Fear Itself

ZoeyxFrancis in twenty sentences

001. Lawless Bad Boy

That's what Francis was: a biker with a Hell's Angel appearance and a gruff, pessimistic attitude to go with it.

002. Rich College Horror Film Enthusiast Girl

Or rather a close-to-flunking-out disappointment to her parents, because Zoey preferred horror fantasies to the real world.

003. Reality

And this is no fantasy, it's a nightmare come alive and Zoey regretted ever wishing for real life horror.

004. Fateful meeting

They found each other, one at a time, and resolved to put their differences aside for the sake of surviving, but Zoey's impression of Francis left her amazed that someone could be so lawless and interesting.

005. Guns

Bill was the one who taught her how to shoot, but Francis was the one who taught her how to have fun with killing, even if it seemed wrong.

006. Family

Zoey missed hers, Bill hadn't seen his in twenty years, Louis was single and Francis never had anyone.

007. Temporary

So Zoey indulged on a new fantasy: one that had Bill as her father, Louis as her protective older brother and Francis as...the black sheep.

008. Bloodthirsty

"Francis, the difference between vampires and zombies is that vampires drink your blood through your neck and zombies just want to tear you apart for fun before eating your brains."

009. Hollywood

"Go back to your movies, kid."

010. Amusement

Zoey normally found complaining people to be a headache, but Francis's complaining was so stupid, she had to laugh.

011. Nervous

Despite the positive things, however, all four survivors had the same thing on their minds all the time: when would they die next?

012. Sulk

Whenever he found her sulking, he tried talking to her to find out why she was being so goddamn mopey...but Zoey's mood brightened whenever he did talk to her because he could take her mind off worse things.

013. College Philosophy

"I'd love to shoot whoever it was that said there's nothing to fear but fear itself."

014. Agreement

"Yeah, whoever it was has never run into one of these fuckers...or if he did, he's dead now and knows what real fear is."

015. Religion

"Oh no...the zombies killed God!"

016. Cold

Her stupid pink sweater wasn't doing its job of keeping her warm, so he lent her his vest...something he would never have done to anyone else.

017. Last day

Francis once heard his buddy say, "live like every day was your last day," and only got the meaning after the apocalypse brought hell to earth.

018. Closeness

Zoey had to admit she wouldn't have traded this kind of closeness she had with Bill, Louis and especially Francis for anything (except maybe free copy paper).

019. Hand in Hand

His hand was rough, callused and dirty, but so was hers.

020. New Adam and Eve

Neither believed in religion, only in the path their hands and guns had built for them on a pile of dead bodies, and they certainly didn't believe they were capable of rebuilding the human race, but it would be fun to try.


Stupid plot bunnies.

This idea has been bugging me for WEEKS ON END. I had to get it out now before I went insane. That and a desire to write FrancisxZoey. :D

Last sentence is an innuendo. Totally an innuendo. -shot-