someone else.

"No, Martha. You can't. You shouldn't have to leave just because I'm here." Rose would feel guilty if that happened.

"I think it's for the best that I do, and you shouldn't feel guilty either. I've seen what there is out there and I'm glad I got to. But it would be for the best if I leave." Martha had to make sure that Rose understood that. She was trying to be strong but she could feel the tears prickling at the corners of her eyes. She wouldn't allow them to fall however.

"And that's what you want? Is to give up travlin'? You should think about it more before you make a decision, one that you might regret later."

"But see, that's the thing. I already have thought it over and I'm sure that this is what I want." This was true . As soon as she had gone to bed last night she had laid awake in bed thinking about what she could do, until this seemed like the only best option left.

Rose didn't know what to say, so silently she got up and left the room. She knows that Martha doesn't want to leave, bit she feels obligated. She doesn't blame her for wanting to leave, though, because she knows that Martha's feeling like she unwanted by everyone since she came back. The Doctor is undoubtedly the most wonderful thing that came into Martha's life and for her to not really be ab;e to appreciate that because of Rose, well that just wasn't fair or right. Maybe she could have the Doctor talk to her.

She made her way back to the kitchen to find the Doctor, Jack and Kali—her hair damp and in fresh clothes. She smiled at her daughter and she smiled back. For now she decided that she wasn't going to think about Martha. She was going to talk to the Doctor about it but that could wait a little while, for right now she wanted to just think about peaceful things and not guilt, because she knows to always take the chance when she can.

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