Willow's POV

"Willuh! Willuh!" Isabelle whined.

"Yes, Bells?"

"I'm hungry! I want oatmeal!"

"Alright," I replied, openeing the cabinet full of perishable breakfast items. I searched for oatmeal and found one red packet and one green packet. "Cinnamon or Apples and Cinnamon?"

"Apples," she smiled.

"Good choice," I replied, pouring some water into a bowl. I placed it in the microwave, shut the door, and set the time. It hummed as it warmed the water.

I turned suddenly, spooked from a loud crashing noise.

Isabelle was on the floor, face-down, and still. The chair she was sitting in fell over, the legs trapping her. I immediately ran to her side and flipped her over.

She was dead.

I woke up in complete darkness, screaming, panting and sweating. Guy immediately shot up from next to me, immediately concerned. He saw the tears on my cheeks glisten in the moonlight, and he pulled me to his chest, letting me ruin his shirt with warm salt water.

"Shh, Willow, shh, what's the matter?" Guy whispered.

"I s-s-saw Isabelle," I replied, hiccuping. "I was making her breakfast, and I heard a crash, and she fell off a chair, and she must have hit her head, and-"

"I don't want to hear any more," he whispered in my ear. I curled up onto his lap, his chin resting on my head. "Hush, hush. It'll all be fine."

"How?" I hiccuped.

"Well, don't you think, in... the unknown... that she gets everything that she wants?"

"Probably. She always loved Dalmations," I sniffled.

"Yeah. She's probably got a Dalmation puppy. It's her best friend."

"Yeah, she must be really happy up there."

"She is happy, but I'm sure she misses you very much."

"I thought she would. I miss her, too. A lot."

"So do I, Willow. But I've got you."

"And I have you."