Hey all, this is the dirtiest chapter and by far the dirtiest thing I have ever written. If this doesn't get me flagged or whatever FF does then nothing will. I hope you enjoy… maybe enjoy is the wrong word.

'Today is so perfect.' Krystal thought as she ran her fingers through Fox's chest fur. The orange vulpine was sleeping quietly and Krystal didn't blame him. After all the thrusting, moving and effort he put into her, she doubted he'd wake up again today. She could still feel the warmth of his essence within her and her heart fluttered at the thought of having Fox's kits. In the back of her mind she felt it might be a little too soon, but if Fox wanted it, she'd bear his children without second thought. Just the thought of a child with both her and Fox's fighting blood in it excited her. Maybe the child would have some sort of powers to? She'd love training him to harness but not abuse them like mothers did on Cerinia.

Krystal sighed and rested her head on Fox's sweet smelling fur. After the shower they had laid down on the bed and talked for hours. Fox tried to get back up and get her to go with him on some romantic sailing cruise but she had passed out on him before he could have remembered. Not wanting to disturb her, Fox just went to sleep himself. A few hours later Krystal woke up and started running her hands through his fur thinking of children.

His heart beat away like soft drum soothing her back to sleep. The vixen looked up to the vulpine with doughy eyes and almost moved to kiss him but she was too tired after all the sex….

… Krystal slowly opened her eyes when she smelt food cooking and Fox wasn't in bed. The vixen smiled and reached out with her mind.

"Whatcha doin'?" Krystal asked with her mind.

"Just makings some breakfast." Fox replied warmly.

"Isn't it night though? I can see the moon."

"Yeah but I'm in the mood for breakfast, didn't get any food today. You want some too, or do you want something else?" Fox asked.

"No Fox, breakfast sounds perfect. I'll be right there." the vixen said and slowly got out of bed. She looked around for her clothes but decided why bother. There wasn't going to be any visitors comin and Fox might like it. Quietly and in the nude Krystal walked downstairs, every step engulfing her in more delicious smells of breakfast. Just as quickly as the smells came to her, her hunger got her. The blue vixen's stomach began to growl and whine for food.

As Krystal rounded the corner she saw Fox in the kitchen next to the stove dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers with a significant bulge in the front. This brought a smile to the vixen again and for a while she forgot everything but Fox's body. His back was so lean, his tail a little mattered at the moment but so bushy, his legs taught and strong and his ass so perfect. It took a while of gazing but Krystal slowly made her way towards the vulpine. He didn't hear her or smell her because of the bacon and with his back turned to her he had no chance of seeing her sneak up behind him. Without warning Krystal wrapped her arms around the vulpine's waist and didn't resist letting her hands graze the bulge in his boxers now and then.

"Hey, Krystal." Fox said and tried to get his fur to go back down.

"Did I scare you?" Krystal asked, resting her head on his back and slowly massaging with her hands lower down his abs.

"Almost. You surprised me though." Fox said as he adjusted the bacon and going beet red under his fur. Krystal was getting really frisky and if she didn't stop they'd forget the bacon, eggs, and hash browns and they would cook away into little crisps. He wouldn't really care but he hadn't had anything to eat since before the wedding yesterday.

Krystal started to nuzzle his firm, tight back as Fox's tail twitched nervously against her womanhood tickling her. The soft touch made Krystal yearn on the inside for Fox. She couldn't get enough of him and she doubted she ever would. Krystal started to get even friskier as her hands were now gliding down Fox's erecting shaft, the soft barrier of cotton the only thing standing in her way. She could hear his heartbeat quicken and his breathing deepen. In moments Krystal's fondling turned him rock hard, stretching the cotton and threatening to rip it. She continued to play with him, trying to get him to pay attention to her. If he didn't want to that was fine, she'd keep at it until she won or she pleased him. Finally, Fox turned the stove to low, moved the sizzling skillets and turned around. His manhood pulsed as it rubbed against Krystal while the two foxes kissed tenderly. Fox's hands explored her body while her hands explored his. Neither one held any reserve as they explored their spouse. Fox grabbed Krystal's large breasts and she sank her hands in and grabbed his large manhood. Fox grabbed her ass and she gently grabbed his loins giving them a gentle squeeze making Fox's ears perk.

