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I help him with his tie because after seeing it done in countless chick flicks, I've always wanted to be able to say that I've done it too. I never fail to swoon at how incredibly cute and romantic and sweet the move is.

Plus, I just wanted another excuse to be this close to Jasper. Freshly showered with his slightly damp hair, sexy glasses in place… it's actually kind of fascinating to see him in this light— before he transforms into the dreaded Mr. Whitlock.

I'm standing a little closer than needed— pretty sure that our pelvises don't need to be touching right now. But I can't help it; he looks and smells so damn good. And his expression tells me that he doesn't mind the contact one bit.

After years of daydreaming and waiting for this moment, it's just as I'd always hoped it would be. Soft smiles, glowing faces, eyes shining with affection…

But I realize that there's one small problem with my romantic gesture.

"You have no clue what you're doing, do you?"

"Shut up." Intense focus now has my tongue hanging out of my mouth, hands randomly twisting and knotting the fabric's ends. "You're ruining the moment."

"The moment?"

"Shhh!" I twist and knot faster because if I move the damn strips fast enough, maybe they'll just end up how they're supposed to be.

I want to growl at something.

Stupid tie is ruining my fantasy.

Why do they make this look so effortless in movies? Tying a tie is hard and it's freakin' dumb. Ties are stupid.

"Did you just call my tie an asshole?"

I huff and just tie the damn thing like a shoestring, which results in Jasper looking like the Coronel on a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I'm pouting and annoyed, but his laugh is genuine and deep, which lifts my mood more than a little bit. I love his laugh. I love the sound, love when his eyes crinkle in the corners and the way his lips stretch across those perfect teeth.

This train of thought thought leads to another: When you love so many things about someone, falling in love with them is the next logical step.

And my heart speeds because I know that it's already happening.

I'm falling in love with Jasper.

Butterflies erupt in my stomach and I giggle with delight, an odd warmth blooming in my chest.

His lips kiss the tip of my nose. "What's made you so jovial, girlfriend of mine?"

He's so adorable when he's playful. I love the way the word girlfriend rolls off of his tongue.

Jasper's tongue— oh, how I love thee.

My smile broadens. "Nothing, boyfriend. Just… happy, I guess."

"Mmm," he reaches around my body and forcefully grabs my ass, pulling our bodies together. The man wasn't lying when he told me that he had lots of stamina— Wonder Peen stays hard, thick and ready. "Hopefully happy enough for a quickie before work…?"

My eyes roll to the back of my head. "Not likely, we're already pushing our time constraints, here."

If Jasper heard what I said, he sure isn't acting like it. His eyes are boring into mine, smoldering and full of need. A moan slips out of my mouth when he slowly rolls his hips against mine, letting me know just what I'm missing out on. With only a few layers of fabric between us, I can feel every ripple in his arms, every squeeze of his fingers— every twitch of his cock.

"You sure?"

Oh fuck, he sounds sexy when he's horny.

When his teeth drag down the length of my neck, my hands fly to his arms and hold on for dear life, head falling back as my nails dig into his hard biceps. The slight sting of his bite combined with his arousal pressing against me… and the fact that he just uttered an incomplete sentence has me close to coming where I stand.

But I don't… until his fingers sneak into my waistband and teasingly graze over my slick sex.


As I drive to work, my body feels... full. Almost as if my joy is so intense that I fill my skin out more than I did before. I'm happy— so damn happy that sunbeams are probably streaming out of my ears. I realize that I am now one of those people who always made me sick with their glossy, googly eyes and big, stupid grins.

I'm happy.

And I love Jasper.

Who would have ever thought that Mr. Whitlock was such a sweetheart? The sexy beast of a man has a heart of gold, a platinum coated peen… and he wants me.

This makes me smile harder, my lips almost splitting from the force.

A muffled ringing sounds from my purse and I shuffle around for a few seconds before I'm able to find it.

"Bella Swan speaking."

