Title: Hyoutei Happens in Vegas
Henzie (tennis-player)
Hyoutei is on a "training camp" in LOS VEGAS. This country famous for all sorts of legally naughty things, the Hyoutei regulars wind up doing things they wouldn't have done had they stayed in Japan. But this is Vegas. This is the Vegas that has sexually aroused the regulars leading to some not-so-innocent experiments. This ONE MONTH trip turns out to be quite the event.
Atobe and Jirou (adorable), Oshitari and Gakuto (dirty), Shishido and Ootori (silver), Taki and Hiyoshi (leftover)
OK, I think that the Leftover Pair is one of the best prince of tennis pairing there is, and that they don't get enough attention. Seriously, though! They are the best! I wish the best to anyone who writes Leftover pair fanfics, and the fact that they are called the leftover pair really ticks me off. Also, when I sent Hyoutei to Las Vegas, I didn't send them in Atobe's private jet, which in actuality they probably would go on. I sent them in a regular plane because I thought it would be funnier for them to cause a commotion in front of a bunch of strangers and Echizen. And yeah, Ryoga is in Vegas!
I don't own prince of tennis in any way! This fiction is purely fan-made!

"Are you fucking serious!?" Shishido yelled, shocked.

"Yes, Ore-sama is serious. We are going to Los Vegas for a training camp," Atobe declared.

"Training? Please! How are you planning to train in Los Vegas?" Shishido asked.

"Team bonding," Atobe explained. "Seigaku has done it before, and we won't lose to Seigaku, will we, ahn?"

"Of course not!" Gakuto shouted, suddenly full of energy. "We'll never lose to them!" he spat.

Hiyoshi snorted.

"I would really like to go!" Taki exclaimed, pulling out his brush to run it through his hair.

Hiyoshi stared at him for a moment, and then blushed, saying, "If it's for training, then I guess its fine."

Taki smiled one of those effeminate Yukimura brand smiles.

'They're so obvious' the team thought, save aforementioned two should-be lovers.

"I… I kind of want to go to…" Ootori said nervously.

"Seriously?" Shishido asked.

"Mmm," he replied.

"I guess it can't be helped, then," Shishido sighed, the faintest blush tinting his cheeks, as well.

Ootori smiled another one of those ultimate uke smiles.

"Los Vegas is one of the most romantic cities on earth," Oshitari stated.

"Grrr… not more of your sap, Yuushi," Gakuto complained to his partner, causing said partner to smirk mischievously.

"I was thinking… other… types of romance," he stated, his voice making it sound like he was trying to imply something really dirty, which he was.

"Yuushi, we aren't going to Vegas so you can fuck random girls! Its training!" he complained jealously.

He just smiled a sneaky seme smile, which made everyone real wary of what kind of filthy thoughts could be swimming around in his head.

"So, can Ore-sama assume everyone will be coming?" Atobe asked, trying to shake off some of the disturbing images that had appeared during the previous conversation.

"No," Kabaji answered, surprisingly.

"What's wrong, Kabaji?" Atobe asked, not looking as shocked as he actually was. 'Kabaji just replied to a question with an answer other than 'Usu' ', Atobe thought.

"I am busy with family stuff," he exclaimed shortly.

"Hm, Ore-sama sees. OK, Kabaji is the only one excused from the trip. Mukahi, awake Jirou and repeat to him the things Ore-sama has told you today. We will speak in more depth at tomorrow's meeting, you are dismissed."


"Oi, Jirou, wake up!" Gakuto exclaimed, shaking the currently (and always) sleeping boy.

"Mmm…?" he mumbled, turning in sleep.

"Jirou, Atobe said- WTF!?" Gakuto exclaimed, cut off by Jirou who jumped up at the sound of Atobe's name.

"What is it?" he asked excitedly.

"Atobe wanted us to tell you that we are going to Vegas for vacation and that the details will be explained at tomorrow's meeting," Oshitari said, appearing out of nowhere.

"Yuushi! You didn't have to wait for me," Gakuto said, blushing stubbornly.

"But I wanted to," he said, completely aware of how nervous he was making the smaller teen.

"Yeah, well I didn't want you to," he pouted.

"Oh, really?" Oshitari asked.

