The white dress's tail flowed behind the beaming vixen. To her left and to her right were her friends whom had all come to witness this sweet occasion. After years, after all the hard times, after all the heartfelt making up and after all the planning, today was the day.

Today she and the love of her life were finally getting married.

Fox got closer to her with every step on her way to the altar. He looked so handsome in a solid black tuxedo with the red tie around his neck. His smile brought one to the vixen's face as well as a small tear of happiness. As Krystal took the first of three steps up to the altar she took Fox's outstretched hand. His hand was about as warm as the happiness coming from his mind that Krystal picked up on. She also sensed a bit of fear that he might screw up a line or make a fool of himself in front of everyone he knew, especially Krystal.

Krystal stepped up the final steps and stood by Fox's side. Now to her left were her best maids Katt Monroe, Amanda Toad, and Fara Phoenix whom without, the ball would never have started rolling again between Fox and Krystal. There was some tension between Krystal and Fara in the very beginning but that was only because Fara thought that Krystal was just some other mindless woman who wanted nothing more than to scale, gut and mount Fox on the mantle like a trophy bass. Fara was like a sister to Fox and over time became like a sister to Krystal as well.

To Krystal's right was Fox's best men Falco Lombardi, Bill Grey and Slippy Toad. General Peppy Hare was in the front row on the right side and declined Fox's offer to be one of Fox's best men because he wouldn't have been able to stand that long and be able to show the "kids today" how to dance. Even in his age he was a wild man who loved to dance. As far as Krystal's abilities could tell everyone was happy for Fox and Krystal if not a little jealous.

The organ stopped playing here comes the bride and everyone who was not at the altar took their seats. A priest, a humble and somehow familiar looking hound dog, stepped behind the altar and the entire room was silent. Krystal could feel Fox's hand beginning to tremble with excitement as the priest spoke, or perhaps it was her own.

"Dearly beloved, we gather here today to bear witness to a union of two souls." The priest said and that was where Krystal began to zone out. A hundred minds, all feeling happiness, pride, and joy was too much for Krystal to ignore. Their feelings rushed over her mind like a river does a pebble and that only made Krystal happier and become lost in it all.

"I do." Fox said so firmly that there was no chance for lack of certainty.

"And do you Krystal, take this fox to be yours to love and cherish in sickness and in health until death do you part?" The old priest asked Krystal.

Now it was Krystal's turn to tremble. They were so close to becoming mates for life her heart could barely take it. It was like everything in life was right and nothing could kill her joy. She opened her mouth and spoke softly the words she'd been longing to say.

"I do."

"Then by the powers vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the- …oh." The hound dog said as Fox took Krystal, swept her into his arms and kissed her before the priest had a chance to finish.

The feelings within Krystal were so intense as she was locked in Fox's arms and held captive against his lips. This kiss was not in the sense any different from every other kiss they shared, but this one felt ten times stronger than all of them. This kiss was the first landmark of Fox's and Krystal's new life together as mates for life.

When Fox stood Krystal back up she had a frozen look of awe and surprise on her face that made Fox smile even brighter. The cheering from the people who came to witness their wedlock was what brought Krystal back from her stupor.

"I love you… Krystal McCloud." Fox said but was barely louder than a whisper over the loud cheers.

"I love you, Fox McCloud" She said with her mind so that way Fox could hear her over the thunderous applause. Somehow Fox's smile got just a bit bigger and then he jerked his head towards the exit.

Hand in hand, Fox and Krystal walked down the aisle as people continued to cheer and began to throw ceremonious rice. One of the guests didn't seem to get the idea of throwing the rice and not the hard sack it came in.

"Ow!" Fox said as the bag nailed him right in the head.

Krystal giggled as she felt Wolf's triumphant mind laugh at the superb shot he made. The pelting aside, Fox and Krystal kept walking until they came to the large, open wooden doors where outside a stretch limo awaited to spirit the newlyweds off to their new home. The guests followed after still throwing the rice like they were determined to get it in every square inch of the two fox's fur.

The chauffeur was holding the door opened and Krystal was the first one in. She was thankful to be away from the rice and so was Fox who came in right after her. The driver closed the door and within seconds they were off, the tied off cans rattled behind them and Fox and Krystal shared a laugh.

