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Beka woke up with a gasp. "No more darkness." She said before she was fully awake.

"No more what Beka?" asked a light bubbly voice.

Beka relaxed she was on med deck and the voice belonged to Trance. Trance walked over and brushed some of the hair out of her eyes. "Nothing, just a bad dream." Then Beka attempted to change the subject. "So where are all they guys are they ok?"

A strange look came over Trance's face. "Well they were all very worried. We're glad your ok."

"Trance you didn't answer the question."

"I know but you need to rest." Trance had hidden a medical injector in her left hand quickly injected Beka with a sedative. Beka's eyes fluttered and her breathing became quieter. Trance needed Beka to rest. It was for her own good she told herself only half believing it. She needed, no, she wanted to deal with Harper. Beka had been through enough. She didn't need Beka's mothering of Harper to kick in. She had seen Beka's darkness and Beka would be having nightmares for a while. She needed to deal with her own demons never mind Harper's.


Tyr stood gazing into an open conduit cover as Trance rounded the corner. Tyr turned to stare at her. The silence between them was almost palatable.

"Are you here to talk to him?" Tyr finally relented his stare with a question.

"Yes." She acknowledged almost curtly.

"I've tried he's not coming out."

"Well then I'll have to go in" She pushed Tyr lightly out of the way and climbed into the small tunnel. She could hear Tyr snort his disgust but he didn't leave. Tyr now understood Nietzscheans. When she was here before she hadn't. Tyr cared for Harper but he wasn't about to show it to anyone. Tyr craved family. Harper didn't have any family and in Tyr's eyes desperately needed guidance. The problem lay in that Harper always did what he needed and wanted to do. He wasn't used to having a family, people who depended on him, so he acted like he didn't have one. To Trance and everyone one on the Andromeda it was clear. Harper had family and her name was Beka. Sure they were all becoming family, going through the things they had bonded people. But with Beka and Harper it was different. There was an unspoken way of communication, a trust that Harper gave to no one but Beka. His reaction to seeing here alive was nothing more then puzzling. The thing is Trance liked puzzles.

She turned a corner in the conduit leaving Tyr behind. After three more turns her knees started to ache from crawling, but she knew she was close.

One more turn and she saw him.

He sat knees drawn up. His arms wrapped around them, his chin resting on top. He looked pale, his face was sweaty but what really worried Trance was the blank stare. His eyes had no sparkle in them. She remembered in the other future she had told him the sparkle came from drinking so much cola. He had laughed and said he got it from her. She had only seen that sparkle disappear once before. That too was in the other future. She briefly closed her eyes blocking out the memories from that awful day. She wanted the before time back. When they had been friends.

She crawled over too him in silence. She was afraid of spooking him. But he didn't even acknowledge her presence. She reached over to his far side and pulled him against her, cradling his head against her shoulder. They sat there for a long time. Trance wasn't sure how long, when she finally felt him move slightly.

"Harper?" she whispered. He didn't move but he did flinch ever so slightly. "It's ok you don't have to talk, but I will a little ok?" No reaction. "Beka, wants to see you, she's worried that …" That did it he almost leapt from her arms.

"NO!" he yelled. The noise made her jump slightly as it echoed around the conduit. He was breathing fast and his eyes looked shinny with fright.

This wasn't working she needed to take control. "Just you wait a minute!" She yelled back. "Tell me what's going on now!"

Harper looked around like he was about to take off again but she had him cornered in a junction with no access but they way they had come. Trance blocked his escape. He took a deep breath. "It's fine, it's good."

"No it's not. Harper look at me what's wrong?" She could see a battle raging behind those eyes but they seemed alive again and it was a small relief.

"I need to go."

"Where? Where do you want to go?"

"I can't see her anymore?" he finally relented.

"Beka?" Trance asked.

He gave a nod and swallowed hard. "I… I can't …" He stopped.

Trance allowed him this second in time. Harper was fast with a joke, but true emotions were hard for him. He had turned them off a longtime ago on earth.

"It hurts to much to even conceive of losing her again. It's better to be alone…then I won't know. I don't want to see any of you any more."

Trance felt a little stunned. He was running away because he loved them too much and Harper always lost the things he loved.

He gave on of his old rye Harper grins. "It's worse then the Magog."

Trance might have been different but the old feelings overwhelmed her. This was her Harper alive in front of her. This was her chance to change his future now. She engulfed him in a hug.

He struggled at first but soon relaxed. He made small noises against her shoulder and she held him till he was quiet again. Her shoulder was damp with mingled tears.

She finally pulled away and tried to meet his eyes. But he looked at the floor in shame and fear.

"Harper I know things and I came back to fix the mistakes." Trance paused unsure on how to continue. " I can still see the perfect possible future. I couldn't for a while. In order for the best odds of the perfect future happening you need to learn trust. The other one… the other you from my future never learned to trust. That's why I was so mad at you, when we came back to the Andromeda. You were afraid I would crash the Maru." Harper continued to look at the floor. "I was mad because you were acting just like him, I felt like nothing was different. You couldn't trust me. Now you don't trust Beka."

Trance reached over and touched his chin raising his eyes to hers. They looked haunted and the dark circles showed his exhaustion. "I…I don't know how." He stuttered.

She gave him a small smile. "With little steps. We don't want to leave you. Things will change, some day some one might leave… but I will do my best not to let that happen. It's why I came back."

They looked at each other for a while but she waited for him to make the next move. She could see him thinking, weighing the odds in his head.

"So," he started in a quiet voice, "You think the perfect possible future could still happen?"

Trance smiled and nodded.

"We should tell Beka."

"Let's go." She smiled and took his hand leading the crawl out of the conduits.

"So we're still friends in the future?"


"So… were there any babes?"

Trance laughed a heartfelt laugh. It felt great. "There were… some."


Beka woke up she. This time no nightmares had plagued her and she felt better. She looked up and the smiling faces of her family, her crew, surrounded her.

"Hey Boss welcome back!" chirped Harper.

"Hey." She replied reaching out and touching his arm. He flinched a little but didn't pull away. His eyes quickly darted towards Trance.

"We're all glad to see you awake again Beka we were worried." Dylan smiled down at her.

"Well I feel better." She sat up slowly. "So did I miss anything?" She looked towards Harper again.

"Ummm, no boss not a thing."

"Harper saved you." Chimed in Trance. "He built this machine that rearranged particles…which reminds me. Harper how did you know it would work?"

"I just knew. I'm a genius or have you forgotten?" He smiled.

Trance looked down at his shirt he hadn't had a chance to change yet. "What are those green splotches?"


"Harper not my plants!"

"Boss help!" squealed Harper has he ducked behind Dylan with a fox like grin.

Beka laughed as Trance chased Harper.

Tyr snorted in disgust that made her laugh even harder. Tears fell from her eyes.

"Some things will never change." She gasped and she was thankful for it.

The end