"Yeah, really!"

"Come on, you two, it's getting late and we better go," Jirou said.

"Hm? Ah, oh yeah," Gakuto said, and the three of them left to walk home.


"Come on, Shishido-san, the bus is here," Ootori said, snapping his sempai out of his thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, thanks, Choutaro," Shishido replied.

They walked onto the bus together and discussed their newest doubles' strategy.

"I never thought that we would go somewhere like Vegas for our training camp this year," Ootori said.

"Yeah, that Atobe never does anything half-way, does he?" Shishido muttered.

"Like you one to talk, sempai," Ootori smiled.

"Shut up, Choutaro," he growled.

"Sorry, Shishido-san," he said.


"Hiyoshi-kun, are you alright?" Taki asked.

"I'm fine, sempai," he said, blushing.

The two of them had tried out a new shortcut that Taki had found. Turns out it took longer than their regular route did, and the path was really thin. They kept brushing against each other, and it made Hiyoshi nervous.

Taki leaned in closer. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure, sempai," he said again.

"That's good to hear," he smiled, taking Hiyoshi's hand and pulling him down the path.


"Bochan, the preparations are complete," a random butler said.

"Are they done properly, ahn?" Atobe asked.

"Of course, Bochan," the butler said.

"Good. I also want the best hotel, best rooms reserved. Make it pre-paid, as well. Meals included," Atobe ordered.

"Whatever you say, Bochan," the butler said, and went off to complete his next orders.

-----------The Meeting the Next Day----------

"We will spend one month in Vegas for our trip, so pack enough clothing. Naturally, you must also bring all your tennis gear and any money you believe you require. Ore-sama, of course, will pay for practically everything. However, if there is anything you want to buy privately, or without informing Ore-sama, you are free do so with your own money. We will be staying at Venetian Hotel and Casino. It is Las Vegas' number one hotel, and you should all be grateful that Ore-sama has gone to the trouble of reserving their best rooms. There will be 4 rooms, two to a room. The sleeping arrangements will be Ore-sama and Jirou, Oshitari and Mukahi, Ootori and Shishido and Taki and Hiyoshi. We have all access, even though we are underage, due to Ore-sama's magnificent influence and money. That is all I have to say on our matter for Vegas," Atobe concluded.

"Well, that was quite the speech," Oshitari said when it was finally over.

"No shizz," Gakuto muttered, snapped back to reality after falling into his own world due to his (unreasonably short) attention span.

"Kei-chan?" Jirou asked.

"Yes, Jirou?" Atobe replied.

"Are we really able to do whatever we want in Vegas? Aren't we underage?" he asked.

"Yes, we are underage, but Ore-sama has used his influence as an Atobe to get us access to everything. That includes gambling, clubs and anywhere you would like to go for adults only. Ore-sama has legal ID cards that indicate being privileged underage students. With those cards, we can do anything we want."

"Will you give us the cards?" Jirou asked.

"When we get to Vegas, Ore-sama will give you the cards," he replied.

"Thank you, Kei-chan!" Jirou exclaimed, glomping Atobe.

Atobe went "ooof", and then blushed as he attempted to remove the older teen from himself.

"Ne, Yuushi? When we go to Vegas, we can do whatever we want! No parents or laws to hold us back," Gakuto said, moving away from the meeting area and over to the lockers.

"Yes, I suppose you're right," he replied, sipping from his water bottle.

"I want to go to a club!" he exclaimed.

Oshitari spit out the water and stared at Gakuto. "Seriously?" he asked.

"Yeah, I want to try all sorts of cool dances there!" he said, both excitedly and innocently.

Oshitari was still staring at Gakuto. Did he even realize what those whores would do if a boy like Gakuto, underage and a virgin? He shuddered at the thought. They would crawl all over him on the dance floor, get him drunk, trick him back to their apartments and fuck him silly. Then again, the idea of Gakuto dancing with his flexible body in the hot and sweaty club made him hard, and thank god Gakuto was looking the other way because it was impossible not to notice when the two of them were only meters apart.

"You're pretty cute, Gaku-chan," he teased.

"Shut up!" Gakuto said, hitting Oshitari in the arm.

"Wow, could those two get any more obvious?" Shishido muttered to himself quietly.

