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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Fanfic by Dora Ng a.k.a. pandabear234

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*things happening (noise)*

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*Beep Beep Beep*

"Argh…" groans Maron as she reaches for her alarm clock.

Maron takes the clock and blinks, "Eh? It's 7:30?", she gets out of her bed and runs to the bathroom. 

A shining white ball floats up from the bed and an angel pops out, "Mmm?" says Fin blinking and rubbing her eyes.

It has been two years since the capture of the devil…

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne fanfic

Chapter one-Divine Wind Princess-Ordinary day

"AAHHHHH!!", Maron runs out of the bathroom and heads for her bedroom to change.

*Ding dong*

Fin blinks and look at Maron's bedroom door, "Maron!  Should I get the door?"

*Ding dong*

Maron answers from inside her bedroom, "Ah, I'm coming out so I'll get it. 

"Okie" answers Fin.

The bedroom door then swings open and Maron comes out rushing the get the door saying, "Anyways, the last time you opened the door thinking it was Chiaki or Access, but it turned out to be a delivery man that had no clue what you were."

"Well, I didn't know.."

Maron sighs and points, "You are supposed to use the hole up here with the lens."

"I was too excited.."

*Ding dong*

Maron turns to Fin, "Fin! Hide!"

Fin then flies behind the sofa.

Maron unlocks the door, and opens it.

"WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?????…" yells Miyako.

Maron falls backward and blushes when she looks up at Chiaki, Access, Miyako, and Iinchou.

Miyako sighs, "…ah.. Maron, it's been two years, a senior in high school, and you still get up late…", she says as she shakes her head.

Chiaki takes Maron's hands and helps her up. 

Maron answers back, "Well, I just woke up, and someone keeps resetting my alarm clock." As she looks towards the sofa.

Fin pops out, "You mean me?" as she sticks her tongue out.

Maron glares at her…

Fin gets a bit scared, "GOMEN NASI!  I didn't mean to…", as she means a cute face.

Maron gives up… "Ahh. Sorry guys, I hope this is my last time being late."

Iinchou looks at his watch and blinks, "Umm.. When does the classes start?"

Chiaki blinks, "Uh… What time is it?"

"It's 7:45 a.m.,…" answers Iinchou as he makes a anime sweat drop.

"WWWWHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTTTT????????????????????" yells Miyako, Maron, and Chiaki at Iinchou.

Miyako hurries towards the stairs, "Hey!  What are you three waiting for?  For us to be even more late?"

Chiaki, Maron, and Iinchou head toward the stair too.

Maron turns around, "Fin!  Lock the door for me!!!!!!!!!"

Fin answers, "Ok!! Bye!"

Fin then turns towards the Maron's apartment door, locks the door, and then turns to Access.

Fin asks, "Access, where are we going today?"

Access answers, "You know the Piano Music Concert that you saw on TV?"

Fin blinks, "You mean the pianist that was possessed with a demon a couple of years ago?"

Access nod, "Uh huh."

Fin's eye widen, "Really, Yea!"

The two cute angels then fly out of the window and head out to their little date.

^_^ "Out side talk":

He he, this is dumb.. but I just thought up of an important issue that just came up.

Where are Maron's parents? 

Well…they are now in France together and building a new amusement park in name for Maron.  Maron does feel lonely now, however, since she has her angel Fin, her "boyfriend" Chiaki and his angel Access, Best Friend Miyako, and lastly Iinchou too. He he.   Fin and Access are now visible to regular humans.  That's why Miyako, and Iinchou don't mind them.

~In the school area~

*pant*  Maron, Chiaki, Miyako, and Iinchou run toward the school.

Iinchou looks at his watch,  "We made it! It's a record! With four minutes remaining to get to the class!"

Maron, Chiaki, and Miyako look at him with anime sweat drops.

The four run up the stairs and into the classroom.  They were in the same class… Another coincidence… hee hee

Iinchou looks at the clock above the door, "Yea!!!!!!!!!!!  We aren't late!!!!!!!!!!"

Miyako turns to Iinchou, still panting, "Are you just nuts?"

Iinchou blushes, "Sorry."

The teacher walks in, and everyone in the room rushes to their assigned seats.

*Brrring!!!!!!!!!!!* (The school bell)

The teacher looks up from his notebook, "Good Morning class."

The entire class answers, "Ohayo Shiro-sensei!"

"Now let's get to our lesson.."

~On the school roof~

Two figures with strange outfits stand on the opposite building roof in the shadow with a perfect view of Kaitou Jeanne, and Kaitou Sinbad.

"Hmmm…." Says the female.

"What is the matter?" says the male.

"Those are the two Kaitou of this area."

"Yes, they are." Nods the male.

The female smirks, "She doesn't look so strong. I can't believe she is the Divine Wind Princess."

The male also smirk, "Sinbad doesn't look strong either.  Pathetic Prince that protects the Divine Wind.  However, we shouldn't underestimate them either since they did save this area from the devil…"

"Yes, I know. However, we should test them soon…"

"Yes, if they are strong enough to last…"

~Author's Note~

Are the new kaitous good or evil?


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