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A perfect Future

Harper lay on his bunk. His eyes glanced towards the now destroyed tesseract device. It had been a close one. He was alive. So many people had died because of him. The amount of dead people he left in his wake

was almost staggering. He reached up to the bench beside his bed and twirled his now useless inhaler in his fingers. He winched as he leaned back. His stomach ached and he missed Trance. He missed her light jokes he missed her bright smile. She always made him feel better. This new girl, well she just wasn't his Trance.

In many ways his Trance had died. Hohne had died because of him. Brendan hadn't let him forget that his parents had died because of him, like he could have forgotten anyway.

He sighed and rolled over trying to sleep. He always told everyone he was a `freakin genius' but right now he felt very small and unwise. He was just a mudfoot from a slave planet. What did he do to deserve the guilt and loss of those he loved. His thoughts floated to Beka his one stronghold in all of this. He had known her for 4 years now and she had never left him or died. If anything happened to her... his stomach muscles spasmed. He wasn't sure anymore if it was from the stress of the past few days, or from his fear of someday losing Beka.

He closed his eyes and sleep came at last.


An hour later on the bridge.


"Rommie what's Harper's condition?"

Rommie popped into existence beside Beka who stood at the helm.

"Currently resting in is quarters. Don't worry Beka, he's ok?"

"I know it just that... we almost..."

Rommie smiled weakly "I know."

Beka heard a noise, her eyes attentive on the screen in front of her.

"Vessel approaching, of our starboard bow."

"On screen Rommie."

Beka recognized the ship right away.

"Red alert, all hands to battle stations!" she then turned to Rommie. "Get ready to slipstream."

As she pushed the buttons to make their escape an amber glow filled the bridge. Beka gave a strangled scream, as it seem to centre on her. She felt her self being pulled from her station. Next was the strangest sensation she had every felt. She felt as if her very molecules were dispersing.

Rommie watched in shock unable to do anything to help. Just as Tyr and Dylan ran unto the bridge Beka disappeared completely.


The alarms rang through the hallway. Harper's eye's shot open. The alarms sounded like they had been ring for a few minutes. "Gawd." He swore rubbing a tired hand over his eyes he must have been more tired then he thought.

"Rommie what's happen'?" His voice slurred with exhaustion.

Rommie appeared beside him "Harper you need to get to command."

Her lack of an explanation worried him. He rolled to his feet clutching his side in pain. The Magog were gone but they did not go quietly they had left him with a ring of bruises no nano bot could fix quickly.

He did his best to jog down to command but everyone had beaten him there except Beka.

"What's happening he asked?" but everyone was rushing around to the different stations, no one met his eyes or answered his question. Suddenly the Andromeda shook under an impact. Dylan stood at the helm.

"Prepare to slipstream!"

"Captain we've been cut off" Shouted Rommie and the ship shook under a second impact.

"Who they hell are these guys?" Dylan swore but his eyes finally met Harper's "Harper get down to deck three there is a hull breach see what you can do. Tyr! Ready torpedo's one through four."

Harper stood frozen to his spot. "Where's Beka?"

"Harper go! Now!" shouted Dylan over his shoulder. "Rommie go with him see if you can help."

The android grabbed his arm and steered him out of command.

They jogged to the damaged but sealed part of the ship. Harper's arm wrapped around his stomach but her refused to show Rommie that he was in pain.

"Rommie what's going on?

"Later, fix the problem first."

"It's bad isn't it?"

Rommie slowed and turned looking him straight in the eyes. "It's bad."

Harper nodded his eyes showed his fear but his actions did not. Having the Magog in him had made him a little more protective of his feelings noted Rommie to her self.

"Ok good, ok fine let's go." He broke her thoughts and they continued towards the damaged area.


Trance glanced around the deck of the Andromeda. She was home once again. It felt good. She had missed the innocence of this time. She smiled glancing at the faces around her. They looked exhausted, spent, even the mighty Tyr looked strained, but little did they know how much they would cherish this time.

Tyr saw her glance and stepped over to her grabbing her roughly by the upper arm.

"Why are you smiling? What do you know?" He yelled at her his nose inches from her own.

The old Trance would have flinched. The old Trance would have pleaded to Dylan for help. But that girl was gone. She glared back at him.

"I don't know this is different."

"What are you scheming at girl!"

"Tyr" Dylan shouted over his shoulder "back to your station."

Andromeda appeared to Dylan's left. "Dylan there is another opening to slipstream"

"Brace for slipstream." Confirmed Dylan.

The slipstream opened before them and Dylan guided them in but before they were completely submerged there was a large explosion. Everyone flew from their stations landing on the floor.

The Andromeda entered the slipstream damaged and unguided.


Rommie was the first back on her feet. She could feel the near pain of her other self as many of the major systems had been damaged. She had lived through a slipstream unguided something she wasn't suppose to be doing.

She glanced around analyzing the situation. Harper lay not ten feet from her. He was unconscious but seemed relatively undamaged other then a few cuts and bruises and a nasty bump on the head. Dylan would have to tell him about Beka soon, that would be worse then any bump on the head.

