Suzumiya Haruhi no Index

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Chapter 1:

Academy City, the most technologically advanced metropolis on earth, in this place there is a rather peculiar building, it has no windows, doors or anything that allows entry, and the only way to get in is with the help a powerful teleporter, the residents call it the 'Windowless Building', and it's the home of the city General Director Aleister Crowley, an ex magician now scientist who devotes his life to the research and development of Espers. Currently he is receiving a visit from a blond boy named Tsuchimikado Motoharu, a spy who specializes in selling information to pretty much anyone.

"Good morning Mr. Crowley, I have good news for you."

"What could it be? It's not every day someone comes to see me, so I hope it's not disappointing."

"Of course not, it's actually the news you have been expecting ever since you build this place… we found it."

"What? What did you find? The Holy Grail? the ark of the covenant? So many things do I seek that something so vague does not tell me anything."

"Nothing so trivial, we found the one 'thing' you've been looking for almost 100 years." He uploaded some files to the main computer so Aleister could read them inside his glass tube, and all of them were about the same thing…

"I'm afraid I don't understand the point of this, I'm not currently interested in female company, and even if I were this girl's far too young."

The blond boy chuckled "Not that, you pervert… That 'girl' as you call her is none other than the alpha and the omega, the mother of our universe… "

"What? You mean to tell me that this girl is God… " Aleister laughed

"You can laugh all you want, but several other esper agencies are already watching her, and even the Integrated Data Sentient Entity has sent an agent to keep her on check."

Suddenly Mr. Crowley got serious, honestly he could care less of what the other agencies were doing, but if the Integrated Data Sentient Entity was interested in this girl then so was he.

"What is your price?"

"I want the marriage laws in Academy City to allow relationships between non blood related siblings."

"Excellent, they will be changed… now hand it over."

The boy uploaded even more data into the computer, as he read it, Aleister chuckled creepily, and when he finished, he looked at Tsuchimikado once again.

"This data is magnificent, finally the ultimate esper is within my grasp."

"Ah? What do you mean? All the other agencies I've been in contact with think that she's God."

Aleister chuckled "Those fools wouldn't recognize a real god even if they accidently summoned one… I won't go into details, but I'll give you a short explanation of my theory, now I suppose you're familiar with the concept of personal reality?"

"Of course I have to learn that crap in school every day. It's the way espers manipulate reality by projecting their own into the real world."

"Yes, now imagine if there was an esper whose personal reality expanded across the entire universe, maybe even unconsciously, he could theoretically speaking change anything he wanted to fit all of his whims… easily mistook for a god, don't you think?"

"And you think our girl here is something like that?"

"Yes, of course it's nothing but conjecture at this point, but it can be proven… it will be proven."

Tsuchimikado sweat dropped, maybe selling this information to him was not a good idea after all… "What do you mean?"

"You see my dear triple agent, if my theory is correct… if we were to negate the powers of said esper then his influence over the universe would end and reality would return to 'normal'."

"But if you're wrong the entire universe could disappear."

"Yes that's a possibility… one that makes this whole experiment far more interesting."

Motoharu sighed "Whatever… anyway mind if I ask how are you going to negate the powers of someone like that… wait a minute… you don't mean… Kamiyan?"

"Exactly… in order to destroy that 'god' of yours, the best way is to use his natural enemy, something that is neither scientific nor magical, and your friend possesses such a thing… the imagine breaker."

Aleister chuckled, the boy took this as his signal to leave… when he was gone Crowley began making preparations, his experiment had to be carried out delicately, there were far too many eyes on this girl and one mistake could cause the Integrated Data Sentient Entity or the Time Travelers Committee to take action… and they were not the kind of enemies he wanted to have… at least not yet.

A few days later:

It was yet another normal day in North High… well about as normal as it could be with Suzumiya Haruhi around, there were still a few minutes before homeroom started, and she was now showing me her newest obsession.

"Look at this Kyon! Someone dropped it in front of the principal's office."

