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Part One: Vitamin D Needed

The door didn't open very easily. Once he got inside (after much doorknob-jiggling, pushing, and yelling), Yao noticed that it was because of the huge pile-up of empty take-out containers, pizza boxes, and jars of kimchi right next to the door. The stack had gotten so huge that it had toppled over, spilling across the floor and blocking the entry.

Not that the occupant of the room noticed. Or cared at all, for that matter.

Sitting in front of three large, glowing computer consoles, a dark-haired Asian boy munched on a box of Pocky without ungluing his eyes from the screens. The keys on his many keyboards clacked at the speed of light as small figures chased each other across a virtual arena. A stream of brightly colored sparks shot from one tiny person across the monitor and hit a larger… thing (Yao couldn't quite tell what it was… it looked like it was supposed to be a creature of some sort, perhaps?) on the other side. Yong-Soo sat up straight and yelled something along the lines of "Uri nara mansae!" before grimacing and pressing his hand to his back.

Yao sighed, and shook his head. He stepped over the molding pile and advanced toward his brother, calling out. "Korea, are you going to come out anytime soon, aru?"

There was no response. He supposed that was because of the gigantic pair of headphones, complete with a motif of the South Korean flag, which were covering his brother's ears. He stomped over and yanked them off his ears, ignoring the gasp of protest from Korea's mouth. "Yong-Soo! This is getting unhealthy, aru! Seriously, aru!"

"Ah, Aniki, what's up?" Yong-Soo blinked up at him, squinting.

Yao frowned. "What's up? 'What's up', aru? What's up is that you haven't left this room for at least three days!"

Yong-Soo looked a bit confused. "Three… days? Nah, it hasn't been that long, you're joking with me, da ze." He smiled again.

"I am most certainly not, aru! We thought you were dead or something!" He glanced back at the garbage dump by the door, and added "Except for the constant stream of take-out coming in, that is."

"Dead? I'm not.." Yao's brother glanced back at the screen, then did a double take. "Nooo!" He screamed. "No, you can't do that! I'm your master, you can't- UGYAHH!" He pounded his fist on the desk and glared at Yao. "Now I really am dead… it's all your fault, Aniki!" As Yao looked at him, perplexed, he slammed his forehead against his keyboard and moaned. "I was level 147 too… took me a whole week… A WHOLE WEEK to get this far! And you ruined it, you ruiiined it!" He started crying.

Yao was disturbed. Deeply, deeply disturbed. Almost more disturbed than the time he'd walked in on Kiku while he was getting ready for one of his little cosplay conventions… Almost. He really never wanted to see Kiku in a maid's outfit again, ever. He'd gladly rip out his toes instead. One by one.

He took another look at the sobbing Korean, then clapped his hands together. "Alright, aru! I'm calling an intervention, aru! For your safety, of course."

Korea looked up, then quickly started typing away again. "No, Aniki, I think… I think I may survive," he said dramatically. "I have another game save-"


The multiple screens went blank. Yong-Soo's eyes went wide. "Wh- whaaaa?" He turned to see a frowning China standing behind his precious console set, holding an assortment of plugs in his hand, all of which were connected at one end to his computers and no longer connected to the wall.

A lightbulb went on in Yong-Soo's brain. "ANIKIII!" He bawled. "HOW could you DO this to meeeeeeee?" Tears filled his eyes as he stared at Yao, blubbering. "I had- I had a- I… WAAAHHH!"

Yao sighed. He'd been expecting something like this. "We haven't seen your face in over a week, and you haven't left your room to do anything for three days, aru. So we decided that something had to be done, aru." He looked at the Korean boy sobbing with his head in his hands, and stated bluntly: "Stop it. You'll get water on your keyboard, aru."

"It doesn't matter… it's all… it's all gone anyways… my game.. my babies… you destroooooyed it!"

"Sorry, aru. Can't you just start another one later?"

"That's not the point, Aniki… How could you do this to me?" He looked up at Yao with large, teary brown eyes.

Yao decided that enough was enough. "Alright, Korea, we're going, aru."

"What? No."

"Come ON, aru." He tugged on the boy's t-shirt. Yong Soo held onto the chair.


"We're LEAVING, aru!"

"Noo! No! No, no, no no NO!"

Yao scowled and stuck his hands under his brother's armpits, forcibly hauling him out of the chair and depositing him on the floor. He was a lot stronger than he looked- being about 5'5" and 4000 years old, no one really expected much from him. Korea was surprised, but after being dumped on his bum he immediately crawled to the desk and latched on again, mumbling something about his children and stupid aniki.

"Aiyaaa, Yong-Soo, how long has it been since you've seen sunlight, aru?" Yao hitched up his sleeves, glared at his stubborn brother, and pulled. Again, not expecting the amount of force used, Korea was pulled of the desk and dragged kicking and wailing towards the garbage pile by the door.

