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This is a story idea that popped into my head when I was watching Naruto on Cartoon network the other day which didn't make sense as there was nothing to do with SasuSaku in that episode. But anyway I know this has probably been done before but this is my story. I was listening to the song Apologize by One Republic while I was watching this.

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It had been two year since I had seen him, two years. No contact had been made by him at all, I doubt he even tried. All this time I had been worried for his safety and praying that harm didn't come his way.
Two years it had been, and now he decided to return to Konoha.

I watched as he walked through the massive green gates back into his old home, his old life. Though it was not the same as it used to be, though I wished it could have been.
He did not return alone, unlike how he had left. A young woman clung to his arm. Her long hair flowed down like a black waterfall, her eyes an icy blue. Her skin was pale.
She wore a short purple dress with no sleeves. She wore heeled sandals; the straps went up to just below her knees. When I saw her my heart ached, she was beautiful.
She smiled and laughed at something he said, I felt a pain in my heart.
I felt jealousy, I felt it bad. It ate me up inside. I wanted to be in her position. Though clearly she was more desirable to him then I was.

Sasuke looked happier than he ever had

People were crowding the paths, staring at the man who left the village seeking revenge.
I pushed my way to the front, I called out to him as he walked by but he ignored me, As if I didn't exist.
I couldn't help it; something inside of me just clicked.
I turned and ran off the tears flowing down my cheeks.
I went and hid where no one would find me. I wanted to be alone, as I probably would be for the rest of my life, for I love no one more then I love Sasuke Uchiha.

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