Checking ID

Tracy may love Spencer men but it doesn't mean she wants her granddaughter flirting with one. Don't own GH. Kristina/Ethan storyline didn't happen. BREthan

"Hello," Ethan smiled at the young woman sitting at the bar.

"I'm looking for my grandmother," the dark haired woman said.

"We don't get many grandmothers in here," Ethan said. The girl laughed.

"My grandmother isn't like most grandmothers. I just moved back into my aunt's house and wanted to check in. I'm Brook Ashton."

"Well, Brook Ashton, I'm Ethan Lovett. May I interest in a game of chance?" Ethan asked, shuffling the cards.

"Sure but first take off your shirt."

"I beg your pardon?" Ethan was shocked at the request.

"You're a Spencer, right? Spencers cheat at cards. So I want to know there's nothing up your sleeve," Brook smiled and for a moment she seemed familiar to Ethan.

"Will you be taking yours off too?"

Brook smirked. "Shut up and deal."

After Brook won her third hand, Ethan asked,

"Who taught you poker?"

"My great-grandfather Edward. "

"Edward, huh? Must be some card shark," Ethan said.

"He is. "

"So since you've won all my money why don't you buy me dinner?"

Brook Lyn smiled. She leaned over the table and suddenly Ethan heard a voice horribly familiar.

"Ethan Lovett, step away from my granddaughter! And why are you shirtless?" Tracy swept into the room.

"I was playing poker. I had no idea that this lovely creature was your granddaughter," Ethan protested.

"Why are you shirtless?"

"She asked me to take off my shirt and since the customer is always right…"

Tracy waved his explanation off, turning to Brook Lyn.

"Brook, it's not nice to bait people. And Daddy has been waiting hours for you at the house. Ethan, Brook's off limits. I'll meet you in the car Brook," Tracy said.

"Well, Brook, this has been fun," Ethan smiled.

"Oh, Mr. Lovett the fun is only beginning."