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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne- Fanfic by Kyokosakuras a.k.a. Dora Ng/Fujimiya Mitsuki

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Okay… it's been like forever since I updated this fanfic… I went through all my fanfics and decided to do a big update! To make everyone happy! Hey… I just noticed something…Chiaki and Maron were living together after the manga ended… hm, weren't they… shrugs with the Chinese that I'm using, it's the Cantonese pronunciation; well cause I'm Cantonese! Minami/Saiming and Kentaro/Da-wah are from Hong Kong! This chapter is special and is dedicated to my new characters … I needed to show why she became a kaitou and I'm thinking of making this story related to my God… and just to end the sudden confusion, I'm gonna to start using their 'real' names more since the truth will be revealed about these two's past…



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Chiaki nods smiling, "It's just that it seems that you got some really harsh competition compared to me… I just can't believe that her mirror reflected my pin away…"

Maron nods, "That was a really strange move of hers…"

Chiaki leans down smelling the sweet fragrance of Strawberries and Cream, "They are advanced with the Kaitou stuff too… good thing we sent Access and Finn to heaven to check up on this…"

Maron nods again, "All I got to say to that Kaitou is…"

Chiaki blinks looking at her, "What?"

Maron smiles and makes determined eyes, "Bring it on."

Chiaki chuckles and hugs her tightly and they seal that night with a sweet kiss…

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Fanfic by Kyokosakuras

Divine Wind Princess

Chapter 8: Scars of the Past

Maron opens her eyes seeing the bright sunlight shine through her glass back door, she moves out of Chiaki's arms… he moves and rolls over on the couch facing her… Maron smiles and kneels down watching him sleep, aww… if only we can remain like this… Kami-sama… she then stands up stretching and heads to the kitchen, I'll make some breakfast, since we have time… She starts the stove and then takes out the frying pan and eggs from the refrigerator…

"Ohayo Maron!"

Maron glances over her shoulder to the high-pitched voice, "Ohayo Fin! Back from heaven?"

Fin nods and looks down at the frying pan, "Making breakfast huh?"

Maron flips the omelet over with the turner, "What did you get me?"

Fin blinks and then sits on the orange juice carton, "You want me to tell you now?"

Maron nods holding the handle while pressing on the omelet with turner in the other hand.

Fin sighs and takes a slow deep breath, "I don't know."

Maron stops pushing the omelet out of the pan onto the plate, "Huh? I don't think I heard you correctly."


Maron and Fin look in the direction of the living room and then Chiaki pops in with Access squeezed in this fist, "Fin! What the heck is he talking about?"

Fin flies to Access and asks him, "How did you tell him?"

Access attempts to push on Chiaki's fingers and grunts, "I… said… I don't know…"

Maron folds her arms up and Chiaki glares at the two angels, "This is the answer that you guys got from Heaven??"

Fin nods as Access continues to be squeezed the living life out of… "It's not our fault… kuroshi…"

Maron whacks Chiaki, "Alright, let the poor guy go…"

Chiaki grunts and then lets Access out of his fist, "Now, explain this…"

Access readjusts himself, "Well, there are times when Kami-sama does things out of the ordinary… Fin and I weren't able to get any messages from him…"

Fin nods sitting on Maron's right shoulder, "We looked up that Ling-Ling, and Ming. They are certified angels of Heaven."

Maron bites her lower lip looking at Fin, "But that doesn't make any sense… I'm the reincarnation of Joan D' Arc, and didn't Kami-sama only give his power to her?"

Access shakes his head projecting an image from the jewel of his forehead of Jeanne and Noin, "Jeanne and Noin were from France and you are the reincarnation, but there were others that gained his trust. Each Kaitou has their own designated place that they protect from demons. Mulan and Shang must've fought the demons of Mongolia when they were protecting China."

Chiaki folds his arms up, "If that's the case, then why are they conquering Japan. This is Jeanne and Sinbad's territory. We defeated the Devil himself a long time ago! They should stay in China!"

Maron holds her cross necklace tightly, "Then does it mean that Mulan is right, I'm not fit to be a Kaitou… She said that she was here to finish the job cause I'm not longer necessary… and didn't she also say that she has sealed all of the demons in China?"

Chiaki places his arms around her, "That's not it… they shouldn't be messing in our business. We have defeated the evil ourselves… that doesn't change our destiny as Jeanne and Sinbad."

Maron nods still holding the cross necklace in her hand and looks up through the back glass door, "Kami-sama, I promise to fight for you…

"Kentaro-kun! Minami-chan! You two did great!"