"Oh, Bella, thank goodness!" Renee's breathless voice catches me off guard. One name pervades my mind as fear blooms in my chest:


"Mom?" I fight to keep the panic out of my voice. "Is everything okay? Where's Dad? Is he okay? Where—"

"Your father is fine, Bella. And if you weren't an adult, I would put you over my knee for having us up worrying all night. What on Earth has gotten into you? Where have you been, young lady, and why didn't you call or answer your that phone of yours? We called so many times and were so worried about you. This is so unlike you..."


In my haste to get to Jasper's house, I'd forgotten to tell my parents that I wouldn't be coming home for the night. "I'm sorry, Mom. I... I wasn't thinking."

Growing up, I never went anywhere without my parents knowing, and that tradition bled into adulthood. If I was going to the diner for a few hours, they knew. If I wanted to spend time with Zafrina after work, I didn't hesitate to call and let them know. If I took one step out of the house, my parents knew about it.


I blame Wonder Peen.

"You darn sure weren't thinking. We were worried sick, Isabella. Do you know your father pulled out his old two-way from the station? We stayed up all night, waiting for a report that your body had been found—" her voice cracks and I feel like an ultra asshole for putting them through that.

But Renee is always badgering me about grandkids, so maybe...

"I met someone, Mom."

Holding my breath, I wait for her reaction, hoping that the mention of a new guy will distract her from any more scolding.

I could practically hear her head snap up. "A boy? Oh my word! Bella, who is he? Do we know him? Is it serious? Are you pregnant?"

Renee was talking so fast that words became indecipherable, melting into one another and creating one huge blob of static noise in my ear.

"Mom, can you calm down please?" I smile and wait a few seconds for a reply, but the other line stays silent. "Mom?"

"I'm nodding, dear. Yes, okay, I'm calm. Now tell me all about this fellow and spare no details."

I hear my dad groan in the background. He knows what Renee means by "spare no details," and I'm sure he isn't looking forward to hearing about how many orgasms my new boy toy has given me.

But I'd lost count after the first few weeks, so I wouldn't be able to tell her anyway.

"Well," I try to find the words to sum up everything about Jasper. "He makes me happy. I'm so happy, Mom. It's not very serious— well, it kind of is for me, but I don't know how he feels, really."

"And how long have you been seeing this man?"

"A few months."

A few glorious months.

Letting out a long, internal sigh, I let myself bask in the glow of love once again.

Life is good.

"Glorious, huh? Sounds like a tiger in the bedroom," she purrs.

Damn. I didn't mean to say that out loud.

Charlie's never-ending groan is less audible than before, indicating that he'd left the room as soon as the word tiger left my mom's mouth.

He likes to pretend that I'm still pristine.

Pulling into my parking space, I know that it's time to end our conversation. "Mom, I have to go to work, but I'll call you again soon, 'kay?"

"Okay, honey. Just don't leave us in the dark again. And when will we meet your new beau? Did I say that right? The young people still say 'beau,' don't they?"

"Um, I don't know, Mom. I'll have to ask him—"

A crowd of suits are now starting to mill into the building and I know that I need to hurry and get inside. Jasper is now, of course, more lenient with me, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still his secretary. Despite the fact that I've given him a blowjob under his desk, I prefer keeping at least a modicum of professionalism in the office.

When we're not screwing around, of course.

"We want to meet him as soon as possible! Oh, I can't wait—"

"Mom, I have to go, I can't be late. Love you guys."

After hanging up, I breathe in deep and check my makeup before getting out of the car.

Telling Renee about Jasper felt really good. I'd always hated keeping secrets from my parents and told on my own self quite a few times throughout my teenage years to clear my guilty conscience.

No one knowsabout Jasper and I.

Well, Zafrina does, but I've kept my lips sealed and remain steadfast in my refusal to spill the beans on his name and whether she knows him or not.

She's a great friend, but I can't risk telling anyone about me and Jasper. It could ultimately get me fired while ruining his career and that's something that I just can't live with.

Entering the building and stepping onto the elevator, it feels like I'm walking on air and am pretty sure that my feet aren't touching the floor. I look down at my heels, expecting to see clouds and rainbows beneath them. But they look the same as they did yesterday.


