Disclaimer: Mighty Ducks belongs to Walt Disney and the Power Rangers belongs to Saban Brands. Enjoy!

Author's Note: This story is co-written by Magneta Stone and Nosedivefan01

It was near noon in the city of Anaheim, California. A school bus drove through the streets, heading for the world famous hockey arena, home of the Mighty Ducks. Inside the bus were students of Angel Grove High School. Six teens sat towards the back of the bus so that the other students would not over hear them. They were Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Tommy. Secretly, The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Jason and Tommy were discussing who they thought would win the game, the Ducks or their rivals. The others were each voicing who they thought would win as well. "Well, I think the Ducks will win," said Jason. "They're undefeated."

Tommy shook his head. "The other team has better defense men, I think they will win."

"Well," said Billy. "What it all comes down to is speed and skill."

"Exactly, both of which the Ducks have," said Zack. "I'm positive the Ducks will win."

"Thanks, Zack," said Jason, smiling.

Just then, the bumbling duo; Bulk and Skull, who were sitting in the seat in front of the rangers, turned around and laughed at them. "What makes you so sure the Ducks will win?" Bulk asked Zack.

"Yeah," agreed Skull. "What makes you think they'll win?"

"Well, as Jason said; the Ducks are undefeated and they have the speed and the skill to win the game," Zack told them.

"Oh please!" laughed Skull. "What kind of hockey team call themselves the Mighty Ducks?"

"Was Awesome Woodpeckers taken?" asked Bulk, mockingly.

"The Duck is a loyal animal," answered Kimberly. "Maybe they wanted to be seen as mighty and loyal players."

Bulk chuckled, "Yeah, right!"

"Yeah, right!" repeated Skull.

"Just ignore them, Kim." Tommy said as he turned to her. Kimberly nodded as she turned to face her friends.

The teacher, Ms. Appleby, turned to the students on the bus. "We will be arriving at the arena shortly, students," she said.

"Oh yeah!" Jason said in excitement.

The rest of the students echoed his statement and everyone started to talk excitedly about the game they would get to see. The rangers made sure their backpacks were closed up before they had to get off the bus so they wouldn't lose anything on the bus or in the arena.

Later, inside the arena, the rangers were enjoying the game and watching the Ducks dominate the other team on the ice. Billy on the other hand, raised an eyebrow. "Those duck masks they're wearing look so realistic," he said. "I mean, I can understand the Goalie's mask to look like a duck, but the rest of the players, too?"

"Maybe we could get a chance to ask them about their masks after the game." Trini suggested to him.

Billy shook his head, "I don't know, they seem so realistic."

"Worry about it later, Billy," Zack told him. "For now, just enjoy the game."

At the same time, Bulk and Skull were also enjoying the game, but also curious about the Ducks' faces. "Wow!" said Skull. "Duke has a nice slap shot."

"Yeah!" Bulk agreed. But then, he had a curious thought come to his mind. "Hey Skull…I just had a thought."

Skull raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"What if they are real Ducks and not just wearing masks?" Bulk voiced his thought.

Skull chuckled at Bulk, but then looked at his face. "You're serious?"

"Yeah. The masks look real."

Skull looked closely at the Ducks and nodded. "Yeah, you're right, they do. So, what's your idea?"

"We should go down there and find out."

Skull frowned. "Aw, can't we wait till the game's over?"

Bulk nodded. "Yeah, we can wait, Skull."

About an hour and fifteen minutes later, Tanya shot the puck into the rival Goalie net and the buzzer went off, signaling that they had one the game. Everyone in the crowd, including the rangers and Bulk and Skull, went into thunderous applause.

Just then, the announcer was heard over the loudspeakers saying, "Score! An incredible victory for the Mighty Ducks!"

The Ducks out on the ice skated together, slapped their hockey sticks together, and shouted, "Ducks rock!"

"I knew they were gonna win!" shouted Jason in the bleachers.

"The Ducks are the better team," Tommy agreed with Jason.

"I have never seen any other team play hockey like that before!" said Billy.

"I knew they would play well. I'm glad they won." Kimberly said.

"Hey," said Tommy. "Let's go down there and say hello! We could even get their autographs!"

The other teens agreed and the six headed for the Ducks.

At the same time, Bulk and Skull were watching the Ducks head out to the changing room. "Lets get down there, Skull, no one will notice us." Bulk said as he started to move from his seat.

"Yeah," agreed Skull and followed Bulk down to the floor of the arena.

Down at the floor, the Mighty Ducks were patting themselves on the back for a job well done out on the ice. Tanya was congratulating Duke on his slap shot when she saw Jason and the others coming towards them.