Ling-Ling hugs Minami's cheek and she smiles patting her, "Piece of cake."

Ming lands on Kentaro's shoulder, "you really did throw them off."

Kentaro shrugs and takes the chess piece out of his pocket handing it to him, "Jeanne and Sinbad are worse than I thought."

Minami eyes the crystallized red piece, "It's really pointless, and the divine wind isn't blowing in her direction anymore…"

Ling-Ling nods as she winks, "Yeps, it's now Mulan's turn here in Nihon!"

Minami sits down on the floor in front of the coffee table, she folds her arm, "Yea, but why?"

Kentaro sits down next to her and speaks Chinese to her, "lei cho meah?"

Minami glances at him pushing her hair out of her eyes, "what am I doing? I'm annoyed that that pathetic girl can't do her own job… when I heard about her from Ling-Ling, I wanted to challenge her…"

Ling-Ling blinks remembering the moment in the past, Minami continues, "Kami-sama gave her power to seal the devil, and how the heck is he able to appear again? I was born to become Mulan and seal the demons… our ancestors didn't fight for no reason…there's a reason why Jeanne is weakening in that Kusakabe Maron…I guess I'm going to have to replace the useless twit…"

Kentaro sweatdrops as he puts his arm around her, "eh heh…"

Minami then pulls her knees to her chest, "Hey Da-wah…"

He blinks hearing his Chinese name as she continues, "Is it right for us to be using fake Japanese identities and lying about our families?"

He sighs and then kisses her forehead, "I think we have our reasons to hide our past…"

She nods and then turns to Ling-Ling and Ming, "I think that you two should start calling us by our Chinese names…"

Ling-Ling nods, "Okay then!"


Wow… Shiro-sensei really didn't spend much time making this test… or I really did study enough…

Crap… Maron went through this part with me this morning… and oh dammit… what was that formula?!? Damn that Shiro-sensei… she really made sure it would be tough…

Arigato Kami-sama! I remember half of it… but wat the heck is the rest of this stuff? Maron seems to be breezing through it as usual… why can't I be sitting behind her… argh!

Hm… I wonder if Miyako-san is still mad at me… I don't like Maron-san that much anymore… but I hope that she does forgive me… gak… test!

Easy as one, two, three…

Sighs Japan's schools are way too easy… Kentaro's probably enjoying this…

Minami places her pencil down after completing the test… she sighs and then looks outside the window noticing the front gate…

"Saiming! Lei hur joh bean doa?" Saiming, where did you go?

"Mommy, wo hai wo kan fong…" I'm in my room

The woman sighs and then goes up the stairs to the young teen's room, "Can you wash the dishes in the sink and get dinner ready?"

The teen turns around from the book on the desk and looks back at the woman with a questioning look, "Why? You're all dressed up… where are you going?"

The woman, dressed in all black…

Minami blinks at the memory and sighs frustrated, "Why am I remembering that?" She then sighs again turns in her paper to the teacher and asks to excuse herself… Shiro-sensei, surprised that she had finished the English test in less than 15 minutes, "Uh… I guess it's okay for you to go to the library… We are basically done for the day; you can go to the library if you want."

Minami nods and bows, "Arigatou gozamasu…"

She slides the door open and then glances at Kentaro before leaving the room… He nods at her and she smiles weakly… She then continues her ways down the hall… why do I feel so spiritually low? It's like some sort of curse or something… Walking past the sign, she blinks realizing that she had passed the library door. She turns around and then finally reaches the door and slides it open. Minami greets the librarian at the desk and walks on through the maze of towering books… She notices an Chinese history book in the back and takes a seat at the table with the window to her right… The pages turn and turn as she passively scanned the Chinese characters. Turning the pages to a see a familiar picture, she pauses feeling something poke at her heart. Her eyes start to well up but she rubs her eyes and then looks outside of the window…


"Din gai?" trans: why?

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you why… I'll see you later Saiming…"

The woman then takes the cross necklace off her neck and then puts around the girl's neck, "keep this for me… and promise me you will never forget his gift."

Saiming blinks feeling the warm cross against her chest, she stands up nodding her head, "I know, but why are you going out so late?"

The woman puts her finger to her lips, "Saiming, I can't tell you… now go make dinner and I'll be back around time late, probably an hour after your father…"

Saiming sighs and then nods without understand her mother's suspicious behavior, "Okay."


The young teen woke up to the bright sunshine coming through the blinds… She rubs her eyes and blinks, why didn't mother wake me up? She then jumps out of the bed and walks out into the living room, there she finds her father with his face in his hand, "Pah pah? Jyo mei?"