"Well that was an interesting reception." Fox said as he rubbed where Wolf got him right in the head. "Remind me to shoot Wolf down again for that one."

"Okay Fox." She giggled, covering her smile with her hand. Once she had her laugh she then sighed with content. "Krystal McCloud…. That sounds so lovely."

"You have no idea." Fox snickered as he inched in closer to Krystal. His hand began to glide up and down her thigh starting from her knee and stopping just shy of her bikini line. Krystal shivered slightly. Fox had never been this out front and aggressive, usually he was the shy one and never got this close without going red but now it felt like he was no longer shy or even holding back.

"Fox?" Krystal asked.

"Shh." Fox shushed as he put his finger to Krystal's lips. "Just relax." Fox said before drawing in for a kiss. Krystal of course didn't shy away, in fact she welcomed it, and like before this kiss was magical but not exactly as good as the wedlock kiss, but nothing could ever top that. Then she felt it, Fox's tongue was skimming across her lips. Krystal hesitated but eventually let his tongue into her mouth.

The second he had enough of an opening, Fox's tongue dived in, wrestling her tongue and dominating it aggressively. His hands reached behind the vixen's ears, scratching them in her favorite spot for a second before pulling her in deeper to the kiss. Krystal moaned as Fox began to lay her down, slowly mounting her and getting more and more assertive.

Things were upside down Krystal found. Usually Krystal was the one that got things started and Fox was the nervous one. Fox's tongue rolled off and on hers as his hand stroked her thigh until he reached under her seat and gave her a supple behind a gentle squeeze.

Krystal's eyes shot wide open. Suddenly she was anxious and uncomfortable. As much as she loved Fox she didn't quite feel ready for him to start touching her so willfully yet. She wanted him to stop but she didn't want to hurt his feelings by forcing him to, so she decided to find a more tactful way. Then she saw the champagne. She reached out for the bottle and held the cold glass against Fox's cheek.

"Look, Fox! Champagne!"

"What?" Fox asked like he was born yesterday, still reeling from the shock of the cold on his face.

"We should have some! Here let me pour you a glass." Krystal said quickly pushing him off and scurrying out of Fox's strong arms.

"Um… okay." Fox said sounding just a trifle bit disappointed. Still, he knew there was time for business later, for now he would gladly drink with his wife. Krystal handed him a glass and sat uncomfortably far away from Fox, about two seat's length to be exact. Krystal downed her glass quickly while Fox sipped at his with discontent, but not because of how the champagne tasted.

"Why so far away, stranger?" Fox asked as he put the little glass cup down in the cup holder on the door handle.

"What? Oh I uh just uh-" Krystal said but couldn't find an answer so she tried to ignore the question entirely.

Fox cocked an eyebrow. "Krystal, is something the matter?"

"No, nothing's wrong, Fox… nothing at all." Krystal replied but then it hit Fox. She was purposefully trying to be distant; she didn't want to get close to him for some reason. Did he smell bad? No that was impossible; he scrubbed, brushed, and tidied himself up so much there was no way he smelt bad… unless he smelt so good he smelt bad.

'Crap why did I wear cologne?' Fox thought sorely to himself, thinking it was his fault for her being so evasive.

Krystal noticed that Fox's ears laid back and his mood shifted from happy to uncomfortable.

'Oh no I upset him! I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable I just… I just don't want him to… but it's his right, he's a male, he's my mate and I belong to him now as are Cerinian customs.' Krystal thought miserably to herself.

She was at a precarious crossroad, on one hand she loved Fox and wanted to be with him but on the other she didn't want the things she knew what he'd do to her.

"Fox it's all right, you smell just fine." Krystal said and Fox perked up a bit. "I'm sorry, I guess I'm just a bit nervous is all… I hope I haven't failed at being your mate."

"What? No Krystal, you haven't failed at anything and honestly, I don't think you could ever fail me." Fox said then scooted a seat over real smooth like. "And it's okay if you're a little nervous and it's fine with me if we go a little slow."

"No, Fox. It's fine… do what you want to me." Krystal said opening her legs and arms and shutting her eyes. She could feel the sudden surge of lust pump through Fox. Those words seemed to ignite an animal within him but as soon as she sensed it, the animal was tamed.