"Hey, hold on!" Jason shouted.

Wildwing turned around. "Yes?" He asked Jason as the six teens stopped in front of the Ducks.

Jason stopped in front of Wildwing and extended his hand. "Hey, my name's Jason, I'm one of your biggest fans!"

Wildwing shook Jason's hand. "Nice to meet you, Jason. What did you think of the game?"

"It was great! You were all fantastic out there!" Jason then motioned to the others. "Anyway, these are my friends; Zack, Billy, Tini, Kimberly, and Tommy. We're all here from Angel Grove High on a field trip."

The teens waved to the Ducks as they did the same. "We just wanted to meet you and tell you we loved the game." Tommy said to Wildwing.

"Well, thanks a lot, dudes!" said Nosedive.

"Your welcome." Trini said to Nosedive.

"Hey," said Zack. "Could we get your autographs?"

"Sure," said Duke and he was handed a pad of paper and a pen by Billy.

"Thanks a lot!" Jason said, smiling.

"You know," said Billy. "I must ask, if that's alright with all of you-"

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard screaming, "HOLD IT!" The rangers and the Ducks looked to see that it was Bulk and Skull, running towards them.

"Oh boy," Zack said, putting a hand in front of his eyes in embarrassment.

The Ducks watched as Bulk and Skull skidded to a halt in front of them and breathed heavily, from running so fast. "Aha!" cried Bulk. "Made it!"

Skull stood by his side as the rangers and Ducks looked at the duo, oddly. "What a relief," he said.

"Oh," said Tommy, motioning toward the duo. "That's Bulk and Skull."

"What are you losers doing here?" asked Bulk.

"We wanted to meet the team." Trini said to him.

"Well, we were gonna meet them first!"

"Yeah," said Skull. "We were gonna meet them first!"

"So meet us now," Mallory said as she stuck a hand out to Bulk.

Bulk raised an eyebrow and smiled. "You know, those mask you're wearing look pretty good, if you ask me."

"Yeah, I know," agreed Billy. "In fact, I was just about to ask-"

"So good...that they could be...REAL!"

The rangers all laughed at Bulk. "Come on, guys," Zack said. "You can't be serious, they're not real ducks."

"Actually, we are," Grin stated to the teens.

"What?" asked the rangers and Bulk and Skull in unison.

"I knew it!" Bulk shouted in triumph.

The Ducks looked at Bulk oddly, they thought everyone in Anaheim knew they were actual ducks.

Bulk saw the Ducks looking at him, oddly. "What?"

"We thought everyone in Anaheim knew that we were real talking ducks," Mallory stated to him.

"Well, we in Angel Grove didn't know that," said Billy. "So, what are you, extra terrestrials?"

"Extra what?" asked Skull, scratching his head.

"He means, are they aliens?" Trini answered.

"Technically, we are aliens, but we are from a far off planet in a whole other universe, called Puckworld," Tanya told them.

"Whoa!" said Bulk and Skull in unison.

"Dude, that's awesome," said Zack.

"Thanks, dude." Nosedive said to Zack.

"No sweat."

Just then, the Ducks' manager; Phil Palmfeather walked up to them, holding a briefcase and looking at his watch. "Lets go, Ducks." Phil said to them. "You got a commercial shoot in about an hour and you need to look your finest!"

"Oh wait!" said Jason. "What about the autographs?"

Duke picked up the pad and pen and it went around the Ducks, each putting their signature onto the pad and Grin handed it to Jason. "There you go." Grin said to him.

Jason smiled. "Thanks." He then passed the pad around to all the others. "We'll be here for at least two more days."

"So we'll be here for your next game, and the dance afterward," said Tommy.

"Well, hope to see all of you again," Wildwing said before the Ducks left, following Phil.

Bulk and Skull stared out as the Ducks left. "They're...real...aliens?" asked Skull.

"I guess so," Bulk said back as he saw the last member of the Ducks exit the arena.

"And I thought the Power Rangers were strange enough." Skull then whispered into Bulk's ear. "What if they're here to conquer earth?"

Bulk's eyes widened. "You're right, Skull!" he whispered back. "We've got to find out what they're up to. The fate of the world could be at stake. The Power Rangers can wait." With that, Bulk and Skull quietly and slowly snuck out of the arena.

"Well," said Billy. "That was an interesting experience."

"I'll say, we come here on a field trip and meet aliens." Jason replied to Billy.

"Let's just be glad they don't work for Zedd," said Tommy.

"Yeah." Kimberly and Trini agreed.