They don't feel the same.

A peppy tune is just begging to be whistled right now but I have to stop myself because I'm Jasper Whitlock's secretary. Whistling and being generally happy before walking into the lion's den would probably be a dead giveaway. Jasper Whitlock's secretary is supposed to be depressed and miserable.

I walk to my office, trying to take the pep out of my step, and go about my daily morning tasks. Answering emails, checking schedules, returning phone calls and prioritizing a list of call-backs…

A few hours later and I'm twirling in my swivel chair with nothing to do when the telephone rings.

"Bella Swan speaking."

"Ah, Miss Swan, how are you this fine afternoon?"

I'd recognize that debonair voice anywhere. Hell, I've heard it more than I've heard my own voice. "Good afternoon, Mr. Volturi. What can I do for you?"

"I wonder, would you be so kind as to put me through to my daughter?"

My eyebrows come together in confusion. "Your daughter?"

Nausea suddenly sinks into my gut and I swallow the lump in my throat.

"Oh, yes," he continues, oblivious to what his words are doing to me. "My Bree has been keeping Mr. Whitlock company all morning. Did you not know?"

The conversation continues and although I feel my mouth moving, I'm unaware of what is said and hang up the phone in a daze.

Brianna has been in his office all morning.

I stand up and walk to the one person who I know will have the information that I need.

Hopefully Mr. Volturi is mistaken. I'm sure he doesn't know every single step his daughter makes. She probably left hours ago.

My lip curls when she comes into sight. I can't believe I'm doing this—stooping so low as to seek out office gossip.

Ugh. I'm pathetic.

"Hey, Tanya." I plaster a wide, fake smile on my face. "Whatcha up to?"

She turns to me, flipping that stiff hair behind her shoulder. "Hey, Bella! Wow, surprising to see you here. Mr. Whitlock loosening the reigns on you?"

Tanya giggles a bit, indicating that what she'd said was supposed to be a joke, so I join in. Something comes out of my mouth that's supposed to be a laugh, but ends up sounding like a mixture of coughing and an aardvark's mating call. "Speaking of Mr. Whitlock," Smooth transition, Bella. "Has he had any visitors today?"

"Why are you asking me? You're supposed to know everything he does."

I frown.

Not everything, apparently.

"Yeah... well, I've been really busy this morning and haven't had time to touch bases with him yet."

"Oh," she shrugs and sits up straighter, dramatically sucking her in stomach and pinching the love handles hanging over her too-tight slacks. "Do I look bloated today? I feel so bloated."

I want to inform her that she feels bloated because she is bloated... and fat. But I know playing nice will probably get me the answers that I need.

"What? No! You look great! Nice lipstick, by the way."

She smiles and puckers her bright orange-red lips. "You like?"

"Uh-huh." I nod with wide eyes. "So... about Mr. Whitlock..."

"Oh, well, apparently Brianna Volturi has been in there for hours. She was here like, mega-early, and neither of them has come out for air yet."

She has that gossipy-glint in her eyes, sneaky smirk set in place, eyebrows raised as she waits for my input.

But I have none.

He's with her.

Cheating on me right under my fucking nose.

"Bella? You okay?"

I think nod as I turn away. Or maybe I don't.

My vision is turning wavy and I just need to get away from Tanya before I suffocate.


I need to talk to her.

After dealing with her fair share of losers and surviving two divorces, I know Z will understand what I'm going through.

I'll tell her everything.

My resolve strengthens with every step I take to my friend's office. I'm done. Jasper and I are no more. All of the hiding and secrecy and lying... I just can't do it anymore. I refuse to be disrespected and humiliated any more than I already have.

Jasper Whitlock can kiss my ass.

Grabbing the door handle, I realize that I usually knock before walking into her office, but this is kind of an emergency and I'm sure she won't mind my barging in—

My feet stop abruptly, jaw falling open and I'm sure the wide, shocked eyes staring back at me mimic my own appearance.

What. The. Fuck?



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