"Uh… Krystal, what do you mean?" Fox asked.

"It's okay, just satisfy your needs. I won't stop you." Krystal said and began to tense up. Normally she wasn't afraid of anything she was proud, strong, Cerinian warrior and she was as tough as any ace Cornerian pilot. However, after the things she had heard back on Cerinia she was absolutely terrified of mating and what Fox would do to her, but she could not refuse him. She was his mate now, his outlet for his needs, sexual or otherwise.

Fox shook his head. "No, I don't think I will."

"What?" Krystal gasped. "What's the matter? Did I do something wrong?" Krystal asked, afraid she was driving Fox away.

"No, I did something wrong Krystal… listen, just forget about it right now. Let's just enjoy the day together, relax in our new house and later we'll see what's up."

Krystal sighed with relief in her mind.

"Okay Fox." Krystal said loosening up a bit.

"Hey, we're here!" Fox said looking out the tinted window.

The limo came to a stop outside of the massive two story building. The house was a strong wooden home, the roof looked like it was done yesterday, the gardens under the windows were already blooming, the grass was emerald green and the sun was shining brightly. Krystal stared in awe at the house, she never expected to live in something so beautiful. Fox had gone a step and beyond to get this house.

Before any of them could get out, the door opened for them.

"We have arrived, sir." The driver said while holding the door.

"Come on, Krystal." Fox said climbing out the car. Krystal followed soon after and when she was out she could not stop staring at the house. She always wanted a home and a cold ship was not a very good substitute. Although she loved living on the Great Fox and the Great Fox II, she really wanted a home on the ground to settle down in and raze a family with Fox more than anything.

"Here you go." Fox said to the chauffeur as he gave him a tip and the cost of the rental.

"Have a good day, sir… and a good night." The chauffeur said looking Krystal over who had walked towards the house and out of earshot.

"Yeah we'll see." Fox said a little distastefully. He hated when people ogled Krystal like she was one of those bimbos in a sex magazine. If it were any other day, Fox would have snapped and possibly even attacked the limo driver for so blatantly ogling his wife. Krystal wasn't just some sex object to Fox, she was his friend, his companion, and now she was his lawfully wedded wife. She was his and he was hers for the rest of their hopefully long lived lives. It was his duty to protect her, keep her safe, and ward off jerks like him.

The limo drove off and Fox turned around, forgetting the driver's insolence and instead decided to focus on nothing else but the radiant vixen in front of him. Krystal was still in awe over the house and taking in every wonderful detail of her new home. Now was his chance. The grinning vulpine snuck up behind the vixen and while she was still looking away, he swept her off her feet. Krystal let out a frightened yip but then she realized where she was and who's arms she was in and began giggling ecstatically.

"Fox! What are you doing?" Krystal giggled while looking into Fox's fierce jaded eyes.

"Just some funny tradition, Krystal." Fox chuckled and carried her up the six steps to the patio. Carefully Fox reached out a hand to open the door without dropping Krystal but the door was locked.

"Oh, I think you'll have to put me- or not." Krystal said when Fox adjusted her around so that carried her with one arm only which allowed him to begin digging through his pockets with his other.

"Here they are!" Fox said when he found his keys and then unlocked the door but didn't open it. "I hope you won't feel too disappointed… I tried my best."

"Fox as long as it's got a kitchen where you can cook its fine by me." Krystal teased, now once again in both of Fox's strong arms.

"You would be." Fox smiled as he opened the door. As he carried her inside the house he couldn't help but laugh nervously at her reaction. Krystal's muzzle dropped, her ears perked up, her tail began to swish around, and her grip around his neck doubled in pressure making him slightly uncomfortable.

"Fox this is… this is wonderful!" Krystal gapped.

The living room was finely decorated, matching blue and green furniture were placed around a seventy two inch screen television (of which Fox got from Falco's room on the Great Fox II but he was so busy with Star Falco he'd never notice), the carpets looked so plush and soft that sleeping on them seemed like an option and several windows let in magnificent beams of light but did not glare the TV. The dining room had a nice six seat table with white sheets on it as well as white placemats.

