Kevin called an emergency Section 51A meeting in the common room. He planned to talk about how the Secretary of State was coming to congratulated us on our last meeting with the Redblooders.

"As you all know," he began, "General Jamesburg is coming to the compound.

He is especially pleased with the situation with the Redblooders."

We all broke into a cringe at the sound of Redblooders. Redblooders are what you are-humans. Yes, we protect you (when we're not hungry that is). Yes, we live among you, play with your children, walk your dogs, wash your cars, and other things like that. Yes, we love to hate Redblooders.

Before I explain why we hate Redblooders, let me remind you that we were once were like you. We had lives. We had families and friends. We had control. We had free wills and control over everything we did. And now, we have nothing. Now all we have is our base camps, our community, and a scar to remind how we got here.

Redblooders made us like this. They conducted experiments that turned us. They gave me and everyone else this bright green scar.

They damned me to the Blackjets OX270.

They took away my free will and control. They took my life-as a Redblooder. They, most importantly, took my identity and reassigned me a new one.

1300387 Black

Kevin continued…

"Our hunger came at later time than expected.

Jamesburg noticed."

I looked at the clock. Only five-twenty! Each sub-section has a time slot to eat. Our was twelve fifty-nine. Not that I'm hungry. I don't eat what normal Blackjets OX270 eat. When my scar turns black, I run to the Mountain. Where I wait until my scar turns its normal shade of green again, It takes a while. It's quicker to eat and to move on. Yet, here I find myself on a cliff, holding my scar.

"Jamesburg will be-"

He stopped due to a sudden outburst.

A Bloodworst threw herself at a Bleeder. (A Bloodworst is a newbie. A Bleeder is an elder.) The Bloodworst grabbed a chain and screamed a chant:

"Obi Tuz Zin. Obi Tuz Zin. Obi Tuz Zin!"

Kevin rolled his eyes as he raised his necklace. Then chanted:

"Zanq Mixte Jin"

The Bloodworst stopped chanting, but was still attacking the Bleeder. Kevin then took his mighty staff and moved towards her. The Bloodworst saw it coming and jumped high into the air. Kevin looked angrily at the Bloodworst as he called Wingwrathers to the battle. The Wingwrithers flew to the Bloodworst and awaited the signal from Kevin. Then the young Bloodworst fell from the air in crash.

The three Wingwrithers carried her away and Kevin continued the meeting. Then dismissed us.

I went to my bunk. I must have fallen asleep because 1527073 Black or Storm shook me out of the experience I was having.

"What?" I moaned

He said nothing. He only stood there staring at me.

"What?" I asked again.

No reply.

I leaned over towards my clock. Twelve forty-five.

I got up. Storm was carefully eyeing me. He was trying to adapt to my habit and becoming more and more paranoid every second. I grabbed our gear and walked out the door. Storm ran behind me. Twelve fifty-six and we were no were near the Mountain. My scar turned dark blue. Storm's was darker than mine.

"Storm, check"

Storm jumped high. Then came back down.

"We're good." He said shaking.

He was almost Black. I took off my gear and kneel towards the ground. My wings started to form from my back. I screamed. There was nothing more painful than winging while your scar is turning. When my wings formed, I grabbed Storm and carried him towards the Mountain. I dropped Storm when his scar fully formed. I watched from afar as he snapped his jaw and threw himself against rocks.

I stop watched him. Only twenty minutes left. And he continued for twenty minutes until I grabbed his gear held his jaw open to get Jamxum in. He jumped towards the cliff, stood at the point backwards (facing me), and fell.

I dove after him. The impact didn't affect him as he hit the Mountain's bottom. I carried him back up to the top and it was my turn. Storm got a good distance from me and my scar turned.

My wings formed against my will.

My blood raced against my veins.

My skin red.

My eyes dark.

The hunger setting.

My formed wings gravitated and Strom jumped up towards me. I screamed at him then tried to fly away, but Storm wrestled me down. He fought me away down. Then, when we reached ground once more, shot me with Iuxia. I jumped towards the cliff and dove off. Just like I did for him, he followed me down.

Each dive, I allow my wings to go back to its "controlled" stated. I free fall, headfirst. I can not even begin to describe how it feels to freefall off that cliff. Wingless. No support. I feel free. I feel in control of myself. I feel like a Redblooder.

Only when a Redblooder does it-freestyle, they get hurt usually. Not me. I'm like Storm. There's not a mark on my body-expect one.

Storm watched me on the ground. I lifted my head and dropped down. I pulled him down with me. He smiled when I did. Okay, I take that back about how good it feels to drop off that cliff. It's a good feeling. But the best part is the landing and staying there.

"You gotta stop scaring me like that." I said

"No, you gotta stop scaring me like that" he replied

"But I love to see that look on your face." I said

"Dido. So when to you wanna go back?"


"You know we have to eventually."

"I know," I sighed

I looked at the time. It was almost room call. They would be checking rooms to see if everyone is suppose to be where they are supposed to be.

"Ugh." I said


I threw the watch as I got up, but he pulled me back to where he was. We started there, together. Which I can say is perfectly fine with me.

" Two Minutes," I told him

"So!" he yelled

"You'll get in trouble,"

"I'm already in trouble," Storm whispered

He leaned over to kiss me then got up and headed down the Mountain. I got up, formed my wings and dove. Storm caught hold of legs and I flew home.