The man raises her head and Saiming gives a sudden gasp seeing the bags under his eyes and a deeply saddened face… he rubs his eyes with two fingers and motions Saiming to sit next to him… She responses by sitting down and notices that the rice bowl, chopsticks, and food was still untouched on the kitchen table…

Her father holds her hand tightly and looks at his daughter with gentle eyes, "Saiming, I have to tell you something."

Saiming felt her father's hand trembling on top her now shaking hands, "Jyo mei?"

"Your mother didn't come home, and…"

Saiming pulls her hand away quickly, she starts to tremble looking at him with frightened eyes, "What do you mean?"

He looks down at the book on the table, "and she won't be coming home ever again…"

Saiming continues to tremble as her eyes start to well up with tears, "you don't mean that"… she looked at the worn out book through the water in her eyes and back to his nodding head… Then, she fell to her knees at sobbed in her father's arms… "DIN GAI?" Trans: WHY?

We were Christians in a country with persecution because of the selfish hearts… I grew with darkness in my heart, but God kept his plan and watched over me… my family was always tortured with the curse of Satan because of what we believed in… Constant torture and suffering, I dealt with it, for I love my parents and refused to give in to the darkness lurking in my heart… I wondered why my mother gave me that cross necklace that day… Did she know that she wasn't coming home? To this day, that was why I became a Kaitou to seek out justice for the innocent, and to seal the demons of the world for my Lord.

"Mommy! Why? Din gai lei yeew jyho?" trans: why did you have to go?

"-ming… Hey… Hai sun…" trans: wake up

Minami's eyes popped open, she rubs her eyes and then as they focus to see an familiar face, "Da-wah?"

He nods taking the seat next to her and caresses her face, "Are you alright? You've been crying," he said while tracing the tear line down her cheek with his finger.

She trembles and nods as she leans onto his chest, "Yeps…

Kentaro glances at the book and nods too surrounding her with his arms, "I see… the scar will always be inside…"

Minami hugs him, "This is why I fight the evil…"

Kentaro rubs her gently knowing the pain himself, "Yes, that is why we are where we are…"

He holds her tightly with his right arm and slips is other arm to close the book hiding the painful images of the sufferings…


The teenage boy looks up at his smiling sister, "What now Jei Jei?" Jei Jei means older sister

The older girl pats him on the head, "Isn't the sunset pretty?"

The boy glances over at the horizon and shrugs, "Yea, I guess so…"

"Da-wing! Da-wah! Lei dei jyon yahow sep fun jong sin fan yep lei okay?" you still have 15 minutes before you come back in

Da-wing shouts back, "Ok!" she then draws a funny pattern in the sand between them, "Hey, have you wondered what it would be like if we could travel the world?" He watches her hand with the cross ring that followed her pointer finger as she continued to draw, "travel the world?"

She nods looking back onto the horizon, "my dream is to travel the world. To be able to live for God," she takes off the silver cross-plated ring and squeezes it in her hand, "and go off to spread his word!"

Kentaro opens his eyes again and parts with Minami, "I think it's time we went back to the apartment…

Minami nods, "Yeps, let's go back and get our bags and pick up some groceries too. I'm going to cook tonight."

Kentaro smiles, "That'll be great."

Minami winks, "yeps, your favorite, satay beef noodles…"

The two walks away leaving the book on the table and trails back to the classroom for their backs and then outside leaving the high school campus surrounded by the sunset…


After walking into the elegantly decorated apartment; Kentaro pulls out his cell, "Minami, wo yeiw da di wah…" I need to make a phone call

Minami blinks, "Uh… ping koh?" Uh… who?

Kentaro starts to dial numbers, "Parents…"

Minami nods and walks to the kitchen "…k…"

Kentaro pauses hearing the ringing tone when the phone is picked up by a comforting voice, Wei?

He gives a sigh of relief, "hai wo a ma…" it's me mom… alright, I'm getting tired of this… they are obviously speaking in Canto…

Da-wah?!? Wow! It's been so long since you called last time! Where are you now?"

"I'm in Japan… Sai-ming and I should be home in a couple of weeks…"

Oh really? That's okay then; I just needed to know since I've been receiving the bill of your plane trips…

"Oh… a yea… I'm sorry about that…

It's okay; you're doing it for a reason and traveling the world while you're at it…

Kentaro suddenly shudders and Minami pops her head into the living room while securing her hair into a ponytail and then tying the back of her apron, "Yea… I guess, Mom… Jei Jei; has she woken up?