"Come on I want to show you the rest of the house before we go upstairs." Fox said walking into the dining room on the left rather than the living room on the right.

"Are you ever going to put me down?" Krystal asked as she snuggled her face closer to his.

"Not unless I have to." Fox chuckled.


The kitchen had marble counters that were colored blue and had small speckles of green in them, the cabinets looked like they were mahogany, the sink was shiny, large and chrome, the refrigerator was tall and also chrome, the tiling on the floor matched the walls which were (like the rest of the house) a deep entrancing blue.

From the kitchen they moved on to the den. The den was furnished with another set of comfortable looking couches, a small coffee table, four stools in front of a bar and a large stockpile of alcohol behind it. Along the walls were pictures of their past exploits when team Star Fox was still alive. There were even trophies, medals, and ribbons from the missions they had flown. Fox's stack was much larger than Krystal's, but giving the fact that she was only a part of Star Fox for three years while Fox had been in since the first Lylat war ten years ago, it was understandable but still impressive that she had about a fourth the number he did.

"Wow!" Krystal gasped when the tour of the downstairs had ended.

"Do you like it so far?" Fox asked.

Krystal smiled. "I could live here… forever. Yes Fox, I love it." Krystal said and brought her lips into his. Since she was so close she could feel the rise in his temperature and his heartbeat rapidly increase, even to this day he still got a rush from when she kissed him. For two minutes Fox and Krystal were lip-locked enjoying the sweet and tender moment but then Fox remembered the rest of the house.

"Alright time for the upstairs." Fox said pulling away from the mesmerized vixen. She opened her eyes slowly and then smiled.

"Are you getting tired yet?" Krystal asked.

"Not a chance." Fox grinned as he took her around to the living room where the stairs were. Without another word, the smiling vulpine carried the blue vixen up the stairs without even breaking a sweat.

"Wow Fox, that was incredible!" Krystal said looking down the thirteen steps.

"Yeah, well… thanks." Fox blushed. "Okay this is our room, all the other rooms are just guest rooms." Fox said moving towards the door directly down the hall. Slowly the door opened and Krystal was beside herself.

"Oh my God, Fox! This is incredible!" Krystal said as Fox crossed the threshold.

The room was large and very comfortable looking, there was a fireplace with a loveseat couch next to it, the bed had deep oceanic blue sheets, was king sized and looked so comfortable Krystal was sure she'd fall asleep with no effort at all. The master bedroom had two dressers that looked like mahogany, there was a large closet between them and looked like it could hide a whole car. There was only one window but it was tall and very wide and it bathed the room in with the light of the sun nearing the dusk. There was also a bathroom on the left of the room and that was where Fox took her next.

"And this is the master bathroom." Fox said as he carried her in and made her jaw drop.

"Bathroom!? This looks more like a spa!" Krystal gapped. Finally Fox put the thunderstruck vixen so she could explore on her own.

"A Jacuzzi bath! A double stand-in shower! Two sinks! A self-cleaning toilet!" Krystal gasped as she moved from item to item. "Oh my God Fox! I love it! I love it all! … I love you!" Krystal said then rushed the orange beaming vulpine. Without a trace of withdrawal Krystal wrapped her arms around her husband's neck and kissed him.

"I'm glad you like." Fox chuckled when Krystal pulled away.

"Oh I like, Fox. I like a lot." Krystal said just as Fox's hands grabbed her waist. Then it struck her again, the fear of getting intimate, the fear of the pain that had haunted her ever since she was old enough to understand. "Um Fox-"

"Just wait till you feel the bed, it's so soft and warm, like you." Fox said as he slowly led her to the bed.

Krystal's heart went frantic, what if he wanted to mate right now? Ideas, distractions and excuses ran through Krystal's mind but none of them would last forever.

"It… it is s-soft." Krystal stuttered when she put her hand on the bed to evaluate its softness.

"Go ahead, lie down." Fox cooed softly into her ear making the poor vixen shiver.

It took almost all of Krystal's strength to be strong and to not tremble, but the fear was ever growing and her willpower wouldn't last much longer. When she was on her back Fox's hand crawled slowly up from her knee all the way up to her chest. Krystal clenched her eyes shut but Fox's hand didn't stop to play with her breasts, instead it bypassed them and moved up past her neck to her stroke her cheek.