Yao seriously considered dragging him through it.

But no, he was a nice Aniki, right?

Well… nice enough.

Yong-Soo blubbered and reached for a jar of kimchi that was only half eaten, holding it to his body like it provided some source of comfort as Yao dragged him down the hallway.

He kicked a door, and it opened. Hong Kong poked his head out, stared, then closed the door again. Yao could hear the heavy thumps of furniture and other heavy objects being thumped against wood. It sounded suspiciously like he was barricading the door. Yao didn't blame him.

When he thought about it, Yao really had no idea why he'd gone to such lengths to get Yong-Soo out of his room. The kid was annoying and loud, not to mention prone to molesting him and Kiku at random times. He claimed everything originated in him, he stole things, he ate too much kimchi than was good for him, and he was overly affectionate to everybody. Even Hong Kong. Yao did not want to know how that went over.

But for some reason, an Asia with Korea hiding in his room all day long playing video games just wasn't the same.

For the first week or so, when Yong-Soo had simply stopped following him everywhere, Yao didn't really mind. In fact, it was nice. And then he started disappearing and only showing up for meals. That also was nice for a while. But after that, when the only signs he was alive were the occasional flush of a toilet or sound of a shower, or the takeout people knocking on the back door, that's when it started to get weird. It felt funny.

Annoying as he was, Korea was a part of the family.

So he should act like one.

This was Yao's personal philosophy at the moment. He had no idea what Hong Kong thought, and Taiwan, well, she didn't care. She was too busy thinking about (and talking about, and bothering, and stalking, and- err, you get the picture) Japan. Who had in turn replied, when China had asked him, that he agreed, but perhaps not, and he really didn't know what would happen- or something along those lines. Something appropriately vague.

So Yao had taken matters into his own hands. These matters were currently holding onto the frame of the front door for dear life, babbling something in Korean and squinting against the light as Yao, who had wrapped his arms around his brother's waist, pulled very hard.

"Aiyaa, Korea, you are coming with me, aru, or so help me, I will-!" Ah. There we go.

A squeak from Korea as he let go of the door, an "Aiyaa!" from China, and a thud as they hit the ground with all the force that Yong Soo had been holding on with were the sounds that made themselves prevalent to the casual observer.

Who happened to be Japan, returning home from the supermarket with a bag of food.

"Wh-what is going on here?"

Why was Kiku's face upside down? And so flustered looking. And why did his head hurt, and why did he feel like he couldn't breathe, and why… Why was Korea on top of him?

Oh, this was awkward.

"Get off of me, aru!" Yao sat up and pushed the taller boy off of him onto the grass of their front yard, where he rolled to a pathetic, flopping stop.

"Yao-san, what just happened?" Kiku's face was a picture. He'd dropped his usual you-have-no-idea-what-I'm-thinking face in preference of a more emotional what-the-hell-did-I-just-see kind of face.

"Ah, Kiku, I put my plan into action, aru." Yao brushed his hair out of his eyes.

"Put your plan into… oh. That plan." Kiku raised his eyebrows. "And did it work?"

Yao looked over his shoulder, to where Korea hadn't moved an inch off the grass. "I don't know, aru. He did come out of his room."

Kiku glanced from Yong-Soo's prone form to Yao, and back again. "I think you may have killed him, Yao-san." He walked into the house, pausing to bow to Yao and Yong-Soo, giving the latter an odd look.

Yao marched over to the unmoving Korean and bent over him, peering. He'd covered his face with his hands and was just laying there shaking on the grass, the jar of kimchi beside him. "Yong-Soo? Are you… okay, aru?"

"Aniki…" Yong-Soo peeked through his fingers with as much drama as he could muster, his eyes wide and confused. He squeezed them shut again and rolled onto his stomach. "Too… much… sensory… input! The light, it buuuurns!"

Yao shook his head. Apparently he was still alive. That had to count for something.

"Are you going to just lay there all day, aru, or are you going to get off your ass and do something with your life instead of play video games?"

"But.. but.. video games originated in Korea, da ze."

Yao rolled his eyes. "Wasn't it actually America, aru? How long has it been since you've seen him- you guys are friends, right, aru?"

Korea frowned. "Yeah, it's been a while… but there was that time he dumped formalde-whatsit in my river…"*

"That's beside the point, aru. You need something to distract you from the computer, aru, so we're going to find something. How does a visit to America sound, aru?"

"Oooh… wait, he told me the other day that he had a new game he wanted me to try! Though I'm sure I've already seen it, whatever it is, because it probably originated in Korea. We should go-"

"On second though, that would be a bad idea, aru." As his brother whined and curled up into a ball on the front lawn, Yao wondered what a good idea was.

*American soldiers really did dump formaldehyde in the Han river, if you didn't know. Wikipedia told me. *lives in a box*

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