"I love you, Fox." Krystal whispered as she reached up to his long excited shaft again. She could feel a power coming from it, the will to exert beyond limitations and be with her. Not wanting to disappoint any part of Fox the vixen slowly retracted from Fox's lips and moved down the vulpine's body. As the vixen slowly moved down she could only think of him on top of her and the gift that was hidden in his loins. She wanted children almost as bad as Fox but Fox came first, but not quite literally. Before she got to his abs, Fox stopped her. She looked up to him with querying eyes and he grinned at her.

Fox motioned with his head to follower her and he took her by the hand, slowly leading her to the living room. Krystal was curious as to why they weren't going back upstairs but she didn't care, it would take that much more time out of fooling around with Fox. Fox sat on the ground and Krystal followed his actions.

"What are we doing out here?" Krystal asked, hardly keeping from saddling onto him and sinking down onto his throbbing foxhood.

"You'll see." Fox said removing that damned cotton prison. Fox laid her down gently and mounted her. He kept his manhood at bay and out of the vixen for the moment as he kissed her lips and fondled her breasts. The vixen moaned and gasped as Fox's hand played with her breasts and sensitive nipples. He had magic hands that found nerves that not only sent pleasure where he touched, but in places far from the area of contact. He touched her nipple, he made her spine tingle. He kissed her lips and her tail bushed with ecstasy. Her favorite was when his member rubbed against her and made her whole body burn. His hands didn't just work their magic on her chest, they moved to every inch of her body, her side, her arms, her neck, her legs, and finally finding home between her legs.

"Oh God, oh God!" Krystal moaned as Fox's middle finger moved in and out of her like last night. She wasn't as tight or inexperienced but that didn't make it in anyway less enjoyable. Krystal's eyes were clamped shut and her muzzle was open as she panted deeply from Fox's playing. "Fox… Fox… Foxxx." Krystal moaned as she reached her climax.

The vulpine had heard that tone of voice before and knew she was close and he drew his finger out of her.

"No, don't sto-" Krystal began until she felt his lips and then his tongue on her womanhood.

The vixen let out a cry of pleasure as Fox licked and kissed her most sensitive areas. It was so mind-numbingly good, she couldn't control herself. She reached behind Fox's head and brought him into her. Fox replied by eagerly lapping every inch and digging his tongue deeper into her. His tongue moved in a rhythm she would never be able to follow. It entranced her and caused her depths to quiver and throb with pleasuring electricity. The vixen's heart fluttered as she tensed up. She felt every inch of Fox's tongue inside her and it kept delving deeper and deeper into her warm, moist, and inviting depths.

"Oh God, Fox! Your tongue!" Krystal whined and forced Fox as deep as he could get into her without hurting her.

Finally the vixen's climax was reached; her voice rang out loud as she enjoyed her overly intense orgasm. Her legs seized the vulpine's head and her womanhood squirted with pleasure onto the vulpine who greedily kept lapping his new favorite meal. When she was done, Fox was released and wiped some of the fluids off his muzzle but most his face was drenched from Krystal's womanhood and his own saliva.

"I love you, Krystal." Fox said to the twitching and near comatose vixen.

Krystal hardly even heard him. Her mind was almost blank and she couldn't move to save her life. All her life Krystal hoped she'd find a mate like Fox, but after last night she realized he was far better than she could have hoped. He was a man that would never hurt her, treated her right, and loved her more with every beat of his heart.

"I… I love you too, Fox." Krystal replied and struggled to get up but before she could even sit up Fox put her down, his manhood yearning for the vixen as he hovered over Krystal's magnificent, sweat covered body.