Everything about her was screaming that she was afraid and uncomfortable. Her trembles, her firmly shut beautiful eyes, her fast breathing. He would never feel right trying to engage in an act as serious as sex without her full-fledged acceptance.

"Krystal, what's wrong? Why are you acting like you're afraid of me?" Fox asked.

"N-nothing is wrong Fox… I'm ready." Krystal said trying to open her eyes but she decided against it because a tear would fall out if she did.

"No. Something is wrong Krystal." Fox said as he stroked her cheek with his thumb the way she liked. It got her to smile but not as much as he'd have hoped.

Krystal's wet eyes opened to see Fox's green ones full of patience and understanding. She could tell him anything, he'd never be disappointed and he'd help if he could. But could she really tell him she was afraid of fulfilling her Cerinian duties as his mate?

For a minute Krystal had to suck up her pride before she could speak. It took all her fortitude but she pushed past her embarrassment and anxiety.

"Fox I… I'm scared." Krystal said as a tear made it only so far down her gorgeous face before Fox wiped it away.

"Scared of what?" Fox asked as he laid right next to her.

"I'm scared of what you're going to do to me." Krystal admitted as it all clicked in the fox's head.

"Oh… I suspected that might have been it." Fox said nodding slightly.

"What do you mean?" Krystal asked, surprised he was so understanding and not angry. If he were Cerinian, he'd probably already have forced himself upon her, taking what he wanted whether she screamed no or not. But that wasn't Fox. Fox was gentle, caring, loving. He'd never harm her and would cut off his own tail well before he would.

"Well Krystal, there have been… other women in my life and some of them were… well…. You remember Miyu right?" Fox began, obviously feeling very awkward and pressured to go about this as tactfully as well.

"Yes." Krystal breathed, the fact of knowing Fox had been with other women rolling off her entirely.

"Well, Miyu was a virgin when we met but four months later and well… she gave it to me." Fox sighed. "She was terrified at first; she couldn't stop trembling like you. I told her over and over even when I was working her over that we could stop at any time, but she never wanted to."


"W-What I'm trying to tell you is its fine, I can wait until you're more comfortable, and when you do feel ready I'll be very gentle." Fox said as he rubbed her cheek.

Krystal looked away; this was a lot of information to take in. She hated the idea of Fox holding, loving, and kissing another woman instead of her. It was so obscure and felt so unnatural to her it was like saying she suddenly breathed water and drank air.

"Did you love them? Any of the women you were with before me?"

Fox swallowed hard and he looked away for a moment. He was obviously wrestling with that question; searching for correct answer. She could sense within him that he wasn't trying to cover it up, but tell her the absolute truth.

"There were times I thought I did but it was not meant to be. I cared for them before and even came tried to find it but I never did. What I felt I guess you could call it love but it wasn't strong enough, not like how I feel about you." Fox reassured. At first Krystal felt inclined to not believe him but in his mind he could not lie without her knowing, and he had not lied yet.

"Fox I've… there's something you should know about me. Outside you and Panther I never… I have never been in another relationship. In fact I have never really gone further than the third base as you call it."

Fox blinked and his face became blank of emotion. "Wait so you're a-"

"I'm a virgin." Krystal admitted sheepishly, unable to look him in the eyes anymore.

Fox's muzzle dropped and could hardly believe his ears. It's not that he thought that Krystal was a slut or anything, but he expected that somewhere in her life she had had sex with someone else. It was hard to know to be exact however, as Krystal hardly ever spoke of her past or of her ruined home world Cerinia.

"That explains why you'd be a little frightened. It's nothing to be ashamed of though; everyone is always a little scared the first time. Hell, even I was practically too scared to go through with it."

"I guess so but I've been dreading this since I was young. It always comes back to haunt me that I'll have to submit myself to a cold unloving mate for the rest of my life."

Fox wrapped his arm around his vixen, pulling her into his body in a warm embrace.

