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Following Ame Shere.

Ardeth sighed as he pushed open the front door to his house in Cairo. He felt as though it had been a lifetime since he had last been here. The sound of the front door closing alerted the rest of the household to his arrival and a second later two nine-year-old children were running toward him screaming in a mixture of Arabic and English.

"Abu! You're home!"


Ardeth smiled and knelt down just in time to catch both of them in a hug. It felt so good for him to hold them in his arms, to know they were safe and well.

"Oh how I have missed you both." He said in Arabic.

"We missed you too, Father." The girl replied in the same language, as her twin brother nodded vigorously, both smiling from ear to ear.

"As have I." Said a woman as she approached Ardeth at a much calmer pace than the children had. Her voice soft but unwavering.

Ardeth let go of the children and stood to embrace his wife. As he wrapped her in his arms he breathed in her scent and absorbed her warmth. He was home. He kissed her passionately telling her without words just how much he had missed her since he had left. His daughter's giggles and his son's gagging noises pulled him away from his wife's lips. Ardeth chuckled at his children's antics as he rested his forehead on his wife's, his arms still wrapped around her.

"The O'Connell boy is safe?" the woman asked in English.

"Yes, Aurora, my love, he is safe." Ardeth replied.