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"Alright! Everyone, get into your pairs and lineup. The performing order is; First, Ootori and Yagyuu – ballet, second, Hiyoshi and Jackal – Tango, third, Atobe and Taki – African Traditional, fourth, Yukimura and Shishido - Hip Hop, fifth Jirou and Marui – Samba, Sixth, Yanagi and Kirihara – Contemporary, Seventh, Mukahi and Niou – Tap and finally, Sanada and Oshitari – Jazz," said the main judge: Tezuka KUNIMITSU!

Fuji smiled (very sadistically). "Do your best everyone. We're all just dyingto see your amazing performances."

"Nfu, nfu, nfu, very much so, ne, Fuji-kun?" Mizuki said, looking at Fuji.

"Ano… who are you again?" Fuji asked, a (falsely) apologetic look in his face.

"M-Mizuki-desu…" he muttered.

"Ah, Mitsuli-kun? I'll keep that in mind…" Fuji smiled.

Mizuki twitched.

"Don't mind, Mizuki-san," Yuuta said, patting Mizuki on the shoulder.

Zaizen smirked slightly. "Yes, don't mind, Mitsuli-kun."

Kenya, Saeki and Sengoku laughed. Fuji gave a (too good to be true) innocent look.

"What's wrong, Minaki-kun?" Fuji asked, frowning slightly.

"Mizuku-desu…" Mizuki muttered.

"A-hem," Tezuka coughed. "Will the first pair please take the floor?"

The judges sat at a wooden table, each with some paper and pencil in front of them, facing the main dance floor. The other contestant sat on chairs in rows of three next to the judges, where they could easily see the performances.

"I can't wait," Yukimura observed.

Yanagi nodded. "Sadaharu would like to know about this… we should film them and send him the videos."

Everyone froze.

"Sounds like a good idea," Yukimura smiled at him.

Yagyuu and Ootori took the stage for the first performance. They stood facing each other, their bodies limp like that of a marionette. The music started. "Lacie" from Pandora Hearts played gently and Yagyuu started to move slowly, gently, tracing the area around the still Ootori as he glided around him. Yagyuu's movement started picking up as the music blended from the slow and gentle lacie to "Tsukiyo no Marionette" by Nakamura Yuuichi (Tsukiyomi Ikuto from Shugo Chara). When the song was completely changed, no trace of lacie playing even in the background, Ootori started moving, as well. He fluidly reproduced every move Yagyuu did three seconds after he did so, making it seem like Yagyuu was leading him.

The two broke from their game of monkey-see, monkey-do, and started dancing like real partners. Yagyuu took Ootori's waist and twirled him gently, as if guiding him, holding him up like he couldn't do so himself.

A low growl sounded from the back of Shishido's throat as he watched Yagyuu take his partner by the wrists and twirl him into his arms, breathing over his neck sensually. Who the hell did he think he was, doing something like that?

As the music faded into nothing, Ootori fell back into his original, limp position and Yagyuu crouched before him, a lonely expression on his face.

The audience and judges clapped, and Yagyuu and Ootori bowed before walking to stand before the judges. Ootori flashed Shishido a brief, embarrassed smile.

Tezuka stood. "The three judges evaluating you will be Sengoku, Kenya and Yuuta," he said, before sitting again. All eyes turned to Sengoku.

"Wah, that was good," he said, smiling one of those cute smiles only Sengoku could pull off in such a way (Henzie: *drools*). "My favorite part was when Yagyuu stood behind Ootori and they rocked their hips from side-to-side! I didn't think it was possible to pull off a move like that and still make it seem like ballet."

"Thank you," Ootori smiled.

Yagyuu nodded in acknowledgement to the comment.

Kenya stood, smiling at Ootori and Yagyuu. "I liked it. You're choice of music supported your dance very well, and it explained the concept of the dance, making it that much more affective. You also moved together, with smooth transitions, so it looked as if you knew each other like you know Shishido or Niou," Kenya smiled. "Very good work."

Ootori smiled sheepishly, and reached over to hold Yagyuu's hand.

Niou and Shishido shared an annoyed look, as if blaming each other for this.

Now it was Yuuta's turn to stand. "Hmm… let's see… I notice the others," here, he shoots an annoyed glance at his comrades, "have left that part of the feedback for me. That being the erotic concept of this dance, of course. Once you got out of the original marionette movements, you often used each others' body to emphasize your movements. The places you rolled your hips against each other to extenuate your leg movements, the places you entwined your bodies to show love or emotion, and the way you would look at each other like you were the only ones in the world. A good performance," he smiled.

Yagyuu and Ootori bowed, "Thank you," they replied in unison.

Yagyuu and Ootori moved into the free chairs next to their doubles partners.

"How was it, Shishido-san?" Ootori smiled at his sempai.

Shishido tried to glare at him. Really, he did, but this was Ootori. Ootori with his cute, sweet and innocent smile, looking down at him with hopeful eyes.

Shishido sighed, then smiled. "It was great, Choutaro."

"Really? Thank you, Shishido-san!" he replied excitedly. He'd been looking forward to performing for Shishido all week, and was so happy that Shishido liked it.

Yagyuu took his place next to Niou, glancing at him from the corner of his eye.

Niou dropped his head onto Yagyuu's shoulder. "Mmm… Yagyuu, you looked really hot…" he mumbled, nuzzling into Yagyuu's shoulder.

"Niou-kun…?" Yagyuu asked suspiciously, stumped by Niou's odd behavior. "What's wrong?"

"Later, Yagyuu… later…" he mumbled.

Yagyuu nodded.

"Alright," Tezuka started. "Next are Hiyoshi Wakashi and Kuwahara Jackal with their tango performance."

Hiyoshi walked onto the stage with an unusually deep scowl, followed by a sheepish looking Jackal.