`DYLAN!" the thought rushed through her head. "Andromeda what's the status of Captain Hunt?"

Her hologram appeared beside her. "He is currently on the bridge and is administering first aid to Tyr."

"Thank the divine."

Rommie made her way over to Harper he was already starting to stir. He twitched a little before coming fully awake. As usual he did so explosively. He jumped to his feet before he was fully awake and before Rommie could stop him. He swayed almost tipping over till she put a hand under his elbow. His eyes focused and met hers.

"Rommie?" He tried to smile but winched instead holding the back of his head "Ow."

"I should say."

"What happened?"

"We received fire as we were entering slipstream?"

Dylan's voice interrupted them as it came in over the intercom. "Mister Harper? Rommie Status?"

"We're fine Dylan just a little shaken up." Rommie filled him in.

"Shaken not stirred," added Harper who was ignored.

"We have massive ship wide damage, life support is minimal and could possibly fail within the next forty seven minutes."

"Mr. Harper get on the life support systems, right away. We'll assess what needs to be done from there, Hunt out."

Harper turned to Rommie. "Why wasn't Beka piloting?"

Rommie knew she couldn't put off telling him any further. "Harper..." she hesitated

"Just tell me Rom Doll."

"Beka's missing. We were attacked by a vessel Beka seemed to recognize them, then the bridge was filled with a particle wave. Her molecules were dissipated."

"So they kidnapped her, we have to organize a rescue, we can take the Maru ...so help me if they hurt her I'll..."

"Harper," once again she paused. "There is a good chance she's dead. "

Harper glared at her as if she had said something blasphemous. "No! It's impossible, Beka can't die"


"I SAID NO!" then seemed to gain some composure. "Look Rommie I'll fix the life support but after that I'm going to find Beka." He turned his back on her without a further word and walked away.


Dylan leaned against a nearby wall and watched Harper pack his tools in a small bag. Dylan wasn't about to mention that he was already wearing his tool belt. Other then the small clanking of another tool being thrown in the bag the two stood in silence.

Harper let out an exaggerated sigh. "What?"

"Why don't you wait till a few more systems are back on line and we'll all look for Beka."

"She could be hurt, I'm not about to let something worse happen to her why we wait" He through another tool in the bag.

"Harper I'm not about to abandon Beka, but the Andromeda is nearly dead in the water. We won't be able to mount any kind of rescue with her in this condition." Then he continued in a near whisper "Besides Rommie says there is about an eighty percent chance we are already too late."

Harper through the tool he had in his hand hard against the nearest bulkhead and turned towards Dylan furious. "Take that back!" he growled, "It's not true."

Dylan raised his hands in an attempt to placate Harper. "I'm not saying she is dead I just want you to keep in mind her chances are not good and that they would be better with the Andromeda for back up."

"I'm going Dylan." Then he conceded a little. "Look if I get into trouble I'll call ok, by the time I find anything you guys can some of Rommie's more major systems back up." He gestured to his workbench. I left you some instructions. Dylan's gaze flickered over to the workbench there was about a dozen flexi's hidden amongst various pieces of machinery and Sparky cola cans.

"Ok, fine I'm not going to convince you other wise, but then I have a request."

Slightly curious Harper raised an eyebrow at Dylan. "What kind of request?"

"You Take Trance."

"What, no way!" Harper's blood turned a little colder

"Listen Harper we're going to be doing a lot of repairs on the ship I don't have time to watch her and I don't trust her yet. You can take her with you, keep an eye on her and maybe learn some of her motives. Plus Trance, the old one anyway, was very good at finding things."

"She was Beka's lucky charm." Harper conceded. "Ok I'll take her but she better be ready to leave by the time I haul this stuff to the Maru or I leave without her."


Harper placed his bag in his old quarters on the Maru he had hoped she wouldn't show but she was waiting for him when he arrived.

"Hey." He greeted her with a very fake smile.

"Hey." She returned with no smile at all.

"Any idea where she is?"

Trance shook her head her braids moving on her shoulders. "None, but she feels close by."

Harper nodded as he walked towards the Helm. Then he stopped and turned towards her.

"Look, I know you saved me from the Magog but I don't know you or trust you. By saving me you killed my friend so that doesn't make you an angel."

"I never..." she started but Harper raised his had cutting her off. "You get in the way or prevent me from finding Beka I will kill you."

"No you listen Seamus!" Trance poked him in the chest angrily with a very long un-purple finger.

"This is not what I wanted either so you will deal with it. Or we'll both be killed!"

Harper did his best to snarl at her but this really wasn't his Trance anymore. "What ever let's move!''

"Let's." conceded Trance and Harper sat in at the helm without another word and headed the Maru back through the slipstream. He was heading towards the last coordinates of the ship that attacked them.

`To hell with Trance' he thought this was for Beka.


Beka felt no pain only an excruciating blackness. She couldn't feel her body but she felt a coldness creeping towards her. A scream caught her non-existent throat. `Help and Hurry' were the only thoughts she could form.