She was everything he thought of in a fantasy except better, she was real and she had feelings, not just an unbelievable thirst for wild, hot, passionate sex. The two fox's eyes met and Fox slowly beckoned towards her. Their lips came together and then their tongues embraced. Krystal blushed furiously as Fox's member and loins rested on her belly, warming her and making her womanhood ignite in a fire that her nectar was the fuel to. Fox pulled away from Krystal and saw her blushing under her fur. The vulpine smiled and moved himself into position. His member prodded the vixen's lips in such a tantalizing, teasing way. Every time he got close to penetration he pulled back just before he made it in. Krystal began to tremble and fidget which only aroused Fox more.

"Oh God Fox, stop teasing me." Krystal moaned as Fox rubbed his entire shaft up and down the vixen's lips, thoroughly wetting himself with the vixen's nectar.

Fox chuckled while the vixen laid under him in a lustful torment. Every cell in her body yearned for Fox, every fiber of her being wanted him to take her over and over but Fox seemed intent on tormenting her. She enjoyed the soft touch of his rock hard shaft against her lips but it was a just a drop of an ocean of pleasure. She wanted more, she needed more, yet Fox kept teasing her, even going as far to rest his massive member on her womanhood. Krystal panted heavily, her chest rose up and down much to Fox's further enjoyment. Secretly he wanted to see how far this could go on; waiting was half the fun after all.

"Please Fox, I want you, I need you. Now!" Krystal gasped as Fox resumed prodding her.

The first time he prodded her she believed it was for real, but he pulled away just before penetration. The vixen made little meow like sounds and was now shaking violently. A few more seconds and she felt like she would die if she didn't receive Fox in his entirety.

"Fox." The vixen whispered to the smirking vulpine.

"Do you want it?" He asked coyly, making the vixen blush.

The realization of the moment dawned on her. As of now, she was Fox's prisoner, his submissive. Her Cerinian pride normally would have caused her to leap up and take what she wanted, but before she could, Fox grabbed the hilt of his shaft and moved it up and down the soft lips of her womanhood.

"I- nyah!" The woman squeaked. "I want it…. Please. Fuck me! Fuck me, Fox!" She begged, swallowing her pride and sense of shame.

"I love you Krystal." Fox purred and kissed the vixen quickly before delving into her extremely warm, soaking depths. Krystal yelped and reached around Fox, pulling him in even deeper. Her muzzle hung open and her eyes were squinting after the surge of pleasure. He was so long and thick it seemed impossible for a man like him to hilt her and yet he fit into her so well. Every inch found its way into her, sliding across her walls, and reveling in the loving depths.

Fox pulled out and fell back in slowly, enjoying not only his own pleasure but the pleasure that was so evident on Krystal's face and in her moans. He didn't hesitate to fill her entirely now. Her depths were already so wet and thrusting in and out was just that much easier. Fox began to pick up speed but kept a tempo that the vixen had become synchronized with him. Every time he filled her womanhood she moaned. At first her moans were quiet but as Fox went on she got louder and louder and before long she was screaming.

"Yes! Yes! YES! Oh Fox! Take me Fox! Oh God, Yes!" She whimpered, gasped, and begged as she neared another climax.

Fox hadn't even come close to his release but Krystal was nearly there. Her body went limp and she shut her eyes tightly. Fox growled deeply and thrust harder and harder, making the gentle vixen rock with his body. Krystal's muzzle fell open revealing her limp, pink tongue and Fox attacked it with his own. She hadn't fallen out of it entirely, as she put up a weak fight against his tongue, but he easily dominated her.

When her orgasm detonated Fox felt something grab his ass and then forced down, causing his manhood to dive as deep as it could go into Krystal. He felt her womanhood pulse and pull his loins, attempting to milk him of his essence. Fox felt himself drawing close as the vixen came all over his hardened cock, but the vixen's pleasures began to wane before he could spurt rope after rope of hot fox seed. Once the vixen's climax passed she went limp. Her chest rose up and down in such a provocative way to Fox. He became mesmerized by them and he couldn't help but think about what it would feel like to rest his hard foxhood between them.