"Krystal I would never force you to-"

"I know Fox, you're different from my people." Krystal said as hugged him back, allowing herself to become lost in his scent and heat radiating off his strong body. "There is a tradition in my people, it's called First Rites. It's where a girl is turned into a woman by submitting to a male in a courting ceremony. The warriors all spar and fight until one of them overcomes. He then gets to take his prize and beds her that very night. I was to have my First Rites but when the day came my planet was…."

Even in Fox's loving embrace she still managed to cry. The thought of Cerinia being destroyed, losing her mother, her culture, her customs, and her way of life was powerful enough to make her cry even in her most favorite spot.

"I'm sorry for your planet Krystal." Fox whispered, rubbing her back and licking her cheek.

"Thank you, Fox. I've gotten over most of it… but it still hurts sometimes and…. What am I doing?" Krystal said and the emotional wall broke down.

"Krystal?" Fox asked starting to become very worried.

"I'm sorry, Fox. I'm a terrible mate!" Krystal sobbed. "The women of my people are supposed to be obedient and ready whenever a man wants to satisfy his needs, but all I've resisted you at every turn! I'm so sorry Fox."

Fox frowned to himself as he listened to her cry. She was clearly traumatized about sex and his advances had only made it worse, yet she was the one apologizing. He had no idea that Krystal had these strange customs imbedded within her, and he had no intentions of exploiting him. She may be his mate, but she was a person and he loved her far too much to ever hurt her.

"Krystal its fine, you don't need to be ready every single time I'd like to… satisfy myself. If you had to, neither of us would be able to leave we'd probably never stop."

"But Fox it's our honeymoon and-"

"It can wait until you're good and ready." Fox said then kissed her on the lips affectionately. "In the meantime, I'll make us a nice dinner while you relax in the Jacuzzi bath."

"But-" Krystal tried to protest but Fox wasn't hearing it.

"I was thinking steak tonight. You still like yours rare right?" Fox grinned and helped stand her up.

"But we-"

"Now go on, go enjoy yourself for about an hour, I won't be ready until then." Fox said with sincerity and a smile on his face.

Krystal walked to the bathroom door but stopped in the doorway. "You… you're not disappointed?" she asked.

Fox shook his head. "I have the rest of my life with you Krystal, I can wait until you feel better and you've worked things out."

"Okay." Krystal said weakly then just as Fox closed the door she whispered. "I love you."

"I love you too, Krystal." Fox replied from the other side then headed downstairs.

That warmed the blue vixen's heart, almost as much as how the vulpine was treating her. He wasn't disappointed and he wasn't angry. Any given male on Cerinia had the right to beat a female that did not submit to him at any time of his choosing, but Fox would never even lift a finger against her. They had sparred before, but even when they spared he held back almost completely.

She slowly padded over to the Jacuzzi bath and turned on the hot water. Within a few minutes the tub was full, the room was steamy, and Krystal's white wedding dress was stored safely in the top shelf of what she assumed was her dresser since it had all of her clothes in it. Inch by inch she slipped into the calm, warm water and immediately she was released. Her fur on the back of her neck stood up but then became suspended when it fell into the water. As she relaxed her mind began to stretch out on its own and she began to watch Fox.

'Let's see add the steaks… Montréal spices and… oh damn how did that recipe go?' Fox said in his mind. Over the years Krystal found that he would often talk to himself mentally. Before they were dating she caught him once or twice looking her over and then he would beat himself up in his head because it was unprofessional and he didn't want to grow too attracted to her because he felt that he had a snowball's chance in Hell with her.

How wrong he was.

So many people ogled Krystal everywhere she went. She didn't hold it against them; it was natural male and sometimes female impulses sparked by her remarkable figure and good looks. A lot of their fantasies were very… putrid, and the mere exposure to some of them frightened and confused Krystal. Not Fox however. Even in his fantasies he was a gentleman. He started off slow and gave her a back rub that the fantasy Krystal really enjoyed. After that he'd slowly lead her into it until the fantasy Krystal could take no more and then snapped. She would yell at Fox to take her then and there and fantasy Fox wouldn't refuse. Not once did Fox ever think of degrading her during his fantasy, he kept it nice, he kept it normal, unlike many people.

'Okay almost done, now to put it in the… hello, Krystal.' Fox thought when he felt a feeling of déjà vu.

