It had been three days after the meeting,

Two days after Ty left base,

And one day after I started training.

Since I refused to go see my mother,

Ty ordered to have my training extremely, extremely


Both physically and mentally

I hope I can survive whatever is they try to kill me with.

But a good side is that if I get hurt


Gets to fix me.

"Again!" Levi ordered

I managed to pick myself off the hard cold damp ground once more. I took my beginning fighting stance. Hylda started first just like I knew she would. She would choose to torment me over anything else in her life. Well, just about anything. I took a quick glance at Daemon who by the way looks so adorable when he's being Mr. Serious. At that exact moment I glanced, Hlydia noticed and began her attack. Without lifting a finger, she brought me to my knees. My skin turned red due to the amount of pain I was in. She had managed to shut down my mind as she began to put the images that she wanted in.

I screamed as I watched what she put in my mind. First, she went back into my memory bank to see what would really dig deep into my skin. She started with my dad (the real one) left us. How I was still sitting in his arms before mother took me away. How Ty ran away to his house without taking me with him. The time where mother moved from job to job just so she could only think about herself. All the men that she brought home, every face appeared. All the ones including the bastard. She replayed over and over again of him shooting Ty. I saw the grin that was on her face. It told me that it, the pain she was putting me though, was far from over.

Second, she made me look at her memories, all the ones that involved Daemon. Every conversion. She made a point to make it burn it into my skull. Literally, she burned the words: "Daemon's mine. Back off." It continued, the pain at least, over and over. After her fourth attack on my mind, Daemon told her to stop. It took her good hour to, but she finally did.

Then it was the twins turn. Jamie started first with turning the ground below me into quicksand. As I was sinking, I looked for a way out. I saw a string that was close, but I figured if I pulled on it, I would be buried in sand. I tried to form my wings but the sand got between my wings. The only way I thought I could get out alive was drowning. It was one of the most horrifying things that I had to do.

I was underground. I walked about looking for some way out. The darkness must have been getting to me because I saw Freedom there too. He looked at me, and gave a grin.

"Sky, you must think of the fighting like the ones before you."

"Before me? I thought I was the only one. The chosen one."

"No," he said with wide eyes, "you are the seventh at least to try to save us. Every time a descendant of the Lee/Powell family comes back stronger than before. They seem to study what the chosen ones do. How they react, how they think, who they associate with, what music they listen to… They want to get to know you so they can rip you apart. It's what they do."

He stopped to study my face. To be honest, I have no idea what it could have possibly looked like. I felt dumbfounded about the information that had been just discoursed to me. It bothered me that I didn't know how they were getting the information about the chosen ones.

"Sky, there is a traitor in your mist."

I stopped spacing out and looked at him. "Who?"

"I can't say, but when the three stars align with the moon. The traitor will turn."

I wanted to ask more questions but Jamie came to grab me. Immediately, Daemon was at my side. Or at least that's what I thought to be true. I truly had no way of knowing anything at that point because apparently, I was unconscious for a while. Daemon looked intent on getting me back into my room, Levi said no. He said I had to be able to take a hit. Daemon pleaded with him. Daemon said that I need to recuperate before tomorrow's torture round. He begged and begged, but Levi wouldn't give in.

When I came to, Scott gave me some water. I was quickly thinking about Scott would do if I decided to take a sip. He could possibly drown me or make the water grow to the point that it had fingers and was able to choke me to death. I quickly dumped the water while no one was looking. Daemon looked over and saw that the water was gone. He smiled as he tried to help me to my feet. Hlydia saw this and body slammed though the earth.

The fight led me down deep into the earth crust. I got hotter and it seemed to get to Hlydia. Her blows were getting weaker. Then she stopped right before we hit the earth's core. I was bleeding badly because she had bit my neck. I waited for it to heal before tried to start something with her.

In a defensive crouch, I waited for her to attack. Hyldia's eyes met mine. With an intense glare, she took a left shot to my face but somehow missed. I grinned. She was really starting to piss me off. I picked up a rock and held it in my hand. Hyldia attacked again and I, oh so willingly, pressed it against her face. She stumbled back. I took advantage of her setback. I threw a combination at her. She gave up, and said "So it is true." I was the last thing she said before she blacked out.