"Fox? Do you want that?" Krystal asked suddenly making Fox feel like he was busted.

Fox snapped back to reality and burned red when she saw the wide eyed vixen staring at him from under him. It was hard to read her as he stared down at her. He could see curiosity, eagerness, and but also confusion. Clearly, he had to choose his next words carefully.

"I uh… well-"

"Yes Fox, I'm willing to do this. Anything that will pleasure you." Krystal said licking her lips and smiling sadistically.

"You don't have to-"

"I want to." Krystal said grabbing onto Fox's member and used it like a leash to bring him further up her body. Fox was now shining red as his shaft grazed the vixen's large, soft breasts. He could see the look on Krystal's eyes in the low lighting, and it was a hungry one. She wanted this more than he did and she wouldn't take no for an answer. His still wet member found its way between Krystal's cleavage and the vixen pressed her breasts closer together covering it entirely save the head which was touching Krystal's lips.

"Krystal!" Fox said and shivered from the intense pleasure he got as Krystal rolled her tongue around his shaft, lapping at his head and her own nectar. She looked up at him maliciously making him shudder and a glob of pre escape him. His manhood was rock hard and she could feel the burning lust it had for her with every one of his heartbeats. Slowly Fox thrust his manhood forward rubbing against her soft breasts and slipping into her welcoming mouth. Krystal opened her mouth wide and allowed Fox's manhood in where she licked and suckled the head much to the vulpine's growing pleasure. He let out a low moan when Krystal swirled her tongue all around his sensitive tip but he begrudgingly pulled out.

"I love you, Krystal." Fox grunted as Krystal took him into her mouth again, seducing his member into a world of ecstasy.

"I love you too, Fox." Krystal said when Fox pulled out and right after went back in. Even with her breasts keeping him back he made it in pretty far.

Little did Fox know but Krystal was already in his mind but this time she was in it with absolute focus and resolve, not because her powers were slipping because of her mind numbing pleasures. Without Fox knowing, she was keeping his mind and body from release. She wanted him to feel the great intense pleasure she felt every time he made love to her but she also wanted to get even, to hear him beg.

Fox's sexual, gratifying torture stretched on and on. No matter how close he felt himself get to a release it turned out to be just another wall he'd climbed over. His loins burned with enjoyment and went into overdrive producing essence.

"Krystal you're so soft and your breasts are so amazing. I just want to fuck you over and over-" Fox said but stopped when it hit him, this time he felt it was for real.

His eyes dilated as his loins and shaft seemed to explode and all he could feel was pure bliss. Just as his loins released and shaft engorged, he felt it halt abruptly and ebb. It was so amazing but frustrating at the same time that he let out a small whimper.

"What's wrong, Fox?" Krystal asked innocently before suckling on his tip.

"Nothing…" The red fox panted. "I just thought… nothing."

"You want to release, don't you?" Krystal purred, getting a concerned look from her mate. "Beg me for it."

"Wha- ahh!" The vulpine gasped when his manhood and loins came upon the verge of release again but failed to fire.

Sweat poured down his face and neck. He finally realized that Krystal was the one in control now, and that he'd made a mistake making her beg for his cock.

"Okay! Okay. Please." Fox grunted as he felt his balls swell and become even more sensitive.

"Please, what?" Krystal asked and kissed his pre dripping shaft.

"Please… let me cum! I'm begging you." He begged, slightly enjoying the feeling of submission and embarrassment.

The vixen smiled and groped his ass, pulling him towards her. She wrapped her tongue and lips around the engorged member and sucked harder and harder. Fox's head fell back and a little drool fell out of his muzzle.

"Come on Foxy, show me what you got." Krystal said backing off his member and nestled his manhood deeper into her breasts before pressing them together.

The vulpine obeyed and went on a surge of rapid thrusts. His rock hard shaft rubbed heavenly against the vixen's soft bosom and the tip came into a warm, wet contact with tongue. Fox forgot everything but pleasure; he doubted he could even make himself feel this good. The satisfaction cascaded and finally reached a breaking point. Krystal sensed his oncoming climax and opened her muzzle for Fox's final thrust.