The pamphlet she had on her hands was about someplace named Academy City, it seemed like one of those institutions that specialized in maximizing the potential of genius students.

"What's that? Are you thinking of changing schools?... Can't blame you, that place makes this look like a dump."

"Don't be stupid Kyon, do you honestly believe they'd build one entire city just for honor students to play around? It's obviously just a cover up. "

Haruhi's eyes shined… usually this could be classified into another misuse of her hyperactive imagination, but to be honest I think this time she actually has a point.

"A cover up for what exactly?"

"How I'm supposed to know that? Maybe there is a training facility for espers… Yes that's it! they have schools that teaches people how to use their personal abilities, so they can fight against the forces of evil magicians around the world, maybe they even have a factory that mass produces clones of one the most powerful espers in the city… it all makes perfect sense!"

Your delusions are the only things that make sense... It's what I wanted to say, but I'm not that brave… Or stupid… Seriously, just leave it to her to blow anything way out of proportion.

"So, what does that have to do with us? Is the SOS brigade going to visit that place or something?"

"That was the plan, but they don't allow visitors, and to make matters worse the security is as tight as it can be… They are really hiding something big over there."

While I would love to know just who are 'they', asking her about it would probably earn me a long speech about every suspicious institution she knew in the whole world.

"At this rate the only way we can find out what's going on inside that city would be if an exchange student suddenly arrived from there."

Knowing Haruhi she probably expected the teacher to come into the classroom and say something like…

"Everyone, we've got a new student with us today, he comes from a place named Academy City, so please give him a nice welcome."

Or something like that… wait that wasn't me… crap!

"Good morning, my name is Kamijou Touma… I like helping people, and giving long speeches while I do, nice to meet you."

The transfer student was just like your regular guy, well except for his spiky hair that looked like it came out of some weird sci-fi novel or something… I turned around to see Haruhi and of course she was looking at the new guy as if she just found a treasure buried in her backyard.

"Ok, Touma kun, you can sit over there, right next to Suzumiya san."

Poor transfer student has the world worst luck, oh well, at the very least I hope Haruhi can contain her excitement until school is over… And unfortunately she could only hold it till lunch break, the guy was surrounded by practically every girl in the class minus Haruhi, all of them far too excited meet him, when she pushed them all away and stared at him directly in the eyes.

"You… Touma kun was it?"

Typical of her, she hasn't even introduced herself properly and is already treating him like they're drinking buddies or something.

"Yes… What is it? Suzumiya san right?"

"You come from Academy City correct? Tell me what kind of shady business they have in that place… Esper development programs, cloning, vampires, magic? "

The guy remained quiet and looked at her like she were crazy… Haruhi probably interpreted this gesture as if he was having a flashback…

"Kamijou chan, while your transfer from this school is just too sudden and I have to admit I'm sad to see you go. The most important thing Sensei has to say to you is… you cannot talk about any of the city secrets in the outside world… something terrible will happen if you do."

Or something like that, probably said by a pink haired teacher that looked far too young for her age.

"No… it's a normal city, just like any other…"

He was sweating bullets… a perfectly normal reaction for being asked something like that out of the blue, Haruhi however didn't seem to believe him.

"Come on, don't lie…"

In that instant, the bell rang indicating the end of lunch break,so she had no choice but to return to her seat while he breathed a sight of relief after just being saved by the bell.

Haruhi spend the rest of the day glaring daggers at the poor guy, he looked really uncomfortable and it seemed like he was trying to ignore her but to no avail… when school was over, Touma left the classroom fast and quietly, he probably didn't want to associate with her more than it was needed… if only I had that much common sense… Anyway, unfortunately for him, she had anticipated this reaction and was waiting for him in the hallway.

"Hey Touma kun, you still haven't answered my question… tell me about the secrets of Academy City!"

He was surprised and I could hear he whispered something to himself… I think he said "Such misfortune" or something along those lines.

"There is really nothing weird about that place, the only thing that's different from here is that technology is more advanced over there… like cleaning robots and stuff like that."

