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Naruto's POV

"Shes asleep" I said to Sasuke as he walked in.

"Well done Naruto, how very kind of you to point out the most obvious of things" he said sarcastically. I gave him a look.
"Any time Sasuke. Any time" I muttered. He sighed and went and sat on the chair closest to Sakura.
"She still not doing so good?" he grunted.
"Not at the moment, But Grandma Tsunade said he will make a full recovery if she gets heaps of rest" Sasuke looked at Sakura, pain clouded his eyes, I knew he hated seeing her in this state.
"Sakura is strong. She will get through this" Sasuke said emotionlessly. I knew he was hurting inside. He blamed himself for what had happened to Sakura-Chan.
"Sasuke, dude, don't beat yourself up about this. It wasn't your fault" He looked at me.
"Naruto it is completely my fault. If I hadn't of trusted Maiya...If I didn't bring Maiya into the village... if Maiya wasn't the one girl I looked at since I left Sakura behind...maybe then Sakura would be fine."
"The liquid that Maiya injected into Sakura must have done a bit of damage" he muttered to himself as he studied Sakura. Her left arm had bruises all over, they were dark...as dark as Sasuke's eyes. Grandma Tsunade was positive that it wasn't bruised that bad because of a few bumps to it.
Hinata entered the small room, Ino followed after her. The girls looked tired, Hinata hadn't slept for a week, she was too worried about Sakura.
"Hina-Chan, Ino, I think you guys should get some sleep"
"Naruto we can't sleep when we know that Sakura is not well" Ino snapped, she got grouchy when she was tired unfortunately for Sasuke and I. Sasuke turned to the girls.
"No offence but do you think you girls could leave...All three of you" He said the end while looking at me. I stood up glaring at him
"Why you little...!" Hinata grabbed my arm.
"Naruto, come on. He didn't mean it and you know it" and she led me out of the room.
Sasuke's lucky I have a girl like Hinata.... I thought as I left.

Sasuke's POV

Sakura looked tired, even as she slept. It pained me to look at her in this state, especially as it was my fault.

A month later.

Sakura had been out of hospital for about 3 weeks now. Though as she lay on my couch she looked pale.
"What's wrong?" I asked her, she looked at me.

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