The vulpine grunted loudly as every last fiber in his being released and he spent his loins. Krystal's eyes bulged when she realized how much was gushing out. It was all so warm and sweet, but she couldn't catch it all in her mouth. Nearly a half a mouthful managed to land in her mouth but the other half splashed all around her muzzle, lips, neck and when he pulled back, onto her breasts. Fox kept cumming and cumming. He let out a low growl as another rope spurted out and streamed across his wife's beautiful face. Krystal relished in the warm, wet, sticky feeling all over her face, neck and breasts.

When Fox had finally shot his last he stared in awe at the white covered vixen. Krystal caught his eyes and smiled sinisterly before she collected licked her muzzle clean. Fox just sat on her trembling with fatigue, his member softening but only barely. Krystal collected every drop and rope of his essence, placed it on her tongue and slowly swallowed.

"K… Krystal. I… I never…." Fox panted, unable to think of what to say.

"That is what I feel every time you touch me." Krystal replied and then licked Fox's tip for the small pearl of essence on his tip, but she wound up persuading a little more to come out. It landed on Krystal's muzzle and she looked up at Fox. Krystal slowly let her pink tongue out and licked the small shot off of her muzzle while Fox just sat there watching and panting.

He never met a woman like her, she was so willing to accept him, pleasure him, and try anything without hesitation. She was so new to the idea of sex but now he doubted he'd be able to keep up with her by the weeks out. Already she was trying to assert a level of dominance; he shivered with excitement thinking what she would do to him next.

"I'm hungry, are you?" Fox asked when he sat there staring deeply into that devious smile.

"Not after that load, I feel almost full. But I'll eat." Krystal teased making Fox blush red fiercely under his orange fur.

Fox got off the vixen, his member even now, still hard and erect, and he helped the vixen up. Her warm body pressed up against him and his arousal making him grin.

"You're so warm Fox… and hard." Krystal said feeling Fox's member against her body.

"Because my vixen makes me so." Fox said and kissed Krystal's head as she hugged him. As she did though, it almost felt like she was trying to discretely shift herself so that Fox went inside her but Fox quickly shied away. If he didn't get something to eat inside of him he'd die before his next climax.

"Come on, let's eat." Krystal said grabbing Fox's hand and led him by the hand into the kitchen.

The vixen smiled to herself as she purposely let her tail brush up against Fox's shaft. She felt the pleasure and feelings emanate from his mind and took a small, devious pleasure for herself. She sensed that he wanted nothing more than to jump on top of her, kiss her into submission and then ride her. Krystal almost didn't make it to the kitchen because of her own lusts raging within her. She to wanted to jump on top, kiss into submission and ride and ride and ride until she made him call out her name. No matter what they did, it seemed to never be enough. They both wanted more.

Fortunately for Fox's stomach they made it to the kitchen where the food was still warm. Fox and Krystal stood by the stove and the vulpine fed the vixen a strip of crispy bacon. She ate it greedily and licked Fox's fingers as thanks. Fox smiled and fed her again. Krystal took this one in slowly, like she would Fox and didn't stop until Fox's fingers were deep in her mouth. She started licking him while giving him a seductive look and his member sprung back to life in seconds as he stared dumbfounded at her.

"Oh!" Krystal said when it bumped into her and rubbed against her with every breath they took.

"Krystal." Fox sighed and ran his bacon grease deprived hand through Krystal's hair. "You are such an amazing woman." Fox said then kissed her. "Everything you do makes me burn inside. I'm addicted to you; I want you so badly every second. Every moment I'm not next to you, in you, under you, or on you is torture."

Krystal smiled and kissed Fox. "Then eat my love, the quicker you're done, the sooner we can get back to-" Krystal said before Fox started wolfing down his share of the food. "Alright then." Krystal said and dove her tongue into Fox's mouth. He tasted delicious with the bacon in his mouth; almost as good as he did without it.

Krystal pulled back and whispered. "Follow me." Before running off.