Haruhi stared at him for a while, it seemed like she was analyzing every single detail on his face and then she just sighed.

"Oh well… I suppose someone as plain looking as you wouldn't know anything… seriously I got all excited when a transfer student came from Academy City at such a perfect time, and in the end it turned out to be someone so… 'Normal' such misfortune!"

She went on with her rant for a while…

"Erhm… can I go now?"

"Yes, sure go home already."

The transfer student made a little bow and walked away as quickly as he could, meanwhile Haruhi just stood there ranting for a while before she turned to me.

"Well Kyon, since that didn't work, we're going to use plan 'B', I'm going to find out the requirements for the test to study in Academy City, I mean if we all take the exam at least one of us (definitely not you) has to be accepted."

Before I had a chance to say anything back at her, she just ran off in the direction of the principal's office; all alone in the hallway, I decided the best thing to do would be going to the club room, Haruhi would kill me if I went home without her permission. Once there I couldn't help but notice that something seemed… off… Asahina san was extremely nervous and almost dropped the teapot twice, Koizumi was all quiet thinking by himself near the window and Nagato… well while for a common observer she would appear to be reading as she always does, one good look at her face would reveal that her typically unexpressive mouth was perhaps by less than a millimeter… arching downwards.

"Ok… Could anybody tell me what's wrong with you people?"

It seemed my question fell on deaf ears and just when I was about to press the issue, the door of the room was burst open by none other than miss Suzumiya herself.

"I can't believe they won't let us go to that place, they won't even let me see the requisites for taking the acceptance test; it's ridiculous!"

Haruhi sudden entrance was received as normal, Asahina san quickly served her tea as she sat on her usual chair, Nagato just kept reading as if nothing happened, Koizumi quickly dropped his serious face for his regular one, and me… well I'm already used to this kind of thing so it didn't affect me.

"What's wrong Suzumiya san? What do you mean with 'that place'?"

"Oh yeah, Koizumi kun, I haven't said anything to you guys so only Kyon (who just earned a punishment for not telling anyone) should know what I meant."

"Why you…? how could I know I had to do that?"

"Silence! You should always inform anything your leader says to the rest of the brigade… Anyway as I was saying before I got interrupted, I was talking about Academy City…"

As soon as she named that place, all the other occupants in the room got unusually … frightened, Asahina san looked as if she just saw a ghost, Koizumi got all serious again and Nagato's mouth arched a little more… it was as if Haruhi just proclaimed she knew about her powers or something like that.

"Seriously, that city is just reeking with supernatural phenomenon that we are not seeing because they won't let us in!"

"Calm down Suzumiya san, there is probably a good reason they don't allow visitors in that place… Maybe is dangerous or something"

Now this was interesting, this was the first time in the entire time I've been hanging out with these people that Koizumi didn't kiss Haruhi's behind like his life depended on it… that could only mean one thing, whatever was inside that city, was really and I mean really bad.

"Yeah, you're probably right… anyway, I'm tired so we're going to end this meeting early today, and to make up for the lost time we're going to meet this Sunday; it'll be the same as usual, so don't be late!"

She glared at me, took all her stuff and left the room in a hurry… when she closed the door I finally had the opportunity to get some clarification, I decided to ask Koizumi, Asahina san would act her usual 'classified information' routine, and I probably wouldn't understand anything Nagato said to me anyway.

"So Koizumi tell me… just what is inside that city? and why are you all anxious?"

He got uncomfortably close to me before speaking… Seriously? Why does this guy ignore the simple concept of 'personal space'?

"Academy City is as you probably imagine a really special place… Now about the specifics of what they do there, and the reason that I look troubled… Well, I'd like if we could hold that conversation until I confirmed something."

"Ok… if you don't want to talk, I guess I'll have to wait."

"Good, now that's settled I'll take my leave as well, there are some things I need to investigate and it's getting late."

After that he left the room… Oh well, I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried but whatever is happening can't possibly be that bad… Right?