"I think they look cute together, Shishido-san," Ootori smiled.

"Yeah, as cute as a sumo wrestler in a bikini," he muttered again.

"Shishido-san!" Ootori said.

"Yeah, yeah, don't worry about it, Choutaro. Even if he is stupid, annoying and irrationally effeminate, Gakuto's my childhood friend, remember?" Shishido smiled at Ootori.

"Hey, who's stupid, annoying and effeminate, Ryou?" Gakuto shouted angrily.

"You, Taki and Jirou are," he said.

"What!?" the angry voices of Gakuto, Taki and Jirou shouted in unison.

"That's so mean, Ryou!" Jirou whined, letting tears fill his eyes.

"Apologize, Shishido!" Atobe snapped, angry that someone actually dared to make Jirou cry in his presence.

"I'm sorry, you faggots," he said, and took out of the change room before anyone could react, dragging Ootori out with him.

"He's pretty immature," Oshitari pointed out.

"Hmph! No kidding!" Gakuto huffed.

__________________ _________________________________________
-----------The Day of Their Departure from Japan----------

"Gekidasa daze," Shishido said. "I mean, a training camp where we won't actually be training? Please."

"I think it'll be a lot of fun," Ootori said. "Going to Vegas together will be a lot of fun. It's too bad Kabaji-san couldn't come, though."

"I'm sure it was over here," Hiyoshi said, leading Taki over to the meeting place. "Ah, hello Shishido-sempai, Ootori."

"Hello, Hiyoshi-kun," Ootori said.

"Mmm," Shishido acknowledged, though paying no mind. He was busy looking over at the approaching Gakuto and Oshitari.

"Yo, Ryou, what's up?"Gakuto asked.

"Nothing, baka," Shishido said.

"What was that, bastard!?" Gakuto said, about to attack when Oshitari grabbed him by the collar.

"Let's not start a commotion in the middle of an airport, alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," he pouted.

"Don't be like that," Oshitari said, rolling his eyes.

"Be like what?" he said, lower lip still jutted out.

Oshitari sighed, then turned to the others. "Atobe and Jirou are the only ones left, right?"

"Yeah, but looks like they've arrived," Taki said, pointing out the window with a lollipop hanging from his mouth.

"Hm?" Oshitari asked, then walked over to look out the window. Sure enough, there was a huge black limo parked just outside the doors and Atobe walked out with a sparkling Jirou in tow.

"He's always overdoing things, isn't he?" Shishido complained.

"That's just his personality, Shishido-san," Ootori scolded lightly.

"Yeah, well it's a damned disgusting one," he complained.


"Don't worry, Ootori. Ryou had had it out for Atobe since he showed up. Before they had even met, actually," Gakuto said. "He has such a stubborn and disagreeable personality."

"Who's stubborn and disagreeable!? Oh, speaking of which, I didn't know someone of your education level knew words like disagreeable," Shishido taunted.

"What did you say!?" Gakuto said, jumping on Shishido and knocking him to the floor.

They wrestled there for a while, tossing, turning and fighting, until some jealous Oshitari and Ootori came to break them up.

"Come on, you two," Oshitari said, although inwardly he was thinking, 'who does Shishido think he is, crawling all over Gakuto like that?!'.

"Sempai-tachi, are you alright?" Ootori asked, blushing slightly while trying to convince himself he shouldn't be upset over something like that.

"What is it that you are doing? Are you trying to embarrass Ore-sama before he even arrives?" Atobe asked, coming up behind them, followed by Jirou.

"Ah, Atobe, took you long enough," Shishido said.

"Are you ready, Atobe?" Oshitari asked.

"Ore-sama is always ready. He has been since birth," Atobe said matter-of-factly.

"Well, let's go then," Oshitari said.

-----------On the Plane-----------

"Kei-chan, we're riding first class?" Jirou questioned.

"Of course, Ore-sama would never sink so low as to ride coach like you commoners," Atobe said.

"Well, sorry for riding cheap," Shishido said sarcastically.

"Ore-sama forgives you," Atobe said naturally.

"Are you a moron?!" Shishido asked/shouted."Why would I need your forgiveness?"

"Shishido-san!" Ootori shot.