Fox had to wait and recover before running after her. The sheer exposure to her beauty in motion nearly overwhelmed Fox and he was once more panting heavily.

"What? What did I do to even be given the privilege of knowing about her existence?" Fox asked aloud and then followed after her.

The man ran up the stairs and burst into the bedroom but didn't find her in there and he doubted she was in the bathroom. Curious, Fox looked into the other rooms. She wasn't in the guest bedrooms but when he came to the empty bedroom he found her.

"Krystal? What are you doing?" Fox asked as he stared at the naked vixen looking all around the room, the full moon light reflecting off her fur.

"Fox… why is this room blank? There's nothing in here just empty walls and a cold floor." Krystal said.

'Very cold.' Fox thought in his head as he stared at the vixen's breasts where her nipples were stiff.

"No really, why Fox?" Krystal giggled as Fox walked slowly towards her.

"I planned, decorated and organized this house all as a surprise and a gift to you. Don't even ask me how many hours of careful planning it took. The house was only the first part of your gift though. This room is the second half." Fox said and finally wrapped his strong arms around the vixen's waist. They drew in leisurely and when they came within an inch of each other Krystal asked.

"What is this room?"

"I wanted," Fox said and kissed her, "my beautiful wife," Fox said and kissed her again, "to help me," Fox said and kissed her twice, "make the perfect" Fox said and kissed her for a long time. Krystal was like putty in his hands. At any moment during the kiss she could have probed his mind and found the answer but she couldn't, her mind was on the kiss and the kiss alone. "I wanted my beautiful wife, to help me make the perfect room for our child."

Like a bomb detonating, Krystal's mind exploded with a thousand and one thoughts all at once. She almost fainted but she kept thinking of kits and Fox's desire to have them with her. She breathed heavily now, her hard nipples grinding provokingly against the vulpine's rugged chest. Without warning, Krystal grabbed the back of Fox's head fur in a death grip and kissed him as she led him to their bedroom. Fox didn't dare disobey or refuse her and he followed her blindly. He kept walking until Krystal threw him down onto the bed. Fox laughed at her sudden playfulness but then he saw something he prayed never to see again. The vixen hovered over him, tears falling from her eyes, landing in his cream colored chest fur. For a moment he worried he might have upset or even hurt her, but then Krystal made the best attempt of a smile she could make.

"F-Fox." Krystal sobbed. "You've made me so happy. And for that," Krystal said getting up on to the bed and on top of the vulpine, "I will please you like you've never been pleased before. Even then I will owe you more for everything you have done for me."

Fox's muzzle dropped. How, in this universe could she please him anymore than she already did moments ago? It seemed impossible but the look in her eyes he knew she wasn't lying and was determined. Krystal smiled and drew in for a kiss. She laid her body on to his strong, muscular form and caressed him. Fox chuckled as Krystal licked his lips but before he could open to let her into his mouth she pulled away.

"Fox, this is something that only a few people have ever experienced." Krystal said in Fox's mind as she stared deeply into his jade green eyes. "My mother told me that only when two people loved each other deeply enough could they feel the Eternal Bliss. Please let me dominate you now. Just this once, and I'll never ask again."

Fox smiled and moved the hair out of her eyes. "Krystal, you can dominate me anytime you wish."

Krystal blinked and then sat up, her moist cleft rubbed against Fox's erect manhood but she didn't do anything, she just sat on him with a look of fixed concentration.

"Krystal? Is something-" Fox thought before he lost all control of his body for a split second.

Everything went dark but came back faster than a blink. When he regained his body he felt Krystal in his mind but she felt different from all the other times. It was stronger, clearer. It was almost as if she had become an actual part of him and in so doing he became a part of her.

Fox felt Krystal's thigh and the soft touch resonated from her leg to his like he was also being touched. Fox snatched his hand away but Krystal giggled.

