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Author's Note:

I was never much of a fan of Ricky Stevens who was added in the Partridge Family fourth season, but I couldn't help but feel like there was a loose end at the end of the first episode, Hate Thy Neighbor.

Ricky's sister, Donna, goes out on a date with Keith to the movies and then after that, she sort of drops out of the picture, and Ricky is consistently in more and more episodes. This made me kind of sad, because I thought Donna was an interesting character. Also, it seems like her and Keith's relationship was one date and then that was it! Disappointing!

So here is my attempt at showing what happened after Donna Steven's first date with Keith through diary entries. I hope this is an enjoyable story. This is a new format for me. And please forgive any inconstancies with the TV episode; I haven't seen it in almost a year. Thanks!

June 1st, 1973

Dear Diary,

Hey, it's me again and you can't believe what just happened to me?? I actually went out on a date with Keith Partridge!! I know! I know! I totally can't believe it! My dream of the last two years has finally come true! I mean, seriously, how lucky am I? This is too much! Although, I'm certain Ricky had something to do with it. As always.

Anyhow, it is here that I really wish I had a best friend to spill this all to. I mean, you can't go out on a date with Keith Partridge and not share it with somebody; but ever since we moved here, I feel I know next to nobody. All the girls at school are nice to me and all, but I feel that they are just tolerating me. I don't really have any real friends.

Okay, so maybe that's not entirely fair or true. The whole Partridge Family is nice to me and I could consider each of them my friends, but I don't really feel like I can talk to Laurie about how I feel about her brother. It would be too awkward. And as for Mrs. Partridge? That would probably be even more awkward then talking to Laurie, so I guess that's why I'm writing it all down in here. I have to tell somebody and Mom wouldn't understand, and Ricky would tell everyone, so I guess I'll just be content with telling you all this diary, okay?

Okay. Anyways, tonight was perfect. Well, I guess it would have been even more perfect if he had kissed me, but it was perfect enough. Keith took me to a movie. It probably would have been a drive-in, but Mom would have had a fit, so Keith just took me to a regular sit-in. We got popcorn and soda and he placed his arm over the back of my seat… It was pretty groovy, though, I don't really remember that much of the movie. I was staring at Keith too much. I hope he didn't notice. That would be so embarrassing! But I just couldn't help it! I mean, hello? He's Keith Partridge!! He is so totally gorgeous! What girl wouldn't stare at him first date? Okay, so I'm probably the only one, but that isn't the point here…

I guess the point is that I think I'm in love with Keith. Mom would hate it if I told her. She hates their music. Even after Ricky sang a song with them, she still hates their music! That's why I can't play my turntable very loud. But I don't know how she can hate any song sung by Keith Partridge. I mean, really! Especially since the entire Partridge Family is real nice! But she claims that she can like the people and not like the music so whatever. As long as she doesn't take my records away. I would about die if she did!!

So anyways, I guess that's about it. Except for, let's be honest here, if I was really spilling all this to a girl friend, I wouldn't leave out a single detail and I am so summarizing my truly perfect evening aren't I? So, okay, back to that totally awesome date!

Alright, so he was wearing blue jeans and a totally loud shirt, but loud in a good way. I mean, he looked good. Really good. I hope I looked good, because all I wore was a floral-print, button-up shirt and black slacks. But anyways, who really cares what I was wearing?

He picked me up right on time and gave me one of those irresistible smiles! Alright, so every smile from him is irresistible, but give me a break, this was my first date with Keith Partridge!!

So he drove me to the movie theater. We didn't really talk about much considering Ricky had basically given him my life story already (okay, so I love my kid brother, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I wish he weren't so out-going, ya know?) and then when we got to the theater, the movie we originally were going to see was sold out so Keith suggested this other one and I shrugged. Yeah, I shrugged. Stupid, I know, but my stomach was full of butterflies and I didn't really trust myself to speak right then so yeah, I shrugged and then he bought tickets for the other movie (some sort of kiddy movie. I don't know and I really didn't care) and we got some refreshments and found a seat in the theater which was practically empty, so we got the pick of the house. That was nice! We sat in the middle and in the direct center!

A couple previews and then the movie started. I don't remember the full story line, but I think it had something to do with a lost dog or something. That's what I told my Mom when I got home so I hope that was right. 'Cause practically, my entire evening was stare-at-Keith hour. I swear, I probably know about every inch of his face! So maybe that sounds kind of creepy, but when you stare at someone that long you can't really expect yourself not to memorize some features…

Speaking of features, love those eyes! They're brown I think, though maybe more of a hazel… green? I don't know… they… are… a…Keith Partridge eye color? That's what they were and they're Keith's so that's all that matters. Right?

Anyhow, movie gets over and then he takes me home. Which is alright, except that we really didn't talk on our way home either. But at least I was in a car and out on a date with Keith Partridge. Am I right?

Oh! Why do I keep second-guessing myself? I really need to start working on these things. These crazy little habits of mine? That cannot be attractive.

Till later,