"Yeah, whatever, Choutaro," Shishido replied.

"Why aren't they quite immature?" Oshitari asked Gakuto, who was lying with his head in Oshitari's lap.

"Yeah, no shizz," Gakuto replied, waving his legs, which were out in the aisle.

"Ore-sama would be happier if you sat like a normal human, Mukahi," Atobe said.

Gakuto stuck his tongue out, but adjusted himself anyways.

"I think asking Mukahi to behave like a human is asking too much," Taki smiled.

"Look who's talking, girly-boy," Gakuto spat.

"Calm down, Gakuto," Oshitari said.

"But Yuushi!" Gakuto whined (like a girl).

"Ore-sama commands you all to calm down. You are disturbing the other passengers," Atobe ordered.

The team looked around and saw that the entire body of first class passengers was watching them.

"Mada Mada Dane," a familiar voice said behind them.

"Brat, what are you doing here?" Atobe asked Echizen.

"I was headed back to America to see Ryoga," he said.

"Ryoga? You mean the guy on the cruise ship Atobe saved you from?" Oshitari asked.

"We could've handled ourselves," Echizen said indignantly.

"Hmph! Ore-sama knows you loosers would have had trouble maintaining Sakurafubuki," Atobe stated.

"Whatever, monkey king," Echizen said. "Ah, speaking of monkeys, where is Kabaji?"

"Kabaji had some important business to attend to, brat," Atobe replied.

"He's visiting with family," Oshitari said.

"Hmm, oh well, you guys go back to your play pen, okay?"

"Oi, you tell that Kikumaru that we're going to training camp and that when we come back, I'll be way better than he is, okay?" Gakuto asked.

"No," Echizen said.

"What did you say!?" Gakuto said, attempting to get up, but was stopped by Oshitari.

"Leave him be, Gakuto. We're on a plane," he said.

"Hmph! Whatever," Gakuto said, laying his head back down in Oshitari's lap.

"Those guys are totally oblivious," Shishido said.

"Yeah, I know," Hiyoshi said, shaking his head.

----------------Arrival in Las Vegas-------------------

"So, we're training here?" Gakuto asked, completely awed by the scene of Vegas simply walking out of the airport. Imagine what it would look like on the highway?

"Yes, and Ore-sama has seen to it that we get only the best conditions," Atobe explained.

"Gakuto, better pick your mouth up off of the floor," Oshitari said.

"But Yuushi~ look at it!" he whined.

"Yeah, it's amazing…" Oshitari replied, turning to see the streets that were busy as the streets in Tokyo. "And this is one of the smaller streets, too…"

"Isn't it gorgeous?" Taki smiled.

"Mmm…" was all Hiyoshi could manage as a reply.

"Shishido-san, are you ok?" Ootori asked.

"Y-yeah… I'm fine, Choutaro," Shishido said, unable to tear his eyes away from the amazing lights all over the city.

"What are you gawking at, Ryou?" Mukahi asked. "Gekidasa daze" he quoted.

"Shut up! I'm not the one who had their jaws glued to the floor last second, am I, Gakuto?" he shot back.

"Don't know. Were you?" he teased.

"Gakuto, calm down," Oshitari said, planting his hand on Mukahi's shoulder.

"Hmph! Look, at least I don't need someone taking care of me every second of the day. You don't have the self-control of a 7-year-old, do you, Gakuto?" Shishido taunted.

"That's enough, Shishido-san!" Ootori exclaimed innocently. "You need some self-control yourself!"

"Ha ha! Looser!" Mukahi laughed.

"Shut up, Gakuto!" Shishido snapped.

"Mukahi, Shishido, Ore-sama believes we do not need a scene in the middle of the airport entrance," Atobe said,

"Apologize," Oshitari commanded.

"But Yuushi~" Mukahi whined.

"Apologize, Gakuto," he said.

"Fine! Sorry, Atobe," he muttered.

"Ore-sama forgives you," Atobe replied.

"You apologize, too, Shishido-san," Ootori said.

"I don't want to," he said stubbornly.



"Now, Shishido-san!"

"Sorry, Atobe," he grumbled.

"Ore-sama forgives you, as well. Now, we better get to the hotel," Atobe said.