Krystal smiled in her Jacuzzi bath. "You felt me?"

'Yeah I did but um, could you please give me some privacy for a minute while I prep down here? I want everything to be perfect.'

"Yes Fox I was just zoning out and my mind crossed against yours… I love you."

'And I love you, Krystal.' Fox thought before thinking of himself kissing Krystal.

When Krystal got the message she closed her eyes. "Fox? Do you remember when we first met?"

'How could I forget my floating angel vixen?' Fox asked as the memory replayed in his mind from beginning to end without complete accuracy.

"Well… do you remember the first time we slept in the same bed?"

'Aw that was a train wreck… I'm still sorry by the way… I don't know what came over me.'

Krystal shifted. "You're at no fault Fox. It's my fault for accidently touching your… well… it."

'I wish you would have told me sooner, I wouldn't have done anything if you hadn't waken me. It has a mind of its own.'

"Yeah…" Krystal said as a little angst crept up on her.

The first night they slept in the same bed was the best night of her young life, as well as the most enlightening and frightening night. It was Krystal's idea from the beginning for them to share a bed but Fox was a little worried, mainly because of what sleeping in the same bed would mean. It was very apparent from the slightest tell that Fox liked Krystal more than anyone else he ever had, and he didn't want to wreck what they had going by throwing sex into the carefully balanced relationship.

When Krystal finally managed to get Fox to cooperate and share a bed she fell asleep happier than she ever had before in her life. During the night, Krystal rolled over and her tail began twitching and tickling Fox's waist. That was the first time she ever felt it and when she did feel it she woke up instantly. She laid there for several minutes mentally grasping the size of Fox's member as it pressed against her through his sweatpants. She never thought that Fox would be so endowed. In truth, she was secretly hoping it was small like Falco always jested so that one day if they ever did decide to get intimate the pain would be small like him. That was not the case at all however. If anything he'd rip her apart if he became too excited. He could do it too, Fox was much stronger than her and she'd be powerless if he went berserk trying to satisfy his needs.

That was not a Fox she wanted to see, lust burning in his eyes, a snarl on his face, growling in hers and holding her down forcefully while she screamed because of the pain of his rapid and powerful thrusts.

'Krystal are you all right? You're getting a little cold.' Fox thought, breaking Krystal's nightmare.

"Yes I'm fine." Krystal said and moved to the fountain and turned the hot water on full blast. She suddenly felt very, very cold.

'You sure? You're not thinking about… well you know, are you? Because we'll talk about it after dinner. For now you should just relax.'

"I know, I wasn't thinking about… that. I was just- is something burning?"

'Huh? What are you- OH MY GOD!' Fox shouted and then their mental connection was broken.

Krystal sighed. She didn't know if something was really burning but Fox was a paranoid as a chef could get. He took great care of his dishes and if someone even said the word burn it was like they'd just thrown a live grenade into the kitchen. Needless to say, he didn't barbeque very well. Still, he could cook for her anytime he wanted and she'd eat it gratefully.

The thought of Fox's delicious cooking melted Krystal's thoughts once more and shortly after she fell back into a state of bliss. The frightening thoughts of what awaited were completely out of her mind. Or at least she thought.

Fox nuzzled Krystal's neck with his muzzle. She could tell he was enjoying her warmth because of how little he now shivered. They were back on the Great Fox and the heating system malfunctioned causing ship wide subzero temperatures until Rob could fix it.

"I love you, Krystal. You're so warm." Fox sighed as he hugged her tighter.

Krystal smiled and nuzzled him under his muzzle. "I love you too, Fox."

"Promise me you'll never leave this bed." Fox growled approvingly.

"We have to get out sometime." Krystal giggled.

"No, never again. Let's just stay here, forever." Fox sighed.

"All right Fox, I promise." Krystal said before Fox locked her into a kiss. She could feel the warmth in his mind and that made her all the warmer.

"Thank you Krystal, I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Probably die in a wreck somewhere." Krystal teased.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" Fox teased back and then began to tickle her.

"AH! FOX STOP!" Krystal cried out but Fox didn't stop and to be honest, she really didn't want him to. It was all fun and games for Fox until Krystal managed to find a foothold despite her uncontrollable laughter. Within seconds the game was on the other foot.

"No Krystal don't I'm not-" Fox tried to lie but Krystal knew he was ticklish and she exploited that weakness. The vixen soon found herself being tickled back however when Fox's fingers found her sides once more. Within minutes the two foxes were exhausted and panting.

As Krystal laid on top of her vulpine, she couldn't help but love the position, however awkward. Fox's body weight was mainly muscle and it was hard to find a soft spot on him but she could never remember a bed as comfortable as he. His deep breaths, his soft petting, the cute chuckle he made every once in a while. She loved it all and especially him.

"Fox I-" Krystal said before she got caught in his jade green eyes. Those eyes were the first things she saw after being trapped in her crystallized prison for so long, those eyes were the ones that watched her closely while he trained her to become an ace pilot, and those were the same eyes that shed tears of joy when she took him back.

Suddenly a feeling welled up inside the vixen. It was a strange feeling, one that she never felt until now. It was an intimate one, deeply intimate. To describe it blatantly, every cell in her body began call out for her vulpine at once. She longed for him in a more passionate and intense way than she had ever felt before. She wanted him now more than everything.

"Yes Krys-" Fox managed to say before Krystal sat on her vulpine bed and pinned him down. Fox didn't resist but he was a little confused by the look in Krystal's eyes. He'd never seen that look in her eyes before but he saw it on a regular basis in the eyes of many other women. That look had also gleamed numerous times when he looked at her. It was a look of lust.

"Fox." Krystal said, her heartbeat skyrocketing as a tingling wet feeling struck her every nerve down in her womanhood. "Fox, I-I" Krystal said, her mental containment rapidly breaking down.

"Krystal?" Fox asked which was the final straw. Krystal began to attack her lover's lips with her own while her hands felt the very strong, very hard surface of the surprised Fox's chest. She had felt it so many times over and had ran her fingers through his warm fur time and time again but only until now did she get an overpowering satisfaction from it.

She sensed that Fox did not mind her sudden advances, in fact he welcomed them. Had he tried to resist in any way, Krystal would have squelched his efforts. Something strong was building within her and she needed to release it before it consumed her entirely. Krystal pulled away from Fox and before she could give him the chance to take off his shirt she tore it off with her claws. Bits and pieces of Fox's white tank top shirt were everywhere inside the bed now but neither stopped to care.

Then a sharp pang of delight zapped the vixen from the area between her legs. It was so sudden and so enthralling that she forgot all about her vulpine and reached through her pajama pants to see with her hand what was wrong. The resulting consequence was an equally pleasing rub against her cleft. Krystal gasped just before Fox rolled her over and mounted her.

"F-Fox! W-w-what are you-"

"I can't have you forgetting me now can I?" Fox grinned and then inhaled deeply. "Someone's excited." Fox growled and then licked his lips, savoring the meal to come.

Krystal's pants began to slowly slide off. The vulpine was toying with her now; his hot breaths ruffled her fur and tickled her womanhood with unbelievable force. When her silk pajama pants reached her knees Fox threw them off and then almost dove into Krystal's legs.

"My aren't you a naughty girl." Fox breathed heavily as if he knew his breaths were tickling her. "Such lacy little things." Fox said sneaking his left index finger underneath the lacy little thong. Krystal's muzzle dropped and she shrieked from the probing touch. Never in her life had she ever been touched this way and she had never felt this good being touched.

"Fox!" Krystal gasped when Fox removed the white lacy thong.

"I bet you taste good." Fox said with a sinister grin on his face-

"Hey Krystal, everything's all set downstairs. Come down when you're ready!" Fox said from the other side of the door.

Krystal snapped violently out of her daydream and spilled a lot of water out of the tub. Her heart was beating heavily like she had been running and for some reason her womanhood was still tingling like in her fantasy.

'That's strange.' Krystal thought then decided to test something out. She reached a hand under the water and slowly moved towards the tingling sensation. Her curious finger barely even touched herself and she gasped. The same feeling she had in her daydream of when Fox touched her little mound jumped her.

"What's happening to me?" Krystal asked as she hugged her legs in the Luke warm water while trying to ignore the tingling sensation creeping up throughout her body.