"Guy, stop it!" Willow squealed. "Stop it!" Willow was very ticklish, especially on her waist. She liked it when she and Guy would nap on the couch together, but this was much better. "Guy! Guy!"

"Alright, Willow, you've suffered enough," he chuckled, taking his hands off of Willow's sensitive flesh. He scanned her body, looking at the scars that still left a mark on her before she stopped cutting. Before she met Guy. Before she loved him. He gently kissed an inch-long scar just above her stomach. "I'm glad you stopped."

"Me too," Willow whispered, taking her hand behind his neck, and crushing his lips to hers.

The only reason she was still here, the reason she stopped cutting, and the reason she was no longer suffering, was because of Guy.

Willow didn't notice she was crying until he kissed a tear away.

"You okay?" Willow nodded. Now that she was with Guy, she would always be okay.