Getting into starting position, Hiyoshi and Jackal stood face-to-face, right up close. Hiyoshi's leg was hiked up to wrap around Jackal's waist, and Jackal's arm wrapped under it to hold it up.

Smiling sheepishly, Jackal nodded, indicating it was time to start the music. Hiyoshi had his usual scowl on his face, looking extremely reluctant to start their performance.

The song "Angelus" by Hitomi Shimatani started up, and Hiyoshi and Jackal pulled apart quickly. They moved very smoothly, and very swiftly, Hiyoshi rolling and shaking his hips around, Jackal holding his waist and guiding his around the dance floor.

Jackal held Hiyoshi's waist and let him fall back, Hiyoshi's right leg flying into the air as his back arched and he threw his head back. From there, Hiyoshi spun out and back in, Jackal guiding him through his spins and holding him steady.

The music stopped abruptly and they ended with Hiyoshi lying on the floor, Jackal on all fours on top of him.

The audience clapped, and when Hiyoshi turned to look at the crowd, he saw Taki smiling at him.

Hiyoshi smiled back faintly, causing most of the audience to snicker at them.

Tezuka stood once more. "Fuji, Mizuki and Zaizen will judge."

Fuji smiled (wider, cause technically he already was…), before standing and turning to the two dancers.

"You're movements were smooth and fluid, and your choreography fit the theme very well. Good job," he smiled.

Mizuki stood. "Nfu nfu, very well done," he chuckled. "You-"

"Why isn't Zaizen-kun talking, 'Mitsu? I thought he was the next judge… it's not good for broadcast for us to stay silent…" Fuji whined.

"You're broadcasting!" Hiyoshi asked in disbelief.

Fuji chuckled. "Oh, my… whatever gave you that idea…?"

Mizuki twitched. "I'm trying to talk, Fuji-kun…"

Fuji pouted, glaring slightly at Zaizen. "Mou, Zaizen-kun! It's your turn to judge!"

Zaizen smirked, and stood.

Mizuki twitched, but sat back down.

"Don't mind, Mizuki-san…" Yuuta said, patting his sempai's shoulder.

"Well," Zaizen started. "You could probably just let your arms go a little more, Hiyoshi, but overall you two did very well."


"Thank you."

Hiyoshi walked back to the chairs and the empty seat next to Taki.

"You did well," Taki smiled.

"Thanks…" Hiyoshi muttered.

Atobe snorted silently from Taki's other side.

Hiyoshi shot him a glare. "You're up next, Atobe-san…"

"Ore-sama knows that. Ready, Taki?"

Taki nodded. "Of course."

The two of them walked onto the stage and proceeded to dance in every which way was traditional and even somewhat disturbing at some points. The theme was clearly a hunter and the hunted, though at some points it made you wonder… Who was hunting what and for what purpose?

"A-Ano…" Sengoku said. "That was a little insane…"

The other judges were in awe by how complicated their movements and dancing was. Was it even possible for humans to bend that way?

Atobe laughed. "Has Ore-sama no prowess awed you to speechlessness?"

"Ah, if you wish to see it that way," Fuji chuckled.

Mizuki nodded. "Indeed, Fuji-kun!"

Fuji opened his eyes and shot an icy cold glare at Mizuki.

Mizuki fainted.

Yuuta caught him right before he hit the floor and sighed, carrying him out of the room.

Everyone sweat-dropped.

"Serves him right…" someone muttered.

Fuji smiled once more, eyes closed once more. "As I was saying, that was an amazing performance, Atobe-san, Taki-san."

They both nodded in thanks and headed off the stage.

The next performance was a hip hop performed by Shishido and Yukimura. The stage let off a very threatening aura, and caused Ootori to worry for his sempai's safety.

Once again, the judges were speechless.

"That was… very interesting…" Saeki tried.

"Yes, very intimidating… I mean, interesting…" Kenya agreed.

Zaizen chuckled.

"SUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Its our turn, Marui-sempai!" Akutagawa exclaimed, hopping up and dragging his sempai onto the stage.

"Yah yah…" Marui grumbled.

"Then, everyone, please enjoy Akutagawa Jiroh's and Marui Bunta's samba performance," Tezuka said in monotone.

"You're not cut out for announcing, are you, Tezuka?" Sengoku said. "No fun."

Tezuka ignored his comment, and the dance commenced.

… the CARAMEL DANCE commenced…

"What the hell? This isn't samba!" Kirihara declared from the crowd.

"Urusai! We'd have done some ACTUAL samba had this kid been able to keep his hands off me for three seconds!" Marui declared, annoyed.

Atobe twitched jealously. HIS Jiroh was all over Marui? Again?

"But when you think Marui-sama, it just has to be caramel!" Akutagawa exclaimed stubbornly.

"Since when?"

"Since now!"

And so the verbal abuse continued until someone had a mind the stop them all. Fuji, of course, it was… and his unreasonably scary blue iced glare…

As the dance performance continued, the judges started to discuss who the winners and new pairs would be. The crowd and participants waited anxiously for the results…

"Alright," Tezuka said. "We have decided which four pairs will continue on to the next round. Atobe and Taki, Sanada and Oshitari, Yukimura and Shishido and Hiyoshi and Jackal. Due to injury, however, Shishido will not be continuing to the next round and is to be replaced by Kirihara Akaya. That is all."

Kirihara groaned. "Why do I have to do it?"

"Don't be so immature," Yanagi ordered.

"Shishido-san, hang in there!" Ootori cried, clinging to Shishido's hand.

"Farewell, Choutaro…" he mumbled, tears in his eyes.

Yukimura sighed. "All that ruckus over a little bruise…"

Sanada nodded. Wasn't Hyoutei supposed to be tough?

And so… the next round commences!

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