… … …


Yes, I'm still here… but I'm sorry, she's still in her coma from the fire…

Kentaro stops and shakes his head at Minami… Minami nods returning to her task…

"Okay, thanks for telling me mother… Sai-ming and I have to start dinner…"

Oh, I see. It's great to hear from you Da-wah. Just remember that we miss you.

Kentaro nods his head now with a small smile knowing his mother can see it on the other side of the phone, "Yea, we miss you guys too… say hi to Saiming's dad for us… yeps… uh huh… Bye bye…"

He presses the red button and places the cell back onto the glass coffee table…Smelling the satay sauce spreading towards the living room, he walks into the kitchen finding Minami with her back to him in front the stove, "Sai-ming?"

She blinks and turns around to face him with tearful eyes, "…"

He smiles at her and as he into his pocket for his handkerchief, a tear streams out. He leans down and licks the tear, "I know how much you looked up to my Jei Jei… but I don't think she's gonna be too happy if she sees you like that…"

She sniffs and makes a slight smile understanding while he dabs the handkerchief onto her eyes to absorb the rest of the water… He embraces her, "Do you remember the time we first met?"

Sai-ming's eyes drift up to him and she nods, "Yeps, it's was raining and I was running home from school in tears…"

He smiles after glancing from the pot of boiling soup and turns off the gas, "Uh huh, you looked pretty then no one could tell that you were crying during the rain."

She parts with him and takes out the long chopsticks to fish out the noodles into the bowls, "yea… and then you yanked on my arm and pulled me under your umbrella to wipe my face," she hands him the first bowl with a slight smile…

Taking the bowl, Da-wah continues for her, "I said, 'Rain doesn't hide such salty tears on such a pretty face'…"

Sai-ming giggles, "and it surprised me to find a 13 year old boy so be saying such complicated words to a girl…"

He smiles remembering the freaked out face that she made at the time, "You looked at me as if I was nuts and pulled away."

She nods making the face remembering while carrying the last bowl and chopsticks to the table on the side, "You were actually kind of nuts when I think about it… everyone thought you were strange but you weren't popular or an outcast…we were in the same private school but always in different classes."

He swallows the first bite and laughs, "Yea, and you were always playing hard to get."

"Rain doesn't hide such salty tears on such a pretty face"

The girl blinks at him, "Huh? What the heck are you talking about?" She pulls her arm out of his grasp…

"uh… I believe Sai-ming's your name, I've seen you many times with tears flowing out… I've always wondered why and you haven't been coming to church lately."

Saiming stares at him and wipes her eyes with the handkerchief that he gave her, "oh… why does it matter to you uh…"

Da-wah smiles at him, "I'm Da-wah, you don't have to hide your true feelings… I heard about your mother… you seem to be holding everything inside…"

Sai-ming looks at him surprised and then nods with water filling her eyes again. She covers her face starting to sob again; he hugs her, "Don't worry…"

"Who would've thought I actually fallen for you?"

Da-wah looks up at the girl that he has been seeing for the past 5 years, "I already liked you before your mother died…"

Sai-ming blushes placing her chopsticks horizontally over her bowl, "You are such a weird guy to pick… and yet out of everyone, I find you to be the perfect one."

He places his hand over hers and smiles, "You're my one special person decided by God and I wanted to see you smile like you used to…"

They start to lean in over the table when…

"Big news! Big news!"

Da-wah and Sai-ming both sigh noticing the two-miniature angels land on the table facing them, "Jeanne and Sinbad have made their move on another target!"

Sai-ming nods at Ling-Ling, "Go ahead and send the notice… Jeanne is gonna get taught a lesson…"

To Ms. Fujiyama,

Your painting will be taken tomorrow night at 7 p.m.


Mulan and Sinbad



Keiichi runs in from the hallway into the office that he shared with his girlfriend, "Lina?"

Lina jumps up from her chair after putting down the phone, "Those kaitous have sent another notice! I'm definitely gonna catch them this time!"

Miyako and Yamato stand at the doorframe and shake their heads at each other… Miyako sighs watching Lina getting all hyped up, "Yamato, it's gonna be interesting watching Lina-nechan go at it against Jeanne and Sinbad right?"

Yamato groans scratching his head, "It's gonna be so disappointing to her to find out that Jeanne and Sinbad can't be caught ever…"

She nods smiling… Ganbatte Maron!

Authoress' Note:

Well, let's just say that should be good… this chapter is really different when it focused on Minami/Saiming's sad and Kentaro/Da-wah's painful past… so sorri, I wanted their past to be really serious and show why they became who they are now… The past part with Saiming and Da-wah's encounter was lik totally lame… I'll change it another time… and now we shall move on to sealing the demons!!