A terribly beautiful world,

Where the people tremble in fear,

The governments crumbling,

The Sky Demon's near,

The prophecy says the Awakening's bad,

But really she's a girl.

Small and sad.

The demon himself can't help but fall for her charm,

As she screams in fear clinging to his arm,

He doesn't understand how they get along,

She thinks they're normal,

But oh how she's wrong.

The more he's around her,

The more his dark powers come out,

He tries to hide it,

But soon she finds out.

Expecting rejection and hatred in her eyes,

He is faced with a shocking surprise,

She doesn't care,

"Monster or not" she says,

"You've always been there.

A/N: This is obviously about Izark and Noriko. I was supposed to be writing poetry for my language class at school when I wrote this but I had finished the required amount and was bored trying to think of more of the structured evil poetry the teacher was making us do. We were doing shape poems and learning about descriptive words... Blech. Anyways this isn't my best poetry but it is the first poem that's related to a story and not terrible so here it is.