"This feels wonderful." She said and rubbed her womanhood against his shaft. Fox's muzzle dropped as he felt what it was like not just for himself but for Krystal as well. The soft grinding of his flesh on hers and the experience of what it felt like for her coursed through him. "Oh Fox." Krystal moaned and rubbed up against him quicker and harder. In mere moments Fox became soaked in her wetness.

"I love you, Krystal." Fox said as Krystal guided him to her.

"And I you." Krystal said and slid Fox's shaft into her.

Both foxes cried out as the combination of both pleasures melded like the night before, only it was purer. Fox and Krystal could feel the other in their minds and their bodies against each other's. The night before was but child's play compared to this.

The blue vixen's eyes sparkled in the moon's light as she lifted herself up and down, gently sliding Fox into her and out of her. She felt herself boiling with ecstasy and Fox's exuberance and lust meld with her own. It was utterly mind blowing. The vulpine felt what it was like to be her and be penetrated while Krystal felt what it was like to penetrate. It was an entirely new and different sensation to them, but they welcomed it and more.

Krystal and Fox made eye contact and the vixen grinned maliciously. Fox knew what she was going to do now and did nothing to stop her, and why would he? Krystal began to move faster; she rode him up and down almost as fast as he could thrust. Fox's muzzle dropped and he began to moan.

"Krystal." He moaned only causing Krystal to become more aroused. She tried to go faster but she slipped and fell onto Fox's chest.

"I'm sorry; I'm not used to this." Krystal apologized and moved her arms to better support herself but Fox moved her hands away from her thighs and took it upon himself to keep her steady. Krystal smiled and resumed her riding but this time she rubbed her nipples just like Fox would.

"Krystal, Krystal! Ngh! Fuck!" Fox breathed, once again feeling his loins swell from Krystal's powers.

"I know Fox, I know!" Krystal gasped as the combined orgasm began to blossom.

It was stronger than even the first combined climax. Krystal still had her mind in control while Fox reveled in his pleasure. The vixen's hand began to glow as she concentrated all her remaining energy into her hand. She kept riding her stallion and touched Fox's shaft as she quickly pulled him out but then fell back in. Fox gasped as did Krystal, she felt through him his loins inflame and a primitive lust engulfed them both. Fox was first to act upon that lust. He shot up; smashing his lips against Krystal's and utterly dominated her tongue. The vixen had no chance to react and found herself once again under her man.

Fox began thrusting harder than he ever had before, frantic to mate the woman he loved over and over. Krystal moaned in her throat as Fox growled in her face. She had always feared seeing Fox as he was now, but even now, as he slammed eight inch cock slam into her quivering and excited depths he wasn't brutal or painful.

"Fuck me! FUCK ME, FOX!" The vixen shrieked as her husband thrust faster and faster.

Before she knew what was happening, she felt her body moving and found herself on top once more. She looked down to Fox questioningly, before he entered her again.

"Krystal. Krystal!" He whispered, still thrusting into her.

The Cerinian smirked and resumed her dominant riding. She was in control but Fox was so strong she had to hold on as Fox lifted her up and down like a bucking horse. The thrill, the excitement overwhelmed her and the orgasm finally matured.

Both Fox and Krystal screamed simultaneously. Fox watched through the slit of his eyelids Krystal arch her back and wail with delight. Every inch of his eight inch manhood was clamped down and milked by Krystal's womanhood. What happened downstairs was nothing compared to this. He filled her with his seed so much and so deep that with every spurt after the tenth, white, hot fox seed spilled out of her. Krystal began to gurgle and mew like a kitten as she felt more and more cum inside of her. Just the feeling and smell of it all brought another orgasm to her, draining all of her energy.

The spunk filled vixen fell over forwards and was caught by the vulpine. The last thing she heard before passing out was the sound of her soulmate's voice in her ear.

"I love you, Krystal."

AUTHOR'S NOTES~~~ Hey guys hope you enjoyed the finale. This was a… fun story and now that I've done it I feel like I can possibly do things like this in my other stories. This was sort of a tester story. I wanted to see how well I could do this, how much I can get away with and if I did good enough I would make naughty scenes